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Going for a doctorate and doing a fellowship

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Hello as many of you know I am a Physician assistant that works in emergency medicine primarily and some ICU work. 


I recently got accepted into a 2 year fellowship in critical care medicine as the primary but it also covers some pulmonary medicine and cardiological practice at the University of Vanderbilt! 


I am super excited to start that in a little while but I have also been looking at maybe getting a doctorate degree. My questions to you are would you recommend getting a doctorate? Any specific university programs you'd recommend? Anyone already done it, how flexible is it? Like are you able to still practice part time during school? 

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Congrats on that fellowship. I am suspect that will be a more meaningful education experience than a PA doctorate. 


There are many doctorates .... I would better refine your career goals before jumping into one. Academics, hospital admin, pharma industry, public health etc.  Lots of jobs out there and the doctorate may vary a bit based on your desired direction. 

Also they are being created at a high rate .... maybe if some have trouble filling seats they will lower the price? #wishfulthinking 

Also,  haven't you given enough money to the University system?  I would focus on making money, and perhaps find a hospital job that will pay XXXX amount of money towards advanced degrees in field. For example my hospital will give up to 12K a year. Personally I am interested in a doctoral program that aligns with my education goals and will cost me 0 through a part time process with that tuition benefit. 



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At some places/hospitals the doctorate can be useful in clinical career. For example running a residency program. Also more and more hospital systems are developing a career ladder for PAs, and the doctorate is often a component of that ladder. At my hospital you def do not need a doctorate to reach the highest ladder rung ... BUT it can help get there. 

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