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  1. would add Einstein and Arrowhead to your list.
  2. I pay 1700/month for 3 of us and this does not include dental or vision. This is off the marketplace site for my state and I discovered when my kid went off to college out of state that it will only cover emergencies, so had to buy a supplemental student policy for primary care and routine stuff. As a 1099 employee, I write this off, but it is still painful. The income from one of my part time jobs covers this. I would go back to being a benefited W2 employee in a heartbeat to avoid all the hassle, but a lot of the 1099 jobs are better than what is available out there in W2 positions.
  3. University of Iowa is incredible.
  4. Funny story- I just saw the comedian, Patton Oswalt, live. He opened the night by saying" just so you all know, I've been vaccinated against covid". People clapped. He stopped us and said "that doesn't deserve applause. That's like wow, he followed a basic public health concept like wipe your butt and wash your hands after your crap. This should be common sense, folks." https://news.yahoo.com/patton-oswalt-brutally-says-why-155446859.html?fr=yhssrp_catchall
  5. At least those folks are PAs...I remain active there.
  6. agree. Just a big stressor and cortisol release. Not worth developing htn over.
  7. so they have to care for them when on call, but don't get paid. even better.
  8. additionally, if someone gives me that level of disrespect they will NEVER get a referral from me again. Even if they are on call, I will call docs I know or random docs in the phonebook to avoid consulting them or doing anything to send any income their way ever again. I will not mention their name to anyone ever. "Do you know this local doc?" " No, I use xyz instead. I have heard he/she is a much better surgeon..... "You don't play nice with me and you will not get that new BMW this year because someone else will repair those 10 hip fxs that happened when you were on call, you A$$clown. Ok, deep breath. Damn, I'm pissed.
  9. Made the mistake of going back again and posting. same thing. A bunch of doc wanna bees over there said they would never accept a consult from a specialty PA for any reason. Really done now. Deleted my account.
  10. Yup, the profession is very different than when I first started investigating it in the 80s. Many of these changes in my mind are due to changes in what is considered an acceptable applicant. It used to be paramedic/nurse/resp therapist x years . Now it can be almost anything x months.
  11. Urgent care is probably an easier field in which to pick up random shifts. There are per diem psych positions out there. They typically involve managing the medical aspects of the admitted psych patients' care. Many involve taking call for 48-72 hrs at a time. the psych folks manage the psych issues and you manage the dm, htn, etc
  12. wasn't he the only one who responded to their questions?
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