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  1. if you have been an em pa for a few years and have acls, atls, pals, and a difficult airway course you will pass with no additional studying. I took it cold the first day it was offered and did fine.
  2. I have done some acls and phtls teaching. 50/hr when I had an MS, $75/hr now that I have a doctorate. there is a chiropractor doing a lot of the teaching because he gets the 75/hr too. I taught a course or 2 a month for a few years, so it wasn't all that much money.
  3. from 15 years ago: I would also seriously consider a residency as mentioned above.
  4. kratom is nasty stuff. Brian Kloss DO, PA does a great em lecture on why it is evil.
  5. Physician alternative, duh....:)
  6. the hospitalist probably did.
  7. older guy with throat ca who has very limited diet and is on omeprazole(you will see why this is important in a minute...) presents with full body myalgias (requiring IV fentanyl and ativan for symptomatic control ) and muscle contractions. looks like caropedal spasms but not hyperventilating. drum roll please..... lytes: magnesium 0.5 (!!!) Ca 5 (!) K 2.5 all repleted IV with significant improvement within 1 hr. admitted to obs status for serial labs and repletion. pro tip: omeprazole taken chronically depresses Mg levels.....not a great choice of med for someone on a limited diet.
  8. yup, a lot of those visits would be refills and referrals, etc. But keep in mind you need time to chart and fill out disability forms, preauths, etc
  9. looks pretty reasonable for fp as a new grad.
  10. I am not a big fan of these programs. I think folks should work in medicine for a few years before starting PA school to make sure they like medicine.
  11. depends. 8 years of doing fast track is not the same as a hard core em residency where you intubate, run codes, etc. Honestly, I am 22 years out and have been doing solo coverage for > 15 years and there are things recently graduated new em residency grads are better at than I am.
  12. This. PA school is about more than listening to lectures. It is about the daily interactions with your instructors and fellow students. It is about practicing a neuro exam on someone other than your spouse who actually knows what you are doing. And yes, a beer after a final with colleagues is important. I can't imagine PA school online. We had multiple hands on labs, sections, and skills stations each week that you could not cram into a few weekends on campus. We spent a week just on the neuro exam in the physical diagnosis course. hands on practice. for a week. for one exam.
  13. not perfect, but not terrible. and from a work/life balance perspective it sounds good. try it. give it a year or 2, then you can always move somewhere else to do EM with the experience under your belt.
  14. portland/vancouver metro area UC salaries based on 65-67/hr or so with full bennies. a few bucks/hr more if per diem.
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