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  2. ^^^ Boy are you correct. I would be punching my own ticket out the door. Having said that, I can not steal from patients and that is what they are doing. I simply refuse. I did not practice this long only to sell my professional soul now.
  3. Ummm.....the future of PA's is very debatable. We will know a lot more in the next 5 years, I can tell you that. Why? Because in 5 years most states will have passed close to or full NP autonomy. What we do as the PA profession in that time will determine the future of us all. Once they (np's) get autonomy, the fat lady will start warming up to sing....
  4. Based on my understanding! That is all I'm sending off as well.
  5. Use whatever part of your life that you want but don’t overshare. Use experiences to illustrate what you feel are the major lessons you’ve learned in life thus far. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. Thanks for your input. That is good news, so right now there are no healthcare regulation bodies that the AAPA is under besides general state and federal legislature? Does the AMA and BON just carry more weight with legislation changes? That is great OTP has passed, I thought I read somewhere that the AMA opposed it and it got shut down. Are there any consolidated websites or resources where I can educate myself on the matter?
  7. It all depends on your study style. I am a paper-holding-note writing/highlighting-person, so I have an accordion folder with a slot for each class. Others do 100% typed word docs on the laptop and type everything verbatim during lecture. Others use the ipad and write in electronic notes. This is something you will figure out during your first semester.
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  9. Thought I should might as well start a group for this cycle. My CASPA and supplemental are both submitted! Good luck everyone!
  10. Also got the acceptance call Friday, very exciting!
  11. To be absolutely clear up front I completely agree with this. That being said: do this at a point where you are comfortable being fired, because that is the almost assured end to doing what is appropriate here.
  12. In reply to the post above; Shadowing emergency medicine PA should no doubt count towards shadowing experience. EM is considered an outpatient setting. Hope that helps you!
  13. I thought the website said the a I thought the website said the application opened today (6/15), but I looked yesterday and it was already open
  14. Hey guys!!! So I am so excited to be applying to PA school this round! I am working on my supplemental essays and one of the schools I am applying to wants an essay based off of my life experiences. They specifically state that this is different from the personal statement and that it should be based on my life history and experiences in 3200 characters. I am kind of confused on where to begin.. Is it okay to include things from high school and my childhood? Also good luck to everyone applying this round!!!
  15. Congrats to you both! Would you mind sharing your stats?
  16. Just curious, how did you guys applying this cycle do on the GRE?
  17. We should meet up beforehand i just realized that the interview doesn't start until 11! so late! does anyone know how long the interview is supposed to last?
  18. Accepted on June 14 over the phone!
  19. Agree with the above. We aren't midlevels. Also note the AAPA is not under the AMA. It is a independent advocacy organization. So good news! What you thought would take 5-10 years is a non-issue. At this moment, things are looking good for the PA profession. ND passed OTP and cosignature has been eliminated in many states even before the push for OTP. Things are looking great.
  20. You can start your advocacy for the profession by stop referring to us as midlevels....
  21. Ironically, it wasn't until I was offered a seat in a PA program, that my eyes were opened to the politics of midlevels. Now two months out I am really questioning what will the field look like in the next 5-10 years. Perhaps everyone is waiting for the AAPA to do something, but since it is under the AMA there's not much to be done except trying to branch off which will take some time probably more then 5-10 years? What do you guys see as being the near future for the PA profession? Also, why would administration hire someone who needed to be cosigned over someone who doesn't? I would think physicians would advocate PAs...but when i read over on the other forums, it seems the tend to bundle all midlevels together in the liabilities category. The other day the topic came up in conversation with the physician i work for, he mentioned the liability of signing for midlevels so i asked if it would be better to eliminate that factor all together with a different kind of arrangement, to which he replied it would be better to remove all the lawyers/administrators.
  22. I think aiming for programs that allow you to take the CAQ is a good thing. My program is 18 months and there is still not enough time for the electives I want to do. Personally I feel 18 months should be the minimum and didn't even look at them after seeing what they were missing in electives and off service rotations, though plenty have become great clinicians through year long programs. I would disregard the AAPAP certification until it starts again. Currently programs that have this aren't being reviewed and great new programs can't get it. Only thing I would add is that the program has a "your patient-your procedure" policy. This protects you from senior residents or a physician intern stealing a procedure from you.
  23. Hi, and thank you I'm pretty sure that shadowing an ER PA counts towards the shadow requirement. Just to be safe though, you could give the program a call at (207) 221-4225. However, I will say that shadowing another PA (especially in primary care) is a good idea anyway! Plus, it gives you more to talk about in your interview. Good luck!
  24. You will have to look up what each school will allow for hours. All of the ones I applied to will not allow a projection of hours, just what I had at the time of submission. CASPA may have rules on this also, I don’t remember specifically. That being said, I know of a few people who did not meet programs requirements, but were admitted anyways.
  25. Yeah, A confirmation call and email about a day after I submitted the supplemental. (About 10 days ago).
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