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  1. I believe JACHO is driving this they do not want surgeons doing things they are not trained and proficient at, nor ER doc's nor anyone for that matter Gett billing records for the past 24m and you should be okay
  2. Is an IC truly apply when you have an SCorp? You are paying both sides, and not going through you own SSN (the typical IC method) clear as mud
  3. Organize and fight/push back HARD this is just taking advantage of you all call is min $100/day if you come in it should be double time. $3 per hour is insulting this is being motivated by the docs whom are likely paid in the $200/per hour range just not wanting to come in. (On call sucks). $100 to be on call Double time if called in THREE hour min pay if called in (6 hrs of straight time pay) this means if you are on call, get called in, you will get $100 call pay, about 350 in hourly pay for 450$. This is fair. $3/hr is just an insult last job I got $40,000/year for telephone call only (on call 345 days)
  4. Just say no to coats. yucky if you must, order a 12 and and a 14 and a 16 see which one fits best and wear that one. or order the 16 and take it to a tailor.
  5. I had a difficult time answering the $84k/yr offer I recently got to develop a palliative care program, and run a hospice nurses get >100k in my area I was at 100k 10 years ago ahh, no thank you and and I tried to educate them as to the going rate for PA's - they are holding out for an NP.... sigh..
  6. LEAD PA/NP non clinical orient new hires - run meetings - be liaison for policy review in the office do formalized CME for the office do chart reviews for ALL clinicians The problem I see is the one day a week - they are going to want you there for the first 3 months of a new hire training - counter this with making yourself EXPENSIVE so they have you for one day....
  7. private practice is the answer (with all it's own negatives) but atleast you get to decide your own fate I was recently told "we are taking a different direction" at my cushy state job. Seems that they (my boss was an idiot attorney) didn't like having a medical provider that they could boss around and tell how to practice medicine. Initially it hurt, but now I realize i am way better off. I am hoping for a seismic shift away from corporation employment by the doc's back to private practice cause corp influence in medicine is horrible
  8. it is issues like this that drove me back to private practice where I can practice medicine the way it should be. I feel bad for her - it is time for he to sue and win big, and then move on.... corp influence on medicine is real, I wish the District Attorneys would look into this as the "practice of medicine with out a license"
  9. My practice (I am a new hire there but worked there before) was complaining about the cost of monthly answering service (>$500) Anyone use google voice or other voice to text messaging services to cover call for IM out patient practices? (we are low call volume i.e. < 1 per day)
  10. all we have to do is one of two options (or both) 1) copy the SLP and have a one year mandatory supervision after graduation 2) above can be waived if you do a 1yr residency boom problem solved....
  11. Please explain this statement? I am having a tough time connecting the dots on moderating attacking personal posts, and following orders/teamwork in an ED?? Maybe I am missing something? BTW - It appears this thread has also run it's course and if it does not return to the OP topic it will be closed.
  12. I would (if feasible) loop in the attending. nothing like the attending tell the charge nurse something like “why are you calling me PA Smith is covering, did they say they are uncomfortable making the decision or requested that you call me?” The charge either has to lie (keep records) or admit she is trying to trump you. yhe attending then has to go one step further and tell her to do what you ordered. This is the hard part as the attending should not give any orders other then “do what the PA wants” once or twice. Problem solved.
  13. to ask a question We always talk about the patients "right" to see the the Doc, but where is this written? I have never seen it is state law, never seen it in insurance regulations, maybe in insurance credentialing? is this just something that has been passed down? In my prior job (corrections) it was clearly and absolutlly stated that the inmates DID NOT have the right to see anyone but me. I provided the care and they were stuck with it (I did a really nice job and was not restrictive and always got people in - in 5 years I don't think I ever had a serious complaint) So is this idea of "they have a right to see the Doc" actually supported in fact ? Or is it once again just our subservient nature to the doc?? (not trying to argue, I am actually curious if it is written somewhere??)
  14. This is a statement you want to get in writing from you state board. It will protect you. Early in in my career I would tell pts they had choice to see doc, now I don’t waste my breath. Just practice good medicine.
  15. I do not believe internist, geriatrician, family practitioner or any other term is protected by docs. I had a Geri practice and I was a geriatrician. I am now an internist. I do do introduce myself as a PA to every new patient. Established patients is my first name. My name and PA-C is embroidered on my work shirts. I do not play a doc, but I do practice medicine.
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