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    P.S. Never work in an office in which the manager is the doctor's wife!
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    All it takes is one acceptance! Remember, however, that applying to more schools only significantly helps candidates "on the bubble": * There are those candidates who will get in everywhere: 3.8, LOR from Surgeon General, Dalai Lama, and UN Secretary general, 10 years experience as a combat medic, 5 with MSF, invented a field-expedient dialysis technique using common household items available in Cameroon,... * There are those candidates who will get in NOWHERE: 2.8 GPA, 150 hours of HCE as CNA, charitable activities only include court-mandated community service... And then there are those of us who fall in the middle, who might or might not get in to any particular program based on who we're up against, whether we're having an "on" day or not, and the like. If you're in the first category, no help is needed. If you're in the last, you're just wasting MORE money by applying more broadly. In the middle, though... you'll benefit from applying more broadly, but especially if early, because let's face it: the programs that are holding spots, are looking for people in the first category who just happen to have been applying late.
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    Literally just got the e-mail offering me an invitation to the "Interview Conference" on 9/26. Soooooo excited! (FYI - this is my 4th time applying with MEDEX). I was a weak applicant the first year, interviewed the second year, didn't hear anything the third, and now interviewing in the first wave for this cycle. Never give up!
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    Hello Everyone!!! I am currently a first year student at the TTU PA program!! If anyone is wanting to get some insight about the program, Midland, or just how life is as a student - please don't hesitate to text me (text me your name that you are prospective student that way I don't block your number - 3256656996) I'm down to hangout tomorrow evening for those coming into town for their interviews on Thursday - I'm down to grab coffee or dinner, I'm down for that! I wish you all the best of luck on all the interviews you get! Hang in there cause the waiting game is the worst portion of all! I'm open to everyone, not just for Thursday's group of interviewees! Again, don't hesitate, but please be patient on a response if you text, I may be studying or in class lol! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, I'm a fourth year medical student- if there are any of you that ever spend time on Student Doctor Network might know me as Mad Jack. I am a respiratory therapist as well, though no longer by trade, but I keep my license active as a matter of pride. But here's something I've noticed over the years. I was guilty of it as well, when I was "just" a respiratory therapist, and even now, when I'll occasionally mutter that I'm "just" a medical student. You aren't "just" PAs. You're damn good clinicians that many hospitals and practices couldn't function without. You've got strong clinical skills and acumen that allow you to do many of the same things physicians do, and often just as well or better. Yeah, you aren't the physician, but you're also not "just" a PA, you're a physician assistant, a title you worked hard to earn and work harder still to practice. So next time you find yourself about to say it, maybe hold back and say something else. I know it's easy, and fast, and gets across what you like to say. I did it all the time as a respiratory therapist- "oh, I'm just the RT..." And now it's frequently, "oh, I'm just the medical student..." But I feel like it feeds into a subconscious narrative that you're something lesser, either to you or those around you. Every clinician should be proud of what they do, physician assistants as much as any. We all make this health care thing work (when it does, at least) and we all have a part to play. This post was kind of prompted due to my accidentally offending a PA. She said, "I'm just a PA," to the radiologist when asking him to verify what she'd read. He and I were both like, "you're not just a PA." Her read was right, and I was like, "you're not just a PA, you know what you're doing." Which I think she took to mean other PAs don't, but she does. But that's not what I meant at all- "you're not just a PA, you're a skilled clinician that knows what you are doing- you are a physician assistant, and a good one at that" would have been the more wordy but accurate thing to say. Yeah, she isn't a radiologist, but maybe she could've said, "I just wanted an expert read on this" and brought him up rather than shooting herself down, I don't know. With other providers it isn't a big deal, but with patients, I feel like saying "my initial impression is X, and we should have a final read from radiology soon" rather than "I'm just the PA, and I think X, but let's see what the radiologist says" comes across better. Anyway, that's it from me. Keep being awesome you guys.
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    Hello :) I interviewed yesterday 9/13 and received my acceptance call this morning! I am still shaking, and beyond excited and thankful. The program is everything I was looking for and I can't wait to begin.
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    Hey guys! I am a current student at WesternU and I just wanted to share a couple of things with you that may be useful! They did start interviewing in September for us last year, mine was the first one and it was September 28th. Buttttt they interviewed all the way up until late February (I believe). So if you don't hear anything early on, don't think that your chances are gone. We had a guy who got accepted the day before we started school, so it's not over until August 2018!! Also if I were you, I would probably never read this forum again unless you're absolutely dyinggggg to know what's going on with everyone else. These forums hurt. All you do is read how everyone else is getting secondaries/getting interviews/getting accepted, and if it's not going so well for you, your heart will drop and you'll feel like crap! I specifically recommend against this forum because WesternU won't let about 90% of their students know whether they got accepted until March 2018. So imagine; you've had your interview and you are waiting for the acceptance, and there are the 10% who want to share that they got accepted. It increases your anxiety and you can do nothing but wait. Instead, don't read the forum and distract your mind until March! I would recommend going to a preview day, maybe even two! Preview day is a great way for you to explore campus and get to know the program. It will also help ease your nerves on interview day because you've already been there and you'll know your way around. But if you chose to not take my advice, and come back to this forum, then that's fine, I get it, because I did the same thing! And I'll be around to answer questions. :) I wish you all the best!
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    I've seen surgeons get talked down by their wives. The wheel of Karma will eventually roll over everyone.
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    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I just got the acceptance call. MY LIFE IS MADE. Good luck! I'm sure they will be calling people all afternoon! ! ! ! ! !
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    It's September! Let the obsessively checking our inboxes begin haha (or let's be real.. continue).
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    Update: Just got an email for an interview on Sept 30th!!!
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    I made it in! I interviewed on the 24th and just got the call from the program today at about 4 p.m. EST. I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple of other programs, including one that I'm interviewing at tomorrow, but it's such a huge weight off my shoulders to know that I'm in a program next year!
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    I don't have any advice or suggestions for you beyond what others have said. But EVERY younger PA should read your post and take notice. They don't need the brand new car or the fancy house right out of PA school. Keep living like a student until you are out of debt, then throw major money at retirement while you save for your dream house.
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    Me too! Can't wait! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Got my interview invitation for Tacoma class #6 today for Oct 21!!!!! Totally stoked!!
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    I got an interview invite by email for October 21st
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    Hello - If you read the advice I was given, I couldn't agree with them more. I interviewed a few days ago, and I do agree it is tough to prepare for the types of questions you will get. You will rotate between several mini interviews, which will go by very quickly. However, the questions aren't necessarily difficult and the interviewers are friendly overall. They are mostly situational and opinion-based questions. In my opinion, they are just trying to gauge how well of a communicator you are, the type of person you are overall, your level of maturity, how poised you are under pressure, and how well you can think critically on the spot. My advice, (in addition to the advice given to me), is to practice common interview questions and do a mock interview with a friend/peer/mentor if you can, just so you get comfortable answering questions and aren't as nervous when you get to the actual MMI. I did a mock interview with a friend the night before the interview, and while none of the exact questions I practiced came up, this practice got me to start thinking about how to answer interview questions, and helped me assess myself in terms of my character, my past experiences and what I learned from them, and me as an applicant, student and person overall. It also gave me more confidence when it was time for the actual interview. Be positive, confident and have a genuine smile on your face! As nerve-wrecking as it can potentially be, stay calm and try to enjoy the process (as silly as that may sound). You made it this far because they know you have the potential to do well in their program. Be yourself, be honest and genuine, and ask yourself: what do you want the interviewers to know about you? What about your character and personal experiences makes you right for PA school and caring for others in the broader sense? If you happen to get stuck, this mind frame will help keep you on track in these conversations. Best of luck tomorrow! You got this!
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    We will be in touch with all applicants by the end of November about whether they have been invited to move on in our admissions process. Interviews will be held throughout the fall. While CASPA applications are not reviewed on a rolling basis, interview invitations will be announced on a rolling basis. Applicants should expect admissions offers to be announced no later than mid-March. Thats what I got a couple days ago from them!
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    A happy person will be happy as a PA or an MD. An unhappy person will be unhappy as either. The whole "if only I would of been this, or done that" is really just finding an easy scapegoat for your unhappiness. The mind is tricky and convinces us that the grass is always greener, but the dissatisfaction never ends. There's never enough money and never enough respect. The FP is miserable that he's not a surgeon, the surgeon is miserable that he's not in derm, and the derm is miserable cause all his neighbors are investment bankers and lawyers making twice as much as him. We all know the moral of this story.....
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    Tell them you are not a member of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses. End of story. ( and before anyone gets their panties in a wad, I was an RN prior to becoming a PA)
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    the only time a training salary is acceptable is in an approved residency program, leading to a certificate or advanced degree... do you think new physicians in practice accept training salaries?
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    Exactly 1 week after my first rejection letter I received an interview invitation. This process is something else. Thank you, everyone, for telling me to stay positive and advising me on how to improve my application!
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    I'm in too! So happy, can't wait to be classmates! 😁😁
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    Woohoo, same!! I'm so excited to be a double Gator! [emoji16][emoji246][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
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    Well first of all we are years from OTP or independent practice so it is way too early to think about revocation. That said absent some compelling reason it will not be revoked. Given that NPs have had independent practice in many states for a while now and the dead bodies aren't stacking up I'd say the possibility is pretty close to zero. Physicians are, collectively, arrogant and controlling. Their opinions are more self serving than patient centric. Money, power, control all masked under the guise of patient safety. In all the years I have been working legislative issues I have always asked physicians to provide measurable data to support their claims of inferior care or higher costs. They can't because there isn't any.
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    For those who didn't get the acceptance call, don't worry too much we are all still in consideration. I know some of the current UTSW students who had the first interview cycle, and got there acceptance offers in mid-October. So keep grinding and best of luck to everyone.
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    Got a call From Campbell today, they accepted me into the program 🙏🏽!! I am very excited
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    I wouldn't sign it, and would start looking for another job. I bet it would take them 6 months to realize you didn't sign it...
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    I would turn the question around. "I feel that I'm qualified" and briefly summarize. "If I don't get in this year, I would probably" take these classes, add this to my experience, or whatever. Don't give away your dignity no matter what question you are asked. Just turn it around like a really good politician might. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I think some of the above comments are correct in direction, but a bit lacking in compassionate tone. I suspect few have not considered what it would take to get them to drop out of their PA program. Those memories fade once you're in successful practice, but I think if we're honest, everyone has been where the OP is... even if just for a few minutes. Hang in there, survive, and then look back at it in relief.
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    Great insight. I think the whole work life balance between PAs vs MDs is silly. Every profession (computer programmer, engineer, medical, finance, consultant, politics, whatever) has people who work 30hr/week and 80hrs/week. I've work with two doctors at my current rotation. Doc A works 33 hours a week MAX and he's taken 2 weeks of vacation within a 5 week period. Doc B works like 45 hours a week. Work life balance is a choice.
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    lemurcatta, what specifically are you skeptical about? The UC Davis NP/PA program used to be housed in the School of Medicine, but was poorly supported and, in so many words, was eventually abandoned. The School of Nursing adopted the NP/PA program and is currently training its third cohort. Through a $100 million grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, UC Davis just completed construction of an amazing training facility on the Medical Center campus. For those who are local to the Sacramento area, Moore Hall is celebrating its Grand Opening on Friday, October 13. Open to the public. I used to have concerns about studying to be a PA at a program housed in a School of Nursing. The complaint I would most often raise was that I wanted to train in the medical model and not the nursing model. Looking in from the outside, it appeared as though UC Davis were confusing the two models. However, those concerns were dispelled during orientation. Now mind you that we are only one quarter into the didactic phase, but I have often found myself looking to my RN/BSN classmates for help, deferring to their more seasoned knowledge and experience. Having applied to other local programs I feel very lucky to be part of the current cohort here at Davis. As far as your comment about the primary care focus, every school has a mission. Cornell and Univ of Alabama offer extended exposure to surgery, Univ of Colorado focuses on preparing pediatric primary care, Davis focuses on preparing primary NPs/PAs. Though, its not as though you can't study here if you want to go into emergency medicine. Just know that when the website mentions training a diverse cohort to offer culturally sensitive primary care to the residents of California, they mean it.
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    this is one reason I started working nights over a decade ago...night shift rules...no admins around means I eat and drink whatever I want whenever I want at work. no covered coffee mugs, etc total BS. my feeling is that if your car is never at the hospital at night or on the weekends then you Mr or Mrs administrator are just slowing the system down because we obviously don't need you to function....
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    Current MBKU student here, let me clarify the confusion. They are Accreditation-Provisional because they are still a new program, not because of lack of strength in the program. Usually takes about 5 years for the Accreditation-continuation status to be applied to a school. Regardless of this status, all PA students who graduate are able to sit for the PANCE and are fully certified PA's. Given the strength of the program so far (100% PANCE rates and known for producing strong PA's), I would encourage you to look into the school further and see if its a match for you! I applied and interviewed at several schools (several well known medical programs...trying not to call them out here :) and still chose this program over those because it really is a strong program.
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    I received my interview invite this morning! Timeline: CASPA verified: 6/12 Duke received CASPA application and GRE scores/Supplemental invite: 6/28 Supplemental submitted: 7/4 "Your Duke PA Application Has Been Submitted" email: 7/26 Invitation to Interview: 9/7 for 10/11! I'm so excited!!!! Good luck to everyone waiting to hear back!
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    I got an interview invite today! Timeline: CASPA submitted-6/28 Supplemental submitted-7/15 Confirmation- 7/26 Interview invite- 9/6 for 10/9 If anyone who has previously interviewed has any advice it would be much appreciated! First time interviewing and first time in NC.
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    I just got an email with my acceptance offer! I never received a phone call but that's fine with me, as long as I got accepted that's what matters haha congrats to the other admitted people here and good luck to everyone still applying :)
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    Sounds like you want to have more respect and autonomy and are hoping that having the MD initials after your name will get your there. It also sounds like the culture in your hospital promoted this within you, with, as you mentioned "lots of physician oversight at times" and being seen as the "tactician" etc.... But before going into several hundred thousands of dollars of student loan debt, 7 years of lost wages (another 700K-1M lost), not to mention all the lost time with your family since you're going to see them much less over the next 7 years or so, and the possibility that after all that you might end up in some residency that you don't like and doesnt give you the respect and prestige you dreamed of earning (everyone dreams of being the cardiologist or surgeon, yet very few make it there due to lack of residencies - are you going to be happy in family medicine or will seethe with envy when you see your classmates in high prestige specialties?), I would first try a different PA job that offers you more autonomy and respect. It seems to me that the PA's who are most dissatisfied are the one's who feel like they are relegated to an inferior status based on the work setting they're in, and this could be the case with you. So running an UC or going into a clinic where you're essentially the sole provider may satisfy your urge to feel on top and get respect without having to go through all the above mentioned hoops. Also, since when did only PA's have a glass ceiling and not physicians? With that mentality, it sounds like you run the risk of feeling limited even by becoming a doctor. Ok, so their glass ceiling might be higher than yours but the cardiologists glass ceiling is higher then the FP physician and FP may be right were you land, you just never know. So unless you're going to be ok always having someone above you, with more prestige and power, as well as always having a glass ceiling, than you'll probably be unhappy wherever you are, because that's just how it is. At the end of the day, whether you're a physician or a PA, the only one's who are really experiencing the thrill and freedom of not having a glass ceiling are the one's who are creative and are able to be innovative and entrepreneurial with their work. I cofounded a weight loss clinic as a lowly MA and was the one telling the docs what to do. Hard work and innovation trumps over everyone in every field. At the end of the day dreams are good and without them we wouldn't accomplish nearly as much, but sometimes they aren't to be taken literally, and to do so would be foolish. Dreams often serve as sign posts, guiding us in the right direction of our life's purpose. Without your dream of becoming a doctor you never would have become a PA. But as they say, shoot for the moon and if you missed you'll land on a star. The fact that you didn't become a doctor doesnt mean you gave up on your dream, rather you landed on a star, which is a good place to be, maybe even better than the moon. To wrap it up, you obviously want more respect and autonomy, but there are other ways to get that. So before you spend the amazing amount of time and energy (and $$$$) that it will take to do it all over again, I would first invest a year or so in CREATING the type of PA career that you dreamed of having when you first started. Good luck!
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    Run run run from any office with a spouse as the office manager/director. I worked in outpatient psych practice with an executive director wife and it was horrible! Second, I started at full salary and seeing patients week 1. I'm certain they didn't apply for insurance credentialing until my first week. We had no problem getting me through quickly and billing retroactively. If you are seeing patients individually and prescribing meds then you should be at full salary. If you are sitting side-by-side the doc ,observing his practice, and not practicing yourself, then okay that is training.
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    To tell ya'll a little bit about me, this is my second year applying, I'm a kick-ass nursing assistant, passionate volunteer, and a lover of all foods made of noodles! :) I'm more excited about this year's application and am hopefully looking forward to an invitation. I received a generic email update on 8/18 that my application is now under faculty review. I'm excited to hear what is going on with other applicants!...we're all in different boats, but we're all in the same ocean of waiting. Cheers!
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    Hello everyone! I am a current first year student at Emory and I'm just dropping in! I'm happy to try to answer some your questions! I'll try to pop in from time to time. I can't say (and also don't know) any specifics about the interview or questions that will be asked. But I'm happy to clarify the general process --just keep in mind that things change from year to year so what I experienced may not be exactly what will happen this year. Best of luck to all you future PA-S's!
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    I'm strongly considering my exit plan from full time PA profession and maybe the profession all together. I am 61. Several things have been starting to break the camel's back. 1. Spouse with progressive dementia at an early age (60) and the need to be more available to manage his needs. I have help coming in 2x a week and he attends a dementia day program 2 days a week, and I have one day a week off, plus weekends. I travel 27 miles one way to my job, easy commute. 2. My employer was recently taken over by a very large non-profit religious organization that has caused severe demoralization with all practitioners, staff and managers. Previously we were a very small non-profit religious organization that held to its founding values. The large one not so much. While I am a person of faith, I decry the double speak of "show justice, mercy, and compassion" to your patients by the daily emails we receive when the staff is treated like slaves. 3. Recent news that our state DHS regulations will now require co-sig for all orders from PA/NP for medicaid patients. This was a surprise to all parties involved and currently we are getting clarification on the regulation. If it is in fact true the rural practice I am in will not have enough physicians who are willing to co-sign every single order. Every order. One of our well respected IM physicians told me with our new EHR and management he does not have time or desire to collaborate with either profession. He is supportive of changing our state laws to collaboration and for all professions to be responsible for their own actions and medical care of patients. 4. My previous SP retired from full time family practice in February and transferred to a part time nursing home practice. Therefore, the new physician who is our department VP is my SP. Very nice person....but does not read EKG's which I just found out yesterday...... Traditionally I have read my own EKG's and am privileged to do so...BUT....my state law says I cannot practice outside of the SOP of the SP......it now begs the question.....can I still read my own EKG's and what else does she NOT do? I need to have the discussion with her. Our state is in the process of attempting to change the PA SOP laws to being determined at the practice level based on experience and credentialing. Only time will tell if we are successful. 5. Speaking of EHR's. We were forced to change to a new EHR. The hospital, clinic and ER now have 3 different EHR's which do not communicate with each other. I am exhausted trying to find the records of what was done at each section of our hospital (my clinic is located in a wing of the hospital campus) when my patients come in for follow up or for transitional care management. The greatest pitfall is medication reconciliation and none of the 3 EHRs can help me verify meds and patients do not know what to stop and what to start and they THINK I know what happened at their hospitalization. Nope, I didn't have a clue and I have no idea what medications they are on in actuality. The pharmacies are no help either. 6. I will turn 62 in August 2018 and am considering triggering social security and maybe working enough to have some income so I will be able to pay for health insurance for myself. My husband will be able to get on Medicare fully if I no longer carry the health insurance. 7. One decision I made this week is I will be taking a one year sabbatical from being a preceptor starting Oct 1st after my current PA student finishes the rotation with me that ends Sept 28th. 8. The good news: We have no debt and can live frugally and may consider selling our home and downsizing to a small 2 bedroom condo closer to one of our children who lives in a larger city . This would be so I can get more services for my husband and the medical services include many more options for specialist, etc. I love rural but as we age the needs for us are increasing and finding it in small communities is quite a challenge. 9. Mostly, my post is to just help me vent and to see my thoughts on the screen. It may help me clarify the next steps.
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    I have a feeling the interview invites will be going out soon... any time now! Super excited.
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    Anyone from Aug interview get a call today? I keep checking my phone ugh
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    Just received my interview invite by email! I haven't selected a date yet, I'm trying to see what the best day will be for airfare. Best of luck to everyone.
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    I honestly don't know, they won't give us the list of names of students yet. We have a facebook chat that has 10 of us + Alissa. There are 2 current students also in our group chat and on August 10th they thought the class was full, but apparently it isn't they said the staff would connect everyone in the next few months so we will see. I think that there are still spots open. They are probably looking at everyone's files again.
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    Just received a call today after being waitlisted that I was accepted! :)
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    I had a patient's husband say "oh, so you're just a PA?" to me last week after I introduced myself as a physician assistant. I said that wasn't how I would phrase it, but yeah I'm a PA. Then I diagnosed and treated his wife with the professionalism, empathy and thoroughness you can expect from "just" a PA. #represent