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  1. Lots more then simple arguments. can’t just use the “we don’t make 85% of physicians so it will help PA” argument overhead costs are the same for any provider Pcp overhead running around 40-60% 300k in receipts is about 120-180 in overhead Only leaves 120-180 for salary Docs won’t work full time for this hence no pcp docs in private practice BUT established practices depend on this profit to support the docs still in pcp medicine So in essence we support the docs pay while we don’t earn what we are worth also incident to is abused by practices to make
  2. I got it wrong..... anyone want to take a guess....
  3. fully support it your ability to make a stupid bad decision does not/ should not my right not not get COVID and infect my children I am tired of people who think personal liberty trumps public health. Look folks there is speed limits, vaccines required for schools, taxes for road improvement and the list goes on an on. Your a citizen of this country and the rights of all do in fact count "more" then the right of one individual. I also think we have to be VERY careful with rights versus privilege. There is a difference You have no right
  4. heck I am thinking of moving.... so tired of all the crap just want to be like the old small town doc with a shingle hanging and a small office..... enough of the politics
  5. https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2021/04/wyoming-landmark-legislation-a-victory-for-pas-and-patients/?utm_source=medwatch&utm_campaign=news_central_article&utm_medium=email Wyoming Landmark Legislation a Victory for PAs and Patients Legislation Repeals Requirement for Specific Relationship with Physician to Practice April 5, 2021 Left to right: Josh Hannes Wyoming Hospital Association Vice President; Eric Boley President of the Wyoming Hospital Association; Jennifer Frary, PA-C, WAPA Vice President; Governor Mark Gordon; Julie Whitesell MPAS, PA-C, WAPA P
  6. 30-60 min for AWV, annual PE and Advanced care planning hard to keep on track sometimes, yes you interrupt them and re-direct - it is not a social call or beers at the bar it is a medical evaluation. Usually you can get a feel for rather the person is hard to direct, I allow the occasional wander off the topic, but not the person that just wants to hijack the visit to talk about everything I used to worry more about this, but now I just try to direct towards the answers I need. Most times the people that are off track are likely the type of folks that go off track with
  7. at a decade and counting.... seriously my old address still shows up from 2011...... i moved once since then and that one has not shown up - it is now in the public domain.....
  8. straight PCP here I advocate for it every visit - ongoing issue with my 30yr MA who thinks it is a suggestion Yes it is used and I think it holds weight to have a trend Metabolic syndrome, PCOS, CAD, DM all get worse with weight, my job is to bring up the obvious to the patient, and explain the benefits of healthy weight - no way to know what that is with out the data.... case in point, nice middle aged female, MH hx,new meds, thinks she gained a little weight, says she might be 200 My MA did not weigh her the last two visits - I put her on scale and she is 2
  9. I do the hiring i would have no issues what so ever with someone in your situation Life goes on and timing of revealing this to the employer is key DO NOT tell them up front - they will just turf you tell them as you sign employment agreement - they can always say no at time, but they would be foolish to....
  10. strangely you specialty is PA.... at least by medicare standards... I always put down the specialty of IM (Which is true for my knowledge base)
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