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  1. This is key. Not too many surgery jobs that don't have call. Administrators know nothing about how many hours you will be working. If they say 40-48 then its likely easily over 50. It also NH. Not sure how many jobs are available there. St Joseph's?
  2. This is so frustrating. I'm old school and really wanted to make a follow up phone call to be sure my resume was received. But its just not possible. I landed a lab job at $35.00 per hour 32 hours per week this past year. But honestly if I did not know someone who worked there don't think it ever would have happened. NP friend does all telephone work for a local large health care system. No clinical but still has to deal with patients but all over the telephone. Might be something to look around for.
  3. A young women who was incarcerated told me she would have someone amputate her arm if it meant she would never want do drugs again. Just broke my heart.
  4. When I worked in corrections I used it frequently. I was with the patient and we would interact with the hospital associated with correctional system. At first I had my doubts but it actually worked out great I really enjoyed it and the patients were happy with the experience. We used orthopedics, GI, hematology, rheumatology & even dermatology. So follow up for ED visits? Are you billing their insurance company for this service?
  5. 1. Would never disclose this to the patient. 2. Depends. Is it someone you work directly with or an outside provider and now your taking over their care? 3. If it is an isolated incident no would not report this anybody except again if you work directly with the provider may discuss with your SP. And any discussion with the provider itself should be a teaching moment; for everybody involved.
  6. I had a medical technology degree before PA school. Went back to the lab in 2019. Plan to cruise into retirement with this. I still want to get my waiver for Bup to fall back on.
  7. I did pediatrics & adolescents for over a decade. Its hard work but at least rewarding. You have a chance to make an impact in their lives where adults the damage has been done A lot of well visits, colds, asthma, rashes so the liability aspect is somewhat lower.
  8. Confused about #4. My name has always been on the prescription bottle. Is this something new? Hoping to attend the MAPA conference in March in Burlington. It is an excellent CME day!
  9. Sorry to hear your SP was not helpful/supportive. I guess its time to try something new. Maybe a 4 day work week would help. IDK. I left clinical practice in August & hopefully will never have to return.
  10. When I was in practice I tried to get people off PPI. Was near impossible. And with the opioid hysteria providers are going to push the limit with CKD and NSAID,. GI bleeds are also going to be increasing again.
  11. So do I!. I used to tell students & new grads this all the time.
  12. I was a medical technologist (ASCP) for 2 years before going to PA school. Now that was over 30 years ago so the application process is vastly different today. I found the transition quite easy. I also found my state education pre pared me very well for the 1st year of PA school. My lab hours did not count as patient contact hours. I also worked as an aide at a local hospital for those. Once I got accepted to PA school I quit that job. Currently I'm back in the lab and have hung my sethescope up for good I hope.
  13. If PCP can be reached while patient are in UC then why aren't these patients going to their own doc. I have 4 UC in a two mile radius that are seeing 30-50 per day. Where did these people go before all these UC were started? I know off topic. Sorry.
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