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    Hey Yall! I just wanted to leave some hope and positivity here because I more than understand how stressful it is waiting! I was accepted into UTMB's program last Tuesday and I interviewed with the October 25th session and as far as I know I was the only one accepted two weeks after my session and not the direct week after like the others that got accepted from my session. So those from the November 1st session, don't lose hope yet and our facebook group only has about 50 students in it at the moment and some of those students are current students in the program right now. They could also be doing things different this year and be sending out mass acceptance emails after all of their sessions are done like most schools tend to do. So if most people are on the facebook page, they still have about 30-40 spots since they usually accept close to 90. Just wanted to give everyone that information and hopefully it provides some relief and hope to yall! Stay strong and positive
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    I received my acceptance email today around 11am from the 11/1 interview!!! This is my first acceptance! To those still waiting - do not give up hope! I received over ten rejections before I received a single acceptance. I was very discouraged. It's a brutally tough process, but it only takes one school! We worked hard, and it will undoubtedly pay off. Good luck everyone!
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    I have not. Will not lie. I am looking at my phone every 3 minutes.
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    OTP is a hot topic no doubt. When I look at the big picture, I believe it is absolutely needed. In increasing pockets over the nation, practices and hospitals / institutions / companies, are moving to, or moved to, hiring NPs exclusively over PAs. I've been seeing job ads where the ad actually states NPs only. There's different factors with this evolution. Some physicians in some institutions have begun to ask for extra $ to "supervise" PA(s). It's cheaper for an institution to have NP vs PA. NPs have marketed, lobbied, and gotten on certain administration boards and convinced administration why NPs are "better." I've actually seen this where I work. This one NP where I work had said untrue things about PA licensure, abilities, and laws and, guess what, surprise, the board of directors and administration took what the NP said at face value and totally believed her. I had to refute this with state law quotes and educate people. This is not a post about "us vs them" ...not at all. This is about us being pro-active, to evolve to be more marketable, on even par cost to credential and have on staff as NPs, and be unlinked from the subjective and confusing word "supervising" from our profession. The population is growing faster than doctors can meet the need of and PAs are a highly viable help to this need. If I have this correct, there are now 20 states that have removed the supervising part of the laws, and this is in line with OTP. I've actually talked with PAs, who don't even know what OTP is, who don't know about this evolution of NPs gaining on us, and increasing pockets of NPs being hired exclusively over PAs or the reasons as to why. I respectfully implore PAs to read up on OTP and what it's about and to get involved with state laws and help us evolve in a desirable and prosperous way. !:)
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    I received my acceptance email from the 11/8 interview about 30 minutes ago!
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    After a lot of scrutinizing over my pro/con list, I turned down my offer so that's one more spot available! Go get 'em and good luck to all of you!
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    Today is a day set aside to recognize all of us for our service to America. Some of us faced gunfire and shed blood during our service others did not. The common thread is we all stepped forward without reservation to serve America when and where we were needed. I would do it all again if needed, and be honored to have you at my side.
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    I got my acceptance call yesterday as well!!!
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    Accepted from the 11/9 interview!
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    I spoke with a kind lady today shortly after Karina and was told all seats have not been filled and everyone accepted should know by the end of this month!
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    I got my acceptance call yesterday evening!! Good luck to everyone!!
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    Hey everyone, First of all, for those who have heard back, congratulations on your acceptance! For those still waiting, I'm sorry for your frustration, but don't lose hope--it's not over until you've officially received notification stating otherwise. Unfortunately I also know nothing about how they're handling the admission process this year, but I'm positive that, like the entirety of PA education everywhere, there's a method behind the madness. I'm the interview/orientation chair of the Class of 2020 and I just wanted to come on here and say I'm open to being a resource for anyone who may have any questions about clinical year. I know how important it was for me to gain both a first and second year student perspective of various programs before choosing where I landed. So if anyone has any questions about that or any other aspect of our program, feel free to send me a message! Take care & know I'm wishing the best for you all! Tanner H
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    I got accepted!!!!!!! this is fucking amazing
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    I hope your gut feelings are accurate lol (which i'm pretty sure they are ) These next three days are going to be filled with many emotions for us! So, good luck guys, and whatever the outcome may be, the important thing is that we have keep moving forward!
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    Anyone else incessantly checking the forum and their emails, knowing full well it will likely be the very end of the month before we hear back? Just me???
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    I just gave up my interview spot since I've accepted a seat at another school that fits my goals much better. Good luck everyone and I hope one of you gets an interview invite!
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    If you read the fine print of the survey you will see that these may not be all the options or the options at all. There may be more. It is to gauge our perception of the titles.
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    Interviewed on 9/20 at Miami and just got my acceptance this morning! After being rear-ended on my morning commute to work, I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. I’m not saying I cried, but... jk, I totally cried. This was my 3rd attempt. Every one of my doctors that I work with cried with me
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    fast track without higher acuity is the road to burnout. been there, done that.
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    It’s not surprising. People like different things. But if you’re looking for experienced providers who can be taken away from their current job And retain them, you need to offer something others aren’t ( “cool” job with procedures and sick patients, money, benefits, work-life balance) or change your chosen demographic.
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    Got accepted to Duke a couple of days ago. Will be giving up my seat to attend Stanford. Hope this moves everyone up in the waitlist. Duke is an amazing program and the interview was great. I wish everyone nothing but the best!
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    Congrats!!!! I just got the call too!!! I interviewed 11/2
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    Now that I'm out of the game, I'd like to comment on a matter having to do with people applying to all these programs. Give me someone any day of the week with a lower GPA but who has actually been in life/death situations and responded appropriately under the stress of it by being able to think on their feet. An average student who can function under stress beats a bookworm that doesn't know their left hand from their right hand because they haven't been there, or in other words, they're an unknown commodity. It's easier to learn/pick up things than learn how to think on your feet and deal with stress IMO.
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    yup. two were somewhat reasonable. two were not even pronounceable.
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    Interviewed 11/6 and received an acceptance email today around 4pm! Beyond excited to accept
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    Wow. I received acceptance email 20 minutes ago! Three years of applying... Finally!
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    Congrats to everyone accepted, myself included!! God is truly amazing, I can’t wait to meet all of you!!
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    I just got an interview offer for November 22, in the afternoon!
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    I was accepted into the Harrogate program today!! Excited to meet everyone in May!
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    I now refer to myself as "The Provider". I never, NEVER use Physician Assistant. It's a ridiculous description of what I do. I am a Medical Practitioner, even if the name has not caught up to my license.
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    If I had a dollar for every time I checked this forum, then I’d probably have my PA school tuition paid off by now.
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    Who can adequately add to this topic when the responses all demonstrate the same understand. I don't care if some states are better than other because it demonstrates that we need a national standard. When I was young we added STP to our gas to get better mileage and efficiency, that's what OTP is. We need to be recognized as providers who do mot need the supervision and are not a financial burden. Too many of us have become apathetic because they have a good paying job. Apatha, is a cancer that needs to be excised if we are going to evolve and be on equal ground as NPs.
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    I appreciate the concerns you have, but we have quantifiable research now from patients and stake holders that the name doesn’t fit and confuses them now on our capabilities. as far as your example, a more apt illustration of the problem here is imagine there is a position called District regional manager assistant. Is that someone who you call to schedule An appointment with or is that someone who can fire you? We both know that does not sound like an executive level position.
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    I started college for the first time when I was on active duty in the 82nd Airborne. I went at night 4 days a week and on Saturdays when our training and deployment cycles permitted. I got my associates degree this way. If you think your schedule is too crowded to go to school imagine doing it when your day starts with PT at 0530 and ends when your class is over at 2100. The point being if you want it...it can be done. Stop thinking about why it can't be done and start figuring out how it can.
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    there is an art and science to writing these surveys I suspect there was a warm up question or two don't get upset, AAPA is trying really hard and doing a great job, lets work with them and not bash them....
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    I think Allan said they pulled 14 off the waitlist last year.
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    wait listed here as well. Not mad about it! Honored to even be considered
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    I have not heard yet, we should be getting an email any day now I’m thinking! I applied in 2017 and received an email on November 14th at the time.
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    Never heard that about CRP and appy's. Unfortunately where I work, that's a send-out with a 1 turnaround. Normal vitals, no elevated white count, normal physical exam, I'm not scanning.
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    I can’t believe it! I got a call from Susan. Guess I’m making a cross country trip! I’m going to try to set up a fb group for those who are planning to attend. I’ll post here when it’s ready with a link
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    They are still sending out supplementals! I just received mine today, 11/12. CASPA verfied: 8/1/2019 Email application received: 8/3/2019 Supplemental Application due 11/19/2019
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    Is anyone still waiting to hear back for an interview?
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    I just wanted to say that it was great meeting a lot of you! And I truly mean it when I say that I am humbled by how many great people I've met and how amazing everyone's background! I was having an Oprah moment during my group interview, where I was like : you deserve to be a PA,you deserve to be a PA, you deserve to be a PA, EVERYONE deserves to be a PA! They are going to have a tough time choosing the lucky 40 students because you are all awesome!!
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    The only time I use these types of article is when the physicians want to use isolated anectdotal stories to demean us. I promise them for every 1 they have of us I can find 10 about them. Then I ask for data and if they offer any at all is is flawed data in an article written by someone with an agenda.
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    Just received an invitation to interview on Nov 22 but declined due to acceptance at another program. Good luck to all of those still waiting to hear.
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    Got my email Friday as well! Yay can't wait!!
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    Stay tuned. PAFT is working on the final lnaguage for Shared Responsibility and Liability which was an idea I came up with after working in UC and listening to these kinds of horror stories. We had some bumps in the road getting it organized but we will formalize it soon and then start spreading the word and trying to get other organizations to embrace the concept.
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    I called the admissions office today and they said we can just copy/paste CASPA into the statement of purpose, but make sure it’s under 4000 characters. We do not need to address the “fit for pursuing graduate study at UC Davis” or faculty. For the diversity statement, we can expand on the topics mentioned in the statement of purpose to answer the prompt.
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