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    Class of 2020, you’ve got another classmate!!!!!!!!! Huge huge huge gratitude for getting to be a part of this program!!!
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    Its ridiculous. Soon everyone will be a doctor. Meet your Doctor of Custodial Engineering:
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    Call from a 205 number: Me: Hello? 205: Who names their kid Storm? Hahaha, I’m in!!!!!! Yes that was the first thing he said to me hahahaha. (Storm is my middle name and apparently my new name while I’m in the program) SO STOKED
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    Got rejected about 3 times in the span of an hour lol. My favorite was the last one apologizing for the error and confusion, and then rejecting me again 🙃🙃🙃
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    i would amputate the leg and place the patient on dialysis
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    I have a lot of similar feelings. "Make the customer happy". Sometimes hard to do. I'm not going to practice medicine the way patients want. I'm going to practice evidence based medicine. Patients are in charge of the care they receive, but are not in charge of me. I present options of treatment and they can choose if they want to do it or not. A lot of patients see us as where they go get what they think they need not where they go to find out what is wrong and how to treat it. How many pt's admit they understand their smoking contributes to their cough and recurrent URI sx and quit when suggested? Had a pt's mother get mad when doing ortho. Her son had his 4th fracture from racing dirt bikes. I politely suggested trying another activity since he has been hurt so many times. She smugly told me how she encouraged him to do what he enjoyed and how she supported his choices if it made him happy. I asked mom if her son was on the rifle team at school and he kept shooting himself would she continue to let him do it because she supported his choices if it made him happy? Needless to say she did not like my comparison. This post was abt doing something other than medicine. I'm thinking about opening a BBQ restaurant. Found a town with 60,000 people and there is only 1 place that serves crappy BBQ. I have been smoking BBQ, chicken, and ribs for years and have developed my own sauce, all of which has been described as good enough to sell. The town is in the upper mid west and we are from the rural south. I believe a guy with a thick southern accent selling authentic southern BBQ, baked beans, tater salad, slaw, and banana pudding can make a killing. The novelty of a little rustic restaurant and folks that talk like Andy Griffith will bring customers in for 6 months and after that they will come back to get the food. I am planning a move to work at the local hospital as a PA with my wife (she manages an assisted living facility now) managing the BBQ place until it gets established and then we will do it together full time if it is as successful as I expect it will be. My 5 yr plan if successful is to sell the BBQ place and retire.
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    Hello everyone My name is Ben and I'm a current first year in the SMU MPA program. I'd like to set some expectations for all of you. First off, Samuel Merritt University has an AMAZING PA program. It truly does. We just finished our first round of exams, so I'm still recovering from sleep deprivation, but I'm pretty sure I'm in love with Samuel Merritt and all my classmates. That being said, the application process can be annoying and will test your patience. What you need to know is that there is a big difference between the PA program and the Samuel Merritt University main office that also deals with nursing, OT, DPT and all the other programs here. Any frustrations that you will likely have with this application cycle is due to the main office. Sorry. They are slow to respond to emails and phone calls, and because they deal with many programs, they might not know the specifics about the PA department process. Don't think Tonette Green is singling you out when she doesn't respond to your emails or phone calls for weeks, months, or ever. Luckily once you're a student here, you don't have to deal with the main office. On the other hand, our amazing program director Mike DeRosa reads every single application that is submitted to Samuel Merritt. All applications will also be read by our "admissions committee" which is just comprised of our professors. They get thousands of applications, but truly care about inviting the best potential applicants to the interview day because whomever they choose might be sitting in their classroom next year. The downside to having current teachers read the applications is that the majority of applications won't get touched until after Fall semester is over. I didn't receive my invitation to interview last year until January. That's normal. You need to have patience. Think about it this way: Joe Schmo 4.0 who already interviewed at Duke and accepted a seat there can now turn down the invitation from Samuel Merritt which opens up a spot for you! It's just how it works. I'll (maybe) post more about the interview process once it's January, but know that the PA department cares deeply about choosing the best students who will be successful in school and share the same core values as listed on SMU's website. The most important piece of advice I can give you is that you've already submitted your application, so stop thinking about PA school. Focus on the job you have, or the classes you're in, or whatever opportunities you have available to you to take advantage of right now. IF you get an interview to Samuel Merritt or any other school, spend the two weeks before preparing for the interview, and then continue not thinking about PA school until you get another interview. Day dreaming about getting into PA school from now until February never helped anyone get into PA school. IF you don't get any interviews this year, keep doing the right things and apply again next year. I also care deeply about making sure the right people get into school here, and those that needed to apply multiple times are typically better people/students in my opinion.
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    I'm one of those few crazy people that just turned down an acceptance to Duke (received the acceptance yesterday). That's to say, there is one more spot open for you guys! Good luck to everyone as you apply to PA programs.
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    I have met a few FMG with the same situation. What a costly road this was for you. If you are not aware there is history of FMGs trying to sit for the PANCE before and did very poorly. So, this set the standard that just because one went through med school didn't mean they could pass the PANCE. So, to be upset by a "formality" of wasting 2 years of your life to take a test you think you could have passed without the "formality" is kind of coming off in the wrong way to me. You did poorly in your standardized testing for med school, applied to 410 residencies over 3 years, only got a mere 2 interviews, applied to 90 PA schools and only got 12 interviews...So, to be a little cocky about needing to go through PA school is just not right. You succeeded in your journey to becoming a medical provider. Congrats for that. Moving forward I wouldn't even discuss having gone to med school. Some opinionated people think PA school is for candidates who can't cut it in med school. That kind of applies to you as you didn't succeed in becoming a physician. Also, I wouldn't share with your colleagues that you feel like you wasted your time in PA school to take a test which you could have passed regardless. Welcome to the PA profession
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    After interviewing last year and getting a denial... I got the call tonight!! So excited and grateful and shocked!! 🙌🙌
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    Received an acceptance email today. Blown away. Interviewed 10/10, waitlisted around the end of October, heard back today. I don't really know how to state my enthusiasm here so I'll pre-emptively answer my fellow neurotics' questions for stats. 3.5 gpa Biology degree, upward trend (4 point last semester) Just under 2000 hours of medical experience as an EMT-B in a city known for violence & poverty Medical study abroad Philanthropy chairman in my undergraduate Fraternity Second application cycle with zero interviews last year Wow! Can't believe I made it.
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    Oh My Gosh! The suspense is killing me! Every ring I get I get a surge of adrenaline...then I'm like, "oh hi Mom..." LOL
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    It's called degree inflation. If you check out actually classrooms hours, most PAs with an MS have more actual education than some of these "doctors." Also, universities like degree inflation. They can sell more (unnecessary) classes this way. Yes, I am both cynical and skeptical.
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    I got the acceptance call today around 12:30 after interviewing 10/30 & 10/31. I'm so excited and wish the best of luck to all other applicants!
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    Hey guys! Just got a call today as well! Couldn't believe how quickly it happened. Cant wait to get to know all of your guys better. Congrats everyone!
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    I got a call as well! Ian Awai cant wait to start this with you guys!!
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    As a current student, I want to echo what my classmate above mentioned about the UC Davis program. Yes, it was shocking for us to learn about the low pass rate, and it was and has been a concern for many of the current students. However, administration and faculty have been working diligently to address this issue by changing the curriculum in areas that prior cohorts felt were areas of weakness. No program is perfect, but I really appreciate the transparency and support the faculty has provided us at this institution. Lastly, as mentioned above, the program curriculum does align with what is expected on the PANCE. In addition, our curriculum does incorporate the diagnostic model, where we are presented with the disease and its pathophysiology in which we learn the clinical findings, develop a differential, and learn evidence-based treatment courses. On top of this, our program fosters team-based learning in weekly cases in both our medicine and pharmacology courses. Your comment about our program being housed in the nursing school actually saddens me. Whether or not this program is housed under the school of medicine or the school of nursing is not the concern. Rather than further create a divide between our professions, nursing vs PA vs MD/DO, we should be fostering interprofessional learning and discussion that accurately depicts real clinical practice. To be honest, nursing school should NOT be given the reputation you implied, "they don't know how to teach within the diagnostic model that is required for PA's and MD's." The nurses in our cohort are some of the smartest and sincerest people I have ever met. I have learned an invaluable amount of clinical, diagnostic, and practical knowledge from each and every one of them, and the program would be so different without their presence.
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    Soooo no calls tonight?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Last year Mr. Drace called all through the weekend.
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    LOVE THAT!! *fingers crossed* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just got the call from Mr, Bill Drace...I AM IN AS WELL!!! I am OVER THE MOON, I am beyond honored to be part of this great program!! Good luck to everyone!
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    I GOT IN!! Just got the call from Mr. Drace!!
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    After 3 years of applying I was blessed with a phone call offering me a seat in the Spokane class 22! I am looking forward to working with everyone in this new journey! Don’t give up hope to those still waiting, they did say to expect phone calls after Monday... I was surprised to hear so soon. Stay positive everyone and know persistence pays off!!Please IM me if you received this life changing opportunity. I would like to exchange numbers... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ha ha, this ^^^ reminded me of one of my favorite stories. I was working in the ED years ago when a surgical team was emergently paged for something on our patient (that I can't remember - bowel perf?) Anyway a very nice young lady appears, the surgical PA, and politely and professionally asks us to order some tests and other stuff for her so she doesn't have to waste 10-12 minutes signing into the computer. She was very nice about it, so we are happy to do this. Enter the surgeon, with his cool biker pants and napoleonic tendencies, literally whipping his Porsche keys through the air so we all see them, I mean just every cliche' in the book. He's barking orders and throwing charts around and making sure everyone knows this kind of thing is quite beneath him. Meanwhile, we are working to stabilize this guy who's kinda going in the wrong direction. Anyway, there's a lot of rolling eyes behind his back and he comes in the big room where we are and finally lowers himself to allow the PA to speak to him to tell him what the deal is. He makes some really nasty remark that I didn't quite hear, and the room got a little quiet as people kind of look over. The PA, this very nice lady, looks right into his eyes and says without missing a beat - and I quote - "the F*** you think you're talking to?" Probably 12 people heard this, and you could have heard a pin drop for about 10 or 12 seconds, literally complete silence. People actually walked in to the room to see what had just happened. It's a moment I have never forgotten. She then proceeds to tell him what's going on, in a calm voice, and then leaves, as he stands there dumbstruck and I try my best not to burst out laughing and then ask the PA to marry me. We talked to her about it later. She said that particular reaction was suggested by other members of her team, and had been coming for a long time. Sorry for the length but I kind of do that and we're all pretty used to it now.
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    Got the call earlier this week! Interviewed on 10/31. Pumped to be a double gator!
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    I agree. Leave. Try to schedule an exit interview. If you explain the truth about why you are leaving, it may make things better for the next PA.
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    Interviewed 10/11, got waitlisted 2 weeks later, got accepted 11/6!
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    GOT ACCEPTEDDDDDDD! CLASS OF 2020 IS LIT! Congrats to everyone!! Can't wait to meet/see you all next year!
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    Oh my gosh I was accepted!!!! I just received my acceptance call from Ms. Kays at 12:30p EST after interviewing 10/30-31. I’ve been wearing orange and blue for 5 years but I could not be more excited to officially become a GATOR PA!!!
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    Howdy y'all -- interviewed last week on the 30th and 1st, received the offer of admission from Ms. Kays this afternoon. Woohoo!! Every single candidate at the interview day was totally outstanding and I'm excited for y'all! Best of luck to all.
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    Yup got the rejection email around 5pm pst. But wait, not one, not two, three emails to tell me that I was rejected. Sigh. I guess they really didn't want me attending their school. I feel your pain @LeQuack. So much emotions going on here. The worst was the third one apologizing. I was like, did they mistakenly send the wrong email and in fact are sending a secondary application but alas it was a big fat no. :/
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    Just received a "post-interview" rejection email. They thanked me for my "enthusiastic participation." Weird part is that I never attended an interview. I wasn't even invited to one. They also sent it as "Dear first_name" hahah. Kind of embarrassing on their part. I have been accepted to three programs with more interviews to go, so I'm not too bummed about it. Especially seeing their recent PANCE pass rates... No excuse for that! Good luck to everyone interviewing though!
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    I just completed the 2-day interview process yesterday! I was so impressed by everything that UF has to offer- most notably the advanced sim lab and proximity/accessibility to a top notch hospital in Shands. Overall the interviews were relaxed and made me feel at ease so I could really be myself. Good luck to everyone who has applied for the class of 2020 and congrats to those already accepted to this amazing program!
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    Hey guys just received an invite to interview on Nov 2. today. So with some folks declining they may be sending out more. I don't know, but just glad to have received some good news.
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    Just received a call from Karin offering me a spot in the class! She said an official email will come through Monday. Although I am very excited, I need to compare the program with another one I've been accepted to before making a final decision. Good luck to all those waiting to hear back!
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    I'm about to come across as very harsh, maybe, because I'm a little bitter. I was finally able later in life to pursue a lifelong dream of working in medicine that previously just was not made possible to me. After graduating summa cum laude with my degree in biomedical science and tons of hours on the administrative side of Medicine, I applied for and was accepted to interview for admission into PA program. However, I was wait-listed. My belief is that I just did not look as good on paper as some of the other younger students who to call up the right steps to be as attractive as possible for the admissions process. Now I am attempting to make myself more attractive going the EMS route. I just wanted to give a little background on me before saying what I was going to say. Suck it up! Do something proactive about your feelings of inadequacy. You were lucky enough to get admitted into PA School and gritty enough to complete it. We all do not get that opportunity. Do not waste the opportunity that you received. Turn these feelings that you're having into a learning experience and grow from them. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    Hi Guys, David Rusev here, I got the call the other day. I was was not aware of this page, congratulations to all of you. Im excited to embark upon this journey with each and every single one of you. -Go Dawgs
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    I cannot agree more with my classmates above. UC Davis is the most unique advanced practitioner institution in the country. I am honored to attend this school. The faculty are a group of kind individuals who value diversity and really emphasize helping the underserved, which I think is very important. Our 9 student run clinics that we attend have already taught me so much and I'm only into the second quarter of the program. We are very much being prepared to be competent practitioners with an excellent bedside manner. The past PANCE scores were surprising to me as well, but as my friends mentioned, our program is really working hard to adjust the curriculum for our success in mind. We even have focus groups that take our suggestions for improvement into consideration. I can say with 100% certainty that we will all be well prepared for the PANCE when that day comes. We are provided with all of tools to be successful. As cliche as it sounds, your education is truly what you make it. No PA program is going to hold your hand when you take the PANCE. You have to be your own facilitator in being successful. We certainly are taught by the PANCE blueprint and are given tools such as Exam Master to prepare us. There are so many other tools such as PANCE Prep Pearls, Smarty PANCE, Hippo and in-person prep programs. There are so many ways to study and be successful. Please know that no program is perfect. I have friends at many other programs (Cal Baptist, Samuel Merritt, and Loma Linda to name a few) that have complaints and/or issues with their program. At the end of the day, every school is going to have its kinks to wrinkle out. Every program has its own advantages too. The ARC-PA sets very high standards for each school. I have even heard of more than one program losing its accreditation. UC Davis is good to go for another ten years last I heard as far as accreditation goes. I would say that speaks volumes. To address our program being in the school of nursing, I think it is only beneficial to my learning experience. The nurses are brilliant in our cohort. Their pharmacology knowledge and patient care skills only support my education. The interpersonal integration is really relevant to how medicine truly is, a team effort. Overall, UC Davis is an amazing program and I have zero regrets choosing this institution. In fact, it's a great honor to go here.
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    Nope. If there are technical difficulties, they are elsewhere. If the thread were locked or you were barred from posting, you'd see it prominently. Thanks for posting here. No, this is not an SDN-sour-grapes-fest: I've seen those, and this isn't that. As a practicing PA this is your site, regardless of the path you took to get here. Your insight matches what I know about residency from my own research and having 3 rotations at teaching hospitals. I have no reason to disbelieve your perspective that PANCE is easier than USMLE, and wish you all the best in your journey to care for people.
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    Confidence comes from one of 2 places. Hubris or experience. The first gets people killed. The second comes only with time in the trenches. Experience and learning from it never ends and anyone who tells you they haven't had a "miss" in their career is kidding themselves. I have been at this about 30 years and have fairly broad experience. The other day mom brought a baby in because "he just isn't right" and "he seems sleepy" and "the babysitter says he took a 3 hour nap and he never does that." I went over this kid with a fine tooth comb...twice. He was sleepy but aroused and fussed at me when I pestered him.Vitals were perfect. Exam was benign. I told mom to watch him for a couple of hours and see what happened. If he popped back great. If he didn't or anything worsened in any way go to the ER. The next morning I checked and they had gone to the ER. Benzo overdose. The babysitter drugged the kid so she wouldn't have to watch him. Never crossed my mind. It was a hard miss and I'm smarter for it and the kid is going to be fine. It shook me but it didn't break me. Hang in there a while longer and you may find confidence will come to you with more time and experience.
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    No...but heard from a faculty member that they haven’t even made half the calls yet!
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    Just got the call and I’m in!!!!!! so BLESSED!
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    Mechanism of injury. Although you stated no laxity, during the acute injury (pain) phase it is sometimes difficult to elicit a full satisfactory exam. I would put him in a short knee immobilizer pending rad over-read and ortho consult. My thought process is that nobody is going to fault you for immobilizing a joint, especially considering that an injury force strong enough to cause a small avulsion, can certainly give rise to the possibility of internal derangement. Call me old school.
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    I started off as a CNA at a nursing home/ LTC facility and it was tough. Thankfully, it was only part time. Along with some of the issues you've stated, I also felt it was physically taking a toll on me. (RIP to my back, gone but never forgotten) I did question whether or not this was the right career path for me but honestly I'm glad I started at the nursing home, it taught me patience, resilience and made me reaffirm my decision in going into this field, because you literally get your feet wet lol. Then when I transitioned into the hospital it was smooth sailing! Less patients, more acute work, get to work with multidisciplinary professionals, gain more medical/healthcare knowledge etc. and I love it! However, still some of my coworkers literally hate coming to work every day because they're spoiled, meanwhile I always reflect on the times I had at the nursing home and how it shaped me to be a competent and grateful CNA, and hopefully in the long run a PA TL;DR gain experience at nursing home, transition to CNA at hospital, become a PA :)
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    Today's the day that marks the exact 8 weeks past the September 1st deadline. Hoping for good news next week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks like we have a great cohort coming together! I look forward to being in class with you all.
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    Having seen several (10+) friends go through this process, and now going through the process myself, I wanted to share a few things. I'm not an expert by any means, but having just received word that I was granted an interview at 11/11 programs I applied to, there is definitely a method to the madness. After reading hundreds of posts on this forum, i see the same themes coming up time and time again. Thus, the purpose of this thread is to help provide guidance to some of those questions. 1) GPA trend matters more than overall GPA. I didn't have above a 3.0 GPA until junior year. That being said, you still need to be within the ballpark of the accepted students. Nobody wants to take on an academic liability, and if you haven't proven yourself recently, then why would anyone want to take a chance on you now? 2) In terms of application materials, your personal statement is the most important part of your application. It's a difficult thing to write. Start writing it in January of the year you want to apply. Finish your personal statement before CASPA opens. Everyone has numbers. You distinguish yourself with your statement. 3) Research where you want to go and apply selectively. Can't stress this enough. For example, if a program says they emphasize in-state students with a military background - and you are from out-of-state without a service record - then don't bother. 4) Apply by June 1st for any program with rolling admissions. Just do it and you'll never wonder if you were too late to be considered. Don't think that just because you submitted an application by the deadline that you have a shot. You need to get in there before someone else. 5) If you are applying for next year's cycle, open a CASPA account now and look at this years supplemental essays for the programs you are interested in applying to. Start jotting down notes on these early. These are also just as important as your personal statement. 6) Above 300 combined for GRE. Higher the better. While many say this aspect is trivial, it does show your ability to study for a standardized test, which is ultimately one of the biggest metrics of program success. 7) Get real experience that you are interested in. If you think you have an interest in emergency medicine, then become an EMT and see where that goes. If you think you have an interested in surgery, try becoming a surgical tech or possibly a peri-op LNA/CNA. If you want to do primary care, maybe go for MA at the primary care clinic. The point is this: if you seek out experiences that you are genuinely interested in instead of just trying to check off the hours box, then you'll be rewarded with having genuinely interesting and passionate experiences to draw from when you are writing your essays and during your interviews. Quality is better than quantity (just make sure you also have the quantity required!). You'll also get better LORs this way. 8) Don't be naive about your own application. Know your strengths and weaknesses. There's always someone with a better GPA, PCE, etc. You don't have to win them all, but it's important to be well rounded. A good GPA doesn't make up for lack of PCE, nor does 10 yrs as a combat medic make up for a 2.0 GPA. 9) Be honest and genuine. If you write in your PS that you want to do rural primary care but you have lived in NYC your whole life while gaining PCE as an inpatient CNA...well, that's suspicious. 10) Many applicants have the bare minimum requirements. Don't be that person. I hope some of this helps. Again, I am not an expert, but I applied early and started preparing my application about 6 months before CASPA opened. I've seen many people with better "stats" than me apply much later in the cycle with poor results. Give yourself the best shot at success by doing your due diligence before the application cycle starts - not during it.
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    Hello! I (Andrea Delzer) got the call today and am very excited to start this journey! Congrats to everyone who got the call! [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I received an interview invite for November 10th. Very excited! Good luck to everyone! :)