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  1. just saying I HATE ASSISTANT Spent the day on the phone managing highly complex patients over the phone. Boy we are no bodies ASSISTANT>......
  2. Dave is AMAZING He is out there fighting every single day, and has been so for years This is the time to throw him a bone (or some $$$)
  3. wow so you as an anonymous poster is smarter then everyone in the trenches, all the researchers an all he brain power looking at this problem? I think you FAR overestimate your value..... The one point you bring up is that lack of a unified government back testing policy. THAT one issue is what put us here...... has the Feds aggressively been empowered to developed rapid testing for both current infection and past infection I surmise we would be in a TOTALLY different place right now.... But that office got shut down in 2018 for no good reason other then to consolidate power with those that are not scientists. I think out government failed us! and by US I meant the country but also all the front line medical workers who are risking their lives every shift..... sad indeed Back to your rant - sorry to long, to much ill conceived ideas, and to much drivel...
  4. please lets stop the flu v covid comparisons They are not the same - obviously - and to compare the two makes not sense one is a recurrent annual problem where over a 6-9 time frame it inflicts enormous damage - but we are prepared for it Covid on the other hand is brand new, is far more deadly, and we are racking up the deaths in a very short time - heard an interesting podcast from an intensivist that felt this was more like altitude sickness then PNA The point is the devil you know versus the devil you don't Both are the devil and will extract a price - but differently.....
  5. 6m ago made a job change to a small private walkin/primary care clinic never so glad to have done this, if I see enough patients I remain employed, I control it...not some bean counter
  6. have more hours working my ars off but still worried about it
  7. have a quick "make up meeting" with a doc and document it....
  8. drum rollllll NONE they are all "telecommuting" keeping their ARSS safe at home
  9. agree with some of this but not all We are not making widgets. We are in the care delivery model and the insurance companies dictate everything these days and they are soley driven by profit BUT We as a society needs to realize that we can not force medicine to operate at 98% all the time and then be ready for disasters. Medicine is a social safety net and society needs to invest in it.
  10. no, that is my point if we all John Wayne this and we all get sick and die then there is no one left to do our jobs sometimes times the greater good has to prevail - saying no might be the harder choice
  11. then the whole "living in a sea of COVID" crap and high stress.... nope I would only consider for $200/hour local where I don't have to travel
  12. "First do no harm" a motto we all should live by so you work with no PPE - you get exposed, then for 3-5 days you spread COVID like typhoid mary... this is not what I signed up for. sometimes the system has to totally fail (ie eery provider refusing to work) to get enough attention for them to immediately fix it. Really you don't think the modern manufacturing systems could not fix this in < 48 hours? Sure it would be expensive, but they could do it. They are just waiting till it is a must do.....
  13. HECK NO yeah go volunteer for a hospital system that has made millions not supporting the needs of the staff to only be caught red handed... ahhh nope Will only consider it locally if > $200/hour...
  14. I would volunteer to mod it, but would get fired in a day for not deleting posts that were good....
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