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    • Congrats @zrader and @ambros29! Thanks for sharing your stats earlier, zrader! Do you mind sharing your stats, ambros29? At least the hours and type of experiences? Currently still waiting to be pulled off from the wait-list from 8/10: nobody had mentioned in this forum that they got accepted from that interview date :/ Hoping for the best! Thanks!!
    • Good plan. You've got quite a way to go to put a GPA up to at least a 3.0 after an undergrad degree. Some programs look at your last 60 credits or so, so you might tailor your approach to them. Best of luck!
    • I'm partial towards either taking post-bacc classes (for the sake of bumping up your cumulative to at least a 3.0 to increase the number of programs you can apply to) or entering a science-related graduate program (to show that you can handle graduate-level work). However, I could be wrong in estimating how many credits of A's with the first option you would need to reach a solid 3.0. Have you calculated this? Do you know if you could reach a 3.0 in a year? I would also try my best to really research and apply to more "lesser known" programs to increase your odds of getting in (whether it be due to less number of applicants or having many students ultimately giving up their spot for a different program).  Maybe try avoiding wildly popular locations? I personally think your quality of PCE is fine and there's no need to really branch out unless you feel compelled to. If you can't stand the thought of being a nurse and making little income while in nursing school, definitely avoid that route. I'm not seeing anything on your post really detailing the type of applicant you are other than your GPA and PCE. Make sure you really try to compensate for your GPA by being an exemplary candidate in all other aspects (personal statement, letters of rec, GRE, volunteering, leadership, HCE). Play on and really emphasize on your outstanding qualities and apply to programs that are looking for people like you. Like you said, it's still early in the cycle. This advice may (I hope) become totally unnecessary. If it turns out that you need to apply again next cycle, I highly recommend contacting the schools you applied to and getting their input. Some will be happy to help you analyze your application. Also, try attending open houses so program directors can match your face with your name should you apply. AND APPLY VERY EARLY. Good luck!
    • Did you guys mail the supplemental with a printed essay or email the essay electronically? Also, how did you guys listed your health care experiences? By recent-old, highest-lowest qualities, or category (shadowing, paid, volunteer, hands-on, etc.)? Thanks :)
    • Sounds like you are on the right track and being very proactive about improving your chances in the areas that are in your control: getting A's, volunteering, working, etc. The great thing about the PA application process is it is very HOLISTIC. That is why it is not JUST the GPA, but also all the other things that you are actively working on.  Hopefully you can get a few more A's to curve your cumulative/science closer to 3.0 or a bit above. If the rest of your application is glowing than you might get a chance. Something I have told myself and I will share with you as well... "Character is proven in adversity" You've proven that...keep grinding. Good luck!