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  1. My last job offered no benefits but I convinced them to offer me health insurance otherwise could not have taken the job. Cannot go without it. For small employers health insurance has & always will be an issue due to the cost.
  2. I focus on the other issues first. Good luck getting an employer to pay DEA licensing fees. In my 30 year career only one job would pay for all that and it was for the state.
  3. Wow that's a very difficult thing to monitor. Can change in an instant. I found eating disordered patients (restrictive type mostly) to be very difficult to take care of. They are lucky to have you.
  4. $7200 per year is $600 per month for health insurance. If your healthy may work. Expect that to cost to go up alot over time. Waiting one year for 401k is a long time but you can always start a Roth on your own. Endocrine is a great speciality. Hours are great. Except the insurance part seems like a solid offer.
  5. I've met a few a few AT over the years, Very smart and they know anatomy so well. Glad to hear they are being utilized in various ways.
  6. I feel for this provider. Hopefully she can get some treatment for her SUD. Addiction does not discriminate.
  7. I usually don't claim them as CME 1 but I suppose you could. I would claim how many hours was spent in each class. If CPR took 2 hours then claim 2 hours. Hopefully others will chime in.
  8. Having days off during the week is a wonderful thing but 12 days straight with a new baby would be hard.
  9. There is also a Prolonged QT web site. In my experience mostly medication related. Because most people are on too many meds these days.
  10. Welcome to the world of being a PA-C. No matter what job I had they just kept piling patients on & mostly had no say.
  11. Yup. I just did a HIPPA retraining and this scenario came up. Even if it's misplaced lost stolen inside the facility it's a violation. Who knew!
  12. I worked per diem for over a decade and was covered under their master malpractice policy.
  13. I hope you both have good interviews!! When I interviewed at Northeastern (many years ago) the doctor who interviewed asked me why I did not want to get married & stay home with a family I will never forget it.
  14. What Sed said above. Even though its in a different state you don't want to burn any bridges at anytime in your career.
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