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    • Anyone have any updates? I’m on the alternate list and trying to stay hopeful! I check the FB group all the time and there’s still only 23 members. I realize maybe not all of the incoming students have FB, but I’m just curious
    • 12X12 is a common em/uc/hospitalist schedule. all shifts need to be covered, so you will likely get your share of nights/weekends/holidays. I'm doing 6x24 now, which is basically 12x12 with the 12s back to back. I love it. the downside is that I work 3 out of 4 weekends unless I have arranged time off. I work a set schedule unless someone else needs time off.
    • Yeah that’s a great GRE score! Let em all see it
    • Your question could have so many variations to it. Usually ER is where the 12s are at, i've been at ERs where ppl have every other weekend shifts or every depends. urgent care is another hot spot for 12s and is usually every other weekend. ER days vary more so than UC in my experience. 
    • I don't have any personal knowledge of the program; I would recommend that if you are considering any program that describes itself as a fellowship or residency that you thoroughly vet the program and its structure.  Does the program have a primary focus on education, or is it someone looking for cheap labor by offering a few extra lectures on top of a regular ED job?  While there is not currently an accreditation process for PA PG programs, a good point of reference is the set of postgraduate standards produced by SEMPA. Postgraduate Training Standards PDF File for Website.pdf They are based on the same ACGME requirements that physician residencies must meet, and outline things like off-service rotations, procedure requirements, etc.  I'd suggest getting familiar somewhat with the standards and then finding out of the program has this type of structure.