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    If I had a dollar for every time I checked this forum, then I’d probably have my PA school tuition paid off by now.
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    I couldn’t help myself so I called them and they said we should hear something before 5pm. Also they said that if any of the 120 people decline their interviews they will invite more to make sure they interview a total of 120.
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    Just got accepted! Interviewed on 11/01. I'm gonna be PA!!
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    Hey Yall! I just wanted to leave some hope and positivity here because I more than understand how stressful it is waiting! I was accepted into UTMB's program last Tuesday and I interviewed with the October 25th session and as far as I know I was the only one accepted two weeks after my session and not the direct week after like the others that got accepted from my session. So those from the November 1st session, don't lose hope yet and our facebook group only has about 50 students in it at the moment and some of those students are current students in the program right now. They could also be doing things different this year and be sending out mass acceptance emails after all of their sessions are done like most schools tend to do. So if most people are on the facebook page, they still have about 30-40 spots since they usually accept close to 90. Just wanted to give everyone that information and hopefully it provides some relief and hope to yall! Stay strong and positive
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    I received my acceptance email today around 11am from the 11/1 interview!!! This is my first acceptance! To those still waiting - do not give up hope! I received over ten rejections before I received a single acceptance. I was very discouraged. It's a brutally tough process, but it only takes one school! We worked hard, and it will undoubtedly pay off. Good luck everyone!
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    If I had a dollar for every time I checked this forum, then I’d probably have my PA school tuition paid off by now.
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    Hey i just want to say to all of you to keep on with your dream. I am the father of a daughter who is trying to get into PA school and I can see how very hard and competitive that it is. My heart goes out to all of you. You sound like amazing people and you would make great Physician Assistants. Stay strong and resilient. My daughter is still waiting to hear. She has gotten one firm interview and has been rejected by a number of schools and is in limbo with a few others. The process is hard and difficult but stay the course.
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    I take escitalopram daily, as a preventative medication. It prevents me from telling patients to GTFO of the clinic.
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    I have not. Will not lie. I am looking at my phone every 3 minutes.
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    Survey completed. The anticipation is heavy. Good luck everybody, & speaking for myself and everybody else--stay strong & have faith we are all going to be great PAs someday regardless of the outcome.
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    OTP is a hot topic no doubt. When I look at the big picture, I believe it is absolutely needed. In increasing pockets over the nation, practices and hospitals / institutions / companies, are moving to, or moved to, hiring NPs exclusively over PAs. I've been seeing job ads where the ad actually states NPs only. There's different factors with this evolution. Some physicians in some institutions have begun to ask for extra $ to "supervise" PA(s). It's cheaper for an institution to have NP vs PA. NPs have marketed, lobbied, and gotten on certain administration boards and convinced administration why NPs are "better." I've actually seen this where I work. This one NP where I work had said untrue things about PA licensure, abilities, and laws and, guess what, surprise, the board of directors and administration took what the NP said at face value and totally believed her. I had to refute this with state law quotes and educate people. This is not a post about "us vs them" ...not at all. This is about us being pro-active, to evolve to be more marketable, on even par cost to credential and have on staff as NPs, and be unlinked from the subjective and confusing word "supervising" from our profession. The population is growing faster than doctors can meet the need of and PAs are a highly viable help to this need. If I have this correct, there are now 20 states that have removed the supervising part of the laws, and this is in line with OTP. I've actually talked with PAs, who don't even know what OTP is, who don't know about this evolution of NPs gaining on us, and increasing pockets of NPs being hired exclusively over PAs or the reasons as to why. I respectfully implore PAs to read up on OTP and what it's about and to get involved with state laws and help us evolve in a desirable and prosperous way. !:)
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    I received my acceptance email from the 11/8 interview about 30 minutes ago!
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    After a lot of scrutinizing over my pro/con list, I turned down my offer so that's one more spot available! Go get 'em and good luck to all of you!
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    Today is a day set aside to recognize all of us for our service to America. Some of us faced gunfire and shed blood during our service others did not. The common thread is we all stepped forward without reservation to serve America when and where we were needed. I would do it all again if needed, and be honored to have you at my side.
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    I'm on my THIRD year in a row of applications. This was the first school EVER to offer me an interview on November 16th! The work is finally starting to pay off
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    My status got updated to admit on Mystar this morning when I checked at 11:30 am! Received the email shortly after I checked around 11:45 am. I interviewed at the 10/25 session!
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    If you did NOT receive a call today, do not be discouraged. A lot of us from TC 7 received calls on multiple days or were waitlisted, then accepted. I think they do more waitlisting for the early interviews in order to wait until after the December one. Hang in there! If it doesn’t work out this year, MEDEX also looks really highly on re-applicants. You all got this!!!
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    He was flat out bullying you. Tell this POS cmo you’re out. He literally is making money off of you, with zero- zilch, none, nada-risk to him. One slip up, you are gone, and he’ll still be there. You are the money making fall guy. Has any one, ever, said “hey, the cardiologist is leaving, you want to take over cardiology for a wee bit”? No. And pain management is a specialty in its own right. He’ll say no repercussions but there will be. The second the tiniest thing happens, he will be all over you.
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    Yes! I got a phone call today accepting me into program!
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    Don't think it has hit me yet.... got the call from Allan this afternoon. Accepted the invitation to join this upcoming class!!
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    Hello everyone good morning, I contacted the admissions office as Hahah I was very nervous regarding my admission status. They told me we should hear soon in couple of days. If not than we can contact them. I hope this helps someone’s who have not heard back regarding their admission decision.
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    Congratulations to everyone that has already received an invite! If you haven’t gotten any good news yet please try not to get discouraged! Keep pushing until you get where you want to be and it will make you that much stronger of an applicant, student, and personal overall. I’m in the current class so if anyone has any questions you would like to send my way just message me I’ll answer what I can.
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    I got my acceptance call yesterday as well!!!
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    Accepted from the 11/9 interview!
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    I called the admissions office today and they said we can just copy/paste CASPA into the statement of purpose, but make sure it’s under 4000 characters. We do not need to address the “fit for pursuing graduate study at UC Davis” or faculty. For the diversity statement, we can expand on the topics mentioned in the statement of purpose to answer the prompt.
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    Hi everyone, I also received the same email. I applied five schools, so far I have only one waitlist, which indicates my chance is very minimal to be accepted this cycle. I'm wondering if we can create a group and work together for the next cycle. Now we have a lot of experience we can share and guide each other. Let me know if you are interested. I wish you all all the best I also would like to say congratulation who are accepted this cycle.
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    Got my acceptance email today around 2:30. I interviewed 10/25 afternoon group! This was my only interview so far and I am so happy!! I can't wait to meet everyone in the class of 2022!!
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    Just declined my seat offer. Hopefully someone else who's waiting will hear some good news. What an amazing program.
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    Congrats everyone for yesterday. I had so much fun spending the day with everyone and I truly wish you all the best. Can't wait for you all to start posting you got the call!
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    I was at the Oct 25/26 interview. To be honest, I really liked the student panel because it felt real and genuine. I wasn't looking to be further convinced about why I should choose Stanford, but rather wanted to know the challenges/ setbacks/ honest opinions from the students so I can make a better informed decision for myself if I were to receive an offer. It seemed like all of the students were happy that they chose Stanford and didn't regret their decision. Personally, I had a great impression of the program overall and I'm happy that the students were transparent with us during the panel.
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    I just contacted Duke to ask about my application status. They said that it has been reviewed and they are not finished interviewing so I will receive a decision within the next "few weeks or so" .... I'm not getting my hopes up quite yet but at least it's not a denial yet LOL
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    I think this is really good advice. I love hospitalist work, but the admin/IT/etc. hurdles can be really draining. The best decision I ever made was to go full time locums/contractor/1099/whatever. Now all those problems that still exist everywhere aren't my problems except for a short time. I show up, do a good job, and next week I'll be somewhere else with a nice change of scenery. OP, have you considered doing some locums work? I can't tell you how much of a mental break it can feel like to just go into a new clinic or hospital, even if you're working in the same field.
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    We are not Physicians and we are not Associates. We practice Medicine. We are Medical Practitioners....ad nauseam.
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    Rev, You are the only person, PA or MD that is happy with corporate medicine.
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    I just received an acceptance email!! So excited!!
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    Please don't lose hope.....I'm sure many of the people who were offered have tough decisions to make. Some may already have seats at other schools and some still have top choice interviews coming up. With the deadline Monday to commit, some will get that call you want. Others if not this school, go after another - just keep the dream alive. Last year I applied 11 schools, had a total of 2 interviews, 1 waitlist. On the interviews I was down to a 1 in 4 shot....still no call. I was ready to give it up. I figured it was my GPA or my degree and career would not get me in. I figured they just didn't want me since I couldn't even get an interview. This year, my third cycle, was going to be my last shot. I wanted this but starting questioning if they wanted me. Had lots of thoughts of what to apply to next and why bother this cycle. Starting looking at deadlines for other career programs and when those needed to be filled out... I am so glad I stuck it out! I will be a PA student in 2020... Please keep the faith! Without staying positive, keeping the course and trying again it would not have made it...
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    just accepted off the waitlist!!!!
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    I just found out that I got accepted into my top choice school so I will be giving up my interview at UT. Hopefully someone will hear something soon! Best of luck to everyone!
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    Hi Everyone, MAPA works closely with our legislative group, Charles Group Consulting, to monitor these bills. I'm a practicing PA myself and MAPA relies on our legislative consulting group to work closely with the State House. Unfortunately, no group had awareness of the language of this bill prior to the release. Every healthcare group including nursing, MMS, etc. is now working with the house, senate, healthcare finance chairs, etc. to edit the language as it is discussed and voted on in each of the chambers. The current language is only the 1st version, we are confident that PA Positive language will be added to the bill prior to its' final vote and passage into law. This is an uphill battle and we do need your help to make this work. Unfortunately, this continues to be an educational issue about the role and scope of the PA in addition to a funding issue. AAPA is working on branding and the MAPA team spends as much time in the state house as possible to educate our legislators. Less than 10% of Massachusetts PAs are even MAPA members which limits our ability to pay consultants and lobbyist firms to assist in these efforts. In comparison, The Mass Coalition of NPs is able to spend almost $100,000 more than we have funding for so please please join MAPA if you're not a member already. I urge everyone to run for an office/position within MAPA as year after year there are frequently holes in the executive board and house of delegates positions. The board is 100% volunteer and there is no remuneration from AAPA or other groups to assist in the work that gets done. If you are interested in assisting, volunteering, or want to know more about the legislative process, reach out to me directly.
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    I have warned about this for seven years as the current legislative actions favor those who had the best legislative assistance and who created unity of their profession . We cannot let apathy continue to drive the PA profession. This speaks to a past generation who was so upset with the AAPA that they abandoned an initiative. The AAPA is better now and over the last five years as staff and leadership changed. It's up to every PA to push the Academy to put this on the front burner as I warned that we would become MD/NP Assistants.
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    Hey guys! Current OHSU 1st year student here - I remember being in your shoes last year and checking this forum (and my email) fairly religiously this time of year. I wanted to ease everybody's minds a little - I got flat rejected from everywhere else (didn't apply to many places), didn't receive an email invite to interview until VERY late November, interviewed on the LAST date, and here I am, a year later, taking a coffee & curiosities break from studying derm at a very good school. So, I just wanted to say for all of you dying for a response, hang in there, try to enjoy your pre-PA life, don't let the stress of the application process eat you alive (seriously, do what you can to forget about your phone sometimes), and make some time to do things that will CONTINUE to strengthen your application in case you don't get in this year (LOTS of my classmates, and I, are re-apps). That continuation of passion is something cool to talk about in interviews. So, I know it's hard, but just remember that you not hearing back yet is a GOOD thing - you're still in the running! Good luck!
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    People who come up with $3/hr for call usually say things like "it isn't like you are WORKING." The single most precious thing I have is time. It is the only thing I can't make more of. Pay me like it is precious. I'd buck this like they were trying to set me on fire.
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    Most of us are all qualified to get into PA school. We all have the grades and the experience. Sometimes it’s the personal statement that could get you the interview, and the interview is what gets you the acceptance. I’m happy for those who got an interview. I hope the rest of us will have better luck at other schools.
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    Not all heroes wear capes...
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    Crossing my fingers that me and some others who got waitlisted after the first round might hear some good news tomorrow
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    I think that every time PAs are taking up the argument that they are better trained, which is usually where things always go, they look cynical. Instead of going into a defensive mode every time they are put into this situation, they should go on the offensive for once and take a positive tone to their approach. Your profession is reactive and negative rather than proactive and positive. It kills you guys every time. The NPs didn’t so much as do anything to bring you guys down in that bill, they just didn’t include you in their expansion. The PA profession was a NON ENTITY in the whole process. Again... it’s probably all for naught because there’s no way anything that large is passed by the legislators. That destroys their power, so they will break it up into 179 separate pieces of legislation. The stark omen of it all, though, is the complete disregard displayed to PAs. And yeah, everyone is all distraught about the restraints issue. I’d be more distraught that there wasn’t similar language in the bill advocating for PA independence like there was doing it for NPs. But most of you will see it as something where NPs need to be stopped so they don’t get an advantage, rather than trying to SIMPLY PIGGYBACK ON THE BACK OF WHAT NPs WANT TO DO. The PAs there will position themselves as if they are crabs in a pot pulling the NP crabs back in with them. Or you all will revert to complaining about how you guys have better skills and merits to be advancing too. Sorry, but by now you all should know that’s not how you advance... it just makes you feel better while you take your place as the sidekicks yo physicians.
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    Got my acceptance call today!! I am so excited to join this program!
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    Just got a phone call being accepted into the program!! I interviewed Sept 28th in afternoon session. Hope everyone else hears back shortly!
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    I’m a current PA student at LIU. If you haven’t been invited to an interview yet, or are wondering whether or not you should even apply this late, do it. I applied some time in December and was invited for an interview some time in January. And others had interviews after me as well. So don’t get discouraged or take yourself out of the equation. Good luck everyone!
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