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  2. @mooko12Yes this fee is for credentialing. So, this is a normal thing that everyone has to do?
  3. Hey guys! I noticed there wasn't a post about the upcoming application cycle. I wanted to create a post so we could discuss and answer questions for each other. Detroit Mercy is my #1 option. I think making this post will allow us to create connections and encourage each other, so we can all achieve one goal-- getting into PA school! Leave your stats and any comments here!
  4. I'm also hoping to make it to the interview for the conditional track as well. I applied in July but no details besides a possible decision in January-March @amh299 @pmg93 my cumulative caspa GPA was ~2.5 Do you guys mind sharing yours? I feel like Trine has been very open about dialogue as to taking the holistic approach and looking at the well-round candidate. Have you either of you guys talked to any other schools about the past 40 or so credit hour GPA vantage point instead?
  5. I'm guessing that there wouldn't be one before the Dec 18 deposit deadline or until after the holiday break. I remember reading something from previous year's class posts that the group wasn't created until May lol. Not sure if things have changed since.
  6. You're employed by CEP and will have privileges at the hospital(s) where you're working. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  7. This fee is for credentialing, correct? I've had to pay fee (usually ~$200) for credentialing for all of my positions, but I've only worked with large health systems. I once didn't include a check and waited to see if it would be included in the "missing items" list of my credentialing file... never was :-) Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  8. @UGoLong I got hired with CEP America and they are contracted with this hospital that I will be working for. I assume that I am not self-employed. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you.
  9. Your experience sounds awesome. I've never been on a medical mission trip before. I definitely look forward to an international volunteer experience before starting school. My coworkers went to Peru with ivhq after completing nursing school.
  10. That is some very good stats and I am almost similar to yours as well.
  11. Hi Katie, I am wondering the same thing! I will be following this feed.
  12. HCE

    Personally, I would take the closer job. It may have drawbacks for some schools, but not at many others. You don’t have to crawl over broken glass to get into a program. Do your best but keep your life under control. Point of information: I’ve never been a scribe. I’ve taught a number of them in PA school. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I still have about 4 more schools I have to hear from and all of my apps were done and submitted mid-May. Here is a link to my stats.
  14. So I take it that we are all in the same boat then. Patience is a virtue. Just wish I would hear something regarding my application if it is under review yet or anything.
  15. From what I’ve seen, if you work for a practice, they seem to pay your fees. If you are a self-employed contract worker, you generally get no benefits and pay all fees. You are your own small business and your costs are subtracted from your earnings at tax time. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. Wow! It took that long to hear something? That is crazy. Well that's some good positive news. Thank you for the info and by chance would you mind sharing some of your stats when you applied?
  17. I am a baby OT ( 2 yrs old) with mostly acute care experience. I decided earlier this year to finish prereqs so that I can hopefully gain admission into a Physician Assistant Studies program. Are programs impressed with someone who has masters prepared clinical experience? I finished my Masters in OT with a 3.7 GPA. I know CASPA will not care about that but, I just wanted to know if it would strengthen my application. I plan to finish 3 additional courses in 2018 and apply during next year as well. I am also shadowing local PA's so that I can have observation hours. If anyone has any additional tips, please share. Thanks, PursuitofPA
  18. Congrats @Dpatel123
  19. Hi guys, I am a recent graduate and just got hired as a contract worker as an ER PA. I am currently waiting for my credentialing and DEA license. I am trying to finish up my credentialing for this hospital but the hospital is asking me to pay $250 (non-refundable) for an application fee. I find that very odd and it is a red flag to me but since this is my first job as a PA, I don't know if this is a normal process or not. Please give me some insight. Thank you.
  20. Don't quit yet! I applied in mid May and just got an email to interview today. I withdrew my application due to an acceptance at my top choice. So hopefully someone here gets that chance! I was almost sure I was rejected again but those interview invites always seem to pop up out of nowhere.
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  22. Omg! Have you been accepted anywhere else? Things happen for a reason, and there must be a reason why I will be able to stay home while attending, which I am very thankful for.
  23. Alliehoop, Appreciate the information and sharing for those still waiting to hear something. Did they give any idea on number of overall applicants received or number interviewed? Congrats on the interview. Thanks
  24. The only problem with our current hound applicants is they have no commitment to the profession and advancing it (apathy), which combined with old guard that commits to much to tradition leaves us in a pickle. In my opinion we need young people, but they need passion. We need ones who want to do a residency, finish a doctorate, be involved in politics, not just a sweet paycheck and limited responsibility. I’ve seen the spectrum as a RN and a PA where people have a decade of experience and just plain suck. Dumb or just want a better gig because they can’t see themselves tolerate one more night of bathing a dude on a vent. I’ve also seen young with no HCE blow everyone out of the water. In the end what matters is passion. Unfortunately we have no reliable way to select that in an interview process.
  25. I chose the 24th as well, see you there!
  26. I chose February 24th! Which one did you choose?
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