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  1. that's what being a true professional is..... sad but strong work
  2. so many non-clinical people are doing hiring we need to state what we do to avoid the confusion of the dreaded "Assistant" I list what my common clinical skills utilized in each section this is one section from mine Correctional Lead PA. Primary medical provider for incarcerated male population of ~200. Age 18+. Responsible for all aspects of care delivery including admission H&P, chronic care programs, acute care, wound management, management of all diabetic patients, diagnosing staging and treatment of chronic Hepatitis C, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, obesity, heart failure and evaluation and coordination of care to all local specialists. Primary medical provider and prescriber for Medication Review Group which works in coordination with mental health staff and psychiatrist. Responsible for all care delivery in the facility and review and updating of relevant protocol and standards. Strong advocacy for appropriate treatment of patients with SUD. Developed and implemented Vivitrol program and coordination of care to local buprenorphine and methadone providers. Worked closely with D.O.N. to ensure success within the department. Schedule and coordinate vacation and time off for clinic providers. 24x7x345days call coverage for entire facility. Part of management team tasked with running of medical department nurses and staff. October 2014- June 2019 This is a very different statement then "I worked in a jail and managed the patients medical needs" You need to expound on the specific responsibilities you did Also I have these sections where I expound on the things I have accomplished outside of work and special skills I possess SKILLS POSSESSED Lifelong learner. Exceptional rapport building skills with both colleagues and patients. Diagnostician. Calm demeanor under pressure. Evaluate, diagnose, and treat patient’s medical conditions. Initiate and interpret labs and x-ray studies. Perform 12 lead EKG, suturing, and other medical and surgical procedures. Supervise and/or coordinate the activities of patient care and support staff within the clinic. Past trainer of Resident Physicians and PA students in Interventional Radiology procedures. Ongoing teaching PA students. Teach and train illness prevention. Very computer fluent having gone through 5 EMR implementations. EDUCATION School 5 Masters in PA Studies, School 4, PA, AAS/Certificate, Academic Honors School 3. MBA, Academic Honors, GPA 3.8+ School 2, Academic Honors.. Completed all prerequisites to apply to medical college. GPA 4.0. School 1 BS in Business Administration. Secondary concentration in computer applications. CERTIFICATIONS & PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS DEA X number waiver to 100. NCCHC CCHP certified. Current State 1, state 2, states 3 PA License. Drug Enforcement Administration, Controlled Substance Registration. Past ACLS, ATLS, PALS, BLS. Past CPR instructor, Self Aid and Buddy Care instructor. State PA member, American Association of PA, (AAPA). AWARDS/ ACHIEVEMENTS Distinguished Fellow AAPA(DFAAPA), Class President _________PA Program, Dean’s List, President’s List, Beta Gamma Sigma, Air Force Accommodation Medal, Overseas Long Tour Ribbon, Achievement Medal, 1997, Airman of the Year, 1995. Eagle Scout. COMMUNITY Volunteer provider for _____ Free Clinic 2018-present. Volunteer Board Member and Treasure of Local Non-Profit Mountain Bike Corporation. 2017- present. Volunteer Medical Provider, www.________.com in Honduras. Past volunteer Board Member _________ Shores Civic Association, 2010- 2013 Organizer/Promoter of the ________ Weekly Mountain bike Race Series, 2005-2009; Past Race Director, Bike Race,______ 2005-2007.; National Ski Patrol – Volunteer Ski Patroller, 2005 – 2007; National Ski Patrol – Volunteer Patroller , 2001-2005 RECOMMENDATIONS Available on request The point is that you need to list what you can do, what you have done, what is special about you.... seperate yourself from the crowds of applicants....
  3. this is the case where you can come off as an ultraprofessional with the backing of the doc and mandate that it MUST change.... .period or else everyone's license is in danger.... New grads - read and think about this - it is rare that such a straight forward case comes up and when it does you MUST stand up for what is right!
  4. wow , tread lightly but firmly first talk to CP to advise second this is a nursing issue as well as a licensing issue for the facility So with the CP awareness and support ask for a meeting the administrator and DON of the facility At this meeting (CP does not need to be there and would be better if they were not) address the specific issues you have with examples. Clearly, professionally lay out that should your orders not be carried out as order that you will not have a choice but to report to the licensing agency for the nursing home, and the Board of nursing for the DON, ADON, and the nurses - no joke this is a big deal that you need to first protect the patients, then your license... tread carefully and take really good notes and act ultra professional as they are going to come out swinging. I have found that the LESS I say in such situations the better it is.... good luck
  5. what about just building your own?? 700k seems like a lot for a bldg and some washer and dryers....
  6. https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/924047?nlid=133644_5322&src=WNL_mdplsnews_200124_mscpedit_wir&uac=89496AJ&spon=17&impID=2255223&faf=1#vp_1 924047_print.pdf
  7. I really really wish that PA - - > DNP bridge program comes out.... (pipe dream)
  8. so...... if you are new, have no time or energy for letter writting or calling, or just lazy what to do???? Simple - send in $$$ I give $25/m to AAPA and my state agency so that they can advocate for me for about $2/d I am advocating for my profession.... if we have 140,000 PA and 25% of them did the same - $21 MILLION in funds to help sway the feds and the 50 state legislatures.... All for a few bucks a day..... seems like a simple way to help out
  9. probably CASH minimal overhead underpaying their provider ($55/hour is almost insulting for independent field work)
  10. WHY are we a profession that allows other professions with a vested interest in seeing us NOT suceed control our fate? just plan illogical We need AAPA and NCCPA to allow only PA's to be voting members of the board - period Maybe an accountant or a fire fighter can sit on the board, but why on god's earth would you let them vote on issues which effect our future - then magnify this by 100 for a Doc that might not want the profession to advance, or is facing pressure to hold the profession back......
  11. look into all the insurance companies paying for assessments in the home on the medicare advantage patients 1099 on most with pay rates around $80/visit no management no hassles just H&P by the time you take out mileage, costs, (1099 write offs) and cancellations you are likely in the $40/hr range and you get to write EVERYTHING off flexible schedule from what I see
  12. long time friend comes to me as a "new patient" Dx CA right there in the exam room on the very first visit.... strangely I wanted to cry but he just sat there (had been growing some time and I think he knew it was CA and had accepted it) oh yeah and he is a provider too....
  13. as I am in the lter half of my career and litterally do the EXACT same job as my doc in PCP - i find it insulting that other places want to pay me 50-60% of a doc pay - no I am not worth 200+ k but I am worth a heck of a lot more them 120 Fortunately I am in a private clinic where I am valued but you have truly hit the nail on the head. And now that OTP is out and NP's have figured it out it is time we elevate the whole game - BUT I think that this should be fore experienced PA's and not for the new grads - new grads coming out with numerous 100k offers in reasonable COL areas is pretty decent but there should be a lot higher ability to earn for those experienced PA's that are revenue generators. The same hospitals that are hiring us (PA) are doing so to save $$ Asking them for a raise is going to be a very difficult situation..... and one that they will fight bitterly
  14. if it is fair is a great deal PA's take home 38% of collections doc take home 53% collections if you could get to these numbers for the do (or even close) you would be rocking it ir 45% of collections (Yup i know you said fee schedule, but you need to drive it off collections)
  15. After reading Rev's post - I need to amend mine a little bit to include reporting if they were impaired - I was thinking more along the line of a simple screw up
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