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    just finished my interviews. good luck to everyone else!
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    Yeah Im not too thrilled about the whole online interviews, and I know its cliche to say this but just be yourself. Theres so many articles online telling you how to act and how to answer certain questions. I got too caught up in those. They have literally interviewed hundreds of applicants, they’ve heard every answer in the books. They will know when you’re saying things just to impress them. Be yourself and answer accordingly, don’t say what you think they want to hear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, thank you for the words of encouragement. I finished my 2nd interview today. Only thing left is to wait. Good luck to everyone on their interview this week and next. Good luck to those who have submitted but waiting to hear back about the next steps!
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    Finished my interview yesterday. I keep getting asked how it went and I dont know how to respond! This was my first PA school interview ever. I felt like I am a strong interviewer and that I answered the questions directly and to the best of my ability based on my experience but man I just really dont know. I am in this weird mix of emotions of being proud of myself for completing an interview and very anxious about hearing back and not getting in. Does anyone else feel that?!? Just need some encouragement
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    My wife and I were discussing this evening asshats. People that ignore science, ignore doing anything that would potentially protect others and willfully look for any reason to "not be told what to do...." She was disgusted by them and asked who, in their right mind, would fail to do the very least to protect those around her? I told her that some providers are the worst culprits. A splash of Brietbart, a touch of Limbaugh and a dash of 'Merica! You can't tell me what to do!"... And there you have it. Asshats that for whatever reason would put their own families at risk just to endeavor to prove a point. She shrugged and sighed. p.s. QAnon is not real not matter how much you want him to be. November 3rd cometh quickly...and right soon.
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    Hello everyone, I am new here, and am really enjoying reading all of these posts. I am so impressed with how supportive this group is, and I wish you all the best of luck in this cycle. I will be in your shoes next year (this program is by far my first choice), as I am now finishing up my prerequisites and trying to find either an available PCE job or a reasonable certification program, both of which are hard to come by in this landscape right now. I know this year has been so difficult on everyone, and nearly nobody has been immune to the consequences of this pandemic. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to add the PA application cycle onto it. I just wanted to say I am cheering for you all, and someday, either sooner or later, I really look forward to working side by side with you!
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    I don't know who needs to hear this, but I wanted to tell you, don't give up hope no matter what. Crazier things have happened. I just got a call today from NAU offering me a seat in the 2022 class! Class literally starts in 6 wks! I just submitted my application for this cycle in early June and then today I got THE call! So whatever you do, don't lose hope and always keep pushing forward! My stats are: I'm a non-traditional student. Combat Air Force Veteran. I have a B.S. in Biochemistry with minors in Math and Biology, I recently completed my M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Medicine. GRE was 305 with 4.5 in writing, My cGPA is a 3.37 and my sGPA is a 3.0. I have more than 3,000 HCE and volunteer hours
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    Not gonna lie. Now that I know interview invites are going out sometime in the next two weeks, my heart starts racing every time I get a notification that someone has posted in this thread Good luck to everyone!!!
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    Good luck to everyone doing interviews today~ Here comes another week of waiting!
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    Well, you're not going to hear arguments from me on the HCQ. I was saying throwing that stuff at people was bad science from day one. But I also don't understand. You're saying we are having a drop in cases, but people are being encouraged to lie on forms, which should increase numbers? Also I should get my medical advice from people from youtube asking me to hit that like and subscribe button? A lot of the decrease in deaths are from improvement in management. People weren't being ventilated properly, we weren't using proning, lots of people throwing the kitchen sink like HCQ, steroids, azithro, remdesivir, and whatever else they could get there hands on at it. It all happened in a few cities, massive onslaught, with few staff and poor working conditions. Now its spreading in multiple areas in the country leading to wide spread increase in cases, but if you look locally, we have actually significantly decrease spread. Data without good interpretation, perhaps more importantly, tempered interpretations (like you claim we aren't doing) leads to erroneous conclusions. I mean, you are doing exactly what you accuse us of doing. You took a piece of data, and ran with it. No worries. You're passionate. Also, I guess I'm just not sure why you care if we care. Are you implying we are sheeple needing to get woke? Because I would say that is the pot calling the kettle black.
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    There will indeed be an info session after each round of interviews for interviewed applicants. (Source, I’m a current student/student ambassador and host these meetings )
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    We have lots of PhD and MD/DO expert opinion on masks. so I need to poll everyone, but you get to base this off your experience? 300mL. Please, I've cited evidence at every juncture, and you haven’t. You have a lot to learn about respiratory physiology. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1019420/pdf/thorax00036-0073.pdf While you may understand some physics, just like the data, you are twisting it into something it’s not. This is it. You don’t understand EBM, correlation, causation, association, confounding variables. I’m fine if you want to do a double blind RCT on mask. No one is stopping you, but the best available evidence say benefits outweigh risks. You haven’t convinced me or anyone else here otherwise. But by all means, let them speak if I’m wrong. if you want to be a champion of EBM, you could pick a lot better topics than this. Go look at tPA. I suspect the only reason you care is it affects you directly and it’s been highly politicized. Done with you. Talk into the void if you like. Thanks for playing, Tim.
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    @ftpa18 I know others (I think at least @Krystalized ) have brought this up, but none of us really share stats here. This is more of a supportive environment, rather than comparing ourselves to each other. Maybe if you private message some accepted/interview people, they might share? But generally, we don't find value in that. Did you get an interview yet?? If so, GL!
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    Do you seriously think there is carbon dioxide retention? Seriously? Seriously? THIS IS NOT A THING conspiracy theories offer simple explanations of non-simple problems for the simple-minded......
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    Honestly, I really liked the school when it comes to quality this school is at the top for me, also I preferred to go to a school in a state other than my home state (AZ). However, I was already accepted to a school in AZ last month and when I got the interview invite for stony brook I started thinking about the pros and cons. With more consideration I realized I have family here in with lots of options for affordable housing here in AZ and the schools were reasonably priced. I felt financially this was more responsible for my personal situation. I also know someone who lived near Stony brook and now lives here in AZ and he helped me describe the differences in the social scene. I did apply to tons of other schools because I was afraid of not receiving interview invites, but will continue to weigh out the pros/cons for each school that gives me an interview. Making this decision was difficult but wanted to go with my gut instinct
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    Just finished up my interviews. Now the waiting begins again. My interviewers did say decisions are taking 2-4 weeks post interview so plan on being patient. I'm assuming as more applications enter the cycle the time frame for everything will just get longer. For the people wondering about the setting for your interview. Try and get the camera eye level or slightly above, it helps hide the double chin. Check the location a day or too ahead of time at the same time of day as your interview. The lighting night be different or there may be weird glares off of pictures or glasses. If you need to add lighting get it above and off to the side (about 10 and 2 if your nose is 12) preferably both sides it will reduce unflattering shadows. If the light seems harsh add a diffuser of a sheet of paper in front of it to soften it. Zoom allows you to rotate your camera view (in the settings) so if you have a wide angle lens try turning it vertical to eliminate some of the view of the room and get more of you in it. Just don't forget to put pants on Be aware the color of lamp shades and curtains that can change the white balance of the video and give you that sickly pallor. I had to ditch the green curtain in the room since it made me look like my liver was failing. Make sure the background doesn't have anything the looks funky where you are sitting. I had to move a lamp on the bookshelf that looked like I was wearing the shade as a hat.
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    Covid aside, I wear a mask any time I go into the room of a neutropenic patient or someone on chemo. One of my rural jobs is next door to a cancer center, so we take precautions for anyone sent from there for eval of fever, weakness, etc. I would do the same for someone with any significant immunocompromise, like advanced AIDS, etc. I have not been ill with more than the sniffles in probably 20 years. That doesn't mean that I can't be an asymptomatic carrier of any number of nasty viruses, which I could pass to someone without a functioning immune system. .
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    That is so exciting! I got my acceptance call and email on 6/19. The email came right afterwards. It could have been placed in a junk folder, but mine was subjected as, "Physician Assistant Program Direct Admit Tuition Deposit Notice", and I received it shortly after the call. This email basically just tells you to pay the $500 within two weeks of the call in order to reserve your spot. They should send a welcome email with more information about a week after the call! Congratulations, hopefully we'll be classmates in January!
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    Good luck everyone today. Wishing good emails to everyone !
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing this week. For those that interviewed last week. Who stood in the shower or laid in bed over the weekend coming up with way better answers to the interview questions than what they actually said? Me, sheepishly raising hand
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    @WBTKPK Look forward to meeting you this week, as well as all other interviewed candidates. You are all so supportive, I would be lucky to have you as classmates.
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    I thought I’d make you all feel better. I interviewed last year and here is my timeline. 6/3 application received by UF 7/22 Forwarded for second level eval 10/21 Offer for interview. They have a lot of applicants. It can take a while.
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    No masks don't hurt. At all. That doesn't mean there's no costs; every countermeasure has costs. Masks... - Make it easier for criminals to avoid identification - Obscure non-verbal communication and lip reading. - require time and effort to make, maintain, and use. - May be uncomfortable and/or cause glasses fogging. Am I leaving anything out? Pretty short list. Now, what is the break-even point? At what percentage chance to reduce R0, reduce your own chance of catching Covid-19, etc. is this a good deal? Considering the morbidity and mortality, that's a pretty low bar for me. But hey, I wear wraparound safety glasses essentially any time I'm not sleeping or showering, so I already have a predisposition to PPE. It's relatively easy math to do, even with all the uncertainties involved, and pretty much any nonzero value for harm reduction from mask use makes the use case straightforward. Risk assessment is all about working with incomplete data and doing the best you can with regards to appropriate countermeasures. But remember, boys and girls, Americans, on the whole, like to buy Powerball tickets and worry about commercial air travel safety: Math doesn't drive action, perception of math does, and humans are terrible at appropriately estimating the impact of low-frequency, high-impact events.
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    all elective procedures are now getting testing contact tracings are getting tested tell them 2 week self quarantine, test is not 100% accurate but he best we have mask 100% do not go around old, young, infirm PROTECT their community by masking and droplet precautions x 14 days "this too shall pass"
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    Just answer this: do you think the potential risk of wearing a mask outweighs the potential benefits?
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    Got my acceptance call last night Second round applying to Mesa! Best of luck for interviews to come. It was very get to know you and relaxed fit!!
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    I really feel that GPA stats aren't as big of a deal to Yale as it is with other schools. Some schools their class demographics are all young kids with the ink still wet in on their diplomas and a GPA average of 4.0 and the minimal work hours. Looking at Yale's class demographics the group is older with more work experience and a (relatively) low overall GPA. This leads me to believe that they are way more interested in you as a person and what you have done/are doing with your life than just looking at numbers on an application. When you have no life/work experience you have to distinguish yourself on your stats. There is nothing wrong with that it's a simple fact of life. Yale's method (assuming my theory is correct) gives hope to those of us with some significant life experience even if that experience prevented us from always excelling in school. I strongly believe that even if we did share our stats they would have such a spread that they would be useless as a guide.
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    Received an invite yesterday- Submitted application on June 15th
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    Please don’t confuse my passion for dispelling misinformation as me having any feelings for you Tim. I’m equally passionate at work against people who endanger patients with misinformation and poor evidence. You’ve presented zero evidence and not countered any presented. So if you don’t, this conversation is over. p100 are easier to breath through with their improved seal and higher particle filtration? Again, you spouting facts without evidence. I wear a p100 at work and while easy to breath through it definitely takes more effort than a n95. lots of people are wearing p100s. I wear it. Many people do. I’m not sure how a higher level filter is easier to breath through though? you keep moving the goal posts. First it’s “oh I’m not talking about cloth.” Then “oh I’m not taking about the higher filters.” Are you Goldie locks? The situation has to be just right for your argument to work? the mask does not filter the virus but filters their vehicle, droplets. This has been demonstrated over and over easily. As you like to point as evidence, look at the YouTube videos of all the microbiologists coughing, sneezing, talking at various distances with and without clothe mask at a culture medium. While not fool proof protection from airborne, it’s better than nothing as it will still minimize droplets that definitely contain the virus. Also, as was said before, it’s really the least you can do. you have provided no evidence that masks are harmful. No definitive evidence that masks do not decrease transmission. No definitive evidence of any of your claims. No willingness to accept explanations of the data. You’ve shown either compete disregard or ignorance of reverse isolation https://www.liscript.com/neutropenic-precautions/ there has been ample evidence presented to you, some you even requested, yet no response. Post something of substance, man, so we can know some wheels are turning.
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    It's all in the estimation of risk vs reward. Take a drug with unknown side effects? No. Put on a mask to help protect other people: why the heck not? As an old guy who has seen this before, this time, some of our leaders decided to make wearing masks (or not) a political thing. I just glad Eisenhower didn't call people who took the polio vaccine wusses...
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    Just got accepted here. Good luck everyone who is interviewing/scheduled. Just be yourself!
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    @airvine And anyone else that needs it Interviewing is hard, I felt the same way. Each day that passed I thought of more things I should have said or what I could have done differently. If it helps, the people doing the interviewing are human too. They know it's unnerving and stressful and have a LOT of grace.
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    Got accepted today! I interviewed 6/26 - best of luck to everyone still interviewing! Btw, my acceptance came via email not phone call!
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    Was just offered an interview for August 4th via zoom
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    For anyone struggling with doubt or fear, just remember that stats and numbers are just LOOSE FRAMEWORKS by which applications are gauged, they are not the law. This site, and others like it, should help to inform you and your application process, but should not serve to set a bar by which to judge yourself or others. We will all end up where we need to be, we just need to trust the process!
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    Same here, its been at 100% the whole time and I received an email reminder for the interview this week. I'm not too worried about it.
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    I had my two interviews today and I think they went really well. While the wait is nerve wracking it’s a little freeing to know that I’ve done all I can and it’s out of my hands now. Freeing but also really terrifying My fingers are crossed for everyone in every stage of waiting right now. I know it’s hard, I’m there in the trenches with you. I think I earned a glass of wine tonight Cheers!
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    It’s constantly astounding to me that “whataboutism” is still considered by some people as a valid logical argument
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    I too finished mine on Tuesday and don’t know what to think or feel about it. It was my first PA school interview as well and I felt like i did my absolute best...I think I would’ve done a lot better at an in person interview because verbal cues can get lost through a camera. All I know is that I worked so incredibly hard for this moment and I know that each applicant is hard working and unique in their own way and I’m praying this was conveyed during the short interview. I too feel very anxious and sad for some reason about the possibility of not getting in Prayers your way!!
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    I Interviewed with Morgan and received my acceptance yesterday as well. I created a private group on Facebook named “Kansas State Physician Assistant Class of 2023”. For anyone else that has been accepted or gets accepted in the future to join! Good luck to all of you.
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    Morning everyone! I was just on the PURL under interview information and it looks like information was added to that link in regards to the actual interview day. It has a manual on how to check connection, what to do between interviews, and how to access the interview rooms! I am pretty sure this is new so I wanted to share.
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    C’mon man. This is the entire point folks are trying to bring to your attention. There is evidence that masks work. We all know they are no where near 100% effective, hardly even 50%. This reminds me of the conversation with that anti-vaxxer (not saying you’re one) a few months ago here. He/she’s entire agenda was based solely on the fact that vaccines don’t “100%” prevent what they’re designed to prevent...so therefore they are ineffective and unnecessary. There is no logic there.
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    You know why we didn’t have mandatory masks and shutdowns during H1N1? Because we very very quickly had a vaccine available
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    In a growing number of locations, it is not just lack of recognition, it is due to CEO’s and CNO’s who have decided PA’s are not worth the trouble. Yet so many PA’s still want to take the higher ground and want to remain assistants and dependent. For those of you who feel this way, answer this question; would you prefer a family member or friend be treated by one of the online direct entry New NP’s or a New PA? How about the states that allow independence for NP in 6-12 months? Problem is PA’s can’t get their shit together and agree to staged independence that may require a type board certification in area you are working, . If you really care about patients, think about what you are dooming them to by not pursuing same footing as NP, APRN. Because PA’s have chosen the “high ground” many patients don’t have a choice. Some NP’s are very good, but they were ones who worked in an area several years before going on and did rotations with MD or DO. The admin types have made the choice that lesser education is better for their pocket due to the hassle of hiring PA’s.
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    Received an email yesterday for a zoom meeting with current students and those interviewing. I'm glad they put something together so we can meet each other even if it's virtually! Hopefully everyone is holding it together as we get closer to the interview!
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    Yes, good luck to everyone this week!!!
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    Keep your head high and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. The PA school application process and also PA school in itself is a marathon where perseverance is key. I had very poor grades after graduating from undergrad where I spent 3 years taking and retaking up to 50 credits of classes including taking some extra recommended courses. I shadowed, did research and worked as well to get PCE hours. I kept track and had more then the required recommendation letters. I also felt the fear of not achieving my goal of becoming a PA and letting others down during that time period. It is a normal feeling but keep in mind that failing does not define who you are as a individual. I was rejected by all the schools that I applied to during my 1st cycle, it was not until the second application process that I was accepted and now practicing as a PA for 3 years. Keep a laser focused attitude and grind out any opportunities that you can that would give you an edge in the application process. Have a short term and long term plan for tackling and excelling at every criteria on the application. It is also wise to do some light research into a backup profession for the long term plan.
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    We have 25 students in the cohort, I believe that is the number they look to get with each cohort. Right now, since everything is going fairly smoothly. According to the program, because we are accredited for face-to-face style, and since Maryland is in a good spot regarding COVID, we’re having in person classes as a trial run for the school. We have temperature checks every morning. We are spaced out in a big lecture space, so we’re not close, we have to go to class with masks on. Our labs are in the spaces that they typically are in, but we work in small groups with only 3-4 other people to work through anatomy lab and patient assessment and diagnosis, and again we’re all wearing masks. But the faculty at this time is trying to load up our labs and the procedures we have to learn in this semester so that if (when) we have to go back online, we wouldn’t have missed anything. In terms of the faculty flexibility, they are incredibly receptive to what we think and are very open and honest about everything that’s going on. Dr. Smolko is the absolute bomb! If we ever have a concern with something at a program level, she listens to us, brings it to the faculty and reports back to us with an up front answer and explanation of the feedback. In terms of class specific, each professor has their own style, but they all are incredibly accommodating. All our lectures are recorded and posted on Canvas (like blackboard if you’ve never heard of it) so if you needed to miss because of something, you still have access to the lecture. I’m not quite sure how it would work if some people had to be remote while also having in person because we haven’t run into that issue, but the faculty seems incredibly flexible for what ever may come up.
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    I have my interviews tomorrow too. I plan on using my driver’s license and military ID...perhaps you could use a hospital or work badge?
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    Hey everybody!!!! Dylan here, president of the UCDavis PA class of 2021. I'm super excited for all of you guys submitting your CASPAs and getting ready to start your PA journey, whether it be the first time applying or the 50th. You CAN do it! If you are like me, the application/interview process is one of the most stressful times of your life... especially if you don't get in the first time around( it took me two). One of my passions is to help others get through interviewing and into the career of their dreams. Over my time at school and preparing for over 13 interviews I have learned exactly what is necessary to excel in the interview process and have since helped several students get programs around the nation. the If anyone is interested in being a mentee of mine, you are welcome to contact me. Email: hawaiilife93@gmail.com
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