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Drexel 2024-2025 Cycle

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10 hours ago, futurePA1026 said:

received virtual interview for june 25th. 


3.87 CGPA

3.6 ish SGPA

Over 3,000 PCE hours

100 shadowing hours

hundreds of community service

applied 5/6, verified 5/7 couple hours later

see ya'll there!

I was also invited to virtual interview on June 25th! Good luck!!!

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On 7/18/2024 at 3:48 PM, futurepa9465 said:

I interviewed on 06/25 and just got an acceptance email today. I also felt I did really poor on my interview, but glad that either they saw beyond that or it wasn’t as bad as I though HAHA happy to share about my stats! Good luck everyone, if I got this then you all got it!

Congratulations! Can I ask what your stats were? 

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15 hours ago, noble said:

Congratulations! Can I ask what your stats were? 


GPA: cGPA- 3.95 sGPA- 3.93

PCE: Total- ~2100, ~700 as a dialysis PCT, ~1400 as a derm MA

Shadowing: ~30 in person with neurosurgery PA, ~10 virtual across different specialties 

Volunteer: ~400 vet assistant at a local cat shelter, sports dietitian aide, professional sorority

Leadership: I was involved/led in some committees in my sorority, but I think this was a weaker point.

Extracurricular: I’ve been employed in a lot of different jobs from barista, in store shopper, athlete tutor, and vet assistant. I was also involved in more niche clubs like a bullet journal club!

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On 7/18/2024 at 6:35 PM, cheepcheep said:

I interviewed on July 2nd and just got an email saying I was accepted! Truly did not think I did well during the interview at all -- I went home & cried afterwards --, but all to say, even if you don't think you'll get into Drexel, you all got this!

Congrats!!!! What were your stats if you don't mind sharing

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