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  2. At Some hospitals, the nurse are required to wear mask when they are not vaccinated for flu. It is ridiculous they don't allow you to wear a mask at all time.
  3. I got accepted as well. I only received an email that said “Application Status Update.” My acceptance letter was on the application portal. I didn’t get a packet in the mail yet.
  4. My concern is like Ltjg's: what will happen to my critical access hospital. We were already seeing volumes drop due to our orthopod retiring. Now with elimination of all elective procedures the surgery is almost completely idle and we're seeing very little of the routine testing, imaging, outpatient PT, etc. So, I'm sure the financial impact is there. We staff 1 doc during the day and 1 PA at night, so I feel safe: you can't go below 1 provider and I cover the IP unit at night. So, unless the hospital closes the ED - unlikely - I'm more safe than most.
  5. I'm 1099 and pay about 25% in taxes between federal and state.
  6. The PAs and NPs at our ER got furloughed.
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  8. Congrats! Did you do anything while waiting to be off of the waitlist? Did you contact anybody at school? Thanks in advance.
  9. I certainly hope so. I am thankful that my income has not been interrupted or effected, but if the day comes that it is I will IMMEDIATELY file for unemployment. I have an emergency fund, but part of employer payroll taxes is for unemployment. If my income is interrupted I want the taxes that my employer paid on my behalf. Who knows how long it will take to get a new job if my income is interrupted and therefore I need that emergency fund to last as long as possible. I was planning on dropping some extra cash into the market during this downturn - you know the mantra, "buy low, sell high." But, I actually haven't because I have made the decision to hold the cash. If this crisis doesn't start slowing down soon I just don't see how my employer can continue to pay all of the providers their full base salaries. I wouldn't be the first in line to be cut as I am viable for UC, ED, hospitalist, and could be effective in the CCU with guidance, but who knows!
  10. There's a reason universal precautions are universal. It is perhaps less offensive, but no less unjustified, to assess someone's likely Covid-19 status by their outward appearance than it is to fear and shun those we suspect to have HIV by their lifestyle markers.
  11. Regardless of whether you are wrong or right, we don't have enough PPE to wear when in contact with anyone and everyone. So, the idea is conservation and using only when we know we need it. Unfortunately the lack of PPE is a huge aspect of why cases are continuing to balloon.
  12. Resigned from old position as I had an offer elsewhere. Took the time to prepare for new position as it was a new specialty. Then offer was rescinded because of COVID 19. Jobless due to circumstances. Previous employer probably would have laid me off, but couldn't say for sure. Are any of you who are jobless applying for unemployment?
  13. My organization is talking about deployment, any time we can receive an email. It feels like military draft. Stressful!
  14. At this point we should assume everyone has covid-19 until proven not infected. My organization does not allow us to use masks unless we suspect the patient is + for it. In my opinion, we all should be wearing masks when treating patients. Am I wrong? Thoughts?
  15. Obviously everyone's experience is going to be different, but I have personally been contacted by multiple hospital recruiters looking to see if I could help in NY and other areas of MI (where I live). I am not even putting my information out there. This does NOT mean I believe we shouldn't be striving for change...we ABSOLUTELY should be.
  16. Decided to go ahead and start a thread for this cycle... anyone else applying to the University of Kentucky this spring??
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  18. The point is not who is getting furloughed, it is who other areas of the country are asking for to assist. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. I don't agree with the comments above. NPs in outpatient clinics are getting hit just as hard. Hell even MDs are being furloughed. If you don't work in the adult ER/ICU setting in a major coronavirus outbreak area, there's a good chance you're not busy and at risk of being terminated or furloughed. It's not personal against PAs. MDs and NPs are in exactly the same boat.
  20. Hello, I am currently in the process of getting application materials ready to ship off hopefully in the next couple of months when things calm down and life returns to normal. For those who posted “do extra EM rotations,” does that imply that you listed all of your rotations on your CV? I have two scheduled, but have only completed one so far. Should I list all of my scheduled rotations on my CV, or just the ones I’ve completed? Of course, things may change in the future which may change any rotations I currently have scheduled. Has anyone else run into a similar situation? Thanks!
  21. I took the same survey, I think a week or two ago. So their feelers are still out there. Seemed like they were planning a course much like Lynchburg, although meant to be taken over a longer 2-3 year period. Not sure why they would think anyone would want to pay for tuition longer who is considering dropping that coin on graduate tuition in the first place.
  22. Hi all, I’m a second year student and am happy to answer any questions you guys might have. Feel free to message me any time. Congrats to the incoming class!
  23. Can the accepted and interviewed people share their stats? I was rejected from this school without getting an interview and want to see what I need to improve in my application for this school!
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