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  3. I gave up my seat yesterday! Hope one of you gets off the waitlist soon
  4. Nope. I have not worked as a PA in 11 months and will be starting work in the clinical laboratory at a local hospital in the upcoming week. (My undergrad degree is in Medical Technology). Can't quite retire yet at age 61, but am happy to be returning to being a lab rat. I still really enjoy case studies and do miss some of the patient contact, but have no desire to ever step back into direct patient care. I am grateful for the experience, amazing co-workers, and retirement savings I was able to build as a PA, but I'm done.
  5. I received an update email today stating my position has moved up 2 spots and we should expect to hear from SLU next month if there is an update.
  6. Thanks to everyone that answered my question. I do have my own DEA and NPI, I would never delve into the narcotic controlled substance ordering, even though my DEA is full writing privileges. That is for use when I am working OCC Med. And UC. Now just time to negotiate compensation for use of my medical license and monitoring who and what is being ordered. This position would be more of a minimal (absentee) director, but I still feel my license for his gain, should not be free. This area of Admin function, outside of clinical practice is new to me. A retired firefighter frie
  7. Hello I was wondering as well about PA shadowing hours in NYC
  8. What are some good resources for PA’s that have recently graduated or even seasoned PA’s to stay up to date in the field??
  9. Hello I know I am super late to the conversation did anyone take the UC BERKLEY course?
  10. Maybe on Monday, when I interviewed Dr. De Rosa said we would hear back in March. I’ve been waiting since January I can’t wait a few more days lol
  11. Yeah I got nothing. Maybe we'll hear something on Monday...
  12. Congrats to everyone!! I got on the alternative list, this is my last application cycle unfortunately. I do have one more interview so not all hope is lost. Does anyone know how many people is placed on the alternate list and how many typically gets accepted from it?
  13. I totally agree. I have things to do. I have decisions to make. Things to plan out. I do not have time to be sitting here for 3 months waiting for a response. If I don't hear back by March 15, time to move on.
  14. I interviewed 2/19 and haven’t heard anything either.
  15. I believe during my interview they are trying to get 15-20 students for this cohort. It is a virtual interview.
  16. Has anyone who was placed on the waitlist heard anything further than the waitlist email they sent? Any acceptances? Also.... does anyone have any reference or information as to how Stanford's waitlist typically works? For instance, does anyone know if they are on the quicker end to pull people off the waitlist suddenly after spots open up or do they wait until closer to their start date in August? Thanks in advance~
  17. Does anyone know what is their class size and if they are doing virtual interviews or in person interviews?
  18. Hi everyone, I interviewed 2/17 and received an acceptance call today (2/26) - Trina told me they have not completely seated the class yet Can I please be added to the groups, Thank you!
  19. Can anyone share what the supplemental essay questions are? I wanted to get started on them for this upcoming cycle
  20. Not sure if this will help new grad, but; 1) sell something else and join national and state PA association tell them to change title ASAP for "Practitioner" and continue to push for OTP or FPA. Volunteer to help them and get to know more PA's that may help you find a position. 2) start frequenting any location where you can meet and chat with physicians, nurses, RT, admin, tech's etc. ANYONE associated with local hospital systems. 3) If you haven't, or if it's been more than a month or two(don't be a weekly pest), go into HR and politely check on potential openings. Jobs are often filled befo
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