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  1. Do you call yourself Doctor?? Honestly - pick up the battle of getting independence for PA Then you can do as you choose.... As for FMG and no match - bummer - no idea at that as I never lived it
  2. research stool transplants seriously some good data on "curing" UC
  3. Message sent to me to repost. I have no knowledge of the happenings Original post does state that they will be with echo/ekg tech. Unsure if any PA shadow time was offered, but certainly doesn’t sound like PA shadow Post below sent sent to me to repost This clinic did not offer ANY PA shadowing to me and only made me work with the EKG tech. This is false advertising and should be brought down.
  4. might want to check into state law for NY If the PTO is a "earned beneft" I don't think it is legal for the company to take it away Take a 2 week vacation come back and work a week and then hand in the letter "Vacation got me thinking....."
  5. problem will be travel time this is also for an insurance company -- that promotes a medicare replacement plan They get paid based on the complexity of the patients - so it makes sense for you to go go into the field and document the heck out of everything as they they get paid more from medicare..... as for my thoughts... how boring,, never Dx a thing, just record, no management, lots of "talk to you PCP"
  6. Mass requires you to have a doc in order to get controlled sub license. So yes you would need a job
  7. Easy. Find your local occupational therapist that does driving evals. Yes this is a real thing no it is not a road test it is a simulated test to test reaction times. Very easy to refer. Then based on results you can make recommendations. I am in a non mandatory reporting stater for elderly drivers so this takes the heat off the PA.
  8. hand in notice due to them changing the position you were hired for....
  9. I would think a stress echo might have value???
  10. Well I wrote out a long reply and my computer ate it.. so in summary - no do not consent to do this 1-if could be the first foot on the slippery slope where you end up leaving 2-is is unfair to your family and personal time 3-you can not enable them to abuse the PA more in the future. (Their are many PAs who would not do this due to family and life so it is not a given they can always dump it on the PA). On this note I would in fact refuse to see "that last patient that just walked in" every once in a while just to have them realize that you control your own schedule an that they "have to ask" and not just assume you will do it. I would most definitely have this addressed specifically in the next contract renewal. Make a paragraph specifically about how it is handled. Would be so bold as to say it gets shared equally amoung all providers in the office. Also COMP time should be at 150% to 200% of the hours worked - working 5-7pm one night should get you 4 hours off in the future - and NOT just the next day. Sucks to miss a family dinner with the only comp time offered the next day when it is crappy weather and nothing going on..... The point is that you have to stand up for yourself. They will continue to take advantage of you if you let them. A final disclosure. I am not advocating to go against the grain and not pulll you own fair weight. I am advocating to know what you are comfortable doing for extra work (and making sure it is reasonable for the long run) so that you can define what you can and can not due. This allows the employer an easier time in employing you as you become a "known entity" This allows both you and the employer to know what is expected of you - and will likely allow you to "be more of a team player" and stick around for the long term. Instead of getting used up, abused, and they you quit.
  11. There needs to be a NATIONAL law that states that a PA can sign anything that an MD/DO can.... done period....
  12. JMPA - read on this board to learn more Heather Trafton - MASS PA who has done a ton of advocacy in the state Jennifer Hixon - amazing Educator who has been instrumental in starting many programs - currently working on getting the first public university program in MASS up and running...
  13. Somewhat related post.... my job that is totally opposite the current job..... is being a bicycle mechanic. Brianless, simple, bikes don't talk back, fix it right and it is fixed, and the pay is opposite too..... minimum wage.....