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  1. you are 100% wrong on this point I owned my own house call practice and was the ONLY provider doing house calls - I did everything a doc would do In my current position I replaced a doc and clinically I do EXACTLY the same job - they did have some admin responsibility that I help with but more formally responsible for in the first part of my career I did see some of the simple cases - now I function as a doc. Period I wold caution you in a few realms 1) PA's are happy to be PA's - a lot of us are not bitter or doc wanna be 2) if you have not worked as a PA or Doc, you really are not a first hand expert - yes you can know a lot, and have many excellent thoughts and opinions, but it is not the same - on this note even us crusty old PA's understand that everyone has different experiences and issues with our profession so basing everything off my own experiences is wrong - instead we come together to talk about shared experiences and try to advance out profession Please name even one other profession where another separate profession has end all, be all, final say over a different profession..... yep there is none. on this we stand alone, and this I believe is not good for the PA profession.
  2. Just reading this now Not sure where you are hearing doc's only makeing $100/hour and your salary estimates are way off for my area 10 years ago IM doc's started at 180k in the hospital PA's start at about 100k $60/hour is nor "only 25%" less then $100 - per your math - - I would be very cautious of taking on the role of expert "because my wife is an attending" People tend to misrepresent salary, and it is similar to anecdotal evidence versus EBM.... they only real way to look at this is with specific numbers from each profession that are not bias PA's pretty much have this in the AAPA salary report and doc's have a few different reports on their income. You look at these and realize that Docs FAR out earn PA's - and in the non specialty worlds we are going pretty much the same jobs.... in my world I do the EXACT same job as the doc I replaced clinically. Not attacking anyone, but makes me think of going to work in a small clinic where the husband wife team is the doc and the practice manager...... https://www.thestreet.com/personal-finance/physician-assistant-salary-14666367
  3. did 3.5 years of overnights in the USAF - Sunday Thursday 11p-6:30am worked fine Then went to PA school and then tried ED repeatedly..... never could accept the schedule - course it was no where near consistent at all - was a few nights on, then off, then a day shift, then a swing shift, or even worse was just a blended 2/3 shift that the PA would have to stay till the ED quiet down - sometime 15 hour days... insane I might have had a chance if they provided a very consistent block of nights to work, but all over the place shifts are inhumane...
  4. depends on patient if he is a desk jockey and doesn't do much active would think mechanical with life long anticoag if he is adrenaline nut and loves doing mountabiking, climbing, surfing, skate boarding, ice hockey and the like might consider porcine need to know the patients goals...... Anticoag has it's risks.... repeat surgery has it's risks.....
  5. pay is an issue that has prevented me from working in the VA I currently am getting almost DOUBLE (hourly) what they VA offers locally (and working only 20 hours/week) Local hospital system starts new grad around 100, Va starts 75, top of scale is north of 150 at hospital, VA is under 120k. I do not work for this hosptial, but instead the state and work 2.5 days a week for 120k I have been in contact with the local med director - have forwarded him salary data, and even the local medical director position at a neightboring VA (I have MBA so natural fit) but they say that they are not able to vary salary. And to make matters even worse NP posting for same job is a little under 10k more, AND they lump us in with an area 60miles away (geographically we are isolated and across a state line- and this has created MUCH higher salaries locally) that pays FAR less (PA progam in that city suppresses wages. So I would love to work in the local VA, but no way can I take a 50% hourly pay cut (means I would work a 40 hour week for the same pay as a 20 hour week) and be about 30-50k below what I would be in the local market... too bad as I would love it. Reality - What is your range of pay? is it in the above range??
  6. they posted the same position for an IM doc at 200-225/yr - this is probably 75k over what an IM doc gets at the VA.... NEVER say ASSISTANT medical director Be just he Medical Director if at all possible - US ski team has a PA medical Director, VA is now doing it....... If you must go for something different go for ASSOCIATE medical director Salary - you are the head of a medical provider department - and are going to be facing a rather large number of issues - I would say 175 if the min salary
  7. waste - sorry but that much school is med school.....
  8. ventana

    What are your thoughts?

    should be stripped of her license and put in jail....
  9. Yes salary is dismal. This should pay in the 160k+. Range
  10. reviving and old thread Yes they can https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/511438100
  11. funny 2 kids (2 and 5) wife works part time 50 next year (me too) yup would need something very different then 3 years back in school
  12. I still remember the first patient I dx CA on I was amazed at how SLOWLY everything happened.... it is just the way it works....
  13. ventana

    Pharmacy gripe

    CVS is HORRIBLE right now Actually had to call the state pharmacy board and file a complaint against them...
  14. MD can precept anyone as they are the top of the pile I am loyal to my profession and I don't feel like advancing another competing profession that sometimes uses a lot of smoke and mirrors (advanced nursing not medicine being the biggest one) As well I have seen entire hospital systems favor NP over PA simply due to the admin types being RN's - I don't harbor ill will against them at all and think they are great clinicians, but I am not, nor would I ever, work to advance their profession at the expense of my own. If teaching is that important then work with a PA program to advance our own profession I have and would precept NP students Just my crusty old 2 cents worth....
  15. working in corrections I thankfully do not have satisfaction surveys.... I truly believe that have some (minimal value) in that the patients need to be heard BUT this idea of rating a provider is just stupid when there are studies like the displayed... Want better ratings, give out ABX and Narcotics..... period. I have seen my fair share of doc, NP and PA fall prey to this in the urgent care setting and they are incredibly destructive to the practice of medicine. If they use a patient satisfaction, they also should use prescribing habits (ie chart review for Viral URI) and the state controlled sub data base to see how we are doing....

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