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  1. No, I don't watch Fox news. And you are completely missing my point. The point is that outlets like CNN have spouted so much left-wing propaganda for so long, people on the right will have a legitimate hard time believing anything they say. CNN has no credibility. If they said the sky was blue there are segments of the population that couldn't buy it. I'll leave it at that, to avoid this thread getting exiled to the politics area.
  2. Mass media and government (and before someone gets preachy, I mean both parties) have been manifestly so dishonest and sensationalized so much crap, neither has much credibility with "normal" people any more.
  3. It's one of those books you'll want to put on a shelf in your office some day to look smart.
  4. Seems about as plausible as most "info" our government geniuses supply.
  5. If you are truly "not good at science" you're dead in the water. If it's really more like "I wasn't good at science" well, a lot can change in 17 years.
  6. Whatever happened, it looks like there are hard feelings. She scrubbed any mention of AAPA off her LinkedIn page, and she has been affiliated a while.
  7. Great work. Please report back on your Christmas bonus. I'm thinking along these lines:
  8. One of my buddies from school is in ER. He always said he was going to get business cards that said "Practice limited to the treatment of idiots." It seems that a quarter of patients don't need to be seen emergently, and another two quarters really don't need medical care at all. The remaining quarter consists of unfortunate people and the "hold my beer!" crowd.
  9. If enough people read this we won't need a PA forum any more. I always thought it would be amusing to become a hospital executive and torment physicians.
  10. If EMS = me, I depart and everything goes back to square one. Then I get sued for patient abandonment.
  11. I've been unimpressed by a ton of police officers I met. Some of the biggest jerkoffs I knew in primary and high school became cops. They were jerks with poor self images that couldn't earn respect so they thought they could get it with a badge and a gun (same as some people pursue an MD degree). Defunding the police is stupid. Policing the police is rational idea. Changing the culture of the police needs to happen. A core problem now is the militarization of police departments in terms of equipment and tactics. I remember when cops used to protect and serve and solve problems in the com
  12. I think I'll just come out and say it: the defund the police movement is moronic. All morons. I've run EMS a long time and had to deal with a lot of "frisky" patients. No way I'd do it without LEOs on scene. I'm perfectly capable of subduing the average Joe, but without a LEO there'd be all kinds of allegations of assault and kidnapping and the like. New York is returning to the dark days of the 1980s. Chicago is, frankly, a war zone. It's morons.
  13. The way society is going, work will be the least of your problems. You should start stocking up on guns, ammo and booze.
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