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    • @mooko12Yes this fee is for credentialing. So, this is a normal thing that everyone has to do?  
    • Hey guys! I noticed there wasn't a post about the upcoming application cycle. I wanted to create a post so we could discuss and answer questions for each other. Detroit Mercy is my #1 option. I think making this post will allow us to create connections and encourage each other, so we can all achieve one goal-- getting into PA school! Leave your stats and any comments here! 
    • I'm also hoping to make it to the interview for the conditional track as well. I applied in July but no details besides a possible decision in January-March @amh299  @pmg93   my cumulative caspa GPA was ~2.5 Do you guys mind sharing yours? I feel like Trine has been very open about dialogue as to taking the holistic approach and looking at the well-round candidate. Have you either of you guys talked to any other schools about the past 40 or so credit hour GPA vantage point instead? 
    • I'm guessing that there wouldn't be one before the Dec 18 deposit deadline or until after the holiday break. I remember reading something from previous year's class posts that the group wasn't created until May lol. Not sure if things have changed since. 
    • You're employed by CEP and will have privileges at the hospital(s) where you're working.

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