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    • Its only 1.6 billion. You'll probably want to keep working.  
    • thats awesome, early on before PA school, i looked at a lot of Texas schools because they were so much cheaper than other programs. 
    • Hi all, I just wanted some words of advice. I took my PANCE yesterday and I felt absolutely horrible coming out of it. I had studied for seven weeks, taking time to read through PANCE Prep Pearls, do Dwayne Williams Review book, and ROSH review. But I felt like the exam questions were very difficult and there were not as many straightforward questions I was expecting there to be. I also feel like I second guessed myself a lot and ended up getting those questions wrong. Any words of advice/what are my chances of passing? I know there isn't a clear percentage that people know of to pass but I am so worried. I don't want to have to take this exam again 😞
    • I'm in a similar boat. Depending on your programs, They may hand out invites up until January. I would check last year's application threads to see when people stopped getting invites so you can set your expectations there. 4 interviews is great! As long as you interview well and try your best your chances are very good to get into at least one program. Depends if the programs are on rolling admissions or not to answer your first 2 questions. It's always worth it to try, but if you're tight on money I wouldn't blow hundreds in a last ditch effort. There's probably a reason you didn't apply to them in the first place!   Just stay positive! You're already ahead of the majority to get interviews and waitlist seats.
    • I'm around 60 but don't see me retiring or semi retiring until I'm Medicare ready.

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