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    I just got the call - ACCEPTED to the University of Florida PA program!! Interviewed September 14th and 15th. I literally cannot believe it, I am still in shock. I will definitely be attending. So excited to be a Gator PA!!
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    Class of 2020 here - I'd like to respectfully disagree that all Yale PA Online students are people who can't attend on campus programs. I could have, and so could other students I know. I got into a local program and turned down other local interviews. I chose Yale PA Online because it allowed me to get a Yale education in my home community. I don't want people to think that this program is *only* for those who can't attend other programs, are a certain age or have certain circumstances, although it happens to be a great program for many for those reasons. This is an innovative way of delivering medical education, not an alternative method for people with extenuating circumstances. In fact, extending the reach of higher education is one of the goals and arguably the responsibility of private universities like Yale with large endowments. To the people who got in: Congratulations. To the people who didn't: Keep your chin up. Admission is not a perfect reflection of your strength or worthiness. It's just not. There are elements of admission that no matter how hard you work or how hard admissions committees try, is a crapshoot. I speak to you as a PA-C who was rejected from 10x as many programs as I was admitted to. Keep going. What's meant to be will be. To people who think they're safe making anonymous accounts on the internet and slandering programs and their staff: LOL
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    OMG! I just received my acceptance call!! Still can't believe it!!
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    Yes I did submit a CASPer with my application, but I unfortunately received an rejection email a few weeks ago without an interview offer. Stings, but I want to emphasize why previous and current applicants love to say "one door closes but another one opens".... because I got an interview elsewhere! Please do not be discouraged or lose hope, I know everyone here has something unique and amazing to contribute to any program and who knows what tomorrow brings. Goodluck to those who are still waiting, interviewing, and waiting post-interview!
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    Good morning everyone! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. My name is Lindsey and I'm from San Jose, California! Anyone else from the Bay? I've been browsing all 94 pages of this forum, probably twice over in case I missed anything. You all have such great energy and have been extremely helpful in this process. Shout out to Alex (@scullyAMA) for answering my questions via DM! Thanks girl. I just wanted to wish all of you the best of luck! The post interview webinar last night was awesome and I really enjoyed learning more about the program and seeing some of your faces. Happy Friyayy!
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    I just got the interview invitation. And I applied and verified on 7/10 and 7/16, respectively. Good luck you all!
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    Hello everyone, I just attended an info session from Rush. This is the following information that was provided regarding interviews and admissions: Interview sessions are scheduled all the way out into February About half of the class of 30 has been filled so far Although the email you receive after you send in your application says you should hear back in about 8 weeks, there is only one person going through the applications at the moment, so that has impacted the time line to more so around 3 months (12 weeks) after you send in your application. I hope this has helped provide some more information! Good luck to all!
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    Hey all, current 2nd year here, thought I would offer up some info. Interviews (and pre-interview socials) are being held on zoom this year Cohorts have typically been 50 students The Primary Care Selective is your 2nd family med rotation and you can rank your preferences (general family med, geriatrics, women's health, or peds)- and they try to make it work Examples of the Inpatient Selective have been Cardiology, Pulmonology, SICU, or CCU I run the program's IG account (@une_pa) with our 1st year Class Historian- feel free to give us a follow there and let me know about content you'd like to see! Best of luck to everyone!
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    I think that I can give you all a little bit more info without infringing on the program's interview format secrecy I will not give specific details into the actual interview session as that is proprietary information, but you shouldn't have any trouble if you have looked into MMI format. The applicants are split into three groups at different times of the day. This is so one group of applicants can do their student Q&A and get some other details about the program, while another group of students rotate through their interview stations. Their virtual meetings are done through Zoom, in which many schools will utilize "breakout rooms" for interviews, Q&A, etc. Imagine that the Zoom room itself is like an office building, while the breakout rooms are individual offices. After each group is done with their interviews and such, everyone will regroup together for some additional activities, financial aid info, virtual tour, etc. I will say that overall this process is more objective than subjective - being in the same sorority as your interviewer isn't going to get you any bonus points; having clear, detailed, but consice answers probably will. I want to say that this process lasted until about 4pm eastern regardless of which group you were assigned, but I could be wrong. The virtual campus tour was last on the agenda and I left early since I had already been on the virtual tour. Much of this information is pulled from emails already sent from the school, but make note that you will get an email with this information (and more) prior to your interview. They try not to make you go in blind Best of luck!
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    I just got an email invitation to interview on October 8th!! Freaking out!!
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    Hi everyone! I interviewed on 9/14 and the flipgrid activity required you to submit a 5 minute video basically telling the admissions committee anything that you wanted to tell them. There wasn't a specific prompt and there was no actual face-to-face interview. Hope that helps!
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    I would be interested in this as well! Here are a few of my general thoughts that made Arcadia really stick out to me: The ability to have three elective rotations is unbelievable, I interviewed at another program that only offered one elective. From the first open house I attended I really admired that the Arcadia mindset wasn't urging it's graduates to go into primary care. That's never personally been my desire (although I greatly admire the opportunity to build long-term relationships with patients and appreciate the social necessity for PCPs). Professor Wolf stated, generally, that she's witnessed the trend of graduate PAs pursuing more medical and surgical subspecialties and that she is in favor of it, especially as an Ortho surgery PA herself. I'm captivated by the ability to explore specialty areas of medicine like trauma surgery or perhaps interventional radiology during the multiple elective rotations to determine where I fit best. I love the global perspective. As the incoming class of 2023, we may even be able to take advantage of the international rotation if COVID has settled down by the time our clinical year rolls around. The campus is obviously beautiful, stunningly so. I love the camaraderie I've observed thus far between the current cohort, competing in the PA olympics, taking part in the Rocky Run, etc. My only reservation is that I'm not sure if I intend to practice in Pennsylvania and would be really interested in data that demonstrates what percentage of graduates were successful in finding employment out of state? My biggest question for any current students or grads would be, is it a wise choice to attend an institution within an area I may not intend to work? I know that many PA students often receive job offers via their rotations, or through connections made during rotations. If I don't necessarily intend to practice in Pennsylvania (hypothetically, I truly don't know), would I be wasting an opportunity to build valuable connections elsewhere? These are just a few of my thoughts regarding the program, which I highly regard. Getting accepted to Arcadia University was honestly one of the best moments of my life and I'm honored to even be here discussing it with you amazing and talented individuals!
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    I called this morning and they let me know that they’re running behind on admissions decisions as they received a record high of applicants. Over 600 to be exact. They said interview decisions won’t go out until late September or early October. Interviews will be held late October to November and admissions decisions will go out January to February
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    Totally agree! Definitely stressful playing the waiting game, but we've already waited this long, and we're very close to hearing some good news now! Stay positive everyone
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    I received my acceptance call this morning as well!
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    I received my acceptance call about 10 minutes ago! So excited!
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    Just to hopefully make everyone feel better! I also received an invite 8/19, and I didnt respond to the email, but I later emailed to follow up on when to hear back for scheduling and she said end of september!
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    Got an interview for 9/28!
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    Got the call... ACCEPTED! Good luck to everyone applying and waiting!
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    Hi all, for those interviewing tmrw, I got a reminder email this morning about receiving the Zoom links and other instructions. I was confused because I didn’t receive the links yet lol so I replied, and Katherine let me know that the links will be sent at 6PM PST tonight. I look forward to meeting y’all
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    Dilt through an EJ. Meth user, totally out of control with afib/rvr and cannabinoid hyperemesis. anxious/dramatic and hyperkinetic. No IV access with 4 attempts by a really good nurse. Figured I would give an EJ a try, and it worked. Next step would have been an IO. Dilt through an IO would have been a first as well. Haldol and ativan through the same EJ. Hospitalist graciously accepted admit.
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    Got an acceptance voicemail today around noon!!
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    My heart just broke for you!!! I can not even imagine that feeling, I am so so sorry!!!! I know it is easier said than done but try not to stress to much about it and just remember that you will be a BOMB PA someday! If it makes you feel any better I received an interview invite to another school and then the next day it got rescinded due to an error as well! Mistakes happen, try to keep your head up YOU GOT THIS!
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    I did too!!! But I didn't check my e-mail until about 10 minutes ago, so the earliest date was late October. But omg, so excited!! It's the first day I haven't checked my e-mail hourly.
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    I also declined my interview today after being accepted to another program! Hope this opens up a spot for someone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was pulled off of the interview waitlist yesterday and requested to have my application withdrawn today so I hope that opens it up for someone else to get an invite!
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    Hi everyone! I just finished my first interview. Even though I told myself not to be so nervous ( I spent 30 minutes just listening to relaxing music lol) and that I would speak without any mistakes, I feel like it was hard to control. I'm not going to beat myself up over this and hoping to do really well second interview! For anyone else interviewing soon, it's okay to be nervous, it's natural, but try to remind yourself why you are here: all of your hard work, perseverance, and experiences. That's what I kept telling myself while my heart was pounding in my ears lol. Sorry if this doesn't contribute much to the forum but sometimes it's comforting to hear that you're not alone in feeling nervous and that you have a chance to do better for the next interview.
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    Interviewed yesterday and got my acceptance call today!!! EEEEEK
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    Let's play a game! If the commission meeting is the 24th-26th of September, I'm GUESSING we hear back by 10/10! Anyone else wanna make a guess?
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    Can anyone who interviewed today speak as to how it went? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    For those of you who have not yet seized the opportunity, you should use sites like these to build connections, meet people, and network, in addition to learning more about programs and matriculant stats. There is nothing more rewarding and beneficial towards personal growth, both career wise and socially, than to meet people with similar interests, personality types, and aspirations in life. Once, years ago, I met a girl on one of these types of threads who was also applying to MPH programs and we exchanged contact information and began to chat and keep each other updated about our respective application cycles to MPH programs. Now, 5 years and a masters degree later (we both ended up attending the same MPH program in the same class), we are very, very close friends and colleagues. It just goes to show you that some of these connections can be more fruitful than anticipated! For anyone who wants to chat, please dm me and I'd love to talk all things PA (and even life)!
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    I received an interview invitation today for 10/5/2020. Good luck to all! If anyone has interviewed with FSU in the past, I would love to chat with you :).
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    Just got an interview invite for 10/8 as well!!
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    I got an invite for September 28 as well! Good luck everyone, I hope we get to be class mates!
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    I too got a no-interview/rejection email today but gotta keep up the positive energy and wait for other programs! I applied at the end of July. Congrats to all those holding an acceptance and good luck to all that are still waiting for great news
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    There’s a book you can get on amazon for like 12 bucks. It’s called the Big Activity Book got Anxious people. It’s full of like random stuff you can do when you’re feeling stressed. It’s really helped me with this waiting game we’ve been playing if anyone is interested
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    Anyone from the August 28th interview hear anything yet? I am probably being a little too anxious and technical but it is mid September lol
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    I figured with the amount of time they had until this ARC-PA meeting, they definitely have the list of students they’re accepting! Like most people, I’m patiently waiting till September 28th Anyone else consistently checking their email like a madman?
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    Thank you so so very much for this information! Continues to give me and im sure the rest of us still waiting so much hope! Best of luck to you!
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    We are gonna do great!!! Just gotta think positive and do our best!
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    Go back into private practice! crazy patient telling screaming dropping F bombs at from desk today demanding to be seen. Owes us $120. Was very nice at the end of the visit to explain to her that behavior is not acceptable. She replies she is going to complain to hospital thinking we are owned by them. We are not. I explain to her we are not. That this behavior is not acceptable and if it happens again she will need to find a new pcp. Very rewarding. would not want to be in a place bean counters rule.
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    Good luck to everyone in today's interview group! It was nice to meet all of you and I wish we had a chance to get to know everyone a little more. Hope to see some of you next fall!
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    So i caved last week and sent an email about an interview date. Because just my luck, I would have missed it or something. I got a very prompt response that they are still working on finalizing an interview date. And Mallory was super nice about it. So I definitely felt better after.
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    Thank you so much for this post! I felt my interviews went great and then saw that post and was very worried because I don’t have all those special circumstances. You gave me renewed hope so thanks again
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    Back country search and rescue paramedic was once on my radar as a job as well. Me, the horse, and a medic bag. Doesn't sound too bad these days.
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    I have been reading this thread several times - and am pondering where I am headed in the future. COVID furloughs have shown me while my community defines me as their medical provider - my clinic has shown me that I am very expendable. I have been struggling with my perception of "me" before COVID and after COVID. I am back to my clinic full time again but during furlough, I joined the VA system that had COVID money available for extra temporary positions. Three weeks ago, I was offered part time permanent employment through the VA which I accepted so I will do both for awhile. I see the changes on the horizon with both of my clinic SP's nearing retirement, NP's taking our jobs and corporate medicine taking over - and generally going in a direction that leads me to believe I need to keep all of my options open. There was definitely a "grieving process" for all of these realizations. If income was not an issue, I think I would be happy packing it all up, taking my dogs and hitting the road west to be a NP Ranger, hiking in the Rocky Mountains. I hope I could do volunteer service somewhere. With the VA /Federal system, I have doors opening with disaster relief and IHS locum opportunities that I had put off exploring in the past. I am trying to look at all of this as "stretch and grow" but - again - there is definitely a grieving and letting go of previous ideologies.
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