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    Speaking as someone who went through the process last year, don't get caught up in who received what email where and when. If you meet the basic requirements, you'll receive an email giving you the chance to set up an interview. Everyone who applied gets assigned a tier. The ones who are highly recommended receive the email first, and it trickles down from there. I was in the 3rd tier last year. I received a blanket email that was on a first come, first serve basis. Those who pay the secondary application fee and complete the secondary application at that point are placed in the order they're received. If you don't meet the criteria, they will let you know. Keep your heads up! You've made it this far, you have something to offer!
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    My someone with "inside" access can step in and answer wether or not there will be more invites?
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    Somebody take my phone away, tired of checking my email every 2 seconds
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    My PA program was the Army. We were woke at 5:30 for PT. That was about as woke as we got.
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    I was talking to my best friend today and she got an invite yesterday for an interview at Sullivan. She told me she didn’t receive that email that some received about looking out for interview invites. That made me feel a little better. Trying to stay positive
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    Unfortunately patients are real people and things like climate change, race, sexual orientation, immigration do affect the medical issues we may encounter when providing their care. Do I think medical education should be entirely centered around these things? No. But I do think ignoring them in the society we have today is short-sited and narrow minded. If you don’t think climate change is going to affect people’s health I think you will be in for a rude awakening.
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    Hi guys! Congrats on those of you who have been accepted! I am in the class of 2021 and I'm currently working on your Facebook group - I will get you all added here soon so be on the lookout! Don't stress too much about stuff right now, we will get you everything you need long before you need it! Enjoy your last few months before you start!
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    This has been an interesting, if wandering, thread. Just my .5 cents worth. Health care isn't a right. If it was the governement could force me and every other health care provider to give it away to anyone who needs it. We haven't made food and a roof over your head a right. How can something like health care be a right? Most people need health care. That doesn't automatically entitle them to it. It would be nice if everyone who needed care got it. Right now the perfect system, including the oft lauded universal health care system, doesn't exist. The words "fair" and "entitled" and "free" have become trigger words for me. Fair is you eat what you kill. Fair is taking care of people who can't take care of themselves. Fair is letting people who could take care of themselves but won't devolve naturally. Free doesn't exist. You can't give something to someone without taking something from someone else. Free things provided by the government are only free to the recipient. The rest of us pay for it in taxes. You aren't entitled to anything in this life except a fair shot at succeeding under your own power.
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    Congrats, you all! No email for me, but just minutes ago, I got accepted to Campbell, which I really liked at my interview!
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    They just called me! It feels unreal!
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    Giving up my interview spot today as I got accepted into my top school! I hope this helps someone out! good luck
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    I just got the phone call! I was offered a spot and accepted! Good luck to the rest of the interviewees!
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    Got an email stating to check emails regularly because interviews will start going out tomorrow. This seems like a good sign.
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    I just received an invite!!! My chest is pounding so hard right now.
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    I got the call after leaving my microbiology class tonight, I'm so so happy! I'm going to be a PA!!!
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    Got my call!! I’m so excited for us all!
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    Just got my acceptance call!!!! So excited to meet all of you!
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    ACCEPTED today around 12 pm!!!!! Fun story - during lunch I literally got so sick I threw up all over the women's bathroom floor and then again 30 minutes later. Moral of the story: if you feel like your interview goes rough, just be thankful you didn't get physically ill!! Apologies to those at my interview that witnessed this! anyway, I still got in! be the best version of yourself and you'll do great! even if you upchuck
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    Just received my acceptance call! Super grateful for this incredible opportunity!
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    Received an invite today but ill Be turning it down as I’ve already accepted elsewhere! Goodluck to those interviewing!
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    I encourage you all to be patient because it was only six days ago that the last interview was done. It was said by Dr. Forrest said that the admissions notifications would be completed after about two to three weeks.
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    My program in Texas in the 90s was - be there when we tell you, don't whine, figure it out, don't whine. If you couldn't learn in our setting - you were hiding in a broom closet somewhere. We WERE taught to treat a person - not a condition and to actually look into things such as lifestyle, economics, etc. Inner City Dallas is a culture all its own. My first history taking lessons included "well sir, why DID she hit you with the beer bottle? repeatedly" Some of my patients didn't have running water and many lived in third world conditions. I was taught to treat everyone - everyone - the gang banger who just shot a cop and the hooker who got beat up and the kid who was abused and the low income housewife and the Dallas Cowboys football player who hit an overpass - everyone deserved my best efforts. So, woke or whatever - our world is a mess and it does affect our patients. You have to check some personal things at the door and treat the patient.
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    ACCEPTED! interview on 8/15 with cGPA 3.53! Woo hooo!! Good luck everyone!
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    I think so! I just got my invite yesterday afternoon, so I am pretty sure someone must have canceled and opened up a spot (Thank You!!!!!! :D ) I can't wait to meet everyone!
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    They just emailed me... got waitlisted... that means more anxiety and endless waiting ahhh!! Hopefully I’ll get to join y’all!
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    Hi guys!! Congrats on the acceptances!! I got my acceptance last night as well! happiest call ever shall we start a FB group for this cohort?! I haven't received an email yet! Need to find a roomie! haha SOOO excited to begin this amazing program!
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    Haha this is me too right now. Hopefully they're still sending them out!
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    Are they still sending them out? Or am I just getting my hopes up from people who are late to open their invites haha?
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    I just got my interview invitation!!! Yay!! What day are most people choosing?
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    Just got my acceptance phone call too! I interviewed yesterday 9/10, which was the last day of interview
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    I just received an acceptance call as well!! I can’t wait! Interview 06/24
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    Just received an acceptance call from the program!!! I am SO excited. Interview on 7/10
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    let’s hope, we all hear something today!
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    Wrong. Every medical provider should know this one. What people need is not insurance, but affordable access to good care. Read the thread above again: I have no health insurance, but excellent access to care I can afford. Stop thinking inside boxes created by a for-profit industry.
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    Love all this GRE talk and positivity!
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    My GRE was under 300 Not a great standardized test taker personally! I applied to a bunch in Cali as well which didn’t require a GRE and also Stony Brook which didn’t and already have an interview with them! Honestly, I’m not even that attracted at schools that would weed out students with excellent overall qualifications because of a low score on a general standardized exam. I mean, here they are training the future of healthcare and they’re completely dismissing applicants who could potentially make a wonderful contribution to medicine, because of a low score on a GRE (which as everyone remembers, doesn’t even test on biological sciences or anything healthcare related!). Kind of concerning if this is how schools are determining future healthcare providers....Just my two cents!
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    It depends what you mean by "woke." The social determinants of health are a real thing and any provider should be well aware of this. Not sure who irritates me more these days, overly woke people or people who complain about overly woke people.
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    Just got an invite for October 22nd in the afternoon! So excited!
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    I have not received anything from Sullivan! just the confirmation email in July. no "check your email' no "interview invitation" I have been losing hope for awhile
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    I submitted 8-12 or something like that, and received the supplemental the same day. Feeling silently rejected at the moment. Peace out to my people who've heard nothing. It's pretty great!
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    Just received my acceptance from Dr. Forest. I am beyond thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to attend this amazing program!!!! I interviewed 9/6 am.
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    I bet you wouldnt complain about a homosexual group helping homosexuals, or females helping females. You just zoned into christians helping christians that wouldnt otherwise be able to afford it. Catholic hospitals have closed down because people try to force then to do non medically needed abortions. That stance prevents access to cost control. We actually should be encouraging more groups to do the same. Who cares if a group wants to share costs with other members of their own groups. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
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    I just received an interview offer for 10/18! Anyone interviewing that day?
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    It’s possible that they just didn’t have time to give your application the attention that it deserves. The limbo period isn’t so bad- you don’t have anything to be upset about lol I know it’s hard waiting, but it’s still very early in the cycle and you never know what might happen. At this point in time last year, I didn’t even have a single invite. It’s a good sign that you had an invite this early. (For those of you that have not received an interview invite YET (keyword = yet), don’t sweat over it. I know that this forum is anxiety provoking and a punch in the gut sometimes, but please don’t worry! This was 100% me last year. MWU interviews until January or February. There’s a TON of time left.)
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    Still waiting also. App complete on 7/11.
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    Not to worry. I just checked my calendar. Apparently, this is September. I did a Google search to find out which month comes before September, and I'll be damned if it isn't August. Not having a firm job offer within one month of graduating is not the end of the world.
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    Hello!! I know a few students already addressed this; but as a recent Duke grad, I wanted to add my two cents. As far as students being frazzled - super accurate depending on the day (high stakes exams, etc). But I don't think frazzled is the same as miserable. And I think all PA students at every school experience the stress of the exams at some point during didactic year. Regarding the reputation for not being prepared for clinicals is just wrong. Every single site I was at said Duke students are the most prepared compared to other schools. And many say we stand out above med students. I think the reason for this is we have multiple opportunities to be in the hospital and with patients during the first year and many experiences with standardized patients. Also Duke does not accept simply the brightest of the bunch- the students are overwhelming full of rich clinical experiences and backgrounds prior to PA school. The nontraditional student high acceptance is real. And because of that, some of us may have had harder time in classroom than the 4.0 GPA 22 year old, but one nice thing about Duke is the immense resources - like tutors and meeting with study-skills specialists. And the flip side is that clinical year comes more naturally for us, since a lot of us have great experience. With all this being said, it is important to choose the school that is best for you. At the interview, you may or may not click with the school you thought was your number one. And if you get accepted to multiple schools, then trust your gut for the best fit over rankings or other reasons. Best of luck to all - enjoy the journey!
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    Someone stated that their interview is October 5. As far as I know no rejections have been sent out. So there still some hope for us!!!
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