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  2. Those who just received the interview invite, when did you apply?
  3. Got accepted!!! Had my interview on Friday 11/8!
  4. Accepted from 10/4 interview!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I just received an invitation to interview 12/13 - so excited for this opportunity! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I just declined my acceptance offer. I interviewed 10/18, hopefully this gives someone else an opportunity!
  7. I'm not sure if the group admin is monitoring the page very closely, I sent a request to join a few days ago
  8. Hello everyone, I have been fortunate enough to be accepted to two PA programs. I know there are other topics about this but I was hoping you all could help me out a little, besides what else is a forum like this for? Pros School A- Close to home ~97k tuition, cheap cost of living 100% Pance Pass Rate Staff seems qualified and genuinely interested in helping their students. Positive reviews from students that i have reached out to I would like to work in the same state as school A Cons School A Brand New program, started in 2016 .... provisional status Only one elective No way to know forsure how well established their clinical rotations are. Students have postive things to say Pros school B Program very well established, 40+ years Program has their own hospital system, all clinical rotations are essentially guaranteed to be well established. Focus heavily or surgery which is what I am passionate about Cheap cost of living Cons school B Tuition ~140k Out of state, I am excited about the move though Live cadaveric dissection Overall both programs will prepare me well for the pance. Is a slightly better education with better rotations really worth 40K...
  9. I have not heard of one yet, but it would be cool to get a jump Start on meeting everyone
  10. I was waitlisted after interviewing. Still remaining hopeful
  11. Hi everyone, Has anyone who has interviewed received a rejection?
  12. I agree we are in competition with NPs. We have to stay currents. For example who do you think will get the job: John Smith MSM, PA-C. OR Jane Doe, DNP, ACNP-BC, FNP-BC Pretty easy to see how that job interview would go. as apposed to when the doctorally trained PA comes to the table with a DHS, DMSc, ect the playing field then becomes leveled.
  13. I just got an interview offer for November 22, in the afternoon!
  14. I was accepted into the Harrogate program today!! Excited to meet everyone in May!
  15. So you think doane was an easy A, just a lot of bulk work?
  16. Hi guys! I also received an interview for January 10 this morning! I applied on 10/31
  17. Hi All! Looking for some thoughts on an urgent care offer in northern NJ. Multi specialty practice based urgent care. Mix of acuity. We can get stat CTs. $64/hr = 133120 per year Hourly not salary 160 hours PTO 0 hours CME days $1500 CME Mix between 12hr (week day 8A-8P) and 9hr (8A-5P) shifts 4% match 401k 5% annual bonus Approx 20-30 patient's per day I have 5 years experience as a PA Thanks in advance! ~E
  18. Well, congrats on the acceptance! Thank you for the info [emoji3526] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Congrats! And thank you for letting us know about the email address :)
  20. Today
  21. perhaps next year more programs may start using it for admissions. Its definitely coming just a matter of when. I’d contact them if you have more questions about it.
  22. So I’ve been out of school for a while, however I took A&P about two years ago for to go back to PA school. My approach was to purchase the barons anatomy and physiology study guide and complete the book before the interview. I was notified of my interview on the 6th of October for the 14th of November. I focused on the really important topics like the skeletal system, nervous, muscles, endocrine, respiratory etc....I spent about 4-6 hours a day reviewing and I do work full time, and I have kids. I don’t know how detailed the exam will be but I honestly tried my best. Some say it’s easy while others say it’s hard...both are relative to the knowledge of the test taker etc. some chapters such as the reproductive I’m still really shaky in. But I’ll continue to prepare right up to the day before my interview. I hope that helped
  23. Considering emailing and asking for an update on the waitlist. Before I do this, has anyone heard anything recently?
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