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    • milesHenson1 thank you! I know I’m not guaranteed a spot but I thought my stats were very competitive at those particular schools.  I want to get in on my first try and was looking for schools that had a little bit higher acceptance rate. I want to feel a little more confident about matriculating my first time applying. 
    • This past week, I sent the following (abbreviated) below to my state organization after several months of frustrating lack of response in regards to an issue on the administrative and leadership level.  Leadership Advancement Restrictions - PAs have found their leadership roles and advancement potential removed and/or restricted. We do not have voting privileges for policy and hospital bylaws. Until March of this year, I and others in my organization were removed from director positions and committees. Reason cited, "reorganization" and improvement of a physician-lead organization. Leadership has stated directly that expertise of medicine is to remain with physicians as they are the "expert". This has hampered my efforts for career advancement and effectively reduced my income. I have lost greater than $10,000.00+ per year as a result of this policy. Current leadership positions are allowed with nurse doctorates and MD/DOs. Career and income advancement is effectively stalled and goes nowhere.  Delegation Agreement  - my organization has become more anti-PA. It has been brought to my attention by former leadership individuals that there is a preference of NPs vs PAs. Hiring new staff has leaned to NPs vs PAs with the exception of the surgical field. Many physicians are unwilling to partner/work in tandem with experienced PAs and sign delegation agreements without extra compensation or contract amendments. Mind you, PAs do not receive compensation when yoked to poor examples of physician clinicians, despite our licensure being at risk if a malpractice claim were to occur.  Student Teaching - I've precepted NPs, PAs and medical students. However my opportunities are now nonexistent. The organization is unwilling to have certified PAs precept students because we are technically under supervision and there is an unwillingness to allow teaching due to concerns of liability. Additionally, I until this past month was welcomed as a preceptor for student NPs with an offer as adjunct faculty. This was declined after having taught their NP students for the last year.  The state university stated "due to change in focus". After a more frank discussion, it was disclosed that the NP organization has chosen to interpret the WAC regulations as PAs prohibited from teaching NPs. She was uncertain as to why the organization has chosen to move in this direction despite the students appreciating the additional perspective and access to our skillset and knowledge. As for medical students, I have been told that I am not allowed to teach, again because of the supervisory condition.
    • Your stats look good, good amount of HCE, good GRE and average/good GPA. I would agree with above, nothing is guaranteed. Idaho State is deceptive in their admissions process. They use a file score system that takes your GRE score and your GPA grades for their prerequisite classes and comprises a score. They will only review application above a certain file score, typically starts at 5.1 and moves down as they go. Normally only makes it down to 4.8 or so. For them it really depends on what you GRE and prerequisite grades are, if they are average then you likely will not get reviewed there. Don't get disheartened though. Apply broadly and have a plan to continue to improve your application over the next year or so, that way if you don't get in then you can show improvement for the following cycle.
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