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    • I have equifax alerts that let me know when I get hard inquiries via email, but you can also check creditkarma once a week!
    • Good luck to everyone interviewing today!!
    • I was formerly in CRNA school. Great gig. Time off, no call. You’d have return on your investment in about 1 year depending on tuition. My personality just did not fit in the OR. I loved what I did, just could not stand surgeons and not much of the other staff either. They all are very opinionated people who think there way is best, even in confrontation of evidence. Had plenty tell me the evidence and then do the opposite saying “this is the way I’ve always done it” as if that’s a valid reason. Couldn’t do the anesthesia care team model.  but if you think you have thicker skin then me, I would go for it.
    • Thank you both for your input. I applied very broadly to 'realistic' schools. I currently have 3500 PCE hours, but during this next year I will be working full time to gain more PCE  and shadowing hours, my main concern is just that I cannot retake classes. I understand that it is likely I will need to reapply, so I'm hoping more hours/experience can be enough for next cycle if need be. 
    • angelabea - now comes the hard part...We understand having to 'wait it out' is difficult as we know how hard applicants work to make their application as strong as possible. If you heard from us on July 3rd confirming receipt, then you are in good shape at this point. There is nothing additional needed for our committee to review. It can take long...longer than long. And when you think it's been long, it might take even longer. We are doing everything we can to expedite decisions while remaining true to how we approach the admissions review process.  Best of luck -  Caryn Stopper
      Director of Admissions

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