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    • I agree with what everyone is saying. Be yourself. Be confident and honest. They just want to make sure you a fit for what they are looking for.   Its a very relaxed and conversation interview.   Best of luck!
    • Me too! Confirmed! Group b as well. We should get together maybe even split a hotel if u like 😬
    • I was in the September 5th interview and I got my acceptance email as well! 
    • I am from 5th! I wasn't expecting today, so super surprised. Im so excited!!
    • Greetings, I was a bit concerned as I had a conversation with an admissions rep today who informed me that all of my clinical experience in psychiatry would not be considered as medical experience. I work in a very procedure based practice dealing with very diverse patient populations and have worked with some extremely severe pathology, so I was crest fallen to discover that this program doesn't view this as viable experience. We do a procedure which is considered the step down from electroconvulsive therapy and I directly administer these sessions and take patient histories and do psych ratings scales and am trained as a neurotechnologist. These therapies must by law be prescribed by a licensed psychiatrist and they're covered by all major insurers. I'm extremely concerned now that I won't meet the necessary requirements for most programs now. I'm curious if anyone else with a similar background has ever come up against this setback. I work for a triple boarded MD/psych, so I'm really confused as to why this wouldn't constitute medical experience. We work with veterans suffering from PTSD and also do med management for addictions patients. Yikes. Hoping this may be exclusive to this one program. Thanks in advance for any insights.