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    • Hey there!  There were 3 interviews, 2 of them were with 2 faculty members and the third was with director Ekey. Just be yourself! As cliche as it sounds, this was the most laid back interview I've had and I think they are truly looking to see how you will fit with the incoming class. There weren't any questions that surprised me. There is a lot of opportunities to ask questions, so make sure you bring some! Also, you tour the school and talk to current students, so feel free to ask them ANYTHING! Just try to relax and be yourself! There were 16 people there the day I was and (as it appears on the FB page) 2 of us were accepted from that day. They will likely revisit applications from previous interviews, but as of now that is all that has been accepted. Hope the helps! Best of luck! :) 
    • I finished my supplemental application in late October and got an interview invitation on November 3. My interview is December 8.
    • First example - pgy3 changed them, you told your boss....I'm sleeping well at night.   Second example - I tell the attending to pull his head out of his ass so he can use the correct orifice to autofellate himself, then walk down the hall without a regret in my head.
    •   I think we have until Dec 15th to accept/decline so I wouldn't get discouraged! There could easily be a second fleet of calls after that date.