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    I have not heard anything after interview. I will call tom and will update.
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    Just got an acceptance call today for yesterday's interview as well!! Good luck to those who have an upcoming interviews! And to those who haven't hear back, don't lose hope!!
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    Has anyone heard anything more? The struggle of waiting is real!
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    wow , tread lightly but firmly first talk to CP to advise second this is a nursing issue as well as a licensing issue for the facility So with the CP awareness and support ask for a meeting the administrator and DON of the facility At this meeting (CP does not need to be there and would be better if they were not) address the specific issues you have with examples. Clearly, professionally lay out that should your orders not be carried out as order that you will not have a choice but to report to the licensing agency for the nursing home, and the Board of nursing for the DON, ADON, and the nurses - no joke this is a big deal that you need to first protect the patients, then your license... tread carefully and take really good notes and act ultra professional as they are going to come out swinging. I have found that the LESS I say in such situations the better it is.... good luck
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    I don't practice in EM but do what you are planning on. I work two shifts a month because I'm addicted after 34 years. It's a day with old friends and I get to keep up some of my skills while helping some of the newbies. This last time, I challenged the NR written test rather than get the CE and did fine. My department checks my skills. That, my clinical days, and teaching for a PA program helps keep life interesting!
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    My experience is that being older is not an impediment. I applied at 57 and graduated at 60. I applied to three programs and was accepted by all three. I took all but one prereq in community college while I kept my day job. You will probably need to get your science GPA up considerably if it's under a 3.0. You will probably not make lots of additional money as a PA (the salary range is fairly broad and it depends on where you work and in what field). Given your situation, I would thing that you either have to really want to do this or else just keep on keeping on with the medic job.
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    Also got an acceptance call after interviewing Wednesday!! Met so many amazing people that day and happy for the ones who also got their acceptance!! My recommendation is also along the lines of gormanconnor's. Be yourself number one, and SHOW that you are really invested into going to SCU (if you indeed are). Good luck everyone!!
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    I don't think it is necessary but it doesn't hurt to bring it along either Whatever makes you feel comfortable!
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    So this is the big One boys and girls, this is the legislation and the state that I have been warning about here on these boards for a decade. When nurse practitioners get full practice authority in California, stick a fork in us, we are done. This came within a hairs breath of passing last year and if you go back to my older post you will see that I predicted that it was going to pass this year. I really hate this for our profession but you can’t help but respect nurse practitioners for doing what our forbearers did not have the guts to do. When this passes in California I think our next legislative move should be to merge our profession with nurse practitioners. Hopefully we can bring something to the table that they want. After this passes, it will take less than three years before PA jobs almost completely dry up in California, and we are doomed to the wastebasket of history because those who have been running this profession refused to do what was needed 20 years ago. This is not good news.
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    Well there is already a case (or at least suspected) in the USA from someone who was experiencing symptoms in flight from somewhere Asia but failed to self report. I don't know the ramifications of doing that, but should be consideration for firing squad...
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    Been waiting since October. Nothing yet
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    6-8pm sent from a smu e-mail earlier.
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    I got my rejection today too. This was my second year applying and interviewing as well. Here's to next year! Maybe third time's the charm.
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    current first year here! interview day was comprised of one individual and one group interview. No MMI!
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    Anyone know how many seats have been filled so far? Or how many are remaining?
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    Thank you! I was just wondering if I should still apply for the upcoming cohort even though it states on the website that preference is awarded to residents of Georgia.
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    Hey guys! So I just calculated my current science GPA, which is 3.03. I graduated in 2016 with a 2.3 science GPA and have been working my tail off the past few years to bring up my science GPA and get HCE. I retook all my science classes, got A's in every single one, took majority of prerequisites, and exhausted through majority of the biology classes at my local community college (the only classes I havent taken are classes like Zoology or Plant Botany). I'm happy to say I'm now at a point where I at the very least meet the minimum science GPA requirement for most programs. Just barely made it I know. But I was considering taking UNE's Biochemistry and Pathophysiology online (4 credits each) which could end up boosting my GPA to 3.11 if I get As. But I'm also scared because I can't make anything below a B- for these classes. If I do my science GPA will get knocked down to below a 3.0 again and I'll no longer meet the minimum science GPA. What do you guys think? Is it worth the risk to get that 3.11 or should I just stay at my 3.03 and be "safe" to apply? If I don't take UNE's courses I'll also be saving $3k which is tempting lol. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I know I have to make my own decision at the end of the day but I'd like second opinions too. Thanks in advance guys!
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    https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/924047?nlid=133644_5322&src=WNL_mdplsnews_200124_mscpedit_wir&uac=89496AJ&spon=17&impID=2255223&faf=1#vp_1 924047_print.pdf
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    Former paramedic here- Something to consider: Part time PA programs. There are 3 of these left still. I attended the program at Drexel/Hahnemann. Typically they split the first year into 2 years, allowing you to work almost full time for 2 years, followed by a full time clinical year(normally the 2nd year, but the 3rd yr on part time tracks). I worked 24-30 hrs/week for 2 years and did event standbys only year 3. This option made everything both easier ( 3 classes at a time instead of 6), and more affordable. PA schools have folks from 22-60 in their ranks. You are never too old unless you decide you are. 90k is good money, but you could double that as a PA with a much nicer schedule. My full time job for example is 6 24s. I work more than this elsewhere, mostly because I wouldn't know what to do with my time if I didn't. https://www.thepalife.com/physician-assistant-programs-offering-part-time-options/
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    I admire a guy who can take a position he knows is going to get him pillioried. The comments? *YAWN* more of the same old stuff...
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    Sure sorry for the late response Undergrad - Touro college Overall GPA 3.6 Science GPA 3.7 Experience -12 years certified Medical Assistant completed over 12000 direct patient care hours Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Early November APOS. It’s time to start looking at next moves. It’s possible but, despite my previous impression, based on the numbers I’m hearing it seems unlikely we all/ most of us get the call...
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    Yup, same thing- I thought maybe I took someone's spot who dropped out. Either way, it all worked out! I don't know if we met either but I'm local to Philly so feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the area.
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    Organizations are all different. In PAFT our students board members are voting members. I am within a few years of retiring so very little of what I am doing will effect me. This is their profession for the next umpteen years and they should have a voice. I understand not speaking up out of fear. It can seem intimidating to voice an opinion when orgs and boards are loaded with people who start every comment with "I have been a PA for 40 years". But comments and opinions and questions should be encouraged from everyone regardless of where they are in their career and shame on anyone who gets snarky or belittles. I have been working in health care policy and politics for a long time and I learn so much from people with different experiences than I have. When I retired from the Army we were still in the "7 jobs for every PA" phase. Now things are very very different and I need to hear from everyone. Everyone in leadership needs to hear from everyone. Students are covered up trying to get through school and new grads needs jobs. I think everyone understand real life comes first. But I would encourage them all to do what they can when they can and let their participation evolve as theiy advance in their careers. I got tricked into being on a committee for my state org a long time ago and it was the start of a long run of working on policy and health care politics. If people get invloved early they have a greater chance of making positive changes and they may find they like it. My greatest frustration is people who have enjoyed the benefits of this profession and all the changes and improvements and, not only have contributed absolutely nothing, but are blissfully unaware of how many people have done how much work to make their professional lives better.
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    I put my deposit down in November and only got an email saying they received it
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    Just received an interview invite for February 22nd!
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    When I was a DAL for SEMPA it required, on average, 3-5 hours a week worth of work (except for conferences when you had to be there) that was heavily skewed into busy seasons and quiet seasons. When I was president of SEMPA, easily 15-20 hours a week worth of work. G
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    Congrats everyone on your acceptances, and best wishes to those of you waiting to hear back.
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    You could always do something like take an EMT course at your local cc. They are usually between 8-12 credits and it is calculated by CASPA into your science GPA. This would not only boost your science GPA but it would give you a certification and EMT is probably less rigourous comapred to patho and biochem.
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    GPA: 3.59 // Science GPA: 3.50 // Non-Science GPA: 3.73 GRE: 288 (verbal: 143, quantitative: 145, writing: 3.5) PCE: 556 hours (Nurse Intern: 256 hours, CNA: 300 hours) Shadowing: 212 hours (Cardiovascular Surgeon: 176 hours and his surgical PA: 36 hours) Volunteer: 28 hours (1 semester - I volunteered at an Equine Therapy Facility that worked with children with disabilities) Honestly not anything too special, but I think I was able to get some pretty strong LOR that may have helped. Hope this helps
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    well....I could go down this rabbit hole easily enough. I recently asked why we had non-physician's as voting members of our various boards as opposed to non-voting advisory members and was told without a vote they probably wouldn't participate. I was also told we need these outside folks (I use that term simply to denote PA and everyone else) and was told we need them to help us understand public perspective and other "stakeholder groups" thoughts and opinions. The word "stakeholders" has started causing me to bring up a little bile every time. I get the concept but think it is often being used as an excuse. I understand we don't function in a bubble. I don't understand why we give representatives of other groups a vote in our profession.
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    I haven’t heard anything from the program yet either. Hopefully there still may be more interviews!
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    I turned down my offer for Northwestern and decided to attend another program so some people will still hear back for a spot! I'm sure there will also be a few others who turn down their seat too.
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    Thank you!! I really appreciate your time and advice!!
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    Dr. Wright called me today and I'm off the wait list! For those who are still waiting, stay positive because GW pulls people off the wait list through May. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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    Is there any type of FB group created yet for accepted applicants?
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    My plan is to master watercolor and I'm in process. I just sold a painting today. I start teaching classes at the city parks and recreation department in June. I'm taking classes from master watercolor artists - local and nationally known. I have 1.5 years to retirement, maybe earlier. Someday I will be famous and you can all say "I knew Paula on the forum, wish I would've bought an original when she was just a novice!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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    I am an ATSU PA-S from the class of 2021 and we were told last week that the 2022 class is full (70 have accepted), they are done with interviews, the APOS list has 30-40 on it, and the Alternate list has 40-50 on it. If anyone withdraws (which happens more than one might think) admissions will go to the APOS list first. Once the APOS list is exhausted, they then go to the Alt list. These lists are ranked by the admissions team, but these rankings are not known by anyone else...so don’t ask! They get a little irritated by this. Don’t give up hope! We have a fair amount in our class that were on the APOS list since the Dec prior to start of class. Crazy life things always occur!
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    $300 is your copay probably...the insurance company coughs up $1500 I bet. This is one of the problems with the medical system in the US. Spend an hr with a hypertensive diabetic, get their meds straightened out, save them from a CVA or MI. Bill=$45. Freeze a skin tag in 10 seconds= $1800
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    For those interviewed, what was the interview style? How was it?
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    Unpopular opinion here, go to school A. You're more excited about it. As long as they have established good clinical rotations (I'm hoping so if the more established location has been around for a while) I'm less concerned about your specific site being new. Again assuming they are well connected to the established location. We always say go to the cheaper program here because loans SUCK. But if you won't have loans either way....not so much a factor for you. There is a lot to be said about liking the program and faculty. And frankly, you'll have more time to be exploring the city than you realize. You are not chained to a desk for 2 years. You will still have time for a life; if it's important to you to have reasonable social outlets near by, you should consider that. You NEED to be able to step away from school for your sanity. Being happy does a lot for you during school. If you're stressed about school AND hate your time away from school it will be a long 2 years.
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    Today I had to say goodbye to an old friend and great PA who was a pioneer in PA practice ownership here in Texas Mr. Richard Branson. Richard passed at 1PM today after a long fight with chronic heart disease. Richard and I became fast friends and thick as thieves many years ago when we both served on the TAPA board. Probably more than any other 1 PA he was responsible for the strategy and leg work that achieved the successful passage of legislation granting us scheduled drugs prescribing rights. Since then Richard started his own practice in San Antonio in a very busy and competitive market and then created what he called a practice incubator, a written guide that provided guidance and resources for other PAs who wanted their own practice. He gave this away, along with his personal support and advice, to any PA who wanted to strike out on their own. He never asked a penny or a thank you from anyone he helped and there were many. He was also a driving force in organizing and funding a law suit in federal court that stopped the medical board from, essentially, taking practices away from PAs that owned them because they weren't majority owned by physicians. He was a quirky genius and I feel sad for the people who couldn't see past the quirk to the gold underneath. PAs in Texas are better for having him among us and are just a bit diminished today with his passing. So long old friend.
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    My daughter has an essential tremor and still did procedures as a vet. I work in cardiology (the internal med side, not surgery) and you could surely do my job with a tremor. You might need a med in school when you are suturing, etc, but I don't see a tremor as a serious impediment to becoming a PA. Good luck!
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