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  1. Absolutely not. Not worth the risk and stress. Volunteer at an animal shelter is my goal! Hiking building a stone cottage sounds lovely. Enjoy.
  2. Don't be. I doubt they will will let you do a pelvic pap your first day. I'm sure there must be you tube video that go over things again for you. Also review your anatomy, HPV, osteoporosis and mammography guidelines.
  3. Thefatman your lucky. Got #2 yesterday at 10:30. Got sick middle of the night and feel like run over by a truck. From head to bottom of my feet. Praying no booster is ever needed but unlikely
  4. Ha! This made me laugh. I was burned out as a PA at age 55. I give you so much credit!!
  5. I'm sure this is a tempting offer for you with school loans and all but solo is a big no. Just to risky. Secondly it amazes me that urgent care just don't seem to care about risk management and malpractice. It boggles my mind and I'm so grateful I'm out.
  6. This is just unsafe. An NP friend during the summer months was seeing upwards of 100 patients per day. Mostly covid related but still unacceptable in my opinion. Give 6 weeks. If they bring up the 90 day then you may need to stick it out. Be sure you have tail insurance!!
  7. Malpractice, health insurance and 401k. It's not all about salary. At least for me it wasn't.
  8. This is something that needs to be taught in school. Risk management, different policies, what to ask for. Very important stuff.
  9. Sorry you are feeling this way. I guess I'm a sociopath. I loved PA school. Enjoyed every thing about it. If you feel like you have imposter syndrome now I'm not sure you should continue. I felt that way towards the end of my 30 years!! Working as a PA is so much harder than being a student. Just my opinion for what that's worth.
  10. My understanding is he is two weeks out and although still positive he is not shedding virus that can infect other people.
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