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  1. This is a trainwreck. All you can do is mitigate the damages as you extricate yourself. Might it hurt future jobs? Yeah, but there are plenty out there. Yes, you might have to move. Some things to consider. -you are not going to be there long. Whether its tomorrow, next week, or first if year, you're gone...So no big deal if its tomorrow. -if you are way behind on charting then you are not practicing good medicine. Consider stopping seeing patients until you are caught up. If they fire you...so what, you weren't going to be there long anyway. -consider telling the scheduler you are only seeing 15 patients a day until you get caught up. If they fire you....so what. -take your sick days/personal days/vacation days. Take one on Monday! Sometimes it is truly liberating not giving a damn what your boss thinks! Lastly, get your head in a different game. Find a good, supportive place. You can do it!
  2. Boatswain2PA

    anyone given TPA and TXA to same pt?

    ENLS course says cryoprecipitate. Doubt that's around most places I work, so might start thawing plasma. I think the key is to get them OUT of my Ed before the bleed.
  3. Interesting read. Pretty much what I would expect from a Republican administration (vice a Democrat administration document that would focus on expanding comprehensive healthcare for everyone). But it does nothing to fix the inherent problem with our health care system, and that is the demand will ALWAYS exceed the supply, so therefore must be rationed. We should have an open and honest discussion about how we will ration healthcare. Until we have that discussion, and come to some sort of agreement, our health care system will be a mess. It doesn't specifically mention PAs very much, but it talks a lot about maximizing scope of practice and reducing unnecessary government imposed restrictions to practice.
  4. No I got it, just wanted to point out that it was the retirement system that killed Sears (the same retirement system that is killing many local and state governments, along with their police/fire/etc departments). Will the PA profession follow Sears? Maybe, I dunno. Will we be saved by OTP? Maybe, I dunno. Like you said, we'll know more in 10 years.
  5. Go to medical school (assuming you are young and brilliant like most PA students). This analogy is grossly flawed. Sears business model is relatively strong and they have very strong brand loyalty. What has driven Sears to bankruptcy is their defined pension plan. They are spending more on retiree pay than employee pay, and that has killed them.
  6. Boatswain2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    Agreed. Nobody has figured out acupuncture. But too many NDs are quacks ("You have a liver parasite from your well water, $300/month in my special water-soluble vitamins will cure you!)
  7. Boatswain2PA

    Candy Man Situation

    Yeah, that makes sense. With the explosive growth in PA programs, and the relative inexperience of most new grads, this might be an important barrier to prevent abuse.
  8. Boatswain2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    Can we just remove his PA-C? Or somehow censure him as being a quack? ACEP took the steps to censure Rosen for bullshit "expert testimony!"..
  9. Boatswain2PA

    Candy Man Situation

    Interesting. I guess that makes sense since we arent supposed to be able to do anything our SP isnt supposed to be able to do. It's a broken system.
  10. Boatswain2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    Like everything in life, there is good and bad in this. This encourages PAs to practice at the top of their license. The truly bad side will be the leeches like naturopaths, etc.
  11. Boatswain2PA

    Candy Man Situation

    Wow...federal DEA or separate state DEA?
  12. Boatswain2PA

    Perfect job, flawed contract

    25% business tax? Because you are filing as an "S" Corp? Would be close to the same as fixing as a "c" Corp with personal taxes, although with the new tax plan I think C corps get the 20% deduction if making <$300k (or something like that). It can be pretty lucrative to have W-2 pay that pays the first $135K/year (whether that is you or spouse I think) for the employer to pay the 7.5% (ish) SS/CMS tax, then anything you make over that as a 1099 doesn't have to pay that.
  13. Boatswain2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    Never cared about nit-picky rules. Cared a lot that my crews and boats were ready to launch in damn near any weather, for any mission, with the best chance of coming home in one piece. Dont wanna bash you LT/PAC, but if you wanna go down that road...I doubt you have much operational experience, and that's ok cause your military job was (is?) to keep us operationally ready. Can we just agree to disagree on whether PAs should have independence? Agree with the meme 90%. The 90% REMF non-operational part of the CG, most of which is made up of a bunch of candy-ass bureacratical officers tied to their desks as they send power point presentations to each other so they can pad their OERs to make O-4 in a f'n pathetic attempt to reach retirement rank. The other 10% of us suited up for missions that would make you curl up in the fetal position and suck your thumb.
  14. Boatswain2PA

    North Dakota Closer to OTP

    Same here....and he is a former PA!!!
  15. Boatswain2PA

    Perfect job, flawed contract

    Yes, but with COL, taxes, etc....would still need 7 figures. Saugerties is beautiful, but still expensive as hell!

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