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  1. their definition of "break even" salary 100k overhead 100k administrator salry 100k so you get 100k but generate 300k and that is "breaking even"
  2. surprised it has not been mentioned yet key to weight loss is not calorie restriction - but instead exercise. 1) burns calories 2) kills appetite 3) builds lean muscle mass 4) raises basal metabolic rate 5) is time where you are not sitting at home boredom eating.. 6) helps love life, self image, productivity, sleep patterns, insulin resistance and of so much more start at 1/2 hour every day, working up to an our 4-6 days per week (depending on age - old people(I am one) take longer to recover)
  3. these types of threads make me sad I truly believe that the takeover of medicine by corporations is the reason for this and the solution is to unionize.... sad but true...
  4. ahhh I am not sure on this There is direct entry 3 yr part time NP programs then get you to practice..... then DNP is just some on line courses...... no way these two statements are correct There is direct entry 3 yr DNP programs if you have a BS/BA already https://www.bc.edu/bc-web/schools/cson/academics/DNP-program/DNP-program/direct-entry-dnp.html Seems like you are giving some false facts that elevate DNP way above what it is...
  5. ESR and CRP will tell you if the infection is still brewing (actually normal would say it is not there - but nonspecific) elevated levels show that something somewhere is brewing.... but not confirm the infection.... imaging is reasonable - would not really do US but maybe MRI
  6. annual raise should be there, but it is not, sort of the norm where I have been Yet we are not paid like a doc, but told to do all their work I would be polite but somewhat insist on a review and raise.... but you are unlikely to get it....
  7. welcome to PA in admin... Nurses run the roost, as soon as we are above them some of it might be your personality and learning, but I suspect most of it is that we are an "Assistant" and we are not leaders due to this. We are dependent and not trained well enough. We are not smart enough, we do not have enough training...... (all said with sarcasm..... this is why we need a terminal doctorate and to come out from underneath organized medicine) I am leaving a job which had similar issues.... good luck
  8. https://www.aapa.org/news-central/2019/06/duke-professor-highlights-health-care-cost-savings-for-pa-patients-at-the-va/?utm_source=medwatch&utm_campaign=news_central_article&utm_medium=email Duke Professor Highlights Health Care Cost Savings for PA Patients at the VA Experts Discuss Care for High-Need Patients June 13, 2019 By Jenni Roberson The need to expand the U.S. healthcare workforce to ensure care for the aging population living with chronic conditions – and the associated costs for patients – was the topic of a recent briefing hosted by the journal Health Affairs in Washington, D.C. Perri Morgan, PhD, PA-C, professor and director of research for the PA Division in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Duke University Medical School, joined a panel of experts to discuss research that underscores how PAs and NPs can continue to be a part of efforts to address the growing need for high-quality healthcare professionals. [Reforming American’s Healthcare System Through Choice and Competition: Statements Relevant to the PA Profession] During her presentation, Morgan discussed research conclusions that used U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) data on a cohort of 47,236 medically complex patients with diabetes to compare health services use and costs over one year depending on whether the primary care provider was a physician, NP, or PA. An article about this research, “Impact of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants on Utilization and Costs for Complex Patients,” was recently published in Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed journal of health policy thought and research. The VA is a unique health care system that functions as a patient-centered medical home and in which PAs, NPS, and physicians lead their own teams responsible for patient care. In addition, PAs and NPs are granted a permissive scope of practice. The similar roles of physicians, PAs, and NPs in this care model allows researchers to accurately compare the outcomes of the three types of care teams. The research in question looked specifically at the most complex patients with diabetes within the VA system; the average patient within this study was three and a half times more medically complex than the average Medicare patient and had over six chronic conditions. Using EHR data and controlling for differences in patient demographics and medical and social complexity, the researchers found that physician patients had statistically significantly higher overall costs than patients of NPs and PAs. The higher costs were driven by more emergency department visits and more inpatient admissions for patients with physician primary care providers. Patients of NPs and PAs had nearly identical mean per patient expenditures in all categories. Patients of PAs and NPs incurred lower annual per patient pharmacy expenditures than patients of physicians (9%, 95% CI: 4, 13%; 8%, 95% CI: 1, 14, respectively), translating to a mean per patient annual difference of approximately $300 in pharmaceutical expenditures. Smaller differences were seen in outpatient expenditures between provider types: Compared to patients of physicians, patients of NPs incurred 3% lower (95% CI: 0.04, 6) outpatient expenditures in the year, and patients of PAs incurred 5% lower (95% CI: 1, 9) outpatient expenditures. [National Rural Health Association Releases Policy Brief on PAs] The cumulative effect led to a reduction in total per patient health care costs for patients of NPs and PAs, compared to those of physicians. Overall, patients of NPs incurred 6% lower expenditures compared to those of physicians (95% CI: 3, 9), while patients of PAs incurred 7% lower expenditures (95% CI: 2, 11). This translated to a difference of $2,005 and $2,300 in per patient annual total health care costs, respectively.1 While both patients of both PAs and NPs had had more primary care visits, they had less utilization of inpatient visits, and had fewer days with an emergency department visit. The work of the researchers demonstrates that PAs and NPs, when practicing under permissive scopes of practice, can provide primary care services for the most medically complex patients with diabetes mellitus, without raising costs. More Resources AAPA Research Diabetes is Daunting. Finding a Quality Provider Shouldn’t Be. PAs Can Bring Cost-Effective Care to Complex Patients Care Costs 6-7% Lower for Complex Patients Treated by NPs, PAs References Health Affairs. Impact of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants on Utilization and Costs for Complex Patients. Health Affairs website. https://www.healthaffairs.org/doi/full/10.1377/hlthaff.2019.00014 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmail You might also like Medicare’s “Incident to” Billing Hinders the Recognition and Assessment of PA Value June 17, 2019 American Academy of PAs Responds to MedPAC’s Report on Medicare and the Health Care Delivery System June 17, 2019 New PAs Can Close the Wage Gap by Knowing Their Worth June 17, 2019 AAPA Announces Leadership Change June 12, 2019
  9. our opinion literally does not matter.... what maters is perception and politics in these realms the degree matters. period this horse has left the barn.....
  10. rent a toyota prius with unlimited miles - drive - max out driving time (like 15 hours a day) bring one nice suit rent motel one night (night before interview) SSS in motel - put nice clothes on interview and drive home Prius will get 50+ mpg on highway 100 miles each way = 2000miles 40 gallons of gas, $3/gal = $120 in gas $100 motel $100 car rental under $350 spent...
  11. lots of grumbling about the survery but honestly if she has been there 8 years she has gone beyond her shelf life. AAPA is not the same from 8 years ago - or even 4 years ago out with the old, in with the new..... lead, follow or get out of the way as the saying goes.....
  12. because we are not a provider, we are an assistant.....
  13. on Indeed this AM LiceDoctors (www.licedoctors.com) is in need of part time head lice professionals in your area. We have successfully treated over 300,000 clients. This opportunity is part time, on an on-call basis; the frequency of calls varies from week to week. Full availability is good, but hoping you, at least, have solid blocks of time and a willingness to prioritize this work in your schedule. We pay by the job project - $35 per hour plus travel expenses. The average length of a job is 2.5 to 5 hours. You must have reliable transportation as you will likely treat families in their home or at an agreed upon location. Head Lice Removal Technician Qualifications: You are knowledgeable about removing head lice. Have a metal lice comb that you will sell to the client - (will need 1 metal comb per job which you can purchase through our vendor for $9.95 and sell to the client for $20. Client will need the comb to follow up with our treatment program.) Have olive oil available for the job - which averages about $3.00 per job. Have current valid driver's license/proof of auto insurance. Preferred but not required Technician Qualifications: You have worked before or work now In healthcare (nurse, school nurse, HHA, CNA, phlebotomist, CMA, RN, CHHA, LPN, Homecare, Care Coordinator, prn, health clinician, physician assistant, health practitioner, doula, massage/occupational/physical therapist) In the beauty/hair/spa industry (cosmetics, hairdresser, hair stylist, cosmetologist, barber, colorist, beautician, manicurist/pedicurist, esthetician, braider, salon attendant) Part time Gig-Economy Jobs (on call, chauffeur, delivery driver, taxi driver, Uber, Lyft, musician, artist, author, actor) With children (Teacher, teacher aide, school aide, Pre-school, childcare, baby sitter, au pair) As a Domestic Engineer (stay at home parent, home school, housekeeping) You need to be a pleasant, articulate, confident individual who enjoys helping people solve a problem. You will work with moms or dads who are stressed. The mother or father will be looking to you as a professional personal assistant to help with this problem. We have a treatment protocol to share with you that we know to be successful, but as a lice operator, you may use your own as long as it is safe and effective. Great for a homemaker re-entering the workforce, those with a self-paced, flexible schedule and have an interest in the childcare, healthcare or hair industry. If you have questions or want to know more, we can talk when we contact you once we have your application. We want you to feel confident that you are dealing with a legitimate company. We welcome you to check out our website, FB page, and BBB rating! Job Type: Part-time Salary: $35.00 /hour
  14. Been kicked around before. Need to be an RN first. Then NP. No way to get from PA to NP without doing full program. Bridge to NP would be a very real threat to PA in primary care fields. Ie I would do hospice, but I can’t, need to be an NP.
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