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  1. Good morning. In my experience this can be the life of a PA. Very often in my career I was the dumping ground for a lot of work. I was so eager early on that I just dealt with it. Is the physician available for questions at least? It sounds like a very stressful situation.
  2. It's a no win situation. If they fire the teacher she will have union back up?? And will get lawyers involved.
  3. Congrats!! I left two years ago. I was worried sick that I had made the wrong decision. Massive pay cut slightly weird hours but I just had enough of patients insurance and liability. My DEA is due to renew this month. Feels weird not doing it. It will feel very strange in the beginning but you be happier in the long run.
  4. I stopped practicing 2 years ago. I had my own policy that my prior employer paid. When I left I just took over the policy ( paid the premium) to keep it current like mentioned above. I pay $3000 per year for $2mil/$4mil. Not sure what I'm going to do when the SOL runs out. I was sued once when the incidence occured 3 years prior but all I've ever been told is the SOL is 2 years so it's confusing.
  5. Where are you located? MC in Ma don't hire PA. Only NP. That being asked my NP friend worked there for a shirt period she hated it.
  6. My advice. Get out of debt. If I don't have cash I don't buy it. Try to pay off your home. I did many years ago. Best decision.
  7. Never once has anybody I've dealt with as a PA thought I was dumb but I get what your saying. 38 year career. I'm impressed.
  8. I'm curious what her chief complaint was? UC turn no one away they want to bill$$. Glad you where there to get the patient to the ER. Can you get an update?
  9. Curbsiders podcast. Frankly speaking podcast.
  10. OP the cost for the occurrence policy vs claims made will be substantially higher as I'm sure you have figured out. That's why most offer claims made. PA333 yes if you leave your current job you will need to purchase tail coverage. You would need to contact the company that you have your current policy with. There are some exceptions to this. For instance when I left my prison job I did not need tail because the policy was still in place to continue covering all of medical personnel working there. I agree with above. This stuff need to be taught in school it's very confusing but so important.
  11. The above is excellent advice. But if there is any chance you can manage the 45 days I would. It's just better in the long run.
  12. My understanding was that even if you have two policies one from employer and one for you purchase for yourself you can only apply the claim to one policy. Both are not going to defend you. Maybe someone else can confirm this? So no never purchased supplement insurance.
  13. I worked all during PA school. One day per week.
  14. I looked into occurrence many years ago from the one the AAPA endorses. It was close to $6000. I can't imagine what it is now. Is the policy being offered in your name specifically or a group? I ask because when I left clinical a few years ago I just took over the policy since it was in my name. Did not buy tail. Just keeping the policy utd with my paying the premium $3000.
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