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    • Two ways to do this. 1 - take Orgo 2, I found easier than Orgo 1 and do the lab component, plus it'll add Orgo 2 onto your transcript and give your app some extra oomph for those schools that don't require it.  2 - find a community college that will allow you to only take the lab component. I was able to do this at my local CC since I already had grades for Orgo 1 and 2 lectures I was able to bypass the lectures and only take the labs.
    • Nice! Let's spread it around.
    • I have some grouchy coworkers, but nothing like what physicians experience: Going into medicine everyone is told how utterly important, special and elite they are. As pre-meds they they participate in a horrifying rat race climbing over each other to get into med school. They then repeat that rat race to get into a choice residency. It's all me, me me. It's like the system was designed for the very purpose of creating terrible human beings. Then they get out into practice and find to their horror the effort was not worth it, "autonomy is an illusion, and that they are a little cog on a corporate wheel. PA school there's a rat race to get in, and an ongoing struggle for respect. But I've never had to talk a colleague off a ledge. Mostly we just bitch about the terrible interpersonal skills of our supervisors.
    • Also note - there is no state income tax in TN.