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  2. "Please be advised that our alternate list is not ranked. A variety of considerations go into managing the alternate list, therefore, details about one's likelihood of being offered a seat in the class are not shared with applicants. " They dont do a ranking system and i guess everyone has an equal shot to be taken off the list depending on their application as a whole.
  3. Same here! I wished I knew at least my position on that waitlist. That way, I know my chances, lol
  4. When did you submit your app? hopefully this doesn’t delay anything in our process
  5. Same here! I am constantly checking my phone multiple times a day for emails and/or phone calls lol ugh. Does anyone know how the waitlist works? I’m guessing they rank everyone and start at the top? Also I’m assuming there’s no way of knowing where you are on the list? This is my first application cycle so I’m new to all of this! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Awesome thank you so much for your response! I will definitely attend the Q&A. I am really looking forward to the interview. Thank you!
  7. The wait is not easy!!! I literally am looking at phone everyday in the hopes of getting a call!
  8. Hey! They received my application on a Wednesday and I heard back the following Tuesday with an invitation to interview. So it took four business days.
  9. I graduated with a nuclear medicine technology degree and have been working as as a nuclear tech for the past 3 years. I just had an interview recently at a PA program and they seemed to value my background due to it being very different from most of the PCE that other applicants had (medical assistant, scribe, pt aid, etc). I don't think it's a bad thing to stand out with a degree like that!
  10. Just want to check, I heard Dr. Forest say the decisions would be out within 2 weeks. Did you hear the decision would be 2 -3 weeks from the interview date? Thank you!
  11. When did you interview? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I submitted 6/20 and also received a confirmation from them today! Hope to hear from them again soon
  13. I don't know how much I'm supposed to say because I spoke to a graduate of the program before hand and she was told not to give too much away about the process. But basically, you go through a case together to simulate their IBL style and then you have the structural interview. It's not nearly as scary or formal as other programs. Hope that helps!
  14. Go to the Q&A the night before!! Helps ease your nerves a lot. They make you write an essay on site as well, so be prepared for that, but it’s so chill. Two one-on-ones and a group interview. Then a tour including a subway ride and walk uptown to the hospital. just be yourself!
  15. I am also waiting! I submitted my East Falls and Center City applications both on August 19.
  16. Today
  17. I received the email confirmation today as well. I was verified 8/21
  18. Has anyone heard anything regarding the next interview sessions?
  19. Went to CVS three weeks ago, got my flu vaccine, and paid nada.
  20. anyone mind sharing their stats? I have a 3.43 science and 3.55 overall. 302 GRE. 1500 hce hours. Wondering how competitive I am as an applicant?
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