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  1. This. PA school is about more than listening to lectures. It is about the daily interactions with your instructors and fellow students. It is about practicing a neuro exam on someone other than your spouse who actually knows what you are doing. And yes, a beer after a final with colleagues is important. I can't imagine PA school online. We had multiple hands on labs, sections, and skills stations each week that you could not cram into a few weekends on campus. We spent a week just on the neuro exam in the physical diagnosis course. hands on practice. for a week. for one exam.
  2. not perfect, but not terrible. and from a work/life balance perspective it sounds good. try it. give it a year or 2, then you can always move somewhere else to do EM with the experience under your belt.
  3. portland/vancouver metro area UC salaries based on 65-67/hr or so with full bennies. a few bucks/hr more if per diem.
  4. yup, that's the nice thing about working in the ED. If I think someone needs a 2 hr work up , they get it. If I think they need 2 minutes they get that too and GTFO.
  5. never took either. it was why I applied PA instead of MD. I made a mistake.
  6. entry level doctoral program likely not more than MS + DMSc. might as well get it done with and save yourself a year. it is not any longer than an ms program.
  7. the first entry level doctoral program opens in 2021...
  8. I did mine at work over the course of a shift a chunk at a time. Not impressed. not even one single "which of the following names best describes the work currently done by PAs? ". I wrote in no uncertain terms that our current title is misleading, inappropriate, misunderstood, and humiliating.
  9. agree, I have seen too many that sound like war stories: "There I was, the amputated arm still dripping fresh blood tied to my back as I did 1 handed cpr while starting an IV and intubating. it was cold and dark, but then again it was Antarctica in January and there was no one else within 1000 miles...."
  10. if you know what field you want to pursue after school do one in that or something closely related. For EM I did peds em, trauma surgery, and em. (Peds em for peds, trauma surgery for surgery, extra em instead of extra fp).
  11. This. When I am at work I try to come across as confident and in control, even at the times I am winging it...
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