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    • But has AAPA stopped with the SJW routine?  I don't know.

      I was impressed that they stood up to NCCPA and threatened a different certification program (not that that's a good idea, but I think they forced a change.)  But that is the only thing I see that AAPA has done right since....forever!

      Regarding the $13K dining room set...Secretary Carson didn't know anything about it until it was done and then hit the papers.  Agree that it was a ridiculous purchase, but I don't think anyone should put the blame on him personally for it.  The purchasing officer is a career bureaucrat (deep state??) who made the purchase without thinking it was a big deal (everyone does it...right??)

      If we change our name to some other nebulous sounding name (ILP, LLP, PLL, whatever), we will spend the next 50 years getting people to understand that many of us assist physicians, but some of us practice pretty independently, yet we all have our own license, and we have excellent training...."Yeah, just like a Nurse Practitioner" will still be the answer.
    • Thanks for your response! As far as grades I actually got: B in anatomy 1 A- in microbiology A in Psychology A in Sociology C in Bio 1 B in Bio 2 My weak area happens to be chemistry. I got a very low grade in gen chem 1, retook it and got a B. A C- in gen chem 2 and a c- in orgo 1. I'm still working on finishing anatomy and physiology 2 and orgo 2. As far as a 3.25 I'm honestly not sure. With so many classes already done and no grade replacement in caspa, I'm not sure which path would be better. I know there are schools that do their own gpa calculations but it's hard to find out which ones have this policy.
    • Hi, I will be applying a 2nd time this upcoming cycle and I have two specific questions: 1. I noticed a lot of people on this forum mentioning the addition of a cover letter to the CASPA app? I am wondering where the cover letter should be added... since the personal statement section will already be filled out. Also, how long should it be and how should it be different than the personal statement?  2. One of the additions to my application this year will be my CNA certification, which I received in January. However, I still have not been able to get an actual CNA/PCT job, I am in the process of looking for one as I am currently working elsewhere and am also taking a microbiology class+lab. Would it look bad if I do not have many work hours as a CNA/PCT once I start applying to schools? I already have ~3000 hours of HCE from my job as a chiropractic assistant and my various volunteering experiences. I thought it would be a good idea to get a CNA certification and work a resource/PRN position in a hospital to get more clinical experience, but I do not want it to seem like I am not utilizing my new certification.  Any feedback or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks! 
    • Hi all!

      I'm a post-grad new to Memphis and looking for a shadowing opportunity in the Memphis/Germantown/Collierville or even Mississippi area. I spent the last year working as an MA in derm and wound care, and currently have a flexible schedule!

       If you know anyone or might be interested, my email is: elbstuff@gmail.com, thank you!
    • I don't have much to add that others haven't already said, but if you plan on increasing your volunteering, I think it is more helpful to find something you are passionate about and enjoy doing, and volunteer there on a continuing basis. I have no problem with medical mission trips, but while they can be a great personal experience, they don't show a continuing commitment to serving others like volunteering somewhere every week for months or years; worse yet, some people view them as "voluntourism", which obviously has a negative connotation. They are also much more common than they used to be, so they don't necessarily make you stand out as much as they may have at one time. Please don't get me wrong, I think they have value, but I don't think they will help an application as much as continued commitment to something you are passionate about (whether medically related or not). If you can afford to do a medical mission trip, go for it, but you should also try to find a local organization you can donate your time to as well. (I understand this may not help the OP much due to timing, but I wanted to say that for others who may be thinking about medical missions vs long term volunteering).  Aside from that, you will have to be very selective in the schools you apply to, looking specifically for schools that take your patient care experience, and also that view applicants holistically and look at upward trends in grades. Apply as early as is feasible, and revamp (or rewrite altogether) your personal statement, since these are things that can significantly increase your odds of getting interviews.