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    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    Bonus pic from a busy weekend.

    em photo quiz( occasional series)

    What does this show? Quantify what you see. What does this patient need? Yet another installment of why alcohol, anticoagulation, and gravity don't mix.
  3. I just know that is how they structure these programs.
  4. Thanks David- We just hired an NP straight out of the Iowa program at the top of our pay scale at my per diem rural coastal job. I worked with another grad (a PA) at my last urban trauma ctr job a few years ago. She was(and is) a rock star. I am jealous of the great training you guys are getting. Keep up the good work!!

    Where do you guys think I stand?

    Paramedics are traditional PA school applicants. the nontraditional applicants are the 22 year olds with 250 hrs of "experience" as scribes and candy strippers with BS degrees and high GPAs who still live with their parents. .

    Where do you guys think I stand?

    you should be in good shape if you apply to programs that value experience. get the LOR from someone who knows you well. shoot for the best grades possible. best of luck!
  7. the best is 6 24s. 144 hrs/month and 24-25 days off/month ? I have worked all the options. 4 tens is ok, 3 12s is ok. 5 8s blows. all nights is better than a rotating schedule. I currently work 3 out of 4 saturdays, but only work 1 friday/month. If I want a saturday off I can request it off in advance for a concert or whatever.

    Moving to California

    is living on campus an option?
  9. should be easy to coordinate. it looks like this: do all of pa-1 except pharmacy complete all the didactic requirements for pharmd do the pa-2 year that counts also as the pharmd clinical year. graduate with both degrees and take both exams.
  10. I think the idea would be 1/2 time at each or full time with one and use the other occasionally, like on mission trips.
  11. PharmDs already do a clinical year. this allows the PA2 year to count as the PharmD clinical year so they basically take the first yr of PA school minus pharm + their nl studies and are PA eligible. allows them to be a PA on the side and do true clinical work.
  12. EMEDPA

    New Grad Offer- EM

    remember 1099 means you pay 15% social security instead of 7.5%. you also pay 100% of your professional dues, licenses, cme, disability, retirement, health care/dental/vision, etc. You can write most of this stuff off plus mileage, but a write off only saves you 28% or so. I took a 10/hr raise to go from w2 to 1099. I think I got the short end of that deal. I would take a $10/hr pay cut to be benefited and w2 again given the chance.
  13. interesting. the salary leaves a bit to be desired given the responsibilities.
  14. I live in the PNW. The only folks I know getting 6 weeks PTO are KP employees after several years. I have not gotten that kind of PTO offer in years(since I left KP). My last 2 jobs were 2 weeks. $500 for cme IS ridiculous. a single conference that you have to fly to generally runs around 2 k with airfare, hotel, rental car,, food, etc. My last job did $1750 and that was a joke. Of course now as a 1099 I get no bennies aside from malpractice, so I have to pay for everything, but can deduct the expenses. Still, most of my cme is now driving distance away.
  15. see my response in other thread.

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