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    Calling WA PAs! Support SB 5411

    Apparently, it was a big deal that they agreed not to oppose....have never been a member.
  2. the issue is the pt who is anticoagulated who keeps having TIAs, DVTs, etc...

    FM Patient sent to ED

    me too. another advantage of only working em.


    Busy places, so certainly lots of patients to see. I do not know anyone who has attended either. There are several in NYC, including one on staten island. see links to all in the EM forum permanent threads. I know the director of the program in Upstate NY. That is a very solid program.
  5. A PA can work with an MD/DO and in some states a podiatrist. There are no states that allow a PA to work with an ND or DC. Most NDs are limited in their RX rights to only medicines of natural origin. no synthetic products.
  6. I love cerner for the ER. I learned the system in 1 day better than I knew epic after 15+ years at that point. The whole chart is chronological, just like an actual encounter. start at the top, fill in the sections, and you are done. labs and xrays populate into the chart, rxs and instructions are easy. I like Electronic T- system also. I will grant you that meditech is worse than epic, but they set a pretty low bar.
  7. so you would have them go from being a PA school applicant to someone who is loathed by every medical provider they ever meet....:) (epic is the devil. 20 years of regular use and I still hate it).

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    I know some members of the first class were able to work a bit. Probably not as much as you describe.

    Lecom Apap Graduates

    Until another option comes along for working PAs, this is the best show in town right now. A bridge in my mind must: be shorter than a typical program not require the mcat cost less than a typical program allow one the chance to potentially match to any specialty. Lecom does all these things. Could they do them better? sure. Could they arrange all of the rotation sites and offer other branch campuses to make the program attractive to more applicants? sure. Could they figure out a way to shorten the program even more? likely. If they had a branch campus on the west coast I would probably still attend and I will be 50 in a few months.
  10. I think some are as short as 1 yr. https://www.qu.edu/schools/nursing/programs/accelerated-bsn.html
  11. Yes, if they want us to stick with assistant I will be very disappointed...
  12. AAPA paid an outside organization something like 1.5 million to investigate the best name for the profession. They will give their report in may at the BOD at the aapa conference. After that, it will be full speed ahead to first declare both names equivalent, allowing PAs to call themselves whatever, then the state by state fight to change legislation. it is coming...just like getting rid of the 's, this will happen.
  13. they asked me to train for it and I said " I can deal with a$$holes all day long in the ED, why take this job? " (the answer was $88/hr in 2001, but I still didn't do it).
  14. Kaiser runs a colorectal clinic in the pacific NW staffed entirely by PAs who only do colonoscopies and deal with hemorrhoids all day long. They have something like a six month training period first.

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