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  2. Greys.A

    2018-2019 Applicants

    They called me monday
  3. I interviewed on 11/2/18 and got an acceptance offer on 11/8/18
  4. Could you post your stats?
  5. I received an invite to the virtual fair but haven't heard anything back from them about my application..[emoji58] Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  6. CityCityPA

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    People who interviewed on Monday, November 12.... I just got the acceptance call from Katrina Gill. Don’t give up hope regardless of the outcome.
  7. Wes said there will be an interview in a couple of weeks at the end of November. Has anyone received an invitation? Did everyone receive an invitation to the virtual fair tomorrow?
  8. The information that I was given: $1,000 by November 1st and another $500 by November 30th.
  9. Joelseff

    Need 50 CME each year?

    You only need 50 class I cme per 2 years. I never do more... Why should I? If you do them on the second year you may be able to roll them to the next cycle by not logging them in for the current cycle. That's why I do all my class I on the second year. Usually 2 conferences does it or a bunch of prescriber's letters, UpToDate etc, and a conference. Class ii is easy. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  10. Declined my spot last night. Good luck to everyone! I loved interview day and everyone I met.
  11. Hello everyone! I was wondering if it's worth trying to apply for this program now? I understand I'm late in the game for their rolling admission
  12. I make around that in FM but work only 32 hours a week all days no weekends and no call. But I work at a very High COL area so you might be doing better depending on where you live. I used to make much more when I was 5 days a week but find the midweek break great for my sanity and everyone else's around me. Also the benefits have to come into play. Some ppl post their higher yearly salaries here but if they're 1099ers then you have to account for a third of that pay for taxes per quarter and no benefits so it may just all wash out or they actually end up with less. I would not compare w/other PAs but assess your own situation. If you are happy with what you are getting commensurate to the work you are putting in then I think you are doing well but if you are frustrated (as your post alludes to) then you should try to find another job. I have thought about leaving my job MANY times but compared to my other options around where I live, I realized it's a great (or at least very good) gig so I'm staying put but always have my eyes and ears peeled for better opportunities. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk
  13. Okay me neither. Soon I hope!
  14. Where I work the protocol is to do a shave bx or punch bx for diagnosis and escalate to excision or MOHS depending on the path report. Sounds like your CP is jumping straight to excision for monitary gain.
  15. lilmems

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Still haven't heard back I'll keep you posted if I hear any time soon.
  16. AMontemayor

    UNTHSC 2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Interviewed on the 10th and was also accepted!!
  17. Thanks. Anyone interviewed on November 3rd got accepted?
  18. This year, from various clinical activities to up-to-date credits to self-assessments, I accrued over 170 cat I points. NCCPA site states that my CME requirement is now complete until the end of 2019. Do I still need to complete another 50 credits next year? Or am I okay since I accrued over 100 units in two years?
  19. Has anyone been offered a different interview date other than November 8th?
  20. Today
  21. Has anyone been rejected after an interview yet?
  22. sandcrab78

    Dermatology Medical Assistant - NYC (Paid)

    Hi! Great - we are still actively hiring. Please send your resume and cover letter to derm57@icloud.com Looking forward to hearing from you.
  23. mizunas

    Scribe Experience

    Exactly. I was wondering where people’s scribe experiences came from. When I read through some threads, there wasn’t any mention of people being scribes through ScribeAmerica, etc, so I was confused as to whether people were employed by these companies or through the hospitals/clinics themselves. For example, my local hospital currently has a job ad out for a medical scribe. So, i was wondering if people were working through the facilities or through companies. I hope that makes sense!
  24. pistachios

    2018 - 2019 applicants

    I received my acceptance yesterday via email. I am non CMU alumni. I don’t think they are done sending acceptance letters yet.
  25. TMayne2

    Scribe Experience

    Depends on the school. Many schools do count this as PCE, but at the very least it will be considered HCE. If you are a scribe for ScribeAmerica, more than not, you are getting experience that is considered PCE. My advice is to scribe in place where it is very involved. In the ED, you will always get PCE. Same goes for a trauma unit etc. Anywhere where there is a huge patient turnover and requires tons of documentation and involves providers having to treat patients quickly to either transport, transfer or discharge them. I got my scribing hours at a neurosurgery office where I got some PCE because it involved patient transport and a lot of communication regarding FMLA forms, excuse notes and playing with insurance information to get the adequate billing for their visits. Really, it depends on how involved you are. Scribing is just one of those jobs where it is kind of a toss up. There are a ton of sites that show you what schools count scribing as PCE. A lot of new programs with Accreditation-Provisional or Developing statuses count scribing as PCE and love that you know how to form an HPI and properly document in a chart. Being familiar with EMRs is skill that PA schools look at fondly because the training to be a PA is much shorter than being a MD, DO or nurse so you don't get as much exposure to EMRs (disregarding your previous PCE experiences). Anyways, that is my two cents! Here is a good thread that the two above people participated on as far as PCE for scribing. https://www.physicianassistantforum.com/topic/16196-scribe-as-hce/
  26. SmityWerbenYagerManJensen

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    From what I remember Dr. Chen said the 2nd deposit isn’t due until January
  27. I completely agree! They were so warm and welcoming. Counting down the days and hours until they notify us and keeping my fingers and toes crossed!
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