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  1. Funny. Also for bulbous phemgoid. And it works. Some strange in the skin there
  2. But the horse has left the barn. We are late to the party and being left behind. I do do believe there should be a reserved term for physicians. Maybe physicians!! but doctor is not a Physician exclusive term. It is a degree.
  3. Does he Need PT,DPT after his name ? Wtf Actually can be 2 separate degrees the old PT whom goes back to get the DPT..... but yeah sort of duplicate...
  4. work in corrections might not be a good idea when have to report in 4 hours to work! But on weekends, maybe.....
  5. Agreed AAPA needs be blasting this out all over GOOGLE ads and everywhere else they can think I did put it on my FB account.... FWIW
  6. Another sleepless night Can't figure out rather it is the administrative stress at work, andropause, stress of having a 2 and 4 year old or something else...... Ended up getting up and doing some computer work, catching up on emails, and developing some lecture material When kids got up at 7 I had a 4.5 hour jumpstart on the day..... feels nice and got some personal time What does everyone else do when they can't sleep??
  7. I pretty much hate email for legal stuff seems I always get misinterpreted....
  8. one of my best mentors ever (taught me IR) told me "people don't sue the people they like" I try very hard to perform my job with a very non-confrontational disposition When I move off this mark I find that my life only gets harder (IE having to defend myself against complaints) never been sued, but seems to hold true for complaints....
  9. please detail whom is whom??
  10. A question for you?? How much did you donate to PAC for AAPA and your state chapter last year, and the year before that? Fighting words are great, but back it up with $$$
  11. boats I normally agree with a lot of what you say but get over it, it is ancient history in the political realm (and he just spent $13,000 on something stupid)
  12. but does NOTHING to address national level issues we still can not order DM shoes, can not order VNA and some others... AAPA is our spearhead