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  2. I just received an acceptance call from the 10/25 interview!!!!
  3. I haven’t heard anything. I keep checking here to see if anyone has been taken off yet.
  4. For everyone who interviewed, did they say they were going to email us after the interview to request a headshot or do we just go ahead and send it to Marsha Castillo? Thanks
  5. They really just asked very traditional questions. My interviewers were very chill and it was honestly just more like a conversation.
  6. For those that already interviewed or will be interviewing next week, what is the time of the meet and greet on day 1 and the times for the actual interview day?
  7. Hi guys, I was going through my old emails today and found an old discussion that I had with Debbie Shell. She is the PA advisor that is listed on our supplemental application. In the email she states that... The PA program offices will review applications and select candidates for interviews after the October 1 deadline. They’ll contact candidates by phone or e-mail for interviews in early November for interviews the first week of January. Until then, your application status will remain pending. Hopefully we will only have to wait a few more days to about a week before we start hearing some good news.
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  9. Congratulations! Do you mind sharing any insight on what kind of questions they asked?
  10. Hi all! I Interviewed back in June and had been waitlisted since. Just got a denial email today ! I got into another program though so I’m not too sad, but Yale was my #1!! Congrats to everyone who’s made it into the program and best of success to you all!!
  11. I also received this email! I'm thinking they sent that out to decrease our anxiety, or they are starting to review applications and will be making decisions on some applicants. Regardless, we just need to be patient and wait until December.
  12. Hi, guys! Can anyone explain to be BCP vs Overall Science GPA? My BCP is lower than my Overall Science GPA and I don't know why. Is the only difference that BCP doesn't include math and overall science does? I can't imagine why else my BCP is lower than the other. Thanks in advance!
  13. Has anyone been moved from the waitlist or received anything else since being waitlisted?
  14. This is the email I received: “The Oregon Residency and Heritage definitions for purposes of admissions are here: https://www.ohsu.edu/education/scholars-healthy-oregon-initiative-shoi If you are not sure if you qualify, I would apply for SHOI and if selected, the Admissions Office will review your status at that time.” It’s not super helpful but I guess just apply anyway!
  15. I just got another email saying Good Afternoon, We hope you are enjoying the fall! At this time, the Physician Assistant Admission Committee is reviewing your CASPA and the results of your admission interviews. Please note, we are still expecting to release decisions to students who completed an interview by early December. We appreciate your patience during this time. If you have moved since submitting your application to MCPHS or have updated your email address, please notify our admission office immediately at transfers@mcphs.edu. Admission decisions will be sent electronically to your email and by mail to the address you provided on your CASPA application. In the meantime, if you have any questions about prerequisites or entry requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us at transfers@mcphs.edu. Best wishes,
  16. And while I do agree with your sentiments… the students who either A. Volunteer to be on a student panel or B. Get picked to be on the student panel are obviously going to be the students that are absolutely in love with the program and have nothing bad to say. The students who are going through something or are considering dropping out aren’t the ones on the panel we can ask questions to. But I mean we do have to take everything on a forum from a random person with a grain of salt and just see how we personally feel with the interview, etc.
  17. I interviewed October 19th and just received an acceptance!
  18. Maybe it’s one of those tests and it’s actually like a Stony Brook faculty member posting on here to see if anyone will bite and try to bring it up lol like how some professors post “answers” on chegg lol
  19. Hello all, I was hoping I could find a dermatology PA who would review my resume and let me know if there is anything I can improve. I am a new grad and have been struggling to find a position. I did a dermatology rotation and loved it. I am applying to a derm position at the VA and really would love for my resume to be perfect. Please let me know if anyone would be willing to give me feedback! Thanks all!
  20. Ohio, you are a rockstar for sharing that with us! Thank you very much and thanks for the votes of confidence. Again, I promise to pay it forward. John, you've got to believe in yourself. The GRE is brutal, but prepare for it and do your best. It is becoming an antiquated measuring stick, but some schools still want it. Best of luck.
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