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  2. BrethePA

    2018-2019 Cycle

    Is Arcadia rolling admissions
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  4. Sed

    Coping with Anxiety

    Psychotherapy, why you're there, vent session, guidance, coping skills, homework assignments... you name it. Some may guide the session while others let you guide it and then give feedback. Consider making an appointment with your PCP to get started on meds to help get a hold of things, and then consider weaning off once things settle down as others suggested. Think of the etiology for your anxiety (missed dx, patient worries, etc) and the aftermath (racing thoughts, sleeplessness, anxiety, worry, etc). Write it down. Bring your notes with you to help you during the session.
  5. brittbarba

    Application cycle 2017-2018

    I haven't either. Will update as well.
  6. surgblumm

    Should PAs Hug Their Patients?

    I am sure that you did the correct thing as this person looked into the face of death and you were one of the people that gave him the gift of a second chance. I have been with trauma patients upon extubation and gently held their arm or hand. I have done the same on CTD patients. I hold the hsnf and diy st the side of every one of my Plastic patients as this gives them security and do the same on extubation In the OR. I don’t hug my liposuction patients, breast patients or tummy tucks, even with a chaperone, proximity and type of examination have a bearing on my decisions.
  7. lojanks


    Received an invite for an interview on June 12-13!! Anyone else?
  8. surgblumm

    Should PAs Hug Their Patients?

    IThe last two were great answers. You guys are in touch with your feelings and your professional identity and I applaud you.
  9. I retook a prerequisite class and went from a C to an A! When entering in the prerequisites for each school's application, do I select the highest grade or both course grades? Any help is much appreciated!
  10. Hi all, I have been practicing primary care since 2013 and ive been thinking about switching my next gig to ortho. Anyone with primary care experience who switched to ortho can tell me what do you like about ortho practice compared to good ole primary care? thanks. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  11. Guest

  12. KrebsCycle

    UNE online courses

    Those that have taken Microbiology with Lab at UNE, can you offer some more details about the class? Is an A doable? Also, I've looked at the cost of the LabPaq alone and it's $323.00. Is that right? It seems awfully expensive.
  13. everything said above is true. I have worked with some great MAs and some not great MAs. Ditto LPNs. an LPN is basically a CMA who can start an IV and give IV/IM meds. MA program 9-12 months after high school. LPN program 12-14 months after high school. A great MA can do foleys, limited xrays, IM meds, 1st assist minor procedures, etc. Really almost anything they have been trained to do.The last place I work cross trained MAs as ER techs and many were rockstars. one went on to PA school and she is a great PA. I was an EMT at 18 and my first ER tech job in CA trained me on the job as an MA so that I could draw blood and give injections. I even got a certificate as it was a real pathway in CA in the 80s. After 3 summers there I did everything the RN did except push IV meds, start foleys, and hang blood. I started IVs, gave IM injections, 1st assisted procedures, gave neb tx, etc Most MAs today make $15-20/hr. LPNs about $10/hr more. unfortunately, both MA and LPN programs are not cheap. For the money, I think emt to paramedic is a better path with more responsibility and a better scope of practice.
  14. hmtpnw

    What are my chances?

    Someone else is probably better suited for advice on specific programs. You could search low GPA threads. There are programs that are well known for a more holistic approach and they’re mentioned often when people ask about overcoming low GPAs. I am in the opposite situation, really strong academics with more average to below average clinical experience, so all the programs I’m informed about wouldn’t be a great fit!
  15. Reality Check 2

    High Medical Assistant/Staff turnover

    In Washington, an MA has to attend a 9 month school and pass a state exam to be called a CMA - certified. Many do not last. Some are searching for a different career - waitress to MA, hairdresser to MA, stay home Mom to MA. Or a stepping stone to LPN/RN school. Many have no idea what they are actually getting into. They are "registered" in Washington with attachment to the provider's license they work under. They are only allowed to 'parrot' what we say - no outside thinking or advice - "your provider says that if you are vomiting you should stop eating, try sips of clear liquid and go to an ER or UC if after hours and you vomit blood or can't stop vomiting.' The private practice I left last year has an UNcertified MA working outside the law and they kept saying she is 'grandfathered' in by dates. NOT. Everything she does is illegal - giving injections, monitoring vaccines and fridge temps, every single thing. One of the multitude of reasons I bailed. An old ortho practice I was at still has completely untrained folks calling themselves MAs who were trained on the job. No certificate, nothing. Some draw up joint injections - which I threw away because I didn't see them drawn or the bottles - and put on casts etc. They hired a risk manager who pointed out all the pitfalls. Then they fired the risk manager. MAs are short lived in many places as they constantly look for a few more dollars an hour somewhere or not working nights as a CNA in a nursing home. The turnover is HUGE almost everywhere. After all these years, I finally have an LPN who is a rockstar AND an RN who is experienced - makes a world of difference in maintaining a panel of patients. MAs have a role - but many are abused and overused or forced to work outside their license. We need to bring back the LPN. Just my crusty old 2 cents.
  16. Just thought I'd share a recent event. Since chiming in about not being a proactive hugger but rather a reactive one, I had a longtime polytrauma patient (who also worked in the medical field) who waited in the lobby for me to get a second in between clinic patients to talk with them. They told me they remember waking up from extubation after their prolonged sedation in the ICU and admittedly being scared. They told me that my face was the first one they remembered seeing and they were thankful that I was the one there to get them through it and their hospital stay as well as their subsequent outpatient follow up. Maybe this thread has softened me a bit, or maybe it was just coincidence that I talked with this one particular sad-turned-positive case who waited in the lobby for me to express their gratitude, but seeing them get choked up as they were saying all this to me, I couldn't help but feel like I wanted to hug them. And so I hugged them -- the first patient I've ever initiated a hug with. It was gratifying and reciprocated with a big bear hug. This post wasn't meant as an opportunity to gloat, but as a thank you, I suppose, for reminding me that I'm not just some jaded machine. We can often get caught up in the day-to-day workload, especially when dealing with certain patient populations or administrative BS, but it's nice to hear others' experiences and get reminders like those shared here that there's still a human component to being a medical provider in today's dog-eat-dog world. So, thank you!
  17. Some states allow on the job training and home study for MA and then you take an exam to actually become certified. But, I don't know if certification is required to serve as a "medical assistant" in a private practice office - maybe to do some procedures/injections, but for the computer stuff, BP, etc. I don't think so. As for turnover, same here unfortunately. Someone else offers $0.25 more per hour, or something, and "poof" they're gone! One of the reasons I bonus my "MA" (she's actually a CNA) - plus she is good at her job and works hard for me. I make a monthly bonus based on productivity and give her a portion of said bonus - I look at it as I would struggle to make the bonus if it wasn't for her productivity, so in my opinion she deserves a piece of it. She's been with the practice for approximately 18 months (hired straight out of school and 6 months longer than me) and she is paid better than any of the other MA's because of the bonus I give her. She appreciates the bonus and it keeps her from running for the next open position. I also treat her well during the day and actually say "Thank you" when deserved. It is so nice to have a competent MA who cares about her job.
  18. PrePA94

    What are my chances?

    Absolutely! Ive been doing my research and a school I found was EVMS. Because they do not utilize rolling admission, I plan to only apply to them if I don't hear back from anything else sooner. Any advice on schools I should apply to? Ive been working as a MA for the past 4 years, and have been saving money for this very moment.. so Im willing to apply to as many schools as I need to inorder to get accepted into one. Thank you for your feedback and help!
  19. hmtpnw

    What are my chances?

    Upward trend will help. Some schools look at your last 45 semester credits as opposed to your cGPA. Maybe consider applying to some of these programs if there is a significant difference in those GPAs.
  20. PrePA94

    What are my chances?

    Thank you so much! I don't know too many other schools that I could find that I would be considered "competitive" at. I did receiver an A in A&P2. My grades have an upward trend (idk if that's important for PA school). Im just trying to apply early now and see!
  21. hmtpnw

    What are my chances?

    Having 1 prereq pending when applying is fine. Given weak sGPA and pending prereq being a foundational course, I could see adcoms being concerned, especially if you didn't do really well in A&P II. Overall when looking at stats I would say that sGPA is definitely on the low side. cGPA is average to low depending on the program. GRE is on the lower side of average. Academics as a whole are probably on the lower side of average to below average. PCE looks strong as does volunteering. With this in mind look for programs that emphasize clinical experience as opposed to academics. Best thing to do is look at class profiles for schools you are applying to and evaluate yourself against the provided stats... Take emory for example: Avg overall GPA 3.57 - Below average Avg science GPA 3.51 - Pretty far below average Avg GRE: 154 Verbal, 151 Quant, 4.1 Writing - Average/Below average Avg HCE hours: 7,512 (Range 2,033-69,888) - Average With this in mind you're not very competitive for Emory unless you feel that you strongly fit their mission. That doesn't mean you won't get an interview, it just means that it will be harder to do so. PS and LORs can go a long way. Make sure these are strong. Remember that many schools highly value fit, so in addition to class profiles look at mission statements to see if you align with the values of each program. Apply broadly and I would expect you to snag a few interviews! Good luck.
  22. NewPa2017

    Coping with Anxiety

    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I’ve gone to counseling but only 2 appointments in my 6 months but I think going frequently would be beneficial. What exactly do you talk about? It’s hard because I work and get so anxious and can’t sleep or worry but then on the day I go to counseling I’m not really anxious about anything at all. So what is helpful to talk about? I’m definitely going to work on mindfulness in the setting of yoga as well.
  23. Has anyone heard anything yet? Checking my email....i know its still premature! So anxious
  24. Just applied this morning
  25. I have to check it out! Thanks for sharing
  26. I don't think so from what I have read. Seems like there is 4 set interview dates in the fall-winter, the dates are posted online. Doesn't look like we will be hearing back for awhile, August/early September at the earliest. I could be mistaken, though.
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