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  2. Hi everyone! I know we’re all anxiously waiting to hear our fates from Meharry. Last I heard from them was an email about the future interviews and that was 5/1. I don’t see interviews being scheduled until after next month
  3. Sounds like a really good offer especially considered the PTO. How much experience do you have and what region of the country is this?
  4. Submitted my supplemental 5/24 with CASPA verified and GRE received.
  5. Hi, I don't have any problem logging in. Try using the link they provided in the email. If you still have issues, email them and hopefully they can fix it for you.
  6. Could you present each of the fast track patients you're worried about to the attending? Standard presentation: age, gender, relevant hx /mechanism of injury , s/s, and exam findings. Then "I'm worried about A, B, C and am doing X, Y, Z to evaluate for that. Is there anything else I should do? Would you like to see the patient with me?" That way you can chart that you discussed the patient with the attending, including charting what you said to them. Hopefully, even if they don't want to transfer the patient to the main ED, they'll help guide your workup.
  7. I did that as well. Just marked that I took it online.
  8. Any applicants to the Masters in Physician Assistant Studies /Maters in Public Health dual degree program?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Going to acceot this offer but wondering what y'all think. Salary: ~125-130k Vacation: 22 days + 11 holidays Health ins: ~$500/month for family Malpractice: covered claims made with tail 401k with 6% match CME: $1500/1 week Call: 1/12, phone only, no additional compensation, which is no negotiable, I'm fine with Bonus: up to $3k based on pretty attainable quality of care metrics Honestly I think it's a solid offer. Will counter for $135 salary.
  11. I start the program in July so I can’t answer those questions just yet. Let me know if you have any general questions
  12. I have an academic warning on my transcript. Would you say you have an academic infraction? Caspa described an infarction as probation. I got my GPA up quickly the next semester so was out of any danger GPA wise.
  13. Thank you so much! I was confused since the unofficial trasncript said 2 academic units next to my grade...I also listed it as University of San Diego in caspa instead of university of SanDiego extension of continuing education, I hope that is ok
  14. Hello everyone, I am selling access to the above study tools. Please DM me if you're interested.
  15. It calculated it as 2 credit hours. It also calculated it as part of my graduate GPA not undergraduate.
  16. jjthepa

    Rosh access

    I do! DM if you still need it.
  17. Have your CASPer results been processed yet? I wonder if their decisions were influenced by the test?
  18. Newer PA here, 2 months into EM. My favorite "fast track" patients so far: 1) 30 year old female. Triage RN puts in CC as "UTI complaints". When asked why she came to the ED, she replies, "well I've been having really severe stomach pain that goes into my back and today I noticed blood in the toilet". Ruptured ectopic. 2) 89 year old female with CC of back pain and inability to walk. Epidural abscess with compression. 3) 70 year old female with neck pain s/p "minor" MVC. Triage RN tells me, "She's being dramatic. She has a history of anxiety. She's fine". Multiple cervical fractures. I get a ton of patients that I don't feel are appropriate for fast track but I don't have the power to move patients to the main side. The attending has to agree to move them over and in most cases they don't want to because it means more work for them. Truly makes me want to jump ship...scared I'll miss something at this rate.
  19. Hello, hoping someone is able to help me with my transcript entry issues. 1. My transfer credits are listed with a T grade on my official transcript. Do I still enter the grade as CR on CASPA? 2. Also, the transcript for the community college I attended lists only my EMT course which was 5.0 credits. Under combined totals it lists my total as 5.15 credits. I called the school and they said I was credited the 0.15 for a BLS-CPR course I took, and that this course will not show on my official transcript. Will this be an issue if I only list the EMT course in CASPA? Thanks
  20. Do you know how caspa percieved this credit wise?
  21. I actually am applying to Campbell! Thank you for the feedback and kind words
  22. Your stats are fine (schools will usually take the 1500 hr figure, but you might be on the low side there, depending on the program) and your Ochem grade will count as science, whether or not it is required by a particular program. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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