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  1. ethical nightmare for so many reasons. Does the donor body or its heirs retain any rights? If the individual later has kids who inherits? what is to stop rich folks from choosing the bodies they want? Ever see "the man with 2 brains" with Steve Martin? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Man_with_Two_Brains

    General questions

    yup, this is exactly what you need to do. 300 hrs is less than 2 months. you will be competing against folks with years of experience and gpa will only get you so far. don't even consider applying with less than 1000 hrs of pce, preferably > 2000.

    Altitude sickness

    I did sea level to 14,500 in 1 day (Mt Whitney), took diamox, urinated like a racehorse(it's a diuretic), still got a headache, and did fine with just naproxen.

    Altitude sickness

    the other important issue is that one should use decadron to get down, not to allow them to go higher...
  5. agree with all the folks above who recommend no salary under 90 k unless a residency or part time work. FWIW my first year as a PA (1996) I made 70k....22 years ago....

    Altitude sickness

    I remember a few years ago there was talk of viagra for altitude sickness too. apparently it didn't pan out: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21962063

    Altitude sickness

    Diamox and decadron. That being said, The best treatment for altitude sickness is prevention. slow acclimatization at a rate of no more than 1000 feet/day.

    Narcotics Maximus

    agree. one of my partners(for reasons I don't understand) sent a DNR/DNI pt by lifeflight recently.....

    How did your PANRE go?

    I have taken panre 3 times on the 6 yr cycle before converting to a 10 yr cycle with less studying and a higher score each time. my most recent panre I reviewed hematology and endocrine for 1 hr before the test. As long as you don't work in some arcane subspecialty you should do fine. just take a quick look at the stuff you might not do all the time like vaccination schedules, psych presentations, etc also, take it yr 5(or yr 9, depending on cycle). then you get 4 chances to pass if you have an off day.
  10. I am a big fan of ER tech as PCE. Lots of ERs use PAs. That is where I first learned about the profession. I was an ER tech with a long term goal of becoming a search and recuse paramedic when I started working with EM PAs. I did become a paramedic, but at that point did it because in the late 80s/ early 90s most programs still wanted paramedics, nurses, and resp therapists. working side by side with PAs as an ER tech 26-72 hrs/week for 4.5 years was great exposure to the profession and medicine in general.
  11. In WA the state will pay for your license and malpractice if 100% of your practice is volunteering.
  12. EMEDPA

    Narcotics Maximus

    my mom will be 90 in 2 years and has told us "no heroics". I think she will probably make 100 as her older brother, a long time smoker and drinker made it to 89(retired from the practice of law at 87), and mom does neither and exercises every day.
  13. EMEDPA

    Trust in the medical field

    can we have this discussion without it becoming a left vs right argument please....stick to issues, not to "sides" or this thread may go the way of the other one recently closed.
  14. EMEDPA

    Palliative medicine

    a very good friend of mine did inpt palliative med for a few years She worked for the dept of physical medicine and rehab, but it was essentially helping provide quality of life/ end of life care to folks with conditions that would likely take them out within 6 months.
  15. EMEDPA

    Narcotics Maximus

    we certainly would need to reign in the pharmaceutical industry. there is no valid reason that an albuerol inhaler should cost $6 in Haiti or Cuba and $65 dollars here. We also need to look at care in the last year of life, which accounts for 50% of all health care dollars spent. this may sound harsh, but if someone is 95 years old and has liver cancer metastatic to colon, lung, brain, and pelvis I am all for palliative care to involve surgery, radiation, etc, but spending $150,000 on an experimental drug that may prolong life for 3 months does not seem like an appropriate use of health care resources when we have kids not getting vaccinated and women not getting mammograms. I know someone will scream death panels, but this is really not about killing people, but focusing on keeping people healthy. If I am that 95 year old someday, please just let me die.

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