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  1. not doing much now in past have done mission trips to Honduras, volunteered in free clinic, and served on multiple boards
  2. as I have aged I have learned that an employer will take as much as you give. Stop giving so much. Take lunch breaks, leave close to on time. See how it goes. It might be you are trying to hard, or they are taking advantage of you - or a little of both..... (likely they are taking advantage of you but you can redefine this)
  3. midlevel stated in the DEA I just had to get new DEA for different state and it was still there... ugh YEs we need a small army of retiring PA's to get in to Gov't and get these regs changed....
  4. in 2008 in the ER I got no PTO nothing new the whole ER mentality of working sick and no extra coverage needs to change....
  5. Just reflections of a soon to be crusty old PA I have been getting students in the past few years - most are like I was 20 yrs ago - need a bit of guidance and support. I have had 2 however that were full of self confidence and in the 4 weeks I had them they learned quickly. I do not know where these students come from, nor their long term trajectory, nor if they are over confident(that is my worry). But the reason to bring this up is I have had a few students who likely could go into the position you describe - and with a few bumps and bruises and hopefully no huge mistakes succeed. The problem is PA school only teaches you how not to kill someone (hopefully). The real art of medicine is learned over a career and being alone with out a resource standing by you "to just look at this one case" could be rather challenging. But Occ health is for the most part not time sensitive and if so 911 is always there....
  6. is this an approved residency? Like one that is listed on https://appap.org/programs/postgraduate-pa-np-programs-listings/ It sounds like they have figured out a way to hire new grads cheaper by the end of the 18 months you should be seeing any patient coming in the department independently with back up. -------------- also I would NEVER sign a 120 day notice, no way. Think of it this way - you are living with your Sig Other and you decide to break up. Would you want to live together for the next 4 months??? That is what you are signing. 60 - 90 days is more then enough time. 8 weeks is okay for both parties.
  7. doc's make horrilbe business people, and even worse HR folks Draw up a contract of what you want/need and send it to her - take the initiative and maybe it will pay off
  8. more PA's need to walk away from s**ty jobs..... that is the only way to force change
  9. I would ask for the benefits before signing. Just say that you want to evaluate the entire package. I didn't do this before a job and found out I had 2 weeks vacation as a 15 yr PA - ouch
  10. Not really fair of them to ask you this. ask to get the benefits before signing letter. If they insist on a signed letter first-write in right above your signature that this is pending review of total offer including benefits package.
  11. on same note I have a handful of 95+ yr old demented patients in locked memory unit, failing, whom family refuses to make DNR/DNI and put on hospice. They keep going back to the ER and Admission...... down right cruel in my eyes but our system does not have any circuit breaker method of defaulting to DNR for truly hopeless patients.....
  12. Recruiting Candidates for President-Elect AAPA AAPA is conducting a special election to fill the vacant president-elect position on AAPA’s Board of Directors. Learn more about eligibility criteria and qualifications and consider applying today! Complete candidate applications are due Sept. 27. The above from AAPA today
  13. I wish I had saved it. Got an email stating one state was looking into going after physician licenses that spread vaccine misinformation. Seems logical!! Nursing board should do the same. As should every professional board.
  14. Day 1. Teach layout of office. Teach emr (self guided videos and training great ) Left over time to watch you see patients day2 throw them to the wolves. . They see patients and report to you. rinse and repeat. offer lots of feedback and encouragement. have had about 8 students and this seems to work.
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