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  2. Thank you so much for posting this! Good luck to you as well.
  3. Per my county EMS department, I should have availability for the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine in 2-3 weeks. Irony is that's in large part because I'm a volunteer EMT still. The ED and ICU staffs are getting the same priority, but other healthcare providers in general are in a later wave.
  4. Does anyone who interviewed know how many spots are left?
  5. I'm curious to know if they upload our transcripts in the order the application was received or they would do it all at once on December 1st.
  6. Hoping we hear by the end of this week! Based on past forums it looks like they always hear back the first week of December.
  7. Hi everyone, We had a zoom meeting last Saturday. Some of us attended and some couldn't make it. If you like, i can set up another one for those who are interested doing another meeting. This weekend works for me if you guys are interested or I'm flexible if there's a time and date that works for everyone.
  8. Hello Everyone! Has anyone heard back since the 11/13 interview or after with an offer? I interviewed on 11/13 and have not heard back yet. I am so anxious, Drexel is my dream school!!
  9. They just told us that they are still trying to decide.
  10. When I went last year they said approximately 150 applicants get interviews.
  11. Today
  12. So did I! I got so scared when I received the email
  13. Ms. Schriner also told me that hopefully decisions will come out tonight. Feeling nervous I keep checking my email constantly!
  14. Just got an email to update me that they're still considering an admission decision for me!
  15. Wondering the same! I can’t remember what they mentioned about class delivery during the interviews.
  16. You'd have to ask some more questions specifically to your program/faculty to get an accurate answer. I don't know how other schools work, but at mine I think the only thing that mattered is that you had to have a 3.0 or above to start clinical year. Rotation sites were allotted by availability, not GPA. If you've got a 3.5 GPA, relax! You're doing great. Don't get down on yourself because of some B's.
  17. Any advice for the interview? or what kind of style it is?
  18. Does anyone know how many people OU OKC gives an interview to? I know class size is 50
  19. Anyone know if any more interview dates are being offered? I still haven't heard anything. Wishing everyone the best of luck!
  20. I emailed Towson and they said they are going to try to send out decision emails in the next week or so, so I think those emails were just general.
  21. I am interviewing January 13th! For anyone who has interviewed already, any advise? I have interviewed with Western twice in the past; its all been MMI but now that it is Zoom I am just curious of what to expect/ how to best prepare! Thanks guys! Good luck everyone!
  22. Just some updated info for those who interviewed earlier on for those interested. I just interviewed this week and Ms. Patton ( Director of admissions) let us all know that she was going to really push for all the phone calls of who has been accepted to be placed on friday (12/4) and then will be sending out the emails for those who have been either waitlisted or rejected on monday (12/7). Wishing everyone the best of luck!!!!
  23. I was waitlisted. Just curious if anyone accepted thus far is declining their offer?
  24. Did anyone else get that acceptance email that the other 2 got? I can't imagine only 2 people got promising emails.
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