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  1. I am leaning WAY far forward Change the name to PA - yup just PA Then make the degree DMSc then we are Doctor _________ PA the MD/DO is Physician - which should be protected.... but Just call me Doctor PA......
  2. good heavens PLEASE don't use that term..... it degrades us
  3. I have, in the past, said that Doctor and Physicain should be reserved for MD/DO - and a select few others..... well no more - if you have earned a degree a the doctoral level you can call yourself doctor.... period yeah, I need to find out how experienced she is. I have no issues with seeing a great MD./DO.NP/PA but a new grad who did 600 hours of clinical and an online course is not going to be my PCP
  4. VA letter for my new PCP (undecided as to rather I am going to go with this one - gotta find out more about her but that is a different topic) My point is it is Dr _________ DNP They are are identifying themselves as doctor......
  5. Honestly unsure but my guess (cause my local hospital still does). Acid fast for TB
  6. You need to call out the PCP. call them. Lecture them. Write them a letter. Do something to educate them. weights are not overly helpful. Use your eyes. I ask people if it okay to weigh them. Some say no. Then I ask why. If it is eating D/O I offer blind weights or refusal(ok by me). I don’t want to be the trigger I just need to manage the medicine side and let the specialists manage the eating D/O.
  7. To far to drive. Was a six figure offer for new grad.
  8. darn pa declined hired an NP with 15 yrs experience... should be ok but was hoping for a PA but just not applicants....
  9. I have worn a mask since march we have isolated pretty strickly, as has by community, and we are still getting new cases - in my opinion the fear is real and justified. Elderly are isolating for months, I am telling them to not come out till next year! This is not mrsa, flu or HIV This is a novel virus, that is airborne and even with decimating our economy, states of emergency, hospitals cancelling all elective procedures, massive mask and social distancing efforts it is still spreading - I would suggest the only reason it has not turned nuclear is that many in society are doing everything possible to prevent this from happening - it is not due to it not being dangerous or fatal..... Also, I am greatly concerned with the following 1) our testing, both Dx and AB stink - everyone seems to have forgotten how crappy these tests are 2) our reporting system (not good before this) is now way worse, we have NH's that are not reporting, we have NH reporting and not getting data transmitted through the reports (both real happenings with in 30 miles of my practice) Now we have the CDC stepping out of the mix.... We gotta keep holding strong and letting science and medicine guide our way, and not hyperbole and ancedotal stories....
  10. WHAT? COVID does not equal MRSA COVID does not equal HIV I seriously do not understand how a professional health care provider could ever make such statements, seriously how do you support such statements beyond simple disregard for ALL the facts we know about this virus???
  11. Offer letter today to a new grad PA who stood above every other candidate.
  12. Hiring for a position in our clinic 5:1 applicanats NP to PA with most NP new grads Just interviewed the first PA - professional attire, business suit, together, professional, articulate - offering the job soon It is about how we look, how we dress, how we put ourselves forward and this PA rocked it! The future looks bright in the trenchs!
  13. nurses are doing the hiring, or they have brainwashed HR to think NP> PA when PA>NP in reality... (first time I have ever said that - but after trying to hire for position I am convinced this is the truth....)
  14. That’s funny. new grad PA= 2-3 yrs experience NP to many new grads with out a clue
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