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    We're all reading too deep, because we are nervous and waiting. Though being a third wave invite might mean your app scored lower, we'd probably be surprised how many first wave invites didn't interview well. Your scores combined could definitely surpass the others. Anyone who does not get a seat from this interview, though, consider this: you have a huge leg up knowing what to expect on interview day next year. Do you know how many of us are reapplicants? I know students that applied three times and students who interviewed twice. Reapplying shows determination and adds points to your application. Improving your app right away also helps. It may take until September to speak to someone about your application, but you can improve your prereq GPA and last forty/qualifying GPA immediately. This was my experience. I was extremely disappointed last June when I did not even get an interview, but within a week I was back to the books and getting more As to knock off some old grades included in that last forty GPA. I improved my prereq and qualifying in seven months and put together my app in February. Failures are rewarding if you keep your mind open to the opportunities they create.
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    Sooooo.. It looks like tomorrow is the day I hope we all make it for the class of 2022!!! Good luck to everyone!! Stay positive!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can confirm this. Last year I interviewed the 1st day (Friday the 13th) and received my acceptance email Friday the 20th at 10:17am PST while I was shadowing in surgery. Don’t freak out until Friday because it def won’t come before then. Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to add 80 more of you to our crazy family!
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    Interviews are now officially over. Now we wait everyone. Great job on clearing such a big hurdle!
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    This is the first image that popped into my head when everyone is trying to figure out the time and date that we will be getting emails. Everyone relax and go have a beer/wine/seltzer/water/Gatorade. It's Friday
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    They sent interview invites at 4:55pm EST for the first wave so don’t give up hope yet!
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    Okay so the waiting is driving me insane already!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    hope we hear on friday idk if i can wait 2 weeks
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    Oh, heck no. Those situations would have given anyone anxiety, don't take the fall for bad working conditions. However, you want to put a good spin on it, For example "Credentialing issues resulted in loss of anticipated revenue, and the practice laid me off to reduce overhead" sounds nice, but anyone who knows healthcare knows they screwed up, you paid the price, and you're being nice about it. THAT is that way I would approach gaps, reasons for quitting, etc.: honestly, yet diplomatically.
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    @patobe82 I want to wish you and all those interviewing Monday the best of luck. I'm sending positive vibes your way. EVMS does everything possible to make it as relaxing as an interview day can be. You'll have wonderful support from the current class and I highly recommend meeting some interviewees beforehand. I can't tell you how much it calmed my nerves having multiple familiar faces that morning! YOU HAVE GOT THIS! YOU HAVE PREPARED FOR YEARS AND NOW JUST NEED TO SHOW THEM HOW GREAT YOU ARE IN PERSON!!!
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    Here’s to checking my email every two seconds today! Excited to hopefully receive lots of acceptance messages from you all today!
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    I received my invite as well. I scheduled my interview for October 22 the morning session my birthday.
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    Based on past years, candidates start hearing back a week from when interviews start— so this Friday. Last year, the first round of interviews were Friday 7/13 and offers starting going out Friday 7/20. It was similar if not the same the prior year.
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    @FuturePA2022, Thank you for sharing your insight! I think I did well in the interview, but I feel a lot better that my application also is factored into the score. Regardless of the outcome, we proved we have what it takes. Best of luck to everyone.
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    Now I’m going over all my questions in my head and I’m like I could have answered that better! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Monday is the last day invites will be sent out.
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    I’m working today too. To say my focus is a little off would be an understatement but at least it keeps my mind off of things for a little bit! I think my patients can tell I’m nervous lol.
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    Only saving grace for me is that I'm working clinically today. It's at least a distraction! But every time my watch buzzes, my stomach drops. Come onnnnn
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    How’s everybody doing? I can legitimately say I’ve never been this nervous in my life. Hopefully we hear really soon!
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    Good luck everyone! It has definitely been a journey.
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    My stomach is just one big knot today! Hopefully we all hear some good news later. Try to keep busy until then and keep a positive mindset. We’ve all worked so hard and should be proud regardless, what a process it’s been! Talking to all of you has certainly helped with my nerves so thank you all for that
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    All the best to all of us! It’s out of our hands! Got to trust the process and believe! Get some sleep!
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    Yes, good luck to everyone! We've all worked so hard. I went to bed super early hoping to sleep through the night but, nope. #teamnosleep One good thing is that EVMS offers more than 80 seats so there's a higher chance for all of us Today is going to be a rough day, ugh! LOL.
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    Thank you for putting that into perspective with some sage pieces of advice. As hard as it may be, try to stay positive everyone!
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    Hey everyone! Hopefully the stress of the interviews has worn off at this point, and the stress of waiting to hear back is in full effect! To the folks saying they can’t wait until Friday, do we know for sure that we’ll start hearing then or is it just an inference? I know Dr. D mentioned that it could take 2-3 weeks. Let me know, and hang in there everyone! Home stretch!
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    Hi guys, Thanks so much for all the kind words! I just know you all will become fantastic providers cause of that demonstrated empathy. So, I really hope you all get interviews. And you guys are right. Until you hear that official rejection, there is still a chance. Just gotta keep pushing forward!
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    Regardless of the outcome, I had a great experience! I'm glad that the application and interview scores are both factored because my group interview wasn't my best performance. This forum has been a valid resource in preparation for the application and interview process. Best of luck everyone!
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    Hi @JanJan33 , I am familiar with their interview process through speaking to previous and current students. We get a score from our application (GPA, community service, PCE/HCE, CASPER exam, etc. ) and a score from the interview. They add those two scores up and rank them. Those with the highest scores receive admission offers. If anyone finds any error in that, please let me know but, that is what I have been told. Yes, two more days! We're almost there!
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    The final work does get done at the state level, but we have no national guidance or unity. The national nurse practitioner organization is 1000% behind their state chapters and they are all on the same page....Autonomy, or as close to it as possible....now. While we are spending a million bucks to study dropping "assistant" from our name??????? It's just heartbreaking.
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    Doctorate of Medical Science in Physician Assistant Studies. I hate that designation. What is physician assistant studies anyway? We need a new DMS title that does not include physician assistant in its degree.
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    Hi all! Just received the confirmation email from Davis. Submitted: 7/3 verified: 7/9 confirmation: 7/15. Last year they sent out interview invites in waves. The first set of interview invites came around the last week of September for interviews in mid October. Assuming nothing has changed, I think it’s safe to say we won’t hear for another ~2 months or so. I’m wishing you all a great cycle!
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    respond that you are interested at a base salary of 120k....and include links to aapa salary survey for ortho pas.
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    Good luck to everyone interviewing tomorrow! I was really impressed with the current students. They answered so many questions and they helped calm my nerves. Once everyone is done comes the hardest part.... waiting!
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    I am getting into town tomorrow afternoon at about 3 and will be staying downtown. Message me if you like to chat and relax! I interview Monday afternoon.
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    @Zetty @AnSkY212586 @patobe82 @FeelTheMusicPA I will not be getting to Norfolk until around 7:30/8pm on Sunday night, I know that’s probably late for whoever wants to do last minute prep and “relaxing” haha. But I do plan on going to Public House on Monday and would love to see you guys there!
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    For those of you worrying about stats, don’t! Don’t fall into the pitfall of comparing yourself to others. Rather, focus on yourself and how you can make your self a better applicant. Someone is always going to have a better GPA, more health care experience, more volunteer hours, etc. I know it’s hard, trust me. I’m not your average applicant when it comes to GPA. I’ve worried and stressed about that for years. This is my 3rd time applying. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have applied the first time. I was dealing with some very serious and personal family tragedies and I wasn’t in the right place emotionally or mentally to be applying to PA school. The 2nd time I received 2 interviews. I can’t change the past, but I can learn from it, and I have. This cycle instead of getting so caught up on the stats of everyone else, I focused on my self, my strengths, and what I have to offer. Before I was getting too caught up in trying to mold myself in what I thought I wanted admission committees to hear, rather than telling them what I want them to know. My overall GPA is a 3.17 and my science GPA is a 3.05. At face value my GPA is severely under the national average for accepted students. However, you dig a little deeper, and you will see that my post bachelor science GPA is a 3.59 and post bachelor overall GPA is a 3.63. I took 90 + % of my prerequisites after I got my bachelors degree. I have 12-15k patient/healthcare hours and 5,000 plus volunteer hours. I only have about 50-60 hours of shadowing experience, but I also have worked with PA’s on almost a daily basis for the past 5 years. MZHolden has way more shadowing hours, has significantly higher GPA, and great patient care and volunteer hours. I understand you are trying to have a benchmark, but don’t fall into the negative cyclone of comparisons. I should have given up a long time ago if I constantly compared myself to the “average” applicant. Your unique and have something unique to offer. Determine what that is and focus on it. Build your application up from that. There’s nothing I can do now that will significantly impact my GPA, but I found other ways to try and stand out like becoming an EMT and volunteering at a free healthcare clinic.
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    Cool! I thought they were deciding by this Friday. That gives me more hope!
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    I don’t want to ruin your excitement, but this question Is asked about once a week. Loads of non clinical jobs, I saw one today: open interviews tuesdays, 2-4. It was at BK. Pros: probably still get a discount on food. (Technically, “food”, though, amirite?) cons: constant griping about how Mickey Dees is better. It ain’t.
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    Offered an interview a few minutes ago!!!!
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    First sentence.... ok.... maybe NPs can throw you a bone.... wait, what’s that you say next? Yeah, never mind. NPs will hand you a big ole “GFY” on that. Its all up to you guys. Nobody is going to pull you across the finish line. The reason why PAs aren’t mentioned in the article is because PAs didn’t insert YOURSELVES into the conversation by producing some legislation and finding a champion. It was best said when the subject of $1,000,000 paid for consultation came up. That would have been more effectively spent on one single state to get independence. That’s where you’d get the ball rolling. Yes, NPs have a 26 state strategy (that’s how many states are left to become NP independent), but where do you think the national org is funneling most of their money right now? To all 26 states, or to a couple at a time like they’ve been doing for 30 years? Looks like California is the big prize here, so that’s where the money is at. If we get California and you don’t, then yes, it is all over for PAs. Change your name to “Practitioner, Advanced” to keep the “PA” moniker that everyone knows you by, and have your state chapters do the cheap and easy work of getting legislation to codify that in place of “pwned assistant” like it is now. Then have your national org do the full court press on a small state and get them independent. A million dollars of lobbying and advertising in a cheap media market like Montana will get you what you want. From there you pick a new state the next year, it gains momentum quickly, and things come cheaper. Thats what you all, along with PAFT, should be talking about non stop. Next year, nurses will be back in California with this, and they will have learned from this years work. They will have the entire nursing union apparatus engaged at that point. They won’t be asking PAs for help, and won’t be inviting PAs to join them.
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    Same here too! Do you think they factor in both application and interview scores for invites? --or just interview scores?
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    Has anyone heard anything about more interview invites being sent out?
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    I received an interview for August 1st! I know this is a newer program but how were the interviews (if you’ve had one here)?
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    Yes I am driving down now should be there by 3
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    Hello! Yes they are indeed rolling admissions and they have 60 seats for the upcoming program to my knowledge.
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    ^^This. I hear a lot about residencies these days and see they are a growing thing but there are other approaches too. I spent the majority of my post military time in rural health clinics and under served areas. It was a much better pace. There was a great deal of challenging medicine because of the scarcity of resources. I was genuinely respected and appreciated by the patients and my physician colleagues. I was a voting member of the medical staff. The cost of living was much much lower than most places. I know it isn't for everyone. Some folks need the amenities of bigger places but, if you want to try something different that has much higher satisfation go somewhere where you are really needed.
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    I learned more about medicine in 6 months as a solo provider to 400 Soldiers while deployed than in years working in the clinic. Nothing prepares you for being scared like worrying every day about being alone without xray, labs, limited medications. It forces you to do a good history and PE as that is really all you have. We had urine dipsticks, vitals machine, stethoscope, otoscope, opthalmoscope, few other tools. We were two hours by vehicle to nearest next level of care. I had a radio which I could relay messages which doesn't help at all in an emergency. During the deployment I was trained in neutering cats, several dental procedures, lots of random ID and rashes, trauma, ATLS, etc . We had access to an online consult system which allowed me to digitally interact with specialist all over the military and each consult turned into a learning experience. Spent a year in Korea at a small clinic. Not nearly as remote. We had a joint partnership with the Korean national University medical system. Monthly meetings and lectures. Lots of learning with specialists trained at some of the world's best universities. I attended the international military medical conference in Jordan at the dead sea in 2014. Great time. Docs and providers from all over the world. 4 days of lectures on any and everything you can think of. Original research presentations, demonstrations and of course medical sales. Yes, as a PA you will likely deploy. Yes deployments will take you from your family if that is a concern. Deployments will help you grow as a provider in ways that are hard to explain. Working in a hospital with 10 other providers grinding through an Ed shift may sound like a learning environment but it pales in comparison to military medicine in certain situations. There are drawbacks for sure. I have spent 5-6 years away from my family on deployments. Add in the jrtc, ntc, field training etc and I hate to think how much time I have spent away from home. At the same time I would not trade it for being a new grad thrust into the real world fresh out of school to fend for myself.
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    That it's still in review.

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