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  1. MJ - no longer an issue need to decide as a clinic what you are doing as the staff splitting is very real with these patients and the clinic needs a policy FYI Amazon just stopped testing for MJ in the employee drug tests - sometimes you don't want to know the answer so don't ask the question For my patients, I don't want to know about MJ (unless DOT CDL)
  2. as a wise old preceptor told me early in my career. " there is no cure for stupid"
  3. They are confusing nursing certifications with PA license. you do not need a first assist cert. you are a PA
  4. Yup - MD DO and NP no PA job posting.... https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/604142800 https://www.usajobs.gov/GetJob/ViewDetails/604107400 any have the energy to email or call them to see why PA not considered??
  5. Remember folks - the Doctors HAVE NEVER HAD OUR BACK Some of of have been under the assumption they did, now that cat is out of the bag and we MUST advocate and progress or die.......
  6. I think you liability is about zero the moment you identified the possible issue you acted (and in fact far quicker then the typical protocol in that you did this on check in) The Medical Director and the facility are liable for things BEFORE they see a provider - yes they can be sued for actions which occurred before you saw the patient as long as you acted in the best interest of the patient, and rapidly you are HIGHLY unlikely to be sued. there has to be causation, action/intent and injury in order to win a suit there needs to be a greedy patie
  7. unsure how not allowing dogs, cats and any other creatures in the office has anything to do with the morning after pill I "draw the line" that we are a private practice, that we have 20+ years of patients taking advantage and it got out of control and they were clearly NOT true service animals. As well a life threatening allergy started it. So nope we do not allow any animals (except prior stated true service) Funny is we really no longer have people even trying. They know we do not allow it and they do just fine. It is sort of like not prescribing meds over the phone on th
  8. FYI Vermont is almost there - only have to have a practice agreement, but PA is responsible for own actions, and no specific supervision requirements beyond the doc being reachable. Not 100% independent but close....
  9. nope, nada so much abuse that i simply refuse. If someone has a true service dog I will write a letter, and those are easy to see. The Emotional Support ones, yeah please leave the office We have actually banned ALL animals from out office. We will let true working dogs in, but all others get turned around at the door.
  10. very limited programs no CMS payment for services no they are not making 400k RT's in IR make about 60-80k These super techs will likely make 80-100k
  11. But the two faced side comes out..... last line... "This opposition to the title change follows the ACR’s letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicare Services in 2020 where organization leaders expressed their concerns about the physician supervision requirements for physician assistants. Instead, in Monday’s statement, the ACR endorsed the role and training of the registered radiology assistant – a position that would not require imaging supervision or interpretation." So they endorse "super techs" (RT's with some advanced training but NOT medical providers and still n
  12. sounds like a reason for a whole slew of CAQ EM PA to get the laws changed...... Doc's have never had out backs, and now it is just out in the open....... we are a profession that can stand on our own and we need to take advantage of this "fear mongering" by all the physician agencies. Lets turn it around, show their hierocracy and get the regs changed.
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