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  1. I would like to see the full curriculum to ensure that it includes adequate off-service rotations.
  2. they schedule the per diem gig months in advance. it is only 1 long weekend/month so it is easy to schedule 6 regular shifts around that.
  3. 6 rural/solo 24 hr shifts/month. I see everyone who presents and do all procedures. I get all my charting done during the shift. I average 12 pts in 24 hrs. At per diem job I do 3 12s/month double coverage with a doc alternating pts. 15-20 pts/12 hrs. all acuities. no admin time.
  4. I have had a few jobs like that in the past. They either learn to trust you or they don't. If you can work with it, you stay. If you can't you leave. I left a few and made a few work. When they see something like low dose ketamine turn a CHF pt on bipap around and prevent an intubation you get some street cred as a smart guy. In WA I don't have to a have backup doc to cover the ED or chart review. My CP knows how I practice and knows I do a better job than most and leaves me alone. Took me 15 years to find this job and I am not leaving unless they drag me out kicking and screaming.
  5. Just got this from a recruiter: Full spectrum EM PA position in central Kansas. Looking for experienced EM provider capable of independently practicing in a 9000+ annual visit emergency department (level IV trauma center). Provider must be skilled in emergency procedures including intubation, placement of chest tubes, central line/IO placement, fracture and dislocation reduction and splinting, point of care sonography, etc. Proficiency in EKG and initial x-ray reading required, as is the ability to lead a fast paced team as we deliver high quality emergency care. ACLS, PALS, ATLS required. Resources include video laryngoscope, modern ultrasound, and emergency medicine tele-medicine consult as needed. Nursing staff is truly excellent. transitioning to EPIC within a year. 24 hour CT, and remote radiologists available to overread x-rays if necessary. US during weekday. Surgery, ortho, and OB/GYN on call 24/7. One hour to secondary care, two hours to tertiary care center. Good to excellent pay depending on experience. 401K with 6% match, health/dental/vision packages available, disability, and life insurance. 2 weeks PTO, 1 week CME, $2K CME (all to be confirmed by HR) Farm/ranch/oil community with amazing outdoor opportunities. Low cost of living. If interested send CV to Shawn.Vredenburg@gmail.com.
  6. at this point I would call and say I have other acceptances, but your program is my top choice. Can you tell me when you will have a final decision on my application? you have nothing to lose.
  7. There will be a short postgrad option for a doctorate, but the entry level credential will be an MS.
  8. The list here in the EM forum is actually more complete than the appap list as it includes all programs with links.
  9. depends on the physician. some won't even admit that PAs practice medicine.
  10. Physician assistants practice medicine on teams....I like the way that sounds....
  11. you and me both. hey bud, let's party!https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=youtube+hey++lets+party+fast+times&view=detail&mid=B1309E14497233F1D432B1309E14497233F1D432&FORM=VIRE folks with a card don't have to pay tax on their weed, so there is still a thriving business in selling, um screening for medical indications, for these cards....it is a big joke. I know someone who got one and the indication on the card is asthma, which they don't have...
  12. until someone gets a PE or cancer from the tx and sues you....my vote for lowest risk....selling( I mean signing) medical marijuana cards.
  13. keep showing up every day and honing your craft. it gets easier when you see the patterns over time and can make dx from the doorway more often than not.
  14. I am having lunch with the program director next week and will post an update after that.
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