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  1. Gratefulguy, thanks for sharing that with us. Good luck with your program that you are choosing!
  2. I was just going to ask this too. You don't have to mention where you're planning on going instead, but what factors went into your decision? (or your friend's decision if you how insight on that)
  3. I got an interview invite today as well! I chose the afternoon session on 10/9.
  4. I feel the same way. I hardly remember what she said when she called, and I don’t remember what she said about when the email would be sent.
  5. Thank you! Good luck to you and everyone still waiting to hear!
  6. I got the call just before 2pm today! I’m a little surprised because I didn’t feel like my interview went well. Looking forward to meeting my classmates!
  7. That's strange. I wonder if it was an accident. I've seen people post about other schools accidently sending similar emails.
  8. What does it say on your portals? Its weird that some people got that email and some didn't. I haven't gotten it, and my portal still says I'm under review. I suspect that we'll all get that email soon, and that maybe it's just not a click a button and send the same email at the same time to a bunch of people? Are either of you planning on applying to the other campuses?
  9. I think there will be more. From what I can tell there’s been 19 acceptances from this forum. Even taking into account people who don’t use this forum being accepted, I think they have lots of seats to fill. Based on the pattern of previous interviews, I’d be willing to bet that they have at least 1 other October interview. Life happens, so I don’t think they will take it as disinterest, but you should let them know ASAP so you can get the next best/closest date. And congrats on the interview!
  10. I thought I did this morning but it was a zoom info session sign up email.
  11. I just got an interview invite this morning for 9/27! I didn't think I would get one since I applied in early June, but like a lot of people have said, if you haven't received a rejection then you're still in the running. Timeline: CASPA verified: 6/14 Drexel confirmation: 6/22 Interview invite: 9/20 (about 13 weeks after confirmation email) Interview: 9/27
  12. I interviewed that day and I haven't heard anything.
  13. University of the Pacific - In Person University of Bridgeport - Virtual Quinnipiac - Virtual Dominican (CA) - Virtual Drexel - Virtual
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