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    • Keep in mind after PA school you won’t be proficient in everything, always still learning. I would really take seriously learning your physical exam, it is vital for sure as a provider. There are certain things you will never do enough of unless you work in surgery, ER, or urgent care so don’t feel completely insecure about it. But having solid physical exam skills is what you will always do. There’s a whole lot of things you will do as a provider that will never be fully experienced as a student. I have worked in ortho surgery and urgent care but i have never done central lines or lumbar punctures for example. Don’t overstress Pa school before starting, you will have a lot to learn outside of hands on work.
    • @ms1213 When did you interview? Also, I'm sorry, I hope you get off the waitlist!
    • 1) GRE not required so I don't think that they have a code but you can self report your scores in CASPA 2) no supplemental in previous years 3) I believe they aim for 100 students between Worcester and Manchester  
    • Like what @gcox87 said, try to be relaxed and have fun in each station (I know it sounds crazy but that's really the best advice for MMI :)) I youtubed some videos on MMI and those helped a lot too. I also practiced the traditional questions with some friends, which I felt helped me speak my thoughts when I was doing the MMI as well. But yeah just be confident and be your very best self and try to answer the questions as much as you can. They are trying to follow your thought process and not to see whether or not you get the "correct answer" per se. We unfortunately cannot give out more info on the questions we were asked.. but hope these tips helped!! I personally really enjoyed my interview with UTHSCSA and am still patiently waiting to hear back : ) Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! 
    • I know, very broad and based on personal circumstances among other things.  But im just looking for your personal estimate given the median salary for 2016 is ~$101,000 Maybe differentiate between high cost of living states like California  and low COL like Texas.