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    Hello fellow PAs, I wanted to know if any of you could relate and/or had advice with regards to switching from office setting practice to hospital practice. I have been doing OB/Gyn in an office setting with tons of autonomy (no attending on site), set hours, and routine care x 3.5yrs. I am looking to go into the OB/Gyn hospital setting to broaden my scope and to deliver/surgery. What are some of the challenges I should forsee? I know answering to attendings, longer hours a day, and being on my feet more are some. Thanks!!
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    I finally got in! Just got the call! Haha third time trying. So excited good luck to everyone!
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    If KevinMD and his ilk were doing the job, they wouldn't need us. To clarify, doing the job includes providing low cost health care. Boom. I can't tell you how many times lately I've looked at the person trying to pay for: -the office visit, necessary work up, and the treatment. Sometimes it's easy to blame the patient; if he didn't smoke, if he didn't use drugs, if he didn't do whatever. However, I've started to realize (especially trying to pay for insulin that is nearly the cost of a car payment) that these people are me. Are my mom. Are my dad. Are my son. I am ashamed to work with MD's sometimes, because the patient is, figuratively, and a lot of the time, literally, using money he doesn't have, to find out what is wrong. And the MD is more than glad to take that money, only giving the patient a pat on the head. Demeaning. I speak from experience because I don't tell the office what I do. And I hate, Hate, going to the Dr. office. It makes me feel diminished as a person, especially when I am sick. So at work, I try to do what very few do- listen. I take as much damn time as I need. That's why I work at the VA, because they allow me to do that, and I don't have a bean counter telling me I'm not making enough money. So, KevinMD. You can suck it. Because while you may make your patients feel better that they have been blessed that a true MD has swept into the room, my mom will call me frustrated because she doesn't understand what the hell you are talking about, because she doesn't know what an echocardiogram is. And she is scared. And you did shit to help her with that. And that's why she went to see you. The chest pain was secondary. Sorry. the point is, the good MD's are too busy to write posts, and will gladly work with you. The bad MD's sit and whine, like little babies who no one wants to play with.
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    i received a call earlier today! im so excited to meet you all. and dont lose hope guys! he's gonna be making calls all through the week!
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    I submitted everything with supplemental on 7/23 and I haven’t heard anything. I emailed them yesterday and was told my application is still under review. If selected for interview, I’ll be contacted between now and January 2019. Hope this helped others who are in a similar situation. Good luck to those who got interviews!
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    I just got the call that I was accepted about an hour ago!!!!! Was super surprised they called so late, but it was the best phone call I've ever got! Good luck to everyone ?
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    Hey everyone, the good news is that Mr. Drace is making calls tonight. The better news is that he indicated he still has a lot of calls to make! So, stay positive, and good luck to all!!!
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    I received my acceptance yesterday as well! Super excited to meet everyone and begin this journey!
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    here's a thought...don't sign the charts....many states don't require it. my charts have no mandatory review or cosignature in my state. better yet doc, if you don't favor signing PA charts , support the move to do away with it everywhere.
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    The last interview they asked us if we receive a call not to post that we did and the times. They mentioned everyone would hear a decision by the end of this week. So as hard as it is, stay off the forums so you don’t panic, turn your ringer on and wait. It’s better for everyone so that people aren’t dying over when the phone calls occurred or emails went out.
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    I would have asked for retention rate instead of PANCE passing rate. Easy to to have PANCE passing rate >90% when the program dismisses everyone who is struggling. Higher retention + higher passing rate for pance = a program that helps students to succeed.
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    I got my call this evening!! So incredibly happy.
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    autonomy, scope of practice, and respect. It is silly that at almost age 50 with almost 33 years working in emergency medicine some places require my charts to be signed by a 29 year old family medicine doctor with less than 6 months ER experience to make them legitimate. We need OTP and we need it now. https://www.aapa.org/advocacy-central/optimal-team-practice/
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    Got the call earlier today!! So excited! Congrats to everyone and for those still waiting, hang in there.
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    HELLO FUTURE CLASSMATES!!!!!! Phone calls are being made today!! I got the call today about noon CT. Best of luck to everyone!!
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    A better question is why are places requiring physician signatures on the charts. It's really not about supervision but rather about going from the 85% reimbursement if only a PA or NP signature is on the chart to the 100% reimbursement for having the physician signature on the chart - "incident-to" billing. If a medical service was reimbursed based on what the service was vs the license of the person who signed the chart this entire issue would go away. I suspect so would also many of the barriers to OTP.
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    Just got the call too!! Mr. Drace did say he was behind on making calls so best of luck to those who still haven't heard and congrats to those who have already been accepted!
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    I’m in!!!! So excited to everyone who has been accepted, and can’t wait to meet you all! Got my call just now for the dual degree program acceptance.
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    Maybe if no one responded, maybe Drace will make some calls tonight!! Fingers crossed!
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    Agreed, 50% is unheard of. Their accreditation needs to be urgently reviewed. If you don't feel like contacting ARC-PA yourself, PM me the details and specifics and I'll drop a dime for you.
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    Got my phone call this afternoon that I was accepted! I feel so fortunate to be admitted to such a great program! I can't wait to get in touch with everyone else who will be attending!
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    Got the phone call from Leah a little while ago! Glad to be accepted wishing everyone good luck. Such a great program
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    I got the call too! So pumped to join the UAB family!
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    JUST RECEIVED MY ACCEPTANCE TO THE MIAMI CAMPUS. Holy cow I'm in shock. Interviewed last Friday. I met some amazing people and I'm crossing my fingers for them!
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    I have to tell my one and only "I got sued story" because its so funny. I was named in a suit where I never saw the patient but another PA with the somewhat unusual last name did. Apparently the attorney didn't read very carefully and, because I was the senior PA and well known, missed the name difference in involving a part time PA. When I realized what happened the hospital attorney said he would get me dropped but I suggested we let it ride until the statutory time passed for adding anyone to the case...which we did. We went to depositions and the patient's attorney asked me what my findings were when I examined the patient and I told him I never touched the patient. He got all agitated and waived the ER records in my face and yelled " Isn't that your name and signature on the chart!!!". I very calmly said ...no it isn't. It took him a minute and a few more questions to realize his error. I hope he got sued for legal malpractice. It was the most fun I have had at work ever.

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