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  2. Morning all- So I've somewhat recently transitioned from academics to the private world, currently working in a quasi-tertiary care center (CTS/NSG/Trauma/Nephro) which is starting some talk about ramping up to an ECMO program. Primarily VV to start with a transition to VA down the road. I'm a little hesitant, not quite sure we'll achieve the numbers necessary to remain competent but I'm not the one calling the shots. To any of you that DO manage circuits on a regular basis, any prep advice? I'm heading down to FL for a Mayo course in December, picking up the red book...Is the blue book helpful? My team are the only ones in house at night so we'll be troubleshooting the circuit as well as the nurses/RTs so want to make sure I have the best resources, the red book sounds like it covers all the physiology, indications etc., wasn't sure if it would cover the nuts and bolts of actually running the dang thing. Thanks for any info!
  3. Find a job that makes you the most possible while working the least...then find something that brings you real joy in life. I've come to find teaching brings me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. Work to live, don't live to work.
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  5. A group of us are meeting for coffee at 3pm before the meet and greet if you or anyone else would like to join. We're meeting at Temple Coffee Roasters on K and 24th, 2 blocks from the student meet and greet. We're meeting there Sunday 10/20. Excited to meet everyone.
  6. same! Interview on 10/21, from UCLA psych major, MA in a family clinic. I will be driving up there Sunday morning and staying in Marriott. I will join the student meet up thing at 5pm. Will you go?
  7. Congrats, I got my acceptance on Friday as well.
  8. I was accepted elsewhere today. I just declined my interview for Nov 14. I hope this gives someone else an opportunity ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I just got accepted from the waitlist ! I am abroad so I received an email about 5pm today (But just now viewed due to my time difference) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I have not heard anything either...also expecting the worse! There’s always next cycle, right?
  11. For those who have interviewed, how many applicants were at the interview session?
  12. Thanks you so much with providing me this information! I wish the best to you too and good luck with your interview!
  13. The website states that interviews conclude in November, but due to rolling admissions and volume of applicants, seats may be filled prior to the stated deadline(s). I did not personally see any interview dates available after 10/31. I would guess they'll get through this round of interviews before opening up November's schedule (pure speculation). Best wishes to you!
  14. Hi, there! Congrats to everyone that’s gotten an acceptance and fingers crossed for everyone else waiting for a response! I interviewed at Rush back in July and was placed on the alternate acceptance list. I was wondering if anyone knew exactly how this works? If you interviewed at the earlier sessions, does this mean that you are higher up on the waitlist or would they rank everyone on the waitlist after all the sessions were over and pull off the list in that order? I want to clarify with the program itself but I’m sure they’re incredibly busy at the moment. If anyone is familiar with their waitlist process, your help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!
  15. @hmsccarty11 it takes awhile for them to generate the IDs because it is done at the Knoxville campus, I think it took a couple weeks last year.
  16. Good advice. That doesn't seem to come up very much on here when having the burnout conversation. Everyone seems resigned to a fate of roaming among the urgent care's and ER fast track's of the nation. All the folks here have a generalist degree... take advantage of it. Most people dream of that kind of career latitude. I've met physicians that certainly do. Another good solution is to find something outside of work that you really enjoy... that you can't get enough of. Something that isn't simply tied to the joy of paying bills. Think big, and find something totally optional. Having that in your life makes it much more appealing to keep showing up to a job that seems monotonous. I'd use my money on that rather than take a pay cut, because you might not find the new job is all that interesting once you are back into a new routine.
  17. Does anyone know if there’s a Facebook page for those accepted yet?
  18. You are certainly the toughest man I know on the internet! I'm actually less impressed by how tough you try to present as vs. how well you think you are at judging my clinical skills. If you have that down, then you definitely have a one up on me in the psyche game! In all seriousness.... It doesn't surprise me that you have a chip on your shoulder regarding the mentally ill. It says more about you as a provider than it does about all the people you railed against... both the practitioners and the patients. As for the correction, I'm still waiting for you to correct all the BS that you've stepped in, both here and at SDN. The more you talk, the better picture that you paint about your biases and priorities. Question for you: So in your state, you somehow manage to send patients directly to the state hospital, instead of an intermediary facility? You guys must have a bunch of beds at state that are ready to go, bra. Most ER's don't want to keep someone around while they work their way through the waiting list. You don't send folks directly to the state hospital from your "rural ER", do you ‘Swain? We need to work on getting you to be more quick on your feet.
  19. I haven't heard anything. Interviewed on 9/25.
  20. Yeah! 3.63 GPA 3.42 science ~1,400 hours Medical Assistant 312 GRE and I did a lot of volunteering. Just got an acceptance letter in the mail but was dated October 2nd!!
  21. Be prepared to answer anything! Know the history of the profession, why you want to be a PA, and be personable. Talk about any volunteer work you have done and if you’re religious it doesn’t hurt to bring that up considering this is a faith based school. Take a deep breath and relax you will do just fine! You’ll have a faculty member and a student in each interview and be prepared and acknowledge both of them when answering questions. Have a question to ask them, anything. It could be why did you choose Bethel or what makes this program stand out from others etc. Most, if not all of our faculty are Bethel grads and they love talking about their experiences as well! Brush up on your penmanship if it’s been awhile (; Hope this helps!
  22. Hi guys, Does anyone know the interview style?
  23. Having an Scorp has nothing to do with it. IC is defined by the job, how you are scheduled and what you do. The IRS is pretty specific about it, but Cal just took it to another level of no you can't be an IC as a PA....
  24. Go Derm....get rich....retire early...travel the world.....very not boring.....problem solved. Your welcome
  25. Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but I'll assume you're being sincere. Eh. I don't think anyone gets into allied health positions for the money. I didn't at least. But the money is there if you want it and will work for it. I know a few PAs that make upwards of 200-300k. They aren't working 8-5 M-F (with an hour lunch) in primary care though. I don't buy into the whole "you have to be called to the profession" bullshit they sell you but I think if you go in eyes wide open that if you work your tail off for 2 years you'll have a relatively comfortable life making 100+ doing something that is mentally stimulating and challenging with the possibility of 200-300k if you want it? you can change specialties? Work part time? That was good enough for me
  26. Accepted today! Hope to see some familiar faces in January.
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