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  1. There's a lot of surgeons that are happy to hire new grads. They prefer to teach someone fresh rather than someone that has been "contaminated" by another surgeon. You'll find something in ortho or general surgery without too much trouble if the local market is ok.
  2. In my experience, these positions are a lot more aggravation than they are worth. Your coworkers are always mad, admin is always mad. Do it until it drives you nuts, then say screw it.
  3. 😘       Stretch.JPG.9e815071cabc5832913dcabffd658278.JPG       winter trending фон, футаж, footage, background, снег, снежинки, зимний футаж, зима, зимний фон, Snowflake, Футаж для видео ( footage background). discover-snowflake GIF

  4. What can I say? Jerks are gonna jerk. I'd almost blame this one on the suits. Ever since medicine transitioned to a business model, "the customer is always right." I've had lots of patients demand lots of stupid things.
  5. Should we let the guy's hearing play out, or just hang him now? I'm sure a site called "MDedge" won't have a vested interest in making a PA look bad, right?
  6. Some people appear to think that ivermectin is not yet a settled issue. Including, apparently the NIH. https://thehill.com/policy/healthcare/577844-texas-clinical-trial-to-examine-ivermectin-in-fight-against-covid-19
  7. 😘       Stretch.JPG.9e815071cabc5832913dcabffd658278.JPG       winter trending фон, футаж, footage, background, снег, снежинки, зимний футаж, зима, зимний фон, Snowflake, Футаж для видео ( footage background). discover-snowflake GIF

  8. I'm not 100% sure. It says ID required at check-in. You present a PA license to the high school kid working the front desk and they might not know what to make of it.
  9. I have heard Dr. Wible speak live. It's a little scary. Unfortunately, the suits don't care and never will. When there is a death they will sponsor a "Goat Yoga" session, hire a new, younger clinician they can pay less, and call it a day.
  10. If a program uses the same (or very similar) exams every year, it allows them to perform statistical analysis to eventually develop good projections for how students will do down the road and intervene if necessary. If faculty need to write new questions for each exam because the questions are "out" they lose this predictive ability. Students also get the impression that they are smarter than they really are, and wind up with a surprise on the PANCE. Needing to write new questions also increase the number of poorly written questions on each exam - the performance of questions should be evaluated after each exam and bad ones removed from the pool. After a few administrations, the exam should have very reliable questions.
  11. Just a warning- the pre-hospital environment is very different. Always unpredictable and usually resource-poor in terms of manpower and personnel. Being a great ER PA does not automatically translate in being good at EMS (and vice-versa).
  12. In many cases you might be able to get your employer to cover one or more memberships - it's worth asking...
  13. Nothing's free. Someone is paying, and it's not Pfizer/Moderna/J&J
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