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    • Hahahahaha me too!! Like this whole process is killing all my self confidence 🤣
    • Hello! I just got an email confirming they received all of my materials and they provided a timeline of the interview process. I was wondering how long it took before you guys heard back after this email? Thank you. 
    • Had my interviews today! I'm glad they're done, and they told me I would have to wait probably a couple of weeks to find out. I was one of the first of this next round of interviews so I might have to wait a while. 
    • Disrespect is more rampant that it used to be. For some reason surgeons have been given a wide berth and allowance for being jerks - Oh, he's a surgeon - he just acts that way... Well, BS. I have fought disrespect with well chosen words and actions that show my self respect, self worth and refusal to lower to the standard of the jerk in question. Jerks are generally well known and not respected by many.  No grandstanding or outlandish responses will phase them and only likely get you fired. The ortho doc I used to work with - had a Napoleon thing - he was really short - and prone to temper tantrums. He dressed me down in the surgery lounge one day between cases when I asked a pertinent question for that day. About 10 other surgeons, PAs, etc heard his little outburst. I didn't break, didn't cry - looked at him and said (loudly enough to be heard) "it appears you are not having a good moment. I will let you think about the question and get back with you later". Then walked off. Two different surgeons came to me later and told me they thought it was horrid that he acted/spoke that way to anyone much less the person who made him look like a rockstar. I couldn't fix him - no one could. I wouldn't coddle him or walk on eggshells. I dealt with what I could and left the practice. His entire team quit in a 5 day period. His response the day I quit - "Well, now what do I do?" It is still all about him 24/7. One of the other surgeons went to him and told him that if HIS entire team had quit in one day - he would have a serious need for introspection and self evaluation to see why no one wants to work with him. The doc I worked with told him to F Off. You can't fix some things. Tolerate what you must. Be above the rest. Move on when needed.

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