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  1. https://www.pacificu.edu/doctor-medical-science
  2. Nice summary above. Treat the patient, not the diagnosis. Febrile, seizing 30 yr old gets IV fluids, ativan and abx before we know why they have a fever, etc
  3. Throw them out there. They are there to learn medicine, not the emr. I have them see patients after a quick tour of the dept. They see the pt, do an h+p, talk to me about it. we both go see the patient and I add anything they missed. We talk about a ddx and workup and then go over the results. I write the notes and all the orders. probably 200+ students in. seems to work well.
  4. check out the thread " It's probably nothing: Fast track disasters" at the top of the EM forum. It is a permanent thread. Lots of good stuff there.
  5. As of now it is just AAPA policy. It needs to be approved by every state before licenses, etc change over.
  6. My only concern is solo coverage after a few months. What is your prior background? If you were an ER nurse, paramedic, Resp therapist, etc I would feel better about this because real emergencies do mistriage themselves to UC. I used to do some shifts at a local UC and ran several codes there, delivered babies, intubated several folks, cardioverted regularly, and treated heroin ODs on a regular basis.
  7. Most EM postgrad programs will take anyone. Check out the EM forum residency links page.
  8. You probably would enjoy the federal ImSurt team. Critical care and surgery. https://asprwgpublic.hhs.gov/ASPR/hhscapabilities/resourcedocs/International Medical Surgical Response Teams (IMSuRT).pdf I was a member of DMAT for 10 years and found it slow to respond and cumbersome to retain membership, so I only work with NGOs now. I have heard good things about ImSurt though.
  9. I have taken both the ems course($350) and the EM Physician course ($1200). The advantage of the EM physician course is fiberoptics and nasal intubations over a scope. Recommend both. FCCS is good too. Mostly vent management. ALSO (the OB course), ABLS (burns) and APLS (the physician levels PALS course) are also excellent if you can get them in.
  10. Get a bunch of good reference books , like Rosen & Barkin, and consult frequently when you don't know something. There are no stupid questions. Does a pregnant lady with a kidney stone and a uti get admitted? (Yes) Ask that kind of question.....
  11. We have been doing lovenox, but asa also makes sense.
  12. Under non-covid conditions, If fast track only 65-75/hr. If main dept coverage 75-95/hr. With covid, you can likely get much more. There are places paying RNs 150-250/hr right now.
  13. How are you defining positive in Covid patients? The normal 0.5 or age adjusted or > 1.0?
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