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    • Is Arcadia rolling admissions 
    • Psychotherapy, why you're there, vent session, guidance, coping skills, homework assignments... you name it. Some may guide the session while others let you guide it and then give feedback. Consider making an appointment with your PCP to get started on meds to help get a hold of things, and then consider weaning off once things settle down as others suggested.  Think of the etiology for your anxiety (missed dx, patient worries, etc) and the aftermath (racing thoughts, sleeplessness, anxiety, worry, etc). Write it down. Bring your notes with you to help you during the session. 
    • I haven't either. Will update as well.
    • I am sure that you did the correct thing as this person looked into the face of death and you were one of the people that gave him the gift of a second chance. I have been with trauma patients upon extubation and gently held their arm or hand. I have done the same on CTD patients. I hold the hsnf and diy st the side of every one of my Plastic patients as this gives them security and do the same on extubation In the OR. I don’t hug my liposuction patients, breast patients or tummy tucks, even with a chaperone, proximity and type of examination have a bearing on my decisions.
    • Received an invite for an interview on June 12-13!! Anyone else?

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