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  2. cgold13

    PENNSYLVANIA: Penn State PA Program 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hello, I applied and have been confirmed since late June. I know it's the waiting game now, but I was wondering if it's a rolling acceptance? I read that it said interviews begin in July, seeing as I haven't had one in July yet I'm assuming it will be later. Are we at a disadvantage when given the interview slots later as opposed to earlier? I know for some schools this is the case, and I was just wondering! Thanks! Cassandra
  3. MG358

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    I have equifax alerts that let me know when I get hard inquiries via email, but you can also check creditkarma once a week!
  4. Good luck to everyone interviewing today!!
  5. I was formerly in CRNA school. Great gig. Time off, no call. You’d have return on your investment in about 1 year depending on tuition. My personality just did not fit in the OR. I loved what I did, just could not stand surgeons and not much of the other staff either. They all are very opinionated people who think there way is best, even in confrontation of evidence. Had plenty tell me the evidence and then do the opposite saying “this is the way I’ve always done it” as if that’s a valid reason. Couldn’t do the anesthesia care team model. but if you think you have thicker skin then me, I would go for it.
  6. paPassion7

    Does a B student have a chance?

    Thank you both for your input. I applied very broadly to 'realistic' schools. I currently have 3500 PCE hours, but during this next year I will be working full time to gain more PCE and shadowing hours, my main concern is just that I cannot retake classes. I understand that it is likely I will need to reapply, so I'm hoping more hours/experience can be enough for next cycle if need be.
  7. PennState_PA_Program

    PENNSYLVANIA: Penn State PA Program 2018-2019 Cycle

    angelabea - now comes the hard part...We understand having to 'wait it out' is difficult as we know how hard applicants work to make their application as strong as possible. If you heard from us on July 3rd confirming receipt, then you are in good shape at this point. There is nothing additional needed for our committee to review. It can take long...longer than long. And when you think it's been long, it might take even longer. We are doing everything we can to expedite decisions while remaining true to how we approach the admissions review process. Best of luck - Caryn Stopper Director of Admissions
  8. Today
  9. As a current student, this last part is not true. We do not report back to the faculty about how we feel about the candidates. We do not have a say in whether you get in or not. Also, whether or not you go to the social events has nothing to do with your acceptance either. Glad to see a bunch of you at the interviews this weekend. Good luck to all!
  10. PAtobe33

    2018-2019 Application cycle

    I think that’s a good idea if it allows it to be done!
  11. scarfire

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    How do you check if you've gotten a credit check?
  12. MG358

    NHSC Scholarship 2018 Thread

    Got a credit check from credco this morning
  13. Received my interview invite for 8/8! See you guys there!
  14. mzeim

    Colorado Mesa University

    I'm interviewing at CMU on August 2nd as well!
  15. I completed a Dual NP/PA program a couple years ago and although I enjoy my job, I am really considering doing a CRNA program. Your thoughts? If you could do it, would you? I would pay for the program with my savings and keep working part time during the first year as a lot of the masters of science in nursing classes I took. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Hi everyone! This offer is from a community health center based out of CA. Everything about the position seems to be a good fit. Just wanted to run through the offer with you guys since I'm a bit new at this. Thanks a bunch in advance Base salary: $100,000 (3% increase every year, up to 5% based on performance) Status: Full time 40 hours/week, exempt Hours: M-F, Sat - 8-hour shifts, 5 days/week CME: $1000 reimbursement CME credits (after 1 year) + 40 hours CME time (after 90 days of hire) PTO: 4 weeks accrued per year Holidays: 11 paid days Sponsored Benefits: health, dental, vision, life, STD/LTD, 403b, and flexible spending benefits - effective 1st of the month following 30 days of employment Orientation/training: start with 4 patients a day, slowly work up to 24 patients/day, expected to see 3 patients per hour at 6 months. Other: offers loan repayment, at-will employment Malpractice: does not say on contract, but will ask tomorrow
  17. High impact mvc with abdominal pain and tenderness --> CT scan with IV contrast is negative.... patient is obnoxious and bothering nurses, so they keep asking you, "can you just discharge him already?!". What can still be missed, and how do you proceed? (saw this case in residency)
  18. supersonic123

    Illinois: Dominican University 2016-2017

    Dear Jcon13, I was wondering if I can pm you with some questions! Thank you for the inspirational post!
  19. Travelbug27

    January 2019 Start

    If you fly in from Fl, check Allegiant Air. It’s a budget airline that flys to Memphis pretty cheap! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Has anyone heard anything or spoke with the program since the supplemental?
  21. CAdamsPAC

    Job Outlook

    The grass is always greener, over the septic tank.
  22. lkth487

    Job Outlook

    I don't understand this paperwork and 'spending less time with patients' thing - how does a typical physician have to do more paperwork than a typical PA in the same field? Hasn't really been the case in any specialty I rotated in.
  23. cmedley

    2018-2019 Cycle

  24. weeniehutjr

    UF 2018-2019 Admissions Cycle

    Still did not get an email! I received the call this morning at 9 am. I got worried since she mentioned she'd send it later today and checked back to last year's thread and people didn't receive the email for 2 days, so I felt better haha
  25. Awesome! Excited to meet you there! Where are you coming from? I'm in Washington State.
  26. abc2018

    Hardin-Simmons 2018-2019 Cycle

    Congratulations!! Do you mind sharing when you were verified/ when you received your "under review" email?
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