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  1. I interviewed that day and I haven't heard anything.
  2. University of the Pacific - In Person University of Bridgeport - Virtual Quinnipiac - Virtual Dominican (CA) - Virtual
  3. Did anyone that was put on the waitlist after an interview respond to the email to confirm your spot, and have you gotten a response from Zeina yet? I responded on Friday about an hour after receiving the email, and I haven't heard anything. I'm just wondering if others are in the same boat or if I should shoot another email.
  4. I got the waitlist email too. It’s not an acceptance, but I’m glad to know where I stand going into the weekend so I can relax a little. Congrats to everyone who got accepted and waitlisted!
  5. That’s the impression I’m getting. Definitely not getting my hopes up at this point.
  6. Seriously. I’ve gotten 25 spam calls since this time last week. Talk about nerve wracking.
  7. I don’t think so. I think we’ll probably get an email.
  8. I feel like they haven't started making acceptance calls/emails yet. I thought for sure we would hear something today since it seems like they sent those waitlist emails to a lot of people yesterday, but it looks like we'll be waiting at least until tomorrow. It's so close to being three weeks out from the 12th/13th interview dates. I was hoping we would hear back closer to the two week mark than the three week mark.
  9. I just got an interview invitation, so I guess they're sending out another round of invites today! I was verified on June 14th and got confirmation from OHSU on June 15th.
  10. I interviewed the same day as you, and I haven't heard anything yet either. Now that we are officially in the 2-3 week range that they gave us, I'm starting to get more anxious/nervous.
  11. I'm sorry to hear that. There's a program out there for you! If you don't mind sharing, when did you apply/get verified?
  12. I just got an interview invite this morning for September 2nd! I was verified on June 14th and got confirmation from the program on June 15th.
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