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    • My stats were: cGPA= 3.52 bcpGPA=3.26 GRE= 304 writing=4.0 PCE= ~6000 (EEG/IONM technician) plus about 4200 healthcare hours (medical testing laboratory) Lots of different types of volunteer hours. Honestly, I think it was more my personal statements and healthcare experience that got me an interview here. Keep your chin up if you don't have stellar GPAs!
    • The literature has determined definitively that fasting vs non-fasting has not altered treatment for lipids. I haven’t been doing fasting lipid panels for 3 years now. It does affect TG, but you aren’t worried about those until over 500 for risk of pancreatitis and treating them has not shown a difference in cardiovascular outcomes.
    • Has anyone gotten a confirmation email or anything from Dominican? I haven't heard anything. 
    • I submitted on 5/31, verified and received an email from Rush on 6/1 that my application was complete and under review and I would be notified within 3 weeks. So it was a pretty quick rejection. 
    • I don't like nonfasting lipids - I actually had a guy do nonfasting one day with LDL 160 and Trig 300 and repeated fasting 3 days later with marked reduction in both. LDL now below 130. So, I really have no use for non-fasting labs - my opinion. I have seen the issue and don't think it is worth it to "hope" that a nonfasting is ok. If all the years past - the labs are fasting and we have graphs and grids comparing - should just stay fasting. One day of not eating for 10-12 hours is not going to hurt anyone. We allow our patients to do labs up to a week before their appt or same day. We have a cafeteria - they can go eat after labs and before their appt.

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