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    • Back when I was a new PA, my kid brother called me after he'd done a few days of a hand-to-hand combat class at the NYPD academy.   Told me that he could barely move his arms or legs, and his urine looked like iced tea.  Proving why you should never diagnose family members over the phone, I told him to drink a ton of gatorade, take some motrin and suck it up.   I'm on a night shift in the ED that night, and he calls and tells me that he's being admitted to the ICU in his local hospital.  CK's in the 100,000's, ALT/AST in the 1000's; says "I've got something called rhabdo-something"....
    • Im in for group B as well! What do yall ladies think you’re going to wear for the “informal” social the evening before? Haha.   also...I would appreciate ANY advice from people who have interviewed last year. I last interviewed in October so my comfort level is kind of rusty by now.

    • Others will have to tell you about RFU. As far as your age, not a problem (I was much older and I now have students your age.) If you have small children, you will need a good support system.

      Best wishes!

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    • Hi! Below is the link for the FB group I created for the Class of 2020. Feel free to join! Thank you  https://www.facebook.com/groups/154387941865167/
    • Wondering if any PAs have decided to further their education and have gone on to medical school. I’m aware of bridging programs out there ( ie LECOM) . I’m 34 and contemplating applying to a bridging programs. Any words of wisdom?  Would appreciate hearing others experiences who may have completed this transition in their career.