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  1. correct, but the 1m/3m is only a few hundred dollars cheaper 1m/3m is the industry standard
  2. why not work on getting PA approved into Italy?? Talk to AAPA and NCCPA and some of the English folks.....
  3. Not $66,00! Did a quote again, $4400-$6800 is what it came up as for 1:3m PCP P1 or P3 (corrections for me) as below
  4. THANKS to both - that is EXACTLY the people I was remembering reading about.....
  5. strongly support this this is unprecedented times never have I seen job market like this in 21 yrs of following it it is just odd and hurting everyone....
  6. oh my oh me unsure what your perception of Primary care is, or comes from, but nope it is not slow-paced......
  7. Hello all looking for a contact in the USPHS - hoping for a PA (maybe highest ranking one?) Anyone have any idea whom this is??
  8. Really? Seems like the obvious answer, COVID has thrown a monkey wrench in EVERYTHING lots of friends are out of work, with no end in sight (non-medical) Heck at least we are still chugging along unlike some industries - ie restaurant, vacation, motel, lodging....
  9. nah i love my job just hoping we can have some political advancement
  10. https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings #1 Must be doing something right!!
  11. Disagree totally. It is state by state decision as no federal guidance, but as a citizen following the rules in my state this meet up should have not occurred. As a critical HCW it was ill advised. I am starting to see some alarming examples of HCW just giving up. Doing what ever they want. Going on ski trips, bars, and socializing. I think we have extracted about as much self suffering from them as we can. System better hurry up and get vaccines out there or this contagion bubble is gonna get bigger and bigger. (I am more and more protecting my family, we mask 100% when out and no play dates or anything like that (nine since feb!)) the S*^# getting deep.
  12. Exempt status is for “professionals” and they never kept the wage threshold up it. PA can be exempt or non-exempt. Depends on contract. Non-exempt is FAR better and honestly the union jobs are some of the best paying. thing that pisses me off for Exempt PA’s is this. If you work in more the employer gets more(they make money off your extra efforts). You get nothing. Nada. In an outpatient setting with set clinic hours might not be bad, but if employer is open >40 hrs a week they are gonna screw you. For this reason I will never work in a non outpatient setting as exempt employee.
  13. Ok so they “said they want you”. “Through a recruiter” no you do not have a job. You can politely ask them fir a contract so that you can stop your job search. Do not feel bad about this. Be polite and professional. But until you have a contract and ALL things negotiated, and work first day, you do nit have a job. their used to be a little honor in the staffing world. COVID took even that little bit away. protect yourself. Have atty review all contracts.
  14. Happened state by state. This is where most PA regulation is. unsure about AAPA.
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