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    • Im in for group B as well! What do yall ladies think you’re going to wear for the “informal” social the evening before? Haha.   also...I would appreciate ANY advice from people who have interviewed last year. I last interviewed in October so my comfort level is kind of rusty by now.

    • Others will have to tell you about RFU. As far as your age, not a problem (I was much older and I now have students your age.) If you have small children, you will need a good support system.

      Best wishes!

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    • Hi! Below is the link for the FB group I created for the Class of 2020. Feel free to join! Thank you
    • Wondering if any PAs have decided to further their education and have gone on to medical school. I’m aware of bridging programs out there ( ie LECOM) . I’m 34 and contemplating applying to a bridging programs. Any words of wisdom?  Would appreciate hearing others experiences who may have completed this transition in their career.     
    • I'm considering both nursing and pa school- but being a pa is more attractive to me for many reasons, including my interest and personality. However, i am almost 40 and have a toddler at home. I have a masters degree in non healthcare field, and am taking pre read now. Is PA school even an option for me??  Is travel required at RFU?