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    CL bluebonnet here, I created a whole other account at work and hid in a closet to leave this food for thought. Mostly for @bersabeh, but a good reminder for us all. this might double post because I can’t find what I just wrote. Everything you post is public. We have over 50k views in this thread alone. Many of us lurked long before we chimed in. Do you think schools would do this as well? What about current students that can feed info forward? This includes insta-face-tweet-snap as well. Are you encouraging, uplifting, professional? Are you petty, immature, and bring people down? Have you gone through the filter: is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? Do you perpetuate rumor and speculation? Do you fact check and refer to a primary source for accurate info? PA school applications are competitive, we ALL look good on paper, we can ALL keep it together for an interview, but what about when we think no one is looking? Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves. We try to support an uplift here. We’ve all struggled in our own way. We’ve all though about giving up. We’ve all gotten frustrated..... no one needs more of that from a forum. As a profession PAs collaborate. We WORK TOGETHER. This is a good place to practice. Marinade on that
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    I saw this on my cousins Facebook page and immediately thought of our group here. Applying is brutal, waiting is grueling - there's SO much self-doubt and imposter syndrome in this process. People that work hard, study hard, and want this with EVERY fiber in their being get rejected for unknown reasons. We're all in this together! I wanted to just share my gratitude for all of you. This forum is so supportive and encouraging - I love how we all want each other to succeed. I'm just gonna leave this thought here in case anyone is feeling that they aren't as ____________ as someone else. We're all going to be PA's someday and I look forward to when we can call each other colleagues
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    Just wanted to say. Thank you all for the kind words after my rejection fro this program. I am elated to share that I was offered a seat off the waitlist at a school I applied to last cycle. I start in the fall! I wish you all the very best! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    All, Attached is the link to S.128, a bill designed to update PA practice in Vermont to "collaborative" practice. This was championed by PAAV (with help from AAPA) and it further cements our role in the VT healthcare system. Some bullet points include: - Collaborative practice language - no more supervision - Collaborative MD/DO language; no responsibility on S/P for PA-C decisions of care - Recognition and reimbursement by Medicaid (and other insurers) for PAs as PCPs. They can now be chosen as primary providers Vermont was already a great place to work as a PA - and it just got even better. With the new changes, I think it has the best laws in the northeast. https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/WorkGroups/House Health Care/Bills/S.128/Written Testimony/S.128~Sarah Bushweller~Physician Assistant Academy of Vermont, Chart~5-12-2020.pdf https://legislature.vermont.gov/Documents/2020/Docs/BILLS/S-0128/S-0128 As Passed by Both House and Senate Official.pdf Props to PAAV for getting this done - strong work! G
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    For anyone struggling with doubt or fear, just remember that stats and numbers are just LOOSE FRAMEWORKS by which applications are gauged, they are not the law. This site, and others like it, should help to inform you and your application process, but should not serve to set a bar by which to judge yourself or others. We will all end up where we need to be, we just need to trust the process!
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    Am I the only one who now hates weekends because it means we won’t hear back from programs?!?
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    I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. Applying for PA is such an amazing and difficult thing to even do so congrats on doing it. You are already so much farther ahead of so many people. As I have said before I know many successful, amazing PAs that received rejections. Hell at any second I could also be get one. it is humbling. I’ll tell you what I would want someone to say to me: You deserve to be a PA and you WILL be. Stay with this. Do whatever you have to do to come back stronger and to keep coming back. And reach out! Just because it didn’t work out right now does not mean any of us can’t/won’t help you with anything you need! I, myself, am an amazing hypeman! If you need to be hyped and pumped up to do something let me know! @emilymuffknows things about the Yale program that I couldn’t find anywhere on the website (I think she is a info ninja) so DM her and I bet she would help! @CLBluebonnethas amazing words of encouragement and a way with her writing style that is Truly special. @Tiffb13has an amazing understanding of how to completely change your job field and apply to pa school successfully! @Abhowe89 @PAFarhat2B @PAgoalgetterThese are just a FEW of the inspirational people on this forum. I cannot name everyone on this forum that I have truly been inspired by because this post would go on forever (with all the single/married parents and devoted and motivated applicants) but if you see one of them like I do Reach Out! This forum is truly wanting to help! good luck!!!
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    You posted back in May that you applied to Yale and asked question about the CASPer test. I’m unsure how you are confused by them providing you with information when at some point you showed Interest in the school. Most of the emails are auto send and you are able to take your name off the distribution list and block the emails and calls as you wish. This is all under your control. I would suggest you do this if you are this concerned. I would also point out that you can leave this Yale forum anytime you want and are not required to be on here for any reason. The people on this forum are desperately trying to get into “this yale” school and in no way find it “annoying” to receive communication from a VERY well established and prestigious school.
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    Just got an interview invite.
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    Congratulations to all who got accepted! I’m trying to combat the stress of waiting in a completely constructive way and by constructive I mean I just sat in the floor of my shower with the water running and ate a pint of ice cream. Sometimes being an adult isn’t so bad when there’s no one around to tell you no ice cream before dinner.
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    I also got a call! Honored and humble to be a part of this cohort! Blessed.
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    Hey y'all! I will be starting at DeSales in August of this year. I remember how I felt this time last year, and would love to be of any assistance possible. I certainly am not an expert by any means, but please ask whatever questions you have, or PM me if you have more generalized questions about applications or other schools and I can try my best to give advice or guidance based off of my own experience! I simply want to be as much of a resource as possible! Last year, interview invites started going out around the second week of June. I will say that we did just have an update from the school in the middle of this last week about how they are handling COVID-19 and the faculty are all very very busy dealing with the situations for both of their current classes, as well as preparing for our class to come into a very different curriculum that they have had to adapt to for the time being as a result of the pandemic. I cannot speak for the admissions department, but I would assume this could potentially delay their processing time. Personally, I submitted my application on 7/17, was verified on 7/18 and then was also acknowledged of my submission by DeSales later that same week. I received an invite I think maybe the second week of September and interviewed first week of October. I received an acceptance about 2 1/2 weeks after that! I undoubtedly loved the school prior to my interview, but I was absolutely blown away when I went to visit. The interview itself was so so relaxed and eased my nerves so significantly whether it be from my interactions with the faculty to the current students or even to the admissions director, Julie, everything was so delightful. All schools preach that their students and faculty are one big happy family, but I truly never saw it to the extent I did at DeSales. If/when y'all get interviews, I would be happy to share a little bit more on the set-up if y'all would like
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    Congratulations to everyone who received interviews! This is such an exciting time and you should be proud of this accomplishment. If you didn't receive an interview, keep hope alive!! I know that is easier said than done sometimes and it can be easy to be discouraged. However, I promise that hard work and determination pays off. I applied to PA school for four years in a row before being accepted to EVMS and I am now a proud member of the Class of 2022! I will be helping with the interview process this year alongside my amazing classmates and I am so excited to (virtually) meet some of you guys!! -Taylor
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    ACCEPTED AS WELL!!!! I am in awe!!!
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    Good luck to everyone doing interviews! I'll keep my fingers crossed for y'all! Heads up...... One of my interviews DID go over. I interviewed for almost 45 min. Keep that in mind with scheduling. The other interview was a tiny bit over 30. When y'all get in come and join our fabulous facebook group! Yale PA Online 2021 Cohort. We have a lot of great resources on there already like a document with tips from current students and we even have a current student in our group who is doing a Zoom meeting with us soon to help us out. Best of luck to everyone interviewing this week, and for those waiting..... TREAT YO SELF. Go do something to zen out and destress. You got this.
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    Congrats to those who have been accepted!! I am currently a first year PA student at Yale's PA Online Program and I am beyond blessed that I am a part of such a fantastic program. I was in all of your shoes not too long ago; I clearly remember the day I got the phone call that changed my life forever. If you have any questions at all please DM me! Good luck to those still hearing back, sending positive vibes your way!
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    Here is an interview I did this morning on Fox. I hope I was successful in pushing back a bit. https://radio.foxnews.com/2020/06/09/global-pandemic-using-physician-assistants-in-coronavirus-fight/
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    just finished my interviews. good luck to everyone else!
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    It went extremely smooth! They did a great job on explaining the interview process and faculty were a delight to talk with. It was clear that they wanted the applicants to succeed and not feel too stressed. Also I received a call during lunch today regarding that I have been offered a seat for the class of 2023!
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    Hey everybody!!!! Dylan here, president of the UCDavis PA class of 2021. I'm super excited for all of you guys submitting your CASPAs and getting ready to start your PA journey, whether it be the first time applying or the 50th. You CAN do it! If you are like me, the application/interview process is one of the most stressful times of your life... especially if you don't get in the first time around( it took me two). One of my passions is to help others get through interviewing and into the career of their dreams. Over my time at school and preparing for over 13 interviews I have learned exactly what is necessary to excel in the interview process and have since helped several students get programs around the nation. the If anyone is interested in being a mentee of mine, you are welcome to contact me. Email: hawaiilife93@gmail.com
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    The PA Platform just posted a video on Youtube interviewing Yale Online's program director James Van Rhee and the admissions director Jane McDaniel. Here's the link for anyone interested:
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    I absolutely love it (and I'm saying that after taking 6 midterms today ). I am getting a fantastic education, I love my peers in my cohort (and the two cohorts above us). The faculty are outstanding and care very deeply about us as people. All in all 10/10 would recommend. Send me a message if you've got other questions!
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    So I’m not trying to “over talk” at all. I’m explaining options for you to be done with Yale if it is such an annoying school to you. I read well thanks. If you didn’t apply to Yale I’m not sure why you are on this forum. Feel free to exercise your right to post whatever you want I was simply trying to explain that it comes off a little distasteful to casually talk down about a school that so many people on here are trying desperately to be a part of. However, if that is how to want to do it, by all means, feel free. I will not read a post by you again or reach out to try to help you solve a “problem” that is clearly under your control so no worries there. Good luck to you and to whatever school you end up in.
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    Congrats to everyone who received their invites so far! It is an amazing opportunity that will change your life. I’m excited to hopefully welcome you into the “I made it and can’t stop smiling” accepted group soon! To my amazing applicant friends that haven’t heard back YET let me have the honor of reminding you that this is a fluid system. Not a stone one. There has not been a single fact presented by admissions stating that any time frame is set in stone short of the the priority deadline and the final deadline. That means anything can happen whenever it happens. That is rough on the applicant but ultimately it is what is best for the cohort and Yale to ensure that the best cohort is put in place. Now let me also remind you of last week when rejections went out to some who hadn’t interviewed yet. YOU were not on that list. YOU are still here. Keep your head up and hold onto positivity more than worry.
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    I received an interview invite! Commence the next layer of freaking out, haha
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    I just received the interview invite.
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    The PA Forum was around long before the Huddle, and will likely be here long after it as well
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    Glad Yale supports Juneteenth !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hello to all the applicants of EVMS MPAS Class of 2023, I know exactly how you are feeling right now because I was in your same position last year. I look forward to meeting many of you virtually on interview days. You made a great decision applying to EVMS. Best of luck to you all!! Vicky
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    COVID is drastically affecting their interviews this round. I have someone who works in the registrars office and he told me they are really backed up. They are still trying to figure out how to start the up coming class online as they will not be returning to campus in the fall. Also, interviews for PA school this year at HSC FW will be held over ZOOM! no in person interviews. He told me to not expect to hear anything till July.
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    I am only on week 3 and we are still online as of now but given the current circumstances the faculty has been extremely supportive and I have learned a lot in the short amount of time! I have also really enjoyed getting to know some classmates and feel like the program makes a significant effort to have an eclectic mix of students from different ages and backgrounds
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    First year NU PA-S here to pop in and say good luck to everyone applying this year!!
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    Hi everyone! I got an interview invite today but I will be declining since I got accepted elsewhere! I hope this gives someone else my spot. I see other people posting stats and I had nowhere near a high GPA. cGPA 3.3 sGPA 3.24 (I also had some poor grades one F, one D, and a few Cs). Pre-req GPA consisted of A's and Bs averaging to 3.65. I also retook a few courses too! I hope that by being transparent this motivates others to continue to apply even if you do not have that high GPA. Experience: EMT,MA,Scribe. 5.8K hours Good luck to everyone interviewing! If you didn't get an interview invite DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!
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    Just got an email for a virtual interview!! June 30 - July 1st!
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    I've been a lurker here for awhile. I actually found this forum when I was researching schools last year and forgot about it until today. I'm from Michigan and have been a medic for about 12 years now. Yale is the only school I've applied to so far this application cycle. Any of my second choice schools will require some more prereqs to be taken so I'm hoping for a quick acceptance to Yale so I can take the fall semester off Since I haven't been posting all along I will give a rundown of my timeline. CASPA submitted 5/25 CASPA verified 6/2 Phone call from adviser to verify if supplemental application fee had been sent and to review my application 6/3 Email verification of application fee 6/5 Application under review email 6/9 Offer to interview 6/22 Interviews scheduled for 7/8 Good luck or break a leg (for the superstitious theatre types) to everyone who has applied and thanks to everyone that have been sharing helpful hints.
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    Just wanted to say good luck to everyone who has interviews later this week! Had my interview earlier today and it was an AMAZING experience. Y'all will see for yourselves But just wanted to give reassurance to not be nervous and to be yourselves! Faculty does a really great job at making it a warm and comfortable experience. We got this y'all
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    Wes Gaylor told me that the first round of interviews should be sent either next week or the week after. Interviews will be online and we would get an admissions decision 2-3 days after.
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    You lack critical thinking skills. When was the last time the flu killed over 100,000 Americans in 3 months? COVID-19 is a brand new virus that no one has immunity to, spreads easily, no vaccine, and has a mortality rate higher than the flu. You're right, the masks are not protecting us from the virus. But they help reduce the spread. It's more for the protection of others, rather than yourself. Do you care so little about your fellow Americans that you won't even be mildly inconvenienced to help protect others? What rights are you talking about? Where in the constitution does it say you have a right to be a disease vector in the middle of a deadly global pandemic? I bet you bitched an moaned about the economy reopening, and now that it's open you can't even wear a mask to help reduce the risk of it shutting down again. Do you have a right to walk around naked? Do you have a right to drive around without a seat belt? To have your child drive around without one? No? I thought so.
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    We are told to keep the identities of the interviewers as well as their questions confidential. However, I will say that I felt 100% prepared for my interviews and was very confident going in. I have a lot of interview experience and have been personally coached before. This is what I did beforehand... My philosophy was to own my mistakes and any weak points on my application and to make sure that if I was asked any questions pertaining to my weak points that I acknowledged my issue and explained to the interviewers how I improved, what I learned, and how I grew. I knew my strengths as well and made sure to always ALWAYS circle back to my strengths no matter what the question was. For example, if I was asked “Do you believe in flying spaghetti monsters?” (obviously I’m making this up) my answer would be “No, but I believe that religion is an important consideration when treating patients because in order to be effective you need to understand the whole person. Let me tell you about patient X ::insert TRUE story about how I did an amazing job with a patient highlighting my compassion, empathy, and intuitiveness::” Know your strengths. Highlight them every chance you get. Always end every question in a positive way. Have in your hip pocket compelling pieces of evidence or stories that back up your positive qualities and/or show how you overcame your obstacles. I literally made a list beforehand. Be personable. Smile. And for the love of all that is holy....NEVER EVER LIE. They will know. At the end of the day, who knows you better than you? Be yourself. Be confident. Be calm. You got this.
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    I used Savanna Perry's book (which was the most helpful for me) as well as these websites: https://www.mypatraining.com/pa-school-interview-questions-going-beyond-the-basics/ http://www.mypatraining.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/PDF__The_Physician_Assistant_School_Interview.pdf https://www.mockquestions.com/position/Physician+Assistant/ I also watched mock interviews on youtube and Savanna's mock interviews last night. The best advice I've found is to think of stories for the types of situations they will ask you about and know how you can adapt those stories to multiple questions.
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    I got an interview invite!!!
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    I feel like the only guy in this chat. Glad to be here.
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    Congrats @alvarn @LDchick @Jlnisbett @itseatingmealive @jsrangel @Tiffb13 on getting on the waitlist! That is a huge deal!! I know it’s more waiting which is the worst but it also means they think you are worth the wait!
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    Good Monday morning!! My name is Ann Marie, creeper from WA state. I've been following you all and just wanted to say thank you for all the positivity!! I especially appreciate the mommas on here, I am a mom of two littles (9 and almost 5 y.o.) and seeing others going for it is so inspiring! Best of luck to all, hope you guys have a wonderful week.
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    I received an acceptance call this morning from the June 8-9 interview!!! Anyone else ???
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    Thank you all! This is technically my third cycle applying. Got waitlisted at another program last cycle. I am hoping to get in, but have started applying to programs this cycle just in case! Positive vibes are much appreciated for my acceptance to the one I’m waitlisted at! Good luck to everyone else, and thank you all for the support. This forum has 1) given me anxiety when I see people getting calls for interviews and I haven’t heard anything back and 2) some great people to talk to and be comforted by (and comfort others too). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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