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  2. Just curious, the ones who have been accepted, did y’all interview in the morning or afternoon session?
  3. My call was for acceptance. I interviewed on Aug 24th. Not sure how many calls went out though
  4. Rejected today! My GPA is sub par (3.3 overall, 3.2 sGPA) and I live out of state. Good luck to everyone else!
  5. Reality Check 2

    NP education got even worse

    Local NP schools banned PAs from being preceptors because we didn’t have doctorates.... Now they have changed their minds and that WHOPPING 80 HOURS of Primary Care can be with a PA. 80 HOURS OF PRIMARY CARE. Try six MONTHS at one bloody site PLUS other nationally mandated PA rotations..... I declined. If I wasn’t good enough six months ago - never mind.
  6. ProSpectre

    NP education got even worse

    I don't think the article posted above is addressing what's being claimed by the OP. I also couldn't find any evidence that 50% of clinical hours can now be replaced by simulation, at least not as it's worded. However, according to the Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs (NTF, 2016), it is allowed for NP programs to use clinical simulation to replace some clinical hour above the minimum required for accreditation. Basically, NP programs are required to have a minimum of 500 hours to be accredited, and clinical simulation can't replace any of that 500 hour requirement. But simulation can replace clinical hours above that 500 hour requirement -- for instance, if a school says they require 750 clinical hours for their program, technically up to 250 of those hours could be completed in simulation. "Simulation is recommended to augment the clinical learning experiences, particularly to address the high-risk low-frequency incidents; however, simulation experiences may only be counted as clinical hours over and above the minimum 500 direct patient care clinical hours." From the Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs: see Page 12 http://www.acenursing.net/resources/NTF_EvalCriteria2016Final.pdf I'm fine with highlighting areas where PA education is stronger than NP education, which I think in general, it is. But we should be careful not to spread unsubstantiated claims about NPs or their education. Facts are our friends, rumors and hearsay are not. (The above site was found by looking at the 2018 Standards for Accreditation of Baccalaureate and Graduate Nursing Programs, which outlines on page 13 that all Master's NP programs must incorporate the Criteria for Evaluation of Nurse Practitioner Programs. Link here: https://www.aacnnursing.org/Portals/42/CCNE/PDF/Standards-Amended-2018.pdf) Post edited for formatting & clarity.
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  8. pharynxlarynxshmarynx

    2018 - 2019 OHSU Application Thread

    Looks like they may have sent a batch of rejections out earlier today. I'm out of the game too.
  9. hellosummer

    10/13/18 Tacoma Interview

    Excellent! Thanks for coordinating.
  10. Peternas

    Accepted into PA school with GPA 3.3

    Hey guys my name is Peter, I am a college student with a 3.26 GPA but still have this year left. I have gotten all A's since last semester even physics that i took over the summer. I have also completed almost 1000 hours of volunteering and almost 200 hours of shadowing PAs in different fields as well as 50 hours to an MD, i have became a member of a great organization as well as become the treasurer of my biology club. Also in my volunteering i was able to do AKGs, blood work, and much more. I am retaking a class that I got a C in this semester in order to improve my GPA, so by the end of this semester i should be close to a 3.45 if i get the grades that i want during this semester. Any ideas of where I can apply, I am willing to travel as far as the school wants me. Thank you!!!!
  11. This one is to Abe. I am not a Walgreens customer or own stock in their brand so I have no personal interest. I think anytime a company does something altruistic there is an undertone of how it makes them look however they still provide the services free. I don’t understand the back part of your comment as when I go to a clinicians office, I pay a co-pay and an immunization given at the second time is a second co-pay. A visit has some degree of exam, even a BP and those are billable.
  12. ND2525

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    I interviewed 8/16 and got accepted this week, too!
  13. Same Good luck to everyone! OHSU is my dream school and was very fortunate to have interviewed last yr.
  14. I dont know if this is good or bad but we had a phone interview, then we met in person at a cofee shop, the in person interview was about an hour. He then asked me to come shadow at his practice next week. Im not sure if hes just unsure about hiring me or stringing me along. I dont know what to think, I have never had such an informal interview process. My last job hired me based on my resume and then generally dont have much of an interview. I get the impression he wants to teach a PA and then have that PA work with him as he grows his practice so he wants someone who will stay several years at least. Im willing to stay a long time, if Im offered a decent package and benefits and I like the practice. I dont know how to proceed with a " come and shadow me " opportunity/3rd interview.
  15. @Srk92 3.8 overall and 3.6 science. Worked as a medical assistant and scribe for a few years.
  16. I also got an invite to interview, but it was by email not telephone. I wish the interview was sooner. I won't be interviewing until November.
  17. @Dstewart15 do you mind sharing your overall gpa and science gpa before applying?? Also experience you had. Thanks!
  18. notofimportance143

    Ohio Dominican PA Program 2018-2019

  19. Hello, fellow Pre-PAs! I had a quick question! Has anyone been granted admission to any Physician Assistant schools with the TESU Bachelor's degree? Has anyone experienced any issues with applications? If so, what was your major that you applied with? Thank you so much!
  20. UGoLong

    Time of day for interview offers?

    Hey guys! Notifications are sent by people who work. They try to send them out during their workdays, but sometimes do it after work hours if they’re really busy. Patience, grasshopper! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. HanSolo

    January start vs. fall?

    I did a January start. You're 2/3 of the way through didactic year before the vast majority of other applicants from your cycle start. I turned down what would have been a "better fit" to save 8-9 months of "waiting around." I have no regrets at all. You'll also likely graduate at a time when there aren't a flood of new graduates applying for jobs.
  22. Hello! Just recently got certified and I am no longer needing my Rosh Review. As post says it is valid through 10/26/2018. A month and some change left. Website sells their month sub for 130$ I am willing to sell mine for 49$. Please email me at yong.lee@calbaptist.edu if interested. First come first serve! Venmo or Paypal please! Safer for both parties. Happy Studying!
  23. Probably doesn't matter. This'll be the new headline across the forum for the next year, implicit nods from mods and all.
  24. That’s great for the usual consumer but I was looking for a special recognition for Vet’s. Thanks for the great news.
  25. This article doesn't say anything about replacing patient encounters with simulations. All it says is that for a semester during the physical assessment course, they practice in the sim lab. NPs are absolutely not allowed to count 50% of their contact hours in the sim lab. The 2019 CCNE accreditation standards have recently been released and there is no allowance for simulation to replace actual patient contact hours. The OP is a brand new registrant on this site and I'm thinking s/he seems an awful lot like someone who was recently banned...
  26. See you guys on December 7th!
  27. best of luck to the candidates interviewing tomorrow!
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