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  2. I interviewed on December 4th and was called the following morning to be told that I am on the APOS list...so when should I start losing hope lol
  3. Hi everyone! I just recently started a blog for upcoming applicants, please feel free to take a look and you can also ask me questions! I'll try my best to reply. Best of luck to everyone! https://pasteps.blogspot.com
  4. I interviewed 1/17 and was placed on an alternate acceptance list, but not given the percentile I’m in. Anyone else in this boat? Congrats to everyone who has been accepted!
  5. Hi guys! I just started a blog for upcoming pa applicants: https://pasteps.blogspot.com please feel free to ask me any questions and I'll try my best to apply!!
  6. Could anyone who has interviewed explain what a panel interview entails? Or where I can find more information about it? Just wondering if this will be with multiple interviewers and prospective students, or just a panel of interviewers and myself. I am interviewing 1/27! Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. Does anyone know if they accept Biochemistry taken online for their prerequisite? Thanks!
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  9. i’m in high hold and haven’t heard anything yet
  10. So happy I got accepted to Midwestern after my interview on 10/4 after being on the alternative list! They called me today and then emailed me as well good luck to everyone still waiting! It is a nerve wrecking process and remember candidates get chosen as late as a couple days before orientation! Best of luck!
  11. I haven’t seen one yet but I think the current students make one for us when it’s closer to the summer!
  12. Yes, it is ridiculous. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. One reason I've avoided VA for sure. I had a gig that lasted only three months and had a very odd relationship with my SP. Can't imagine reaching out to that person after years and asking for a reference.
  14. Oof I feel for you on this. I'm in a similar bind, and I haven't found a straightforward solution yet. I would agree with others who have said either 1) wait until you find a new position and have the new SP sign the form or 2) tell your current SP you have a PRN gig in VA one weekend a month or something. It sucks not being honest, but this is a difficult situation where you obviously don't want to jeopardize your standing in your current position.
  15. DizzyJ, I know I was kind of looking for validation here but I really appreciate your very relevant reply. I'd like to think my education and 5+ years working in inpatient psychiatry / outpatient mental health might give me some help in getting started in the role. Regardless, I think your response will help me get an early start on applications during clinical year. Thanks!
  16. Yeah Virginia requires a letter of reference from everywhere you've ever worked, signed by your SP. That's a little ridiculous.
  17. Maybe so but I'm guessing people move to VA all the time for jobs and have to apply for a VA license. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  18. Applied in May, got an interview for Feb. 7th and I’m from out of state! I’m having someone come with me. Does anyone know if there’s an area they can hang out in where the interview is held?
  19. Has anyone heard anything about a Facebook group? I want to start looking into housing/finding roommates.
  20. Has anyone heard anything more? The struggle of waiting is real!
  21. I would assume OP is wanting to get his/her VA license before applying to jobs to make him/her-self a better applicant. Unfortunately I don't have a great answer for your OP other than to recommend calling the VA PA group and ask questions.
  22. Patho is the class most like PA school. Your grades look fine now and you are going to have to take something. No matter what, every new class you would take is a risk. I took patho as an extra class before applying so I may be biased. The risk is yours to evaluate. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  23. Wouldn’t your SP be your new one, not the old one? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  24. Guys, I'm in a serious bind. I've been working at a small derm practice in MD for two years. Recently I started thinking about switching jobs and many of the opportunities are in VA. However, to get a VA license (which I could have easily gotten right after graduation, but didn't), my supervising physician needs to fill out and sign a form, which they must then send to the VA board for review. My physician would not be one to take kindly to that sort of request if I ask directly. She is... well, let's just say not the easiest person to deal with. I've been pondering my options and the best I can come up with is to ask under the pretext that I want to take on part-time gigs in VA on weekends. At least that way she won't automatically assume that I want to leave. What else can I do? I've been kicking myself for not getting the VA and DC licenses right after graduation... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  25. I know you said no news can be good news, but is it alright if I ask whether Mercer waits until the last interview to send rejection emails? My friend applied for Mercer last cycle and submitted everything by early December 2018 but received her rejection email in June 2019. I also submitted everything in November but still have not heard back. People who submitted later than me are receiving offers for interview, so I just don't know if I should remain hopeful that Mercer is still in the process of evaluating my application or has come to a decision but is just waiting until last interview to inform me.
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