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  1. she lived, so it's ok....:)
  2. you should tell them exactly this...

    Snakebite tx video

    Our EMS went out on a snakebite so we thought we had one coming in. Turned out it was at the other end of the county, so they went to another hospital, but the review was good.

    RN to PA -- HELP... please!

    Get the BSN and take pre-pa work on the side. that leaves the NP option open for you should you decide to pursue it at a later time. With a BSN you could take your pre-pa coursework at a community college at low cost and would not have a problem getting into pa programs. best of luck whatever you decide.
  5. saw that. not a fan of their response. They seemed to think it was a fair and balanced article and even went so far as to have a seperate article on "professionalism" to castigate those of us who complained about the article...no mention of allowing anyone else to post a response.

    Snakebite tx video

    https://www.crofab.com/Treatment-With-CroFab/Resource-video just had occasion to view this. pretty good summary of current recommendations.

    EMT Certification

    you need to work as an EMT for it to carry much weight.
  8. occupational health. people faking illness or injury for monetary gain or long term disability payments. I would also do correctional medicine before working at a quickie mart/minute clinic type setting. that isn't even medicine. it's pattern recognition using someone else's treatment protocols...

    My EM Residency Experience...

    what part of the country did you end up landing in? Can you be specific as to state? Always great to hear there are practices out there utilizing EMPAs well in the main dept, because there are too many fast track and low acuity EMPA jobs out there.
  10. EMEDPA

    how many shifts in a row is too much?

    Try to see if you can break it up a bit. That being said, you might not be able to. My trauma surgery rotation was alternating 24 hr and 12 hr days for 5 weeks straight. I lived there in residents' quarters. great rotation, but obviously rough to do.
  11. I expect great things from you my friend.
  12. EMEDPA

    Medical Model vs. Nursing Model

    I don't think you will be asked about the models, but you might be asked "why PA and not MD or RN".
  13. this is good as well for minor stuff and procedures: https://www.amazon.com/Minor-Emergencies-Expert-Consult-Online/dp/0323079091
  14. Sounds awesome. I am jealous.
  15. also consider a trauma/critical care fellowship. I only know 1 PA who has done 2 postgrad programs. he did general surg and then went straight into CV surg. He works in the ER now...

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