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  1. Not the OP, but I wouldn't if it was me. Or as others have said, word it in such a way that you don't mention a specific diagnosis.
  2. Nice change at my facility: the medical director has done away with all the silly triage questions that generally are not relevant 99.9% of the time and just delay us seeing the pt like "do you feel safe in your home?" and" how many times this yr have you had more than 5 alcoholic beverages?"
  3. that helps, but 500 hrs is really low. that's 12 weeks. many folks will apply with thousands of hrs.
  4. I voted first few years. what I mean is the disrespect heaped on PAs by docs, nurses, and the general public. getting better now that I am "older".
  5. Many places will not consider any of your experience to be HCE as it is volunteering, tutoring, research, and shadowing. I would recommend at least 6 months of part time HCE before application. good luck.
  6. Front line folks are taking the brunt of this all over. PAs, RNs, Medics, RTs. He won't be the last unfortunately.
  7. already do 5000/day. red head. wear sunscreen . work indoors. yup. 2500 mg +/day, every day for probably 40 years.
  8. My double coverage job is actually a bit busier than usual. My regular job is about the same.
  9. I would grab the ppe I have been saving in my car and go to work.
  10. So article on MSN about Germany where the fatality rate is 0.74% Their secret? They test everyone. The more you test, the more clear the picture becomes. We are only testing the very sick, so of course our #s look bad. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/germany-has-a-remarkably-low-coronavirus-death-rate-—-thanks-largely-to-mass-testing-but-also-culture-luck-and-an-impressive-healthcare-system/ar-BB11PpiJ?li=BBnb7Kz
  11. There is also a door to door testing scam targeting the elderly right now. for $25 bucks they wipe a qtip in your nose and take your money never to be seen again.
  12. In my mind this is Duke Vs GW. OHSU is not in the same league. If it was me, it would come down to where can you see yourself living for 2 years. For me it would be Duke. DC is not a great place to be right now. Duke is the best known PA program in the country. The other 2 are good, but neither is Duke.
  13. yup. along the lines of couldn't hurt, might help: get enough sleep stay hydrated. with water. not booze(well, not too much...) take your vitamins every day, especially vit C as it might help( there is a study on IV vit C right now) don't smoke. smokers do poorly with this. get some exercise when you can. this is not the time to get fat and sloppy. there is plenty of pizza and donuts at work right now. don't eat all of it. moderation my friends...trying to get back to my ideal body wt. I think I function better there. if you are a dude with facial hair, shave it off for better PPE fit. I did and now look 12. When my shadow is visible there will not be 6 more weeks of covid. it's like ground hog day for viruses. be safe, but don't be overly paranoid. If any of us get this it probably won't be from the pump at the gas station. mental health is important. I am using one of those sleep sound apps to help get to sleep quickly now. some meditation sometimes too.
  14. I got the email. I think it is for managing covid tents in the parking lots of NYC hospitals. 12 hr shifts. 21 days on, 2 days off, repeat. no thanks.
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