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    I just got the call today. I got in. I wish u the best n the same feelings i have today. Don't give up hope. Your time will come soon.
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    ... and we have reached the point where aggressive ignorance, if real, is indistinguishable from trolling. Bye.
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    I am not a big fan of these programs. I think folks should work in medicine for a few years before starting PA school to make sure they like medicine.
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    Honestly, disregard people's opinion's if they only talk about numbers. Some posts here are highly self-referential and the logic behind their advice is: "I failed, therefore you will fail too". This is just counterproductive for you. Honestly, numbers will never tell you the whole story. Programs care about life experience, fit to the program, your potential as member of the university (extra curricular activities and leadership within PA school), your background, and most importantly.... how your application connects to YOU. Having 8000 hours of PCE that you hated, learned nothing from, and that didnt connect with your personal narrative will definitely show on your application. Don't just get experience for the sake of amassing stats. Learn from it, get awards, get recommendations, find a good fit for you and your ambitions. There's a difference between performing at a job and being stuck with it. Admission officers can smell generic applications from far away. After all, they are generic, and they wont make anybody feel curious or like they are missing out. There's a difference between saying "I wanna be a PA to have a job" and "I wanna be a PA to help the undeserved". There's a difference between "I learned about the PA profession from U.S news best jobs" and "I arrived at the pa profession after years of dedicating my life to healthcare". If you care about, say, helping undeserved populations and your profile, experience and life story show that, then you have a more compelling application than someone who has been hating their PCE for thousands of hours and have made no efforts to expand their healthcare perspective beyond their own practice and what was given to them. Some people feel entitled to certain things based on their GPA and PCE, but they also may feel undeserving of higher achievement because their numbers are "not as good" as others. Its a vicious cycle. GPA: You dont even know what classes made up their GPA PCE: You dont know the scope of their jobs Profile: You simply dont know them Some programs have certain thresholds or minimums (1000 PCE is the most common), so waiting a year will help with that. But honestly, i have seen people get accepted and interviewed in many great schools with little-to-no experience, but awesome stories and clear personal mission and profile as candidates. Don't take advice from people telling you that you are "the same as them" and "therefore you will fail" because thats just missing the point. I cannot guarantee that you will get into PA school with those stats, but I can guarantee you that if you only measure yourself with numbers, then you'll waste time worrying about them and PA schools will only see you as another generic application. My advice for your numbers: Take a Gap and amass more hours My advice for your application: Figure out who you are and what you bring to healthcare
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    My biggest problem isn't so much the discrepancy with the community...its the discrepancy with NPs. They have had 1 year and 9 months to implement locality pay for PAs as passed by law. At my local VA NPs top out 30k a year above PAs at the top end. Its a disgrace. Lets not mention the lawsuit from PAs and NPs over unpaid overtime. And since were talking about new grads...they pay new grads in the realm of 60-70k if were are to believe job postings...WTF cant they do some mentoring. I spent 23 years in the Army and would love to serve my fellow veterans, but I sure as shit ain't gonna give my services away to the government, they got their pound of flesh from me already. Fix the pay scales and maybe myself and a lot of others will give it another go. And as the largest single employer of PAs, it might be about time for them to figure out this mentoring thing.
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    Online reviews, and reviews in general, are bullshit on their best day. During the interview, ask for an estimate of currently active patients in the practice. If they have a panel of 3000, and you found 149 negative reviews, it gives you an idea of how many are doing the complaining. Unless I have received exemplary service, I will rarely go out of my way to tell the world about my positive experiences but, forget to put mustard on my hamburger, and heads are going to roll!
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    Shrug it off unless you think he was intentionally trying to belittle you. My last SP used to gently pimp me and I had 20+ years in. If I didn't know..I didn't know and I'd learn something. I didn't see any malice in it and I think as my SP he was entitled to probe my understanding sometimes. No blood...no foul.
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    You wrote from the heart, I can tell. And you obviously got to where you are, so it worked for you. I submit that one should not give up their dignity. Yes, we often need to pay our dues but, inside, we need to avoid beating ourselves up. It’s not healthy or necessary. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Supplementals weren't sent out until July last year. I wouldn't expect them much earlier than that!
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    Someone should be receiving a call today! I just sent them an email declining my seat for the upcoming class as I have accepted a seat with another program. Best of luck to you all! I hope one of you receive amazing news soon!
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    PAs for Tomorrow provided the 2019 AAPA candidates questions regarding their beliefs about the future of the profession. Please go to www.pasfortomorrow.org for more information about our endorsed candidates. After a lengthy review and robust discussion, the BOD of PAFT is pleased to endorse the following candidates: President: Beth R. Smolko, DMSc, MMS, PA-C Director-at-Large: Jennifer Orozco, MMS, PA-C, DFAAPA House of Delegates Director/Second Vice Speaker of the House: Leslie Clayton Milteer, PA-C, MPAS, DFAAPA #PAFT #AAPA19 As of right now the more involved explanation of our process and reasons hasn't been posted but will be up soon. If you are an AAPA member we encourage you to vote!
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    I know you are looking for a change, but if you have EVH skills, you should be able to find a significantly better paying job in CV surgery without too much trouble. Although the hours might not be as good.
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    interesting perspective.... I also am unsure I will change my pattern of treating the 4-10 with low dose because...... I only give 3m script and then labs - - they are not going to become toxic on 3m of 50mcg a day.... with a tsh of 9.....
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    You know, after sitting through an adrenal CME this week, and seeing in gory detail what "naturopathic" treatments with thyroid overreplacement can end up harming, I'd be inclined to treat with lower dose levothyroxine in order to keep a patient from that harm.
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    I'm a PA-S1 here, secondary review just means that they have recognized your application is complete and will not be thrown out before the first review by admissions. You could receive a call/email for an interview starting around July.
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    Yes, stating point blank "and I won't change my mind about that" regarding an ignorant opinion makes you sound stupid. Saying you aren't interested in nursing/NP because its women's work is misogynistic. And no, there aren't. Your original post has zero reactions, positive or negative. Your nurse post has 7 negative, because people on this forum have a view of gender roles that goes beyond 1950. I thought you were off to seek advice from people in the real world...
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    No, those negative reactions didn't come before you even posted that. We can all see there are 7 downvotes on that specific post. To your confusion, there's a difference between having a tangible reason nursing isn't a good fit for you and dismissing all nurses and NPs (your potential future colleagues) as doing women's work. Saying you won't change your mind about that reeks of stubborn stupidity. And you got an extremely helpful response to your original post - it essentially sums up all the advice anyone else would give. If you want more advice, act like you want it and pipe down with the misogyny.
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    Received an interview invitation for June 11 & 12!
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    You really don’t see the problem here? You’re being sexist saying that nursing is a woman’s job. Don’t bother defending it because any attempt to reason it away or explain gender roles will be assumed trolling and dealt with accordingly. If this thread goes any further you should just keep quiet about and hope people respond or be apologetic.
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    I am, burned up CH.33 in undergrad (hindsight is 20/20 here). But I just got off the phone w/ the VA and apparently I will be eligible to apply for the Edith Nourse Rogers STEM scholarship, so hopefully that works out. It will probably put a 30k dent in my expected ammount of debt.
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    They are charging that much because they find people who will pay that much. Most people can only pay that much because they can get loans for that much. And banks only loan that much money to young people because they have a guarantee that they will get their money back, and interest and fees. Take away that guarantee by making student loans bankruptable, and suddenly you dry up the source of the problem. Banks would be forced to look at students ability to repay, and would limit the enormous student loan debts. I'm glad you recognized the hyperbole.
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    It's not "programs" that are doing this, it is individual people's decisions. Our national student loan problem could be solved by removing the bankruptcy protections from student loans. Suddenly banks wouldn't offer this kind of money to students, thus forcing colleges to pare back expenses. Look around most universities today and you will find unbelievably expensive student centers, lavish dorms, and hundreds of overpaid people with titles like "Vice President of Student Support Animals". All funded by rapidly increasing tuition rates and fees, which are often funded by students taking out loans from banks who know they will be repaid.
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    Take a few minutes to browse the forums.
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    As a scientist, don't arbitrarily dismiss any data; take each piece, determine it's source and then weigh it accordingly. Any patient report, in my mind, never, ever indicates anything aside from the ability of some one to use "the internet". Bad reviews don't indicate he doesn't know medicine; unfortunately, it doesn't mean he's a super star either. However, there seems to be more than a fair number of reports on his manner that may-may- show a difficulty working with others. Or not. What do you do with this information? Dig deeper. Look him up on state medical board for discipline episodes. Google his name. Just investigate. It would be nice if state pa associations kept a database of "difficult to work with" sp's.
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    No. Please please please, do not seek work that you are not interested in. It will not go well for you, or your employer (and of course your patients). I spent a lot of time in a past life screening job applicants. I concluded that the right candidate will have three things: 1. right training; 2. sufficient intellect for the role; 3. motivation. If you are missing any of those three, then it is a bad hire. The first person I hired, is still at the job 15 years later (and in fact, has my old job). You have your experiences in rotations, to know how interested you are in different fields. Go with your gut feeling on this.
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    The Austin trifecta: retirement, Lake Travis condo, Longhorn football. Oh, Mexican food at The Oasis as I go around the bend from my as of yet not purchased condo in my imaginary pontoon boat. Giving up on the Hawaiian dream since family won’t go along with it.
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    I think there is definite benefit in the Socratic method to teaching. I personally benefit from being asked questions to help guide me along the process, be it the pathophys of the disease, pharmacokinetics/dynamics of the treatment, why guidelines are what they are etc. When it comes from a position of superiority and is designed to belittle you then yes, definitely nonconstructive and shouldn't be tolerated. Unfortunate that you've had such a good relationship with this individual up until this point, not having participated in the conversation I'm tempted top play devil's advocate and wonder if he wasn't just falling back on the standard approach to teaching that most medical professionals undergo in their early careers.
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    My first email from them was an invitation to interview. No confirmation.
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    Lucky enough to have had the VA pay for all tuition and provide living expenses! Grateful! Debt: $0
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    There is another option to this.....live on $30k/year and pay off your student loans in 3 years. Then you can really enjoy your income, have kids, and build wealth.
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    fair as long as you return the favor some day ....... when a clinical discussion comes up where you clearly know more you pimp him..... might get you fired.....
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    Wow!!! My mistake!!! I had no idea programs had gotten so ridiculously expensive. Last I looked the most expensive were in $80,000 range. No wonder it seems like every little college and university is starting PA programs. It’s $$$ for them, screw the graduates trying to find jobs. So sad to be in such debt and graduate with rapidly accelerating competition. Likely those new students with families and attending programs with HCL don’t or won’t want to go to rural areas with jobs and end up taking low pay. With that much debt, should never accept below 100k unless a residency type position. The profession is great, but given saturation, cost to attend and, on average, below 100k salary to start, Just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. It does concern me that students coming out having such huge debt, struggling to find jobs so will take lower pay. Sure hope OTP or independence moves more quickly and title change is done by next May. I really feel for anyone having more than 10 years to go before retirement.
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    Luckily I had the blessing of a spouse who got a great job a few months into my program and was working full time. Even so, we still made out with debt at the 120k mark and I just graduated a few days ago. We were in a high COA area and moved across the country for it, and then back. Program was about 90k for the 28 months. Obviously most PA students don't have a full time income to support them. Based off my estimates, minimum payments will be about $1600 ( which includes a few undergrad loans but not much). If I wanted to pay the loans off in roughly 5 yrs vs 10, we would have to put an extra $1,200 towards it a month. Yay... All you pre-PA kids, read up!
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    I know it's been 20 years, but jesh. Over $100k was Med school cost when I went to PA school. I could not imagine spending $100k on PA school now....mercy.
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    I have seen how large organizations treat people here in Texas (an at-will state) and I would sooooo love to see these places unionize. My entire agreement with my current organization went in the shredder less than 2 months after I started work because we took on a "strategic partner" . That means a company who will slash and burn through the organization cutting everything regardless of its impact on the staff and patients. I have watched this organization, which quite frankly is better than many, change anything and everything it wants with no discussion or notice with the people affected. Its maddening.
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    I have been out almost 3 years now, and out of the programs I applied to - several had tuition approaching, at, or even above $100k. So, depending on where the student is living, if tuition is $100k - factor in 2+ years of normal expenses. $50k does seem excessive depending on location, but it's almost ubiquitous to ignore the "cost" of student loans until out of school.
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    Just hang in there everyone. I know a few students who received the scholarship a week before their program started in the Fall (both had 2 years left). They were even told that they would have to pay the first semester, but would have the rest of their semesters covered (they were eventually fully covered in the Fall). Since PA schools start/end at different times, money becomes available at different points in the year. I'm not sure how much money the VA received for the scholarship program this year.
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    I was also offered an interview today, about 45 minutes before I took my Casper. Good luck to all! Hopefully I make it in this time!
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    I am not sure I was such a big fan of that CASper test. It was weird. I sent my application in April 13, and due to one minor glitch in having to track down a syllabus for a pre requisite, JUST got it finalized and it was submitted to the committee yesterday. That was close. Anyway, definitely non traditional student over here...3.2, 3.2, 313...Somewhere around 25,000 hours PCE as an athletic trainer first, then chiropractor...and yes, I am old. Hoping my work and life experience gets some points. Good luck to all of you!!
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    If you and your supervisor/coworkers are on good terms both professionally and interpersonally, then there can often be NORMAL bittersweet sadness when someone leaves. Those people may feel sad or a sense of loss of a team member when you are leaving but are just as likely to be happy for your next opportunities. Your employer... Yes, they trained you but they HAD to train you, just like they would have had to train anyone else for that position. Perhaps you needed more time as a new grad but the training investment is what is expected of any employer of a new employee and not unique to our profession. Not even a seasoned PA can start a new job without some training on that specific workplace. You should try to not feel guilty for leaving an employer. Ultimately, this is a professional and business transaction in which you work for them by performing skills (medicine) that brings cash to the company and then they give you a cut of that income that they make. I tend towards the more emotional/guilty feelings when I leave a job so I can understand and which is why I try to force myself to force myself to think about the aforementioned more practical/transactional approach to the relationship between you and your employer. That being said, we also work in a unique profession where we have these intimate relationships with patients which I think contributes greatly to a sense of guilt when we leave a job (except for maybe terrible toxic jobs). Check out some youtube videos and articles on the guilt that teachers face when they choose to leave a teaching position for similar personal reasons (such as low pay) and you may find some common ground in their feeling of obligation to their students. Best of luck!
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    I just got offered an interview a few hours ago!! So excited!
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    I'll be submitting my application within the next 4 to 6 weeks
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    Good luck K0915! We just have to focus and study hard, the rest will take care of itself.
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    SEMPA members have free access to the EM Academy course. 71 30-minute video lectures on the core content of emergency medicine. SEMPA 360 has multiple hands on workshops, which are super helpful for new EMPAs.
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    I missed a couple too, but I was watching reruns of "Highlander" at the time.
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    Hi everyone! I noticed there wasn’t a forum for this cycle. Let’s use this to discuss any questions or comments we might have. Best of luck everyone!
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    *Raises hand *. Maybe even the later part of next week.
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    Thanks for the advice everyone! I asked for 115K, because I would have to buy insurance for my family. They said they will not negotiate the salary, after I asked for more. I politely declined. I just cant justify that without benefits. I guess I just have to keep applying.
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    I am paid as much as NPs in my VA because my director bargained for me. I make enough. I like the work. 28 yrs in - this is where I belong. It might not be right for everyone. The national VA PA pay is being worked on. New grads need jobs with mentors, oversight and support - the VA isn’t that right now - too fast paced and too intense.

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