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  1. I know it varies state to state. My state is house and 160 acres. 401Ks are protected, but NOT IRAs (which sucks because I was an IC for years dumping money into my SEP-IRA). Other states vary considerably, I know there is a pretty good website that details those things but I'm working on my phone right now.
  2. Why would an IC need to incorporate? If you are indeed making $200/hr, then I would indeed incorporate because then I would hire myself AND wife (as W-2 employees) and offer huge retirement matching, thus able to put a hundred grand a year into retirement pretax. Plus you could, after paying yourself an "average wage" of about $80k, give yourself the rest as dividends and pay much less taxes. But I dont know of any PAs making much over $100/hr, let alone $200/hr, so doubt any of us could afford to employ our wife, so all that is a moot point.
  3. Grandmother (or anyone) screaming over phone = I hang up and see next patient.
  4. Online public health. health care admin, etc. No guarantee you will get into PA school (which you would NOT be able to work during anyway). Otherwise a bridge program to RN, should only take a year or so. Then you can work part time while getting your online NP. Guaranteed to get in if you have a pulse and ability to take out student loans.
  5. So the ED is the place to commit medical battery? Better to just tell Grandma to get written permission from parents then come back, don't send to the ED unless you think kiddo is having a medical emergency.
  6. In my state it takes $100 and the Secretary of State grants you an LLC. That is what I did when I got bad information and initially set up a medical LLC when I started locums work. That is all the state required, and of course an annual fee to keep it on the books. Then I found a good attorney. I mean a GOOD one. I think attorneys are like NPs...there are tons of them around, they have a license to practice, but most of them have no clue what they are doing beyond superficial advice. My attorney has argued before SCOTUS, and several times before the state supreme court, as has most of the people in her practice. When I talked to her about my LLCs (I had the one for my medical business and have one for my real estate business) she sent me to two of her partners who schooled me. First, the protection that I thought my real estate LLC was giving me wouldn't work simply because I had an LLC, even with the LLC owning the properties. While I "legally" had a LLC, I needed to have "articles of incorporation" done correctly which I didn't have. This is what LegalZoom is offering you for that price. I worked with my attorney to create these articles so I was best protected. Then I talked to her partner who specializes in medical malpractice who told me that no matter how I structured my medical LLC it would never give me any medical liability protection because malpractice lawsuits are always PERSONAL, not business related. If you are sued, they would sue your LLC, AND you personally. Once they got disclosure and found that your LLC had no assets (because it is a pass through entity) they would drop the LLC and keep you as a defendant. We did talk about how to protect assets from liability suits, something everyone should understand as you build wealth, but that's another topic. If you really wanted this job (it seems the HR department is full of low-IQ bureaucrats), I would simply create a shell LLC with the state of CA. Looks like it costs $70 to create an LLC in California. https://bpd.cdn.sos.ca.gov/llc/forms/llc-1.pdf. Notice it says the "operating agreement is not filed" and is retained by the LLC. I assume these are the same as the "articles of incorporation" which I never had for my medical LLC. Then go to the federal IRS website and create an EIN for your LLC (https://tax-id-online.com/get-started?msclkid=108f05c57d1e17e7a7ef589d3872097a ). Looks like you can do this as a sole proprietor as well which might allow you to get an EIN without paying the $70/year for your LLC. Voila, you meet the stupid requirements for the idiots in HR. Regarding vacations - As an IC you can write off business travel. Want to go to Jamaica? Northwest Seminars has "Topics in Emergency Medicine" seminars there. You can likely write off your plane tickets, passport, hotel stay, 1/2 your food, etc. Everything must be reasonable, and if audited the IRS will look at if you could have taken a similar educational course closer. But I know that with my ED schedule I am often limited to when I can take time off for CME. Check with your accountant for more information.... If I were in your shoes I would take the $70/hr as a 1099 (as long as they are also paying for malpractice with tail) versus $65/hr as W2. I doubt as a PRN you would be collecting much PTO, although if you would that may tip the scale a bit. You are already maxing out your FICA tax (it maxes out at $132,900) withholding with your primary job, so I see nothing you would get for that $5/hr pay cut as a W-2 unless they offer some benefits to their PRN W-2 employees you haven't disclosed (PTO, retirement match, CME, etc). Disclaimer: Not an attorney, not legal advice, just some dude on the internet with zero understanding of the crazy tax/bureaucratical schemes of the state of California.
  7. No need to incorporate as it will provide you with no liability protection. And no need for EIN as you can pay quarterly taxes with your SS#. ICs pay the full 15.4% of Medicare, where as W2 your employee pays half of that. However that is only on the first $135k, so if you make that in your W2 job then you wont pay any of that on your 1099 job. Yes, you can write off businesses expenses, CME, etc. It can be good way to get vacations as tax write-offs. Yes, Trump reduced some write-offs, such as now only write off 50% of travel meals, but on other hand he GREATLY reduced the tax rate for ICs. I saved >$15K on taxes last year because of his tax cuts, it was awesome! (But then took a W2 job, sigh!). Overall doesnt really seem like a good deal to me. Why not just pick up some extra shifts and get overtime at $120/hr?
  8. Had a new experience this morning. Narcotic OD biba, was stable and protecting airway so didnt narcan him until after we got head CT. Considered half-dose, but went full dose. He woke up pissed off and cursing at us as expected. But then he took out his keyring and frantically opened up his two pill-fobs searching for his next hit right in front of us! Fortunately they were both empty. Dont know what I would have done had he poured out a hit of fentanyl and snorted it in front of us.
  9. Abe's description is fantastic! Few other things to add 1: business deductions for 1099, like computer, phone & service, travel, meals, CME, etc. 2. Difference of retirement plans. Can save $53k/year PRERAX in a Sep-IRA, also higher limits (I think) on individual 401K, etc. 3. Risk of IRS audit higher with 1099, including risk they declare you NOT a 1099 contractor at all but rather a regularly scheduled w2. 4. Add in work comp to Abes list of healthcare/dental/vision/disability/life. 5. Money isnt everything....nights and weekends grind you down as you get older, are damaging to relationships, and generally suck.
  10. Presumed Inferior stemi. Never got reperfusion rhythm. Just a long fight that nurses thought went so well cause she made it tertiary care, but virtually zero chance of meaningful recovery. I just bring it up as example of how oftentimes CC doesnt really "make a difference".
  11. Yes. And hard to call it when she keeps getting ROSC.
  12. Coded a lady today on/off for almost 2 hours today as she had brady arrest/rosc/brady arrest/rosc etc ad nauseam. Finally after TPA and three pressers she stabilized and flew her out. Sounds exciting, unfortunately almost guaranteed a poor outcome.
  13. Hmmmm....I see it (once I get past the 25 pop-ups that are always on this site). I don't know how to fix it where others can see it. How about this?
  14. And then there is this: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-01/100000-year-now-bare-minimum-live-alone-new-york
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