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  1. and that darn Florence Nightingale....Nuns and nurses...that's why the NPs get all the jobs at the Catholic hospitals...
  2. This summer at the earliest. Mask mandates will help. There are still a lot of folks who know they are sick who are going to work, travelling, going to large gatherings, etc. When everyone who is willing to get a shot (75% of Americans or so) have been vaccinated, including school aged kids, we should start to see the numbers level off and decline, assuming the vaccines are effective for the new strains popping up. PS If you watch CNN news, they still have the ticker in the upper right hand corner most of the time.
  3. A few years ago there were still some that allowed the student to set up their own rotations. Other than that, I think most now have requirements of at least 500 hours.
  4. until fairly recently the program in N Dakota only took RNs. They now take folks from other backgrounds as well. UC Davis and Stanford used to have dual PA/NP programs only open to nurses. That option no longer exists.
  5. Also civilian NGOs like NYCMedics, Globalhealthteam, etc
  6. Agree- With Scott. If your dream job is in a subspecialty and you can never see working in anything else, by all means do urology or derm or rheum or whatever but if you are undecided, look for something more broad like FP, urgent care, etc
  7. There are also programs out there that do not require ochem...:)
  8. well, that just sux. I guess it's pretty regional. I have 4 EM jobs and am on a state rescue team and they all offered me the vaccine. My #2 is next week as well.
  9. Ditto Epi Elizondo. Also an admiral in the USPHS and retired. I met him a few years ago. Nice guy.
  10. honestly, this would not surprise me. I have never used a recruiter to find an EM job. All the good ones are word of mouth.
  11. When you review and sign a contract.
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