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    All is right in this world. Accepted into Emory University. I am done with this forum for now...everyone aspiring to get into PA school it took me four cycles. LETS GO.
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    I'VE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO THE BARRY ST. PETE CAMPUS PA PROGRAM!!!!! You guys, this is my 3rd time applying to PA school. I have waited sooooo long for this day and worked sooooo hard. I literally started crying. Congrats to everyone else that has been accepted and for those who haven't, keep your head up and if this is what you really want, do NOT give up!!!
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    Got an interview invitation today for 10/3!!!
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    After a wee bit of investigation, OTP4PA has been banned as a repeat troll: He is EMFuturePA, who had not previously been banned, but only placed on moderation (preapproval required for new posts). Rather than post civil content, this individual violated the site's rule against more than one account per person. Rather than me having to review logs and whatnot, I'm going to shortcut the process: Any account with <1 month since creation, which starts any thread on any contentious issue, may at the discretion of any moderator be treated as a troll and banned without further discussion. That is to say, the recent focus has been sewing resentment of NPs, but there are any number of other topics which could provide similar sport for trolls. Members in good standing with good troll-sensing abilities are welcome to flag any such threads or posts for moderator review. And if you just happen to be the sort who wants to engage in vigorous name calling and divisive posting: get your own site. I just checked, and paswhohatenps.com appears to be available.
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    The problem is I work in UC where we are often at odds with people's expectations such as wanting antibiotics for colds. Combine that with admin making stupid policies that leave us to suffer the abuse of angry patients and THEN publish our Press-Gainey scores? It is just too much. I have sent my resume to 4 different jobs in the last 15 minutes. It's time to shuffle on.
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    I'm still waiting on a locked PA verified section that will be closed to anyone who does not have a NCCPA verification letter. Again I volunteer myself moderate and vet this section if it's a matter of work for why we don't have it now. Students can have another locked section after submitting a picture of their ID badge so they can speak openly without having to worry about their program director seeing. Also others can know that if someone is airing dirty garbage about a school they can be assured they were verified and not a troll. Can we also have a donated member level? I'll pay to remove these ads.
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    First off, thank you everyone! thank you moleashish and Ollivander! I sincerely appreciate it. Ollivander, I applied to 25 PA programs this cycle. I obtained 4 more interviews after the initial post of this thread. Got the call this morning and have cancelled everywhere else because of how wonderful the interview experience was. So I am getting a few private messages in regard to what I changed up for the interview...here is my best advice and mindset in terms of my successful interview (if you're interviewing then be sure to look above and see my initial notes as well): -Maintain positivity. Smile. However, do not smile unnecessarily when the admissions committee is talking to you about a serious topic such as cancer/death. -Lets say that during the interview an admissions committee member becomes combative or tries to debate you on some ethical question...then be sure to acknowledge that he/she is correct and that this is the reason it is an ethical and controversial situation. Tell them you're willing to learn more about the situation. Therefore they can't argue or debate you if you're telling them they're right. -Do not compare yourself with your colleagues. Instead seek to be cooperative. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF. I can't stress it enough...DO NOT engage in trying to outcompete your colleagues. You can be on their team and support them. If they shoot themselves in the foot during the interview then that is THEIR problem. At the end of the day your colleagues will not decide if you get into the program. -Go out of your way to know a few people within the interview group. You do not have to know everyones name. However, be humble and show that you are a team player and that you are wanting to know more about your colleagues. It is interesting seeing everyone else's background. Remember that you may end up working with some of them. -Show interest in the program. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT STUFF YOU CAN RESEARCH ON THE UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE WEBSITE. Instead, ask questions that cater specifically to the program. DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS THAT PUT THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE ON THE DEFENSE like "well, in 2011 your PANCE scores went down...why is that? blah blah". Instead I asked questions like "you've seen many students complete this program, what would you say are characteristics my colleagues and I need in order to be successful?" Notice that you're including your colleagues. -During group interviews...MATCH THE FORMALITY OF THE ROOM. If the answers that your colleagues give are casual, then go with a casual answer. The thing is, the admissions committee ALREADY knows you're competent. You're obviously at the interview....therefore YOU DO NOT HAVE TO OUTCOMPETE your colleagues. -Give succinct answers that are brief and to the point. Try to have personal examples that cater to the question being asked. Try to limit yourself in going ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON about your success and how you're gods gift to humanity. If someone does that, then everyone in the group setting feels like they need to try and outcompete everyone too which leads to being more nervous and turns the environment into a competitive one. The admissions committee is paying attention to this. -Remember that EVERYONE IS WATCHING...the janitors...the secretaries...THEY ARE ALL WATCHING. They ARE ALL LISTENING. Maintain professionalism! Do not say anything negative. Do not talk about how some other program is your #1 or whatever. The moment you LEAVE the campus and get back onto your flight back home then say whatever you want lol. -MANY students will tell you to "BE YOURSELF". That advice is TRASH. If you were yourself then you would already be in by now. Unfortunately you're going to have to play the game. The game is to be cooperative, show interest, smile when appropriate, make eye contact, maintain positivity, be concise and brief with your answers, and do not try to outcompete your colleagues. If you have trouble remembering this use the mnemonic: HAK - humble, approachable, knowledgeable. -I suggest preparing for the interview all the way up until a day or so prior to the interview. Just relax the night before. Morning of wake up 30-40 minutes earlier than you normally would and run through a few warm-up questions. Go in and BE POSITIVE. OWN IT. -PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT CODE OF ETHICS. READ IT. -I personally avoided coffee/food until my interview was done. This is a personal decision. I also brought my own water bottle. Most of all guys, do not give up. Even in the face of armageddon...DO NOT GIVE UP.
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    Yikes, I think having a subforum dedicated solely to trash-talking NPs would look bad on our end.
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    I got an interview invite, check your emails.
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    I also received my rejection letter but not giving up hope...My brother who is an amazing MD did not get into medical school till his 3rd try and know of others who did not get into a PA program till their 3rd try as well....Don't give up guys....best of luck to all of us
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    Caught this thread from an NP forum. Short background, I had 25 years experience as an RN, went back to school for NP, it was pretty easy. It seemed to me that the school was really trying to push me through. Thankfully my extensive broad experience as an RN help acclimate to NP. But, my first couple of years was a little rocky to be sure. Currently I work in a managed care setting with several PA's who do seem to be a little uncomfortable around NP's. I'm the life of the party kind of guy so they get along with me very well. That being said, there are so many things wrong with the system it's hard to say where to start. For me the job of a provider is so easy, I wish I would have been mature enough earlier in life to just get an MD. My feeling is that MD's (I know A Lot) are well aware of the cash cow they have given there profession, and they are rabid to protect it. With the push for more providers, having less restrictions, to provide increase access to care, it makes sense to have PA/NP become independent to MD; as we see in many states already with NP's. Is there any possibility for PA's to have the same independence? How, considering it's the rabid medical boards protecting their cash cow, and they license PA's. I wish there was a way that PA's could become independent at the rate NP's are. The PA's I work with are just awesome providers. I've precepted several NP students and can't believe the lack of basic medical knowledge. It's hard to believe that we (NP) can start working as a provider straight out of school. I was scared to death but luckily didn't have any problems. The reality is NP's are here to stay, we should find a way to get along. I don't know any NP's who don't like PA's, so to trash talk each profession just doesn't look good as others have said. Taking care of people is such an awesome responsibility, we need to take it seriously and lift each other up, not tear down. Everyone stay well, and encourage someone today.
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    Hear ye hear ye all new grads. Next job interview for "PA/NP" and someone asks the "why you" question, you can say "because I did my training on real patients in real clinics with real problems." 3x the amount of training. Spin that to your advantage.
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    I interviewed in August and received an acceptance call about an hour ago!!! ?
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    This was your first post in the thread, responding to the scenario of a '1st patient of the day. Healthy 36 YO male with no history or co-morbidities sees an NP in FP with acute low back pain after handling some farm animals 10 days ago". In this case, imaging is not really indicated in the absence of other concerning findings. Everyone took you at face value in that you would order an Xray. If you meant you would order imaging/emergent NSG consult if a 36 year old presented with loss of sensation and bladder incontinence, you should have mentioned that. Or mentioned which scenarios you are talking about. As others have shown, for routine lower back pain, imaging is not necessarily indicated. On an exam, or in real life, if someone presents to you a scenario of "1st patient of the day. Healthy 36 YO male with no history or co-morbidities sees an NP in FP with acute low back pain after handling some farm animals 10 days ago", the correct answer might be "obtain a more thorough history", "do a complete physical examination", "reassurance and some nsaids". The wrong answer would be "do a back xray". Just admit you were either A) Wrong, or B) worded your reply poorly. It happens. We all do it. It's fine. Don't double down and then try to back out of it.
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    Has anyone received a email, phone call, mailed letter, smoke signal, messenger pigeon , telegraph, or other form of communication from UC Davis about invites?
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    Rather than hating all these people you’ve never met,why not just get back to them as follows: I would love to meet with you but that date doesn’t work for me I would like an opportunity to see the practice (assuming that it’s not in the same town as the meeting) And I’m gluten-intolerant or whatever See how flexibly they react (or not) and take that into account. A great experiment for you to learn how they think on their feet. You’re not in the Army; you are an employed professional with your own set of constraints and maybe their “suggested date” doesn’t work for you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I am so anxious! I swear I check my email 500 times a day ? I hope we hear soon!
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    I’m sorry to hear people are getting rejected.. I have a feeling I will as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that even if you don’t attend Duke, it doesn’t mean you can’t be an amazing PA some day! Even if you don’t get in this year, it does not mean you can’t be an incredible physician assistant in the future. Best of luck to all the applicants this cycle! ?
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    I just asked a friend who is a first year student and he said the interviews this year are Oct 18th and 19th! And they like to send the invites out at least 2 weeks in advance.
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    Thank you so much!! My group had about 10 students total, but they split you up into three different groups when you do the group interview. Don't be worried about the group interview, its not awkward at all! They make this whole day really laid back and fun. When another person is answering, just listen to what they say and also pay attention to the questions that are asked because you may get asked the same question as someone else! The hour goes by really fast. Just be prepared on stuff that you want to talk about
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    Everyone on this forum is completely stressed. You all need to take a breathe and relax. Right now you all need to focus on places you are actually set to interview and move on! No need to compare every thing with others. Sullivan wants to know your personality and about you life, not about how you stack up against each other with stats. Students I have spoken with have applied for 2 years with amazing stats to 15 schools and still not been accepted. Just take a breathe and quit worrying about what everyone else has and focus on what makes you unique.
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    I got off work and had a voicemail acceptance! I am still in shock! Good luck to everyone ?
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    To anyone who didn’t receive an interview invite yet, stay calm! (Or as calm as you can!) I didn’t receive my interview invite last year until NOVEMBER 6...and I wasn’t even in the last group of interviews.

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