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  2. It can be found in UpToDate "perioperative management of patients on anticoagulants." We generally only bridge for an artificial valve. Otherwise stopping for a few days is not normally of concern. Usually we stop 3-5 days before as using Vitamin K greatly delays getting back to a therapeutic dose.
  3. I interviewed 7/30 and got accepted today! For the people who have been accepted, I made a group me! Good luck to all the people interviewing https://groupme.com/join_group/69573838/lvaMHpmr
  4. Hi Guys, I had a question about youSC, so if we already had an account here because of having applied to them for undergrad before and we've recovered our password for it in order to be able to login, do we have to do anything else in terms of submitting stuff and whatnot? In the email it mentions "Prospective students applying to the University of Southern California via OTCAS, PTCAS, CASPA, SOPHAS, and PharmCAS should follow the submission guidelines indicated on their respective applications". Thank you!
  5. Hi! I still have not received my second level eval yet and I received the "Application Received" email on 6/28. Does this mean I'm getting a rejection soon?
  6. Do you wanna be called a Fucktard? https://www.instagram.com/p/CR6u--BDSME/
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  8. Looks like the program was locked on Cal State Apply and they are in the process of getting it unlocked. I will check in again with them tomorrow
  9. I got the original “remain in consideration” email and just received an updated one monday that’s almost word-for-word same except says that status will now remain until November when interview season ends.
  10. Nope. I was a regular applicant. To my knowledge, we were the first round of interviews. I submitted on 5/17 and was verified on 5/18.
  11. Yesterday
  12. @dmahl0512 Have you heard anything about a facebook group or anything yet?
  13. Agreed! It was very laid back and just have some questions prepared because you have time to ask them!
  14. Well, I had to submit a test score and I was able to do that today. They told me they will let me know within two weeks. I am hopeful!
  15. @Inobe20were you part of early assurance? My friend is and they told her that those students had interviews first and they were just on the 27th. Also when did you submit?
  16. Hey could any current students on this thread give me some insight on what Rosalind Franklin's PA program is like?
  17. Hello! I will also be around for the afternoon with Mark, and I agree, you won't need your laptop if you don't want to bring it! I would bring a watch to keep track of time. The program will provide most things, like a pen, water, lunch, etc. Good luck, let us know if you have anymore questions!
  18. I put a request in on Monday. I haven't heard anything back yet! I will look forward to her call!!
  19. Hi there! Looking forward to meeting you on interview day, I will be around for the afternoon portion. You don't need a laptop, but you can bring one if you needed it for notes, etc. Definitely get a full night of sleep, especially if your commute or travel is long. The faculty and current students are all very friendly if that helps to ease the nerves at all. The best thing you can do for the interviews is to be ready and confident to showcase yourself as a strong candidate. If you haven't already definitely check out some of the common questions PA programs ask!
  20. Got my interview invite, very excited to meet some of you. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!
  21. Hi everyone, just wanted to send some encouragement! one, they are still sending out interview invites until the end of august. two, i interviewed tuesday and it was super laid back and not as stressful as you think it would be. good luck
  22. If you put your info in on the website to ‘request information’, their admissions counselor will get in touch. Her name is Macie and she’s a pleasure to talk to and has all the answers to your questions.
  23. I wouldn’t be discouraged!!! when do your grades get in?
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