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  1. My entire career I advocated for myself. Did not need anyone in higher up management to help. Your 5 years out. Make it a smooth transition.
  2. It is paid for finish. Can never hurt to learn more of anything in life!!
  3. Are you still looking? Are you in Massachusetts? I could probably get you a position in correctional medicine.
  4. In this day & age I find this bizarre. I have my own malpractice insurance and it does not require any evidence of my SP having their own policy.
  5. Good morning, First off I'm sorry to hear of dismissal from PA school. I'm sure you worked very hard to achieve that goal. I give you a lot of credit for continuing to want to be in health care. Nursing is a admirable profession. I would do as others have stated apply with the anticipation that if the subject of PA school comes up that you have a thoughtful response. Maybe have something already written and saved. Physician assistant school & the profession is not for everybody. No shame in that. I wish you nothing but success!!
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