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  1. I would think it would be very rewarding and most patients appreciative of the care you will provide.
  2. Medical technology lab work. My undergraduate degree.
  3. I took a large pay cut last year. My opportunity to get out of patient care came along and I took it. No debt so I was able to make the move. No regrets at all. Plus this position offers health insurance down to 3 days per week so hoping to continue into retirement. If you can afford it do it.
  4. I worked in Max facility for the DOC in Mass. Probable not much different than the county except most or all will be sentenced. Went to the closed custody unit ("the hole") for years. Actually enjoyed my time in corrections!
  5. 6% on bonds? I've never had that much luck! Yes I'm still investing. Market is recovering. (although I'm still down 100K) Good time to buy.
  6. This sounds like a good plan. The economy is till working its way back up and I think companies are a little nervous being hit so hard by the pandemic. I bet once employers see $$ coming back in your pay will go back to baseline. And GI is a great GIG.
  7. Honestly it sounds like your on a roller coaster. I'm not judging you but medications to sleep medications to keep you awake. I understand people need medications (did psyche for many years). PA school is very hard but for me being a PA working full time and being responsible for patients is even harder. The worry that comes with that can be overwhelming. Is there anything else with a little less stress that you would be interested in? If I could do it all over (which we cant ) I would have pursued a coding education or some type of veterinary medicine. Also do you have an adviser at school you could talk too?
  8. I am so sorry. That is just terrible. If you had a good relationship with the SP maybe you can stay together?
  9. How do you apply for an MD or DO license when your a PA? Am i missing something? And needing malpractice insurance to apply for a license? That I've never heard of.
  10. You are rockstar!!! I hope nothing but the best for you.
  11. Yes you have to list all your SP that you use with the state you are practicing in. You need to ask your PT/per diem position if they are offering malpractice insurance. If not obviously you need to get your own policy which I am sure you know can be quite expensive.
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