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  2. ExcitedPAstudent

    Sullivan Applicant Cycle 2018-2019

    Anyone else on the waitlist heard anything yet? I wonder if they’ve sent all the emails
  3. Has anyone from the 1/12 interview received any further emails about admission besides the one about setting up your login information? I assume we’ll receive another email with more details about the deposit since they stated we need to review that information carefully?
  4. Hi. I’ve interviewed there.
  5. For those interviewing 1/19, does the interview start at 9:00am or 8:00am? When we first chose our date it said the interview was 8:00am-5:00pm but the reminder e-mail says the interview begins at 9:00am. Just wanting to confirm, thank you guys!
  6. Jordan25

    Touro Manhattan

    Hi and yes. You will go into a big room with all the other interviewees. They do a tour, quick exam, and then they will call you in one by one for the interview. Quick exam? What do you mean? And Thank you so much!
  7. rev ronin

    Verbal offer

    I get only state-mandated minimal sick leave, and I like it that way. If I want time off, I tell my practices in advance, and if they want me to work more, they ask me and I say yes if I can. PTO is just one piece of total cost of employment...
  8. Normal for first time in the OR. I had the same thing first time shadowing in the OR but went away after about 20-30 mins. I think it was from being so excited seeing it the first and it felt like a rush sort of. Also, in my first semester and first day in the cadaver lab the same thing happened. It was quite a rush seeing dead bodies for the first time. Either way, subsequently felt like just any another day after that.
  9. LauraSiS

    Applicants for January 2020 start

    I'm also in the same boat! Does anyone know if the holidays have an impact on the 60 day time frame for follow-up after they receive your supplement? I'm also not sure if Clarkson sends rejection letters so I wasn't sure if after 60 days we should just assume we did not get an interview. Wishing everyone still waiting good luck and hoping we have some good news next week!
  10. HeyHeyPA32

    Rocky Vista (CO) ALTERNATE LIST (Class entering Fall 2019)

    Hey all, I just got pulled from the waitlist this morning. Don’t give up hope!!!
  11. I found this site helpful and wanted to tell my story in order to let others see that a non-traditional student with a low CASPA GPA due to freshman mistakes can make it if you keep working hard. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. After being put on Academic probation/suspension from VA Tech I joined the USAF as a Medical Lab Tech/Medic 1992-1996. After completing my contract with the military enrolled at NCSU and graduated with honors. Took more post-bacc classes for pre-reqs and boost up my GPA at Durham Tech Community College and NCSU. Should be stated that Campbell will look at your last 60 credits if your CASPA cGPA is not a 3.2. Undergrad Ed School: North Carolina State University Major: Zoology Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.3 (from NCSU and does not include the courses I received a D and F in from my freshman year) Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.23 (from NCSU and does not include the courses I received a D and F in from my freshman year) CASPA Undergrad cGPA: 2.92 (this is low due to being put on Academic probation/suspension my freshman year) CASPA Undergrad sGPA: 3.00 (this is low due to being put on Academic probation/suspension my freshman year) Post-bacc cGPA: 3.86 Post-bacc sGPA: 4.00 Age at application time: 47 3rd GRE: 304 (155, 149, 3.0) This was my best score after 3 times. Direct Patient Care: ~12,000 hours as a Medical Laboratory Technician/Medic in the USAF for 4 years Volunteer: ~60 hours in the Emergency Department Shadowing: 9 hours with a PA in neurosurgery Letters of Rec: PA (was a fellow military friend who I worked with and obtained his PA degree shortly after we completed our contract with the USAF in 1996), MD/PhD mentor and A&P professor with a MD/PhD as well. Schools Applied: Duke, University of Florida, University of Utah, University of Nevada at Reno, Stanford and Campbell Application Submitted Date: June 25th 2018 Interview Invites: Campbell Denied w/o interview: all except for Campbell Rejected after interview: 0 Accepted: Campbell Attending: Campbell Attempt: 2nd
  12. Today
  13. marissajanel

    2018-2019 APPLICANTS

    Has anyone heard much? I know they didn't start reviewing until after Tuesday so I'm probably way ahead of the game here lol
  14. I wanted to know if anyone else has got an interview for the summer1 class? If someone from the past classes has any information on what to expect for the interview I would love some advice. I interview on 26 January 2019 are there any other veterans that will be interviewing as well? This is my first time applying so I am not sure what to expect. Let me know if there are any pointers that may help..
  15. Received an interview invite today for February 2nd!!!
  16. pa4652

    Mercer 2018-2019 Cycle

    Has anyone been accepted from the December interview?
  17. Kam1015

    Morehouse PA Program

    No updates for me either, I hope everyone gets a good email in their inbox soon!
  18. cmd97


    @tmay44 Yup! It’s Marywood Physician Assistant Class of 2021 on Facebook
  19. tmay44


    Is their a Facebook page set up for accepted students?
  20. Boli - 3rd option is to work like mad, live like paupers, and have the mess cleaned up in 4 years. Just got an email about a primary care job starting at >$220k a year. It's in a terrible neighborhood (Kabul), but that means its tax free! 10 years of debt is the worse thing imaginable.
  21. johncfl

    To defer or not to defer..

    You could take the prereqs online through Doane or UNE as a last resort.
  22. Cideous

    Verbal offer

    I get 1 week PTO for a full time Urgent Care job. Pathetic.
  23. mitochandrea

    2018-2019 Applicants

    Hello! Does anyone know if seats are still open? I have an interview here tomorrow, and I wasn't told if I am interviewing for waitlist. Also, anyone know how much a seat deposit is? Thank you!
  24. Betsy Devos will reimburse you, but only for guns to ward off bears.......
  25. I would go through the regular email account. They have been pretty decent at responding. You could also call if you want to try to talk to someone.
  26. Hi All, Has anyone interviewed for Pace- Pleasantville campus? If so, would please share some info on how the interview process went.
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