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  1. had a student flunk out of myPA program in same city he signed up for NP program soon there after he is an NP now.... go figure....
  2. ER has implied consent Urgent care does not front a hint to everyone - let the front office staff handle this stuff - it is just a time and energy sink and the only thing that is going to come out of it is that someone is pissed, files a complaint, and employee gets in trouble (esp in corp USA) - so let the admin types handle this. if they ask you how to handle it give them a brief 30 sec guide then move on.....
  3. CMS needs to get ride of supervision entirely Just let us bill
  4. by my own limited knowledge I was the first and only PA owned practice in my county and in my part of the state...
  5. we as a profession, and NP and MD and DO need to stand up together against the admin types forcing this type of productivity I am 'gasp' going back to private practice primary care - max booked is 16 in a 9 hour day mostly 14/day complex patient the good jobs are out there.....
  6. I just asked my local hospital system (300 bed community hospital with about 3-4 residency IM, Surgery, Psych, path) Cardio department is 4 docs, 8 PA/NP, and many other departments are following this model HR's answer to my question - "there is no progression but you can apply to management jobs which you are qualified......" ugh - we run the roost, make millions of dollars "and have no career progression....."
  7. Tuition is $800 per credit hour for a total of $40,000 for 50 credit hours. Students are billed per semester based on the number of credit hours they are taking. Textbooks are available online and part of your tuition. $40K Nope no way that one will survive
  8. no worries if they are demanding to be seen, have been told you do not take their insurance, and it will be billed under their health care that is fine Just do not lie in your note - put that the patient was hurt doing "xyz" it is an insurance issue, not a medical one and really is not a worry (I have seen WC companies deny claims, then patient goes under their own health insurance, files and appeal, and wins big time cause WC carries are scumbags some times....) Just see the patient, do good medicine and move on.,....
  9. With out a license you can not touch a patient or render any care. You can observe. Seems odd and I would be hesitant.
  10. Need legal definition of “minor” if time allows I would report it now to put the entire issue to rest and you never have to worry about t in future. Sort of like getting a vaccine, little pain now for rewards later. One other choice. Write the board and ask for a binding decision on rather you need to report it. They might be able provide that quicker (maybe ask for written decision)
  11. This is due to the fact new grad NPs are not ready. They need more training. Hoping AAPA can get behind this to compete with the docs.
  12. You are normal. Sounds like your jobs have stunk at this point. Dont get discouraged. Try primary care. You have time to read up and figure it out. Max 16 pts in a 8 hr day (otherwise it is just assembly line)
  13. Be aware. The doc rules the roost 100% no matter what the business is. I just left a great job as the new medical director and I did not see eye to eye and admin supported him(brand new and practicing outside the accepted norms(read illegal) of medicine). Every reason son I should have stayed and he should have left but admin sided with the doc “cause they are the doc” you you can never have a fair partnership with a doc that could not melt down in seconds. Always have a back up doc in doc in the wings if you own your own practice so atleast you take away their leverage
  14. what about he combined BS and MD programs...
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