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  1. I will provide a counter point the specialist has NO RIGHT to tell you how to perform you job. Period If they do not want you to talk in front of the patient they need to tell you this As the Doc's say "get out of my lane"
  2. Yeah it is a great idea!! Makes it even harder for other new grads to get a job degrades the product (practicing medicine) Cheapens every other PA out there makes it harder for people to demand and get a reasonable pay rate but hey look on the bright side, PA-S-->PA-C has such low loans that this is a great thing!! Really what a stupid thing to do. My nephew just graduated with a 4 yr CS degree, has more 6 figure job offers then he knows what to do with..... yeah lets cheapen a master/doctorate level degree to a < 50k year first job....
  3. this will likely hing on what type of admission it is the true FULL admission to the hospital likely has to have a Doc But what you are describing is more of an Medical Day Observation, observation and I don't believe this is required step one - what type of admission? Steo two - ask legal (if you want to open pandora's box) what the opinion is - alt would be formally ask the PA board in your state providing all the details
  4. said to provide levity and to make a point...
  5. many different topics coming up in this thread A few that I think warrent specific mention 1) Just because some suit (or the EMR) thinks we need to get full vitals on every patient that does not mean we do..... we decide what care is given. I have a patient with an eating disorder in the nursing home, weights are a HUGE trigger and they were trying to do weekly. (weights pretty stable). they were truly taken back when I said "stop weighing her" Took a fair amount of explaining. Another on in the office who fights anorexia and bulimia (and unfortunately is also uncontrolled bipolar and possible borderline) and the MA got in a yelling match with her (really the patients fault) but had to explain to the MA not to push. 2) Staff splitting - I hate to say it but listening to the patient is a sure way to think you coworkers are idiots. Patients staff split, and sometimes have very devious intentions. Maybe not with your patient, but it does have more times then not 3) the biggest issue is the meltdown of PCP fields. It is sorry to see and I just hope and pray the insurance industry maybe recognizes the value of PCP and bring up our reimbursements with out adding in yet more hoops to jump through. These three issues...... ugh
  6. get the clinic to fire the NP and hire a PA Nope no way I would sign their charts They employ and MD and this is their roll
  7. Wondering what everyone thinks of Christmas I had kids late so my wife and I are pretty comfortable Seems like Christmas just means a ton-o-sh$$ most of which is plastic from China and lasts a few times then collects dust Wondering if other have started the idea of giving "experiences" instead of presents - ie weeks at camp, vacations, horseback riding lessons and the like Anyone been through this with words of advice??
  8. many Nurses advance through the good graces of their hospital system "the hospital pays for the degree while you work" so they might be getting FREE
  9. subscribe to UTTODATE $400 if AAPA >$500 if not AAPA worth every dime also look at prescribers letter
  10. Patient safety i think I would bring up the most important part is the team work NOT the title just look at FL and the opaite crisis - PA and NP COULD NOT WRITE SCHED drugs then.... so it was 100% physician..... let them chew on that.....
  11. solution make all new grad PA DMSc make one year post grad intership MADATORY and have hard standards to get a resideny program licensed offer more career counseling to the new grads in about 5 years this is what it looks like EVERY new pa is a DMSc Every new grad then goes to residency and is functionally independent day 1 after residency Every new grad from residency is told of their value and job offers start at $125k (because we are worth at least that) TADA Then the politicians realize we are truly what we are and give us fully independent practice And while I am at it, I find the pot o gold at the end of the rainbow, see a unicorn, can order VNA and sign for diabetic shoes.....
  12. value ia about revenue generation you should be generating about $100-$300/hour if you take 10 min to do a lab that is min of like $20 in time expense when an iv nurse gets $40/hour it only costs her about $7 it is about revenue generation...
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