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  1. Why? One of the seminal articles on PAs said we were "More than a nurse, but not a doctor"....like midway between....like a "midlevel". Because then we will have access to the retrospectoscope. Please report to Human Resources on Monday Morning for sensitivity training. Never say never, and never never say always. Study the recent fall of a global superpower for good examples of this.
  2. Unless you are the patient who doesn't understand the difference between a Doctor, a Noctor, and a PAoctor (I don't know what that is, but I'm sure it's coming). If you are critically ill you want the person in charge of your care to be competent. Would you be comfortable with a nurse who had 2 years of online training and 500 hours shadowing their friend in clinic taking care of your critically ill spouse? No. Would you be comfortable with PA who was a financial guy and then had two years of intense didactic and clinical training (and who may have transferred from dermatology last week) taking care of your critically ill spouse? I wouldn't Would you be comfortable with a physician who is board certified in the specialty of their illness taking care of your critically ill spouse? Yeah....I think so. The patient doesn't care about degrees. The janitor could have a PhD in music, that doesn't mean the patients care that he's a "doctor."
  3. It's as over-the-top and wrong headed opinion as those who declare, often loudly and unambiguously, those of us who are against independent practice/need for doctorate/etc as dinosaurs, "just waiting to retire", "out of touch", or worse.
  4. A benefit of being financially secure....I dont have to work!
  5. I think it takes some mental gymnastics to get to it the way you did....but I'm okay with that!
  6. I would make up business cards with the office and personal cell number of the adminiscritter who sent that email. Anytime I got a patient upset because the front desk inferred you do whatever test/procedure/etc, I would explain it's not my fault, and it's not the receptionist's fault...it is THIS guy's fault. Please give him a call!
  7. No wonder you are so jaded. When are YOU talking to patients on the phone? I probably only do that 4-5 times a year....
  8. I'm actually ok with this. I see it as a way of taxing the stupid. If you are not smart enough to realize these are not emergencies then you deserve to paybtge stupid tax. Those who have Medicaid and use the ED for such things drive me more mad, because WE are paying their stupid tax for them.
  9. They just hired a new grad NP...although one with a lot of good RN experience beforehand.
  10. www.wikem.org is terrific. One of the first things I open on each shift. EKGs for the Emergency Physician by Amal Mattu. The one SEMPA convention I went to was very worthwhile, but the workshops were of limited value (The EKG workshop had an EP from Portland Maine spend an hour telling us about taking care of heart transplant patients.....yeah....haven't seen one of them yet).
  11. I don't diagnose CA in the ED, but I frequently tell patients that "this is suspicious for cancer, so you need to follow up asap." Rev is referring to a self defense/defense of other situation. The only rule there is getting yourself and others out alive. At that point I don't care if the bad guy/crazy makes it out alive or not, let alone whether he has trust in the medical establishment. The hippocratic oath goes out the door as well. If it's self defense, I'll definitely do bad guy/crazy great bodily harm.
  12. Well...they are in Florida, a notoriously malpractice driven state...no wonder they need fresh meat! To me, Florida is for vacationing in, not for practicing in.....
  13. Cid - I think this is location specific. Place I work at is looking for 2 EM PA/NPs, and pay is almost $200K/year with great benefits. Yeah, it's in the middle of nowhere, and it's very busy for "rural" EM...but still, the jobs are out there.
  14. Skype interview is the way to go. I personally wouldn't ask them to pay for travel for an interview, but that is more because it tells them that you are desperate for a job because you are impoverished. That being said, I wouldn't take a job without going and personally interviewing THEM. This thread is just another example of how debt sucks.....
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