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    • Mr. Wilson said decision hasn't been made for the 9/5-9/19 group yet, so don't freak out if you don't get a call today. Hope we hear back soon!
    • I was verified 5/9.
    • Currently working on getting FL license. Does Florida require me to send their form to the other states that I am licensed in or will they look on the other states website to verify my current licensure since that is considered first source info? I'm waiting on the contact person to call me back, but it's taking a while... Figured I would post up here as well. 
    • I appreciate your response so much. Its not until October 18th but I feel the nerves every time I go to practice. I am trying to find the balance between being very personable and telling stories and being concise/ answering their question in a way I think will impress them. Did you elaborate on those experiences in your essay or talk about completely different ones? I heard that you are interviewed by multiple people. Was that worse than being in a room with one person? Did you make eye contact with everyone in the room or focus on the person asking the questions?  Thank you. 
    • Applications tab at the top of the page- should say "decision made" by status