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  1. I doubt you have any recourse, nor do I doubt any future employer will care. It is a TERRIBLE time to be in EM. NPs are pushing us out from the bottom, and we are being squeezed from the top by FP trained EM docs who are being replaced by BC EPs. What will the future look like? I dunno. If you WANT to do EM, I would try to hold onto that 3 month position and hope that EMED is right and volumes pick back up. Meanwhile look for other EM jobs. Best of luck to you.
  2. At the bottom of most of my privileges form I always request "Perform full spectrum Emergency Medical Care". Never been called out for it, but never had anyone push back on me doing moderate sedation using Ketamine, Fentanyl, Etomidate, or Versed. I have had pushback on using propofol. Best of luck to you!
  3. And you cannot see that a conservative viewpoint is compassionate and caring. Haven't seen Tucker in years, Hannity makes me turn the channel. Healthcare is politics. It's what happens when the government pays for and controls the majority of what happens in it. Well..when someone other than a few INtolerant, ILliberal leftists on ONE internet discussion board thinks I'm a racist, a bigot, or I'm behind the time. In my lengthy life experience, including serving alongside men and women of every skin color imaginable, nobody has ever thought I was a racist or bigot. The only
  4. aaaand...there ya go. Guess Ill check back in 6 months to see if there is anything to read. BTW Cid - You were right a few years ago about the risk of the profession being overrun by NPs. I disagreed with you then, but I was wrong.
  5. Small correction - other participants declare "your position is too horrible for ANYONE to discuss and therefore you are a bigot/racist/etc". Where such woke behaviors are tolerated a lot if people just dont say anything.....which is what we see here.
  6. You can listen and improve things. Or you continue your moderation practices and have the same 15 people (13 of which have the same position on everything) do the discussing, while hundreds just check in and see that it's too woke for us to participate.
  7. This site is an echo chamber of mono-thought. Any thought patterns that are not congruent with the mono-thought are allowed to be personally attacked (racist, bigot, boomer, etc) by those of the mono-thought. There are two regular posters here who do not succumb to this mono-thought. The others, including myself, have mostly departed. I mostly departed because there is a moderator who throws out their mono-thought position, but then closes threads I engage in. What does an echo chamber sound like when there is only one sound? A lot like this. It's not
  8. While there are supposed to be protections for things like this, oftentimes those protections are not enough. Scary real-life story here: https://www.acepnow.com/article/emergency-physician-with-depression-chronicles-her-10-year-fight-to-keep-her-license/
  9. It is a very bad idea to pay $140k tuition for a profession that averages less than that in pay, especially one that is rapidly becoming overloaded (with NPs and PAs) thus driving down wages. Unless you are already massively wealthy, have a wealthy family to pay this exorbitant tuition up front, or get an incredible amount of scholarships/grant's, I would advise you to avoid this school.
  10. I urge you to rethink how you are doing things in life. If you need to pay for a random cosigner for private student loans then we can reasonably infer that you have maxed out federal student loans, and are unable to get other student loans due to being in massive debt. Our culture has normalized massive debt, and our government has aggravated this by pushing banks to loan money at very low risk to people who will struggle for their entire lives to pay it back. This not only sets you and others up to struggle for your entire life, but it damages the profession as well as it drives d
  11. To your "professors", your GPA means a lot. To most programs, your individual score in an individual class might even mean more (some programs say you have to excel in every class/rotation). After PA school....nobody GAF. Residency's might, but I doubt it (someone correct me if I'm wrong). After PA school you will be competing for jobs with 30 NPs who graduated with 4.0 GPAs after writing dissertations on the importance of accurate nursing diagnosis of sepsis of LGBTQXYZ patients with antisocial behavior secondary to family disassociation caused by comorbidities of Blippi's erratic be
  12. Is this still the case? In my area there are no PA EM residency grads (that I know of), but hospital adminiscritters will hire a new grad FNP to run the ED at $45/hour. Recommend you don't send any actually sick loved ones to the rural EDs anymore. I used to thing the liability protections of critical access hospitals were a good thing. I don't anymore.
  13. Why? If the vitals are abnormal or there is any clinical doubt just send to the ED. (or if it's within 30 minutes of closing time, after all that little finger laceration looks pretty deep!)
  14. Have you prescribed tamiflu....this season? I haven't. I have not diagnosed a single case of influenza yet this season. I wonder how much money genentech spent coming up with Xofluza, only to be completely upstaged by the the virus that came from China (but can't be called the China virus).
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