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  2. I was looking on a few PA web sites and all of them say Howard U is on probation, I went to Howard U school page and from what I saw, it look like the program will not be accepting any student for the next two years due to the probation status. I think they have only 2 student enroll in the program at this moment. If anyone knows what's going on can you full us in.
  3. Hello all, I am a current student in the Class of 2019 (1st year student) at UT Health. It feels like I was in your shoes yesterday. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message. I will likely not check this thread again, but a direct message I will see eventually. I was in the 1st round of interviews last year and it was in October; then another 2 rounds in November and December. I received my acceptance via phone call and email 8 days after interviewing, but that can take longer so don't start to freak if you don't hear back in that time period. I wish you all the best of luck!! -Casey
  4. I will be at the interview session tomorrow. See you there!
  5. I NEVER say "assistant". it is also on nothing that represents me. not on business cards, not on CV. not on scripts, etc Just say no to assistant. Hi, my name is emedpa, I'm one of the PAs here. what can I do for you today?
  6. It's $123k if you adjust it to a 5 day/week salary. Certainly not terrible.
  7. From the way you talk and take pride in FSU, you will be in the Class of 2020! I'm jelly! :)
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  9. Hello, I understand and as for my profession, I did not even realize! I just made my profile last night and I'm not sure how to use this website , thank for letting me know, I'll fix it now!
  10. I cannot speak for all schools. But the type of HCE in my experience do matter and have different weight. Who is more competitive: 3.5GPA combat medic with 10,000 hours or 3.5 GPA scribe with 10,000 hours? to say scribe would be total ignorance. If your a scribe now, why does your profile say Profession: PA ? PS: looks like you have a good chance with your stats
  11. I don't recall whether or not I got a secondary email, but if you go to the address for South University, you should have no problem finding it (I am from out of state as well, and just used Google maps on my phone to find it). Everything is all in one building and there is plenty of parking all around it. If you walk into the front door, you'll see a reception desk. They will point you to the atrium where you wait until they are ready for the interviews to start. Good luck! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I value your years of experience and contribution to the post. Although, the path to independent practice and a clinical doctorate has always been medical school/residency. The standard should always remain the same to be granted that. Not three difference pathways to a doctorate/independence, all of varying time, knowledge requirements/difficulty. If it was that way, why would anyone take the longer/harder route (medical school/residency) Much appreciated Boats. Many of the comments weren't professional and started becoming more of attacks, which I won't even waste time responding to. Completely agree, everyone knew what they were signing up for, but now they want more without having to go the route thats been established since the beginning of medicine. I agree, although I think neither PAs or NPs should be independent, I certainly don't think NPs should be independent and leave PAs in the dust. PA>>>>NP education and training, if anything it should be the other way around, unfortunately for all the reasons we already know, this train has left the station. -So as a PA gets more knowledge and experience over the years of practice, a physician remains stagnant and doesn't grow either? So you're saying the PA catches up? -When do you think PAs should be granted independent practice? Just randomly given rights after X amount of years of practice? No standardization? Again, the path to independent practice rights should remain the same, not three different paths, all of varying difficulty.
  13. As long as you dispense the candy, they don't care what your title is. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. "that's the same thing as a nurse right? Had a family member thought it was the same thing as a CNA.
  15. Good luck to everyone applying! As for stats our current cohort is extremely diverse with varying GPAs and experience. The graduate studies applications aren't sent out until after you interview (this is the supplemental). You won't hear from the program until Aug-Sept so relax and enjoy being finished with CASPA!
  16. I'm a PA student, not a real live PA yet, but I was recently talking to a friend from high school that I hadn't seen in a few years, this was essentially our conversation: Me: Yea I just moved for PA school. Friend: What's PA school? M: PA as in Physician Assistant, like shorter med school. F: Oh yea, like the person who checks you in, takes your blood pressure before the doctor comes in? M: -____-
  17. This will be a tough thing for the future. Around here PMDs and even surgical practices are getting absorbed into hospital employees or the practice is leased. I'm sure the docs make out well but not the mid levels. Also noticed increases in hospitals hiring PAs to cover service lines running scut for all docs in that field. Hopefully something changes. I have heard of a few cardiac surgery PAs negotiating better but I suppose that's when the hospital is desperate for that particular experience. I interviewed at a hospital the other day for a Perdiem position and had to sit down with HR and answer the typical HR questions. Painful.
  18. Ok good I guess that's a typo. Another girl I talked to says her email says Thursday also.
  19. If it's really only a month and you just finished school. Do something fun if possible because a year of residency will require a lot of time and study. A month is perfect for a backpacking trip. Just saying...
  20. You will certainly learn that not being able to listen in lecture will at some point hurt you. It did me. I am also a very visual and kinesthetic learner who got away with simply not going to most of my undergrad classes. Depending on your program attending class daily may be a requirement- i know it is for mine. Long story short I ended up having to go on ADD medication to help me focus in class- not my first solution but i figure whatever will get me through didactic year.
  21. The University of Utah has one of the oldest Physician Assistant programs in the country. In fact, it was one of the original MEDEX programs. It has been one of the Top rated programs in the country for quite some time also. Some of the reasons for this could be the cost for starters. The UoU program has much lower tuition rates than many other PA programs but as you can see with the ranking and reputation- paying more doesn't always equate to a better education. The faculty here really REALLY cares. The director of admissions is one of the big reasons I chose the U personally, and since interviewing and now attending, I have seen excellence from so many of the faculty here. The location is also a plus if you enjoy outdoor activities *(not that you will have a TON of time for this as the UoU PA program is no joke). This program starts you off at a sprint and keeps the pace for the duration. You begin practical application nearly immediately which will give you a huge confidence and technical advantage when you begin clinical year as it won't be the first time you interact with a patient for real. Many of the professors are the top of their field and take the time to make sure we understand the topics so we can treat patients effectively and appropriately, not just pass an exam. As for the Masters project, it is changing this year. So far what we know is that we will be addressing a community concern and developing a PICO question. We will then work as a team to address this and hopefully develop a plan that improves the health of the patient population we will be researching. We start diving into this next semester so I can't help you much there. As for rotations, they try to keep you in the Salt Lake valley (about 50 miles or so) save for a your rural rotations which could be farther away. As for the pros- many I listed above in the 'why here' portion. Other pros- one of the best anatomists in the country. (look up the noted anatomist on youtube, that's our guy). Other pros- everyone in the program is intelligent, caring and has your back. Our class is a very friendly, driven group with zero competition. Everyone genuinely cares and wants YOU to succeed right along with them. We all really care about the mission of serving the underserved too, so if that's something you're passionate about, this is the school for you. Cons- the building is outdated, but that is obviously being addressed. The UoU is a rapidly expanding campus with big plans in store for the future- by far the smallest complaint. Other cons- rattlesnakes. The school is on the Wasatch bench which, unfortunately has a rattlesnake population. I have yet to see one, but just for completion. I could not see myself in any other program because I know I am getting an amazing education with amazing people by amazing people. Hope that helps!
  22. To anyone interviewing on the 25th: do you mind double checking the email you received and does it say "Thursday, July 25" ?
  23. For those who interviewed, do they email you beforehand a specific location as to where we are to meet? My email letter does not give an address, but just states the PA department. I'm from out-of-state and will be arriving very late the night before. Just want to make sure I'll be heading to the correct place the following day for my interview. Thanks! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  24. Hello, yes the schools I want to apply do list scribe as acceptable hours. I just wonder if they give each type of experience somewhat the same weight on the app if they do say they accept it. Thanks again for ur input, I appreciate it
  25. My GRE scores were reported by ETS May 12th and my CASPA was submitted/verified June 12th. I have not received an email of any kind. Hopefully soon!
  26. Locums right out of school is not the best job for most PAs, but can see how locums would probably be your only option for short term work before starting a residency.
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