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  2. anyone knows when they will be sending interview invites?
  3. does anyone know when they will be sending interview invites?
  4. I have not heard anything yet! Trying to keep positive!
  5. It’s constantly astounding to me that “whataboutism” is still considered by some people as a valid logical argument
  6. Has anyone from the 6/25 interview not heard anything at all yet?
  7. If a school doesn't request the GRE, they will still see it on CASPA, but they say they just ignore it. Unfortunately there's no way to just skip over those schools.
  8. My email stated in-state applicants will have in-person interviews on campus.
  9. I got the secondary review email today. I got the first one on 5-26.
  10. Hey, I am free Tennessee and my interview is over Zoom. Did they tell you that all Tennesseans will be in person?
  11. I received an interview invite this morning for August 17th! Apparently anyone located outside of Tennessee will have interviews via zoom, anyone living in Tennessee will be having in person interviews at campus. The email said there are two essay portions along with three individual interviews with faculty and preceptors.
  12. I received it as well! Also set in my calendar September 4th for when they’ll be sending out for interviews!
  13. good luck! do you know when they will be sending interview invites?
  14. We have lots of PhD and MD/DO expert opinion on masks. so I need to poll everyone, but you get to base this off your experience? 300mL. Please, I've cited evidence at every juncture, and you haven’t. You have a lot to learn about respiratory physiology. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1019420/pdf/thorax00036-0073.pdf While you may understand some physics, just like the data, you are twisting it into something it’s not. This is it. You don’t understand EBM, correlation, causation, association, confounding variables. I’m fine if you want to do a double blind RCT on mask. No one is stopping you, but the best available evidence say benefits outweigh risks. You haven’t convinced me or anyone else here otherwise. But by all means, let them speak if I’m wrong. if you want to be a champion of EBM, you could pick a lot better topics than this. Go look at tPA. I suspect the only reason you care is it affects you directly and it’s been highly politicized. Done with you. Talk into the void if you like. Thanks for playing, Tim.
  15. No one here is a lawyer who can assist you, OP. PLEASE talk to an employment attorney and consider a personal counselor as this is definitely a situation that is affecting you deeply. Document everything.
  16. I was first wave. Not sure how many but I know they like to get to 160 candidates based on their admission statistics.
  17. Many airlines are requiring a test to board a plane. Alaska Airlines is one. For some reason folks think an elective fishing trip is a good idea right now. Some local clinics in our area are offering $99 preflight or return to work tests. Some local companies are requiring a test if employee has traveled or been out from work for whatever reason or potentially exposed. I am fine with testing whomever wants to be tested as long as they will do with the results what is best for the community. And realizing that the test is a day in time - could be incubating, could get exposed tomorrow. We have a local guy in jail right now for refusing to self isolate with symptoms and a positive test. Our local health officer filed the warrant. Dude is a moron who doesn't think this is a thing but has symptoms and a positive test to boot. Can't fix stupid but you can jail Typhoid Ted. Waste of resources but necessary when our society as a whole isn't catching on to this. Back to OP - Patient could be asx spreader/carrier. MUST self isolate. DO NOT LEAVE HOME. Take daily temps and keep record. Stay in one room and bathroom at home. Mask at all times if near family. DO NOT GO INTO THE HOME KITCHEN. Take food to person. Wash immediately in dishwasher or really hot water and soap. Family wears masks and gloves when handling dishes, etc. Family should limit all contact. Seek medical care for worsening symptoms including SOB, dyspnea, markedly low or high blood sugars in response to illness. Just being in the house isn't enough unless lives alone. Clean the house like grandma is coming - doorknobs, light switches, etc - use proper products that will kill virus. Wash sheets and towels every 2-3 days - use high heat in dryer. Shower daily or every other day - keep up hygiene. Consider chucking the toothbrush like we do with strep throat. Sounds dumb but folks need line by line instructions on this.
  18. Today
  19. I got the secondary review email today. I got the first one on 5-26.
  20. @AGC13 i submitted on june 5, verified june 7, and i received an email of confirmation from them on June 10 saying that they received my caspa application and are beginning to review my materials
  21. Submitted 6/15 Verified 6/19 Email confirmation 6/20 Good luck to everyone!!
  22. does anyone know when they will be sending interview invites?
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