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    • One is coming up in two weeks, but UAMS would be ideal! Trying (mostly failing) to be patient lolol
    • "The current preceptor apprenticeship model is no longer sufficient to meet the growing demands for primary and/or acute care nurse practitioners. Developing or expanding the use of technologies, learning activities, and projects could promote innovation in the education of APRN students. Technologies such as simulation, which includes mannequin-based simulators, screen-based simulators, and virtual patients, standardized patients, and case studies can support competency-based education and offer possible alternatives to preceptor supervised clinical practice hours.1,2 Enhanced distance technology and pedagogies may also have a role in preparing nurse practitioner students. " pretty sure we are talking about NPs in training here. pre-licensure = in training and not yet licensed as NPs. not trying to be argumentative, but the whole focus of this article(and the title) implies we are talking about np, not rn education via sim.
    • quoted above already by someone else. 500 hrs minimum. most programs offer 500-800 hrs that I am aware of with some outliers to 1500 hrs.
    • Has anyone else received invites?
    • I'll be at this session as well.  Look forward to meeting you!

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