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  2. Hello everyone, I'm a new grad and has been checking the job market around my area (suburban pennsylvania in Hershey) and haven't found any great opportunities over for PA. I am up for any specialty except the ICU and CT surgery.. which is awfully seen a lot of offers for PA, unfortunately for me lol. On the flip side, my top choice is psychiatry but like many other specialties- this field is rarely available for PA and predominently for NP. Even if PA position is available, it requires psych experiences... but it's ironic that it's hard to build experiences when PA is limited in w
  3. Hi Crindl14. Congrats! I am a clinical year student and the answer is yes, you can set up your own rotations. Some people had set up all 8 and some just set up a few (or none). You just have to have a connection with the preceptor meaning no cold calling allowed. The school does a lottery-type system to fill in the gaps you have left. Hope that helps answer your question. Anyone can feel free to message me if any other questions come up. Good luck!
  4. I'm a fellow student of panamaredfish and definitely have had a different experience. Yes, it is expensive (are any really cheap?), but the cost is laid out up front so that should be no surprise. Yes, the DY lectures a lot of times are distant/virtual BUT they are live from 1 of the 3 campuses so you are able to ask questions/interact as much as you want. Of course you have to teach yourself a lot but that is because there is a TON to learn. If you are going into PA school thinking you can just sit through lectures and be good to go, you are fooling yourself. We did have to enter a code to sh
  5. Hello everyone! Wanted to go ahead and get this thread started since I just submitted my application. Good luck to you all!
  6. Hello everyone! Wanted to go ahead and get this thread started since I just submitted my application. Good luck to you all!
  7. Hello everyone! Wanted to go ahead and get this thread started since I just submitted my application. Good luck to you all!
  8. Hello everyone! Wanted to go ahead and get this thread started since I just submitted my application. Good luck to you all!
  9. 70/hr+ would be more reasonable. malpractice is a must. Those are pretty cush shifts and only 28 hrs/month. I would not expect any benefits/pto/cme for that. Get the volume in writing.
  10. I’m also still waiting from the 3/22 interview
  11. Once you left your prison job with the C-M, you won't be covered b/c you left the job and would need tail. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the policy is still active, but only for current employees and not you b/c you left. Everyone please obtain copies of "Certificate of Insured" every year to make sure your name is on the insurance policy. Also you only have a certain amount of time to buy tail coverage after you leave a job, so make sure you do or else you won't be covered for the statue of limitations and can be sued. I wish they emphasized how important malpractice was in school!
  12. Hi Fellow PAs, I have 6+ years of ED and UC experience living in the Metro Atlanta area. Looking for advice on a UC offer that is: 1099 contractor Saturdays only 9-4PM I was told by the owner that at most I'd see 20 patients a day, and could call for someone to help if it was over 20. $60/hr. Was told $50/hr, but since I'd be working Saturdays I'd get $10 extra Paid Malpractice (Was told it would be covered by the owner, Claims and no tail at 1M/3M) Offer letter said Saturdays only at $60/hr with paid Malpractice (no mention of claims or tail or a
  13. Most EM jobs that will hire new grads have them seeing low acuity/fast track patients. I would certainly plan on applying for a fellowship. I work in 4 ERs. 2 will never hire a new grad as they are solo coverage. The other 2 have done so in the past, but only exceptional candidates with extensive prior EM experience before PA school (ER nurses, Paramedics, etc). Aside from the above, the same things apply that would help land any job: eager to learn, polite, on time, arrives early/stays late, good attitude, friendly, etc.
  14. When a student rotates with your group, what are you specifically looking for that would increase their chances of being hired? Background: I graduate this December, and have an elective rotation in EM later this year. I did well in my core EM rotation, along with PA school overall. I entered school with the intent of practicing in EM, and this hasn't changed through almost 2 years of didactics/rotations. I'm aware of the preference for experienced PAs in CMGs/SDGs, and will probably apply to > 1 fellowship program. However, my initial preference would be to get a job straight out of s
  15. I also received my acceptance call on 5/11!! I am so excited to meet my future classmates and to those who are still waiting, keep going! It is worth it! Final interview: 4/26
  16. Folks, once again please utilize your school's Writing Center for feedback on personal statements. They're trained to evaluate and give feedback on your essays. Although the OP received a certain number of interviews and acceptances, this does not necessarily equate to them being qualified to review your own PS and tell you how to improve it. We don't know what additional factors, if any, affected their receiving offers of admission. You don't necessarily have recourse if you utilize their service and still don't get into a PA program.
  17. It says that there is a school provided computer. What type/brand of computer is it and do you get to keep it when you graduate?
  18. I understand that they have extended their deadline for the program beginning in Fall 2021. Does anyone know how many spots are still open for that cohort? Thanks!
  19. Hi all, Though I would make a post for this years app cycle. Goodluck!
  20. Heyyy.. my checklist updated well not all but some were checked.. progress!
  21. My class had a wide range of majors: psychology, kinesiology, biology, math, biohealth science, biochemistry, zoology, and several others.
  22. Teddy, this is for you. Enjoy your new Associate title. Here is your new name tag:
  23. And this post wins the thread if there is such a thing. What really gets me is the old timers here (of which I am one of) saying how "different" the new AAPA leadership was going to be. How we as a profession had finally, "turned the corner" on our stupid name. Then we have a 1 million dollar project buy which supported EXACTLY WHAT MANY OF US HAVE BEEN SAYING FOR LITERALLY DECADES. Yet, our new leadership including PAFT go face first into the rear-end of every AAPA leadership group position for the last 20 years. Well done guys........well done.
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