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  2. Congrats to everyone who’s been accepted!!! Would you guys mind sharing your stats? I have an interview with them oct 12, but would also love a little more insight [emoji847] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I applied at the end of August and got this email when I inquired about my application. “ “Thank you for your email & interest in PCOM! We do have all the transcripts from CASPA, but you wouldn't see a date populate unless you were admitted and chose to enroll. Your application is complete, though, and in the queue for review!” Best, Office of Admissions Wondering if I’ll get an interview or when they conclude them.....
  4. Same here!! Hopefully we can move off the waitlist soon!
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  6. So if we're waitlisted for 9/27 interview, how does that work? Quite a huge waitlist but waitlist is better than a rejection right [emoji1371][emoji1372] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. You must mean walked in a relative term. Surely it was a straight line. Definitely the highest I’ve seen in a conscious person. he'll probably have a seizure at about 100.
  8. Good luck with your interviews everyone! The interview was definitely more conversational. If there’s anything on your application you think they might want to know more about/question just be prepared to answer (i.e. my gpa from college wasn’t great). There’s a few “standard” interview questions so just work on some behavioral interview questions and you’ll be okay! for the group interview they just want to see how you interact within a group so just make sure you don’t remain silent or just say “i agree”. Throw in a few ideas of your own! other than that they just want to know if you’ll fit in with them. It’s corny, but just be yourself. Ask as many questions as you have/can. i personally didn’t have any technical difficulties. I had my iPad as a backup ready to go just in case but Zoom Worked fine.
  9. It’s just one link. After intro they’ll send everyone to the waiting room and pull each applicant for their individual interview.
  10. Congrats!! Do mind sharing when you submitted everything completed (supplemental and CASPA) and your PCE hours?
  11. I only received one link for the interview for zoom. Is this for the whole session? Or will there be another link for one on one interview? Just curious.
  12. Congratulations. So jealous. Would love to teach but my 30 years experience isn't enough from what I'm told. Best of luck.
  13. I applied June 7th and haven't heard anything
  14. I think it's the same idea. Just different platforms through which schools share official transcripts.
  15. Hi everyone! For those who have interviewed, would you mind sharing how the interview went? Was it conversational? MMI?Thanks in advance. Also congrats to all that have already been accepted!
  16. No, not that I know of. You just have to submit the repeated coursework on their application portal though. This is a screenshot of their application check list: Good luck!
  17. Still like my slip on station boots. Hold up for years, very comfortable - with the orthodics. Not porous, easy to wipe off "body fluids" if needed:
  18. Hey there! I used all of the content they provided on the website x2. Did the courses in depth and practice tests. Everything else that they do not provide a review on was just factored into the overall score (so small percentages/wouldn’t worry about it). Plus I found all of the genetics, statistics, etc very basic. The things that count the most they gave thorough reviews on. Stick to that and you’ll be fine. Good luck
  19. Any movement on the waitlist for anyone?
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