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  3. Nursing school will still take 4 years (to get BSN). You’re only saving two years by doing nursing instead of PA, so if you want to do PA just go for it.
  4. Did anyone get an email saying initial review was complete and that the app was being sent to the admission committee?
  5. Im 48 and 6 months from graduation. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE.
  6. @Janie55, I am disappointed that is how it comes across. The point I was attempting to make was that my shadowing and work experience has given me insight into the role of a PA.
  7. @nichole96, I actually landed an interview recently at an in state program. I may not be an exceptional candidate and may have not tied my personal statement together as well as I should’ve, but I really wanted to show my commitment and show my work experiences and how they have prepared me for pa school. I think I got caught up trying to prove myself as a reapplicant.
  8. No Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I don’t think so Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. There is no doubt in my mind that your personal statement is the red flag that's holding you back. It is not very well written (just from a first skim, you should never use contractions like "don't" and there are so many semicolons and random double spaces like this: "I want to be a PA." Attention to detail matters.) Beyond the proofreading, your first paragraph belongs in your job description in the "experiences" section. The second paragraph reads like a research paper on what a PA is and not why you want to be one. The third paragraph jumps back to your job description. At no point do you actually say why you want to be a PA - you say you can see yourself as one and that the team role "fits like a glove", but that's all. To be brutally honest, the whole thing reads like a first draft. A personal statement should be *personal* (and answer the prompt of "why PA) and yours accomplishes neither task. You get closest to beginning to address the prompt with this sentence: "When I face tough obstacles and have to adapt to new situations, I can draw on my past experiences to give me the strength I need to succeed." What past experiences? How have you gained strength through them? These are absolutely crucial questions that I can almost promise you'll be asked at an interview. MT2PA absolutely nailed it (as usual) with the comment about standing out. What makes you different? My roommate and I both got into a great school with mediocre transcripts because we stood out in other ways. Maybe you do too, but you haven't shown me that here. Dig deep and do some serious reflecting on why PA and the experiences that brought you to applying. It will benefit you in interviews and, if you need to reapply, in writing a new personal statement. Good luck!
  11. Is there is a supplemental (secondary) application for the program?
  12. Awesome! My name is Jamie btw, hopefully we run into each other at the interview! There are a lot of amazing outdoor must-sees but the downside is that it is very hot out here after about 10 am. If you have time you could drive north to Sedona, Arizona where is it a bit cooler and see some truly spectacular views. How long are you staying for?
  13. Oh my...I see the Nittany Lion in your pic....are you one of the "untouchable" last three? If so...I got in too!
  14. Got an interview here on the 13th too. Last year I interviewed here as well. It's tricky with their undergrad 3+2 program to get a spot but it's a super laid back interview process. Trying to go into more laid back year. It was my first interview ever last year! It's a great program
  15. I contacted the program in regards to not hearing back via phone call and they seemed to brush it off, saying they'd review everything later in the year...I don't think it's a bad sign yet
  16. Yeah I'm in the same boat. Starting to get antsy.
  17. Hello. Your PS flows fairly well, but it seems more like a research paper on what a PA is combined with your personal resume. I’m not sure how well it answered the prompt.
  18. It either doesn't matter, or is specific per school. If you have the time and money, a 3 credit class of 4.0 brings your GPA up more than 2 credits do. Medical Terminology... I don't think I've ever reviewed a CASPA app, either reviewing one for my EMTs applying to PA school or as a program interviewer, that had LESS than a 4.0 on Med Term. Also, I do believe there's a really hugely long thread somewhere listing all the various places that have online courses--I suspect it's still accurate, if no longer as complete.
  19. when did you apply? This is encouraging cause I got a 292. What were your stats?
  20. Interviewed at Glenside campus, just got my acceptance as well! Very excited!!!
  21. I also just reserved my interview for August 1st! I’m coming from WI. Any locals have any must-sees while I am there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. I also just reserved my interview for August 1st! I’m coming from WI. Any locals have any must-sees while I am there? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. @MT2PA, I have a full time job in the OR with call so I can't necessarily take classes unless they are online. I agree with the gre aspect (always struggled on standardized tests, mainly math), but I believe I have a competitive gpa based on accepted stats from many of the programs I applied to. I attached my personal statement if you would like to review it.
  24. I think you should be grateful you got 2 invites last cycle. You're an average applicant and it looks like the only thing you improved on from last cycle was more clinical hours which frankly is expected simply because time passes. You could take more classes to raise your GPA (and continue your learning) and retake the GRE. I didn't read your personal statement but it sounds like you might have missed a big topic this go-round (the WHY). The key to any application is to stand out. Bring something unique to the table. I don't see that from the admittedly limited information you provided here. All you can do is wait. Keep improving in case you have to reapply next year.
  25. Hey all! I was verified back in early May and still have yet to hear anything back. Does anyone know if they send out rejection letters? Trying to be patient but it is growing harder and harder with all the interview invites being sent out!
  26. I got this from their page, so hopefully that’s what they mean by official transcripts!
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