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    • Hi, I took my GRE back in 2012. Only 2 schools which I am applying to need the GRE, and I applied for a waiver in one which requires it to be taken within 5 years, as I have a masters. The other school does not care how old it is (I confirmed with them). My official GRE score can only be sent till June 2018, so I would need to send it before June. My question is, can I not have my GRE scores sent to the other schools, even if they are on CASPA, or do they automatically go? Would the one school that requires the GRE to be taken within 5 years not consider my application, even though I have a waiver? Also my GRE scores are V:159 (83%), Q: 162 (81%), W: 4 (60%). Are they good, ok or bad?  Thanks in advance for reading my confusing post!!!!  
    • Things have changed drastically since 2012.  There are "medical review board recommendations" but no actual regulations.  Obviously alcoholism is a condition with great risk to both the driver and the public.  The medical review board suggested several years ago they are referred to a substance abuse counselor for "evaluation and treatment" and when they obtain a clearance letter may be re-considered for CDL activity. It would be very easy for one to complete a week or two rehab, get a note, and go back to drinking.  This is very similar to how I have had driver's obtain a letter stating they will no longer be prescribed opioids, they abstain for several months, get issued a card, and then return to filling large quantities for opioids/benzos/etc.   For the most part the system is very broken.  It is based on "the honor system" which obviously does not work. 
    • “I have their most respect for nurses, PAs,...”  except the part where you refuse to see one.   the internet definetley brings out the loudest people and these should be taken with a grain a salt. I do wonder though if I pass these people in the hallway during rotations or how common these perceptions are.
    • Hello Fellow PAs! I am currently a Doctoral Candidate at A.T. Still University.  I am studying the perceptions of new graduate PAs and injectable therapies for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. If you are 1-3 years post-PA school working in primary care or general internal medicine, please consider taking this 10-minute survey on perceptions and prescribing habits. Thank you! Joy Dugan, PA-C (Admin Approved)
    • Thank you so much for sharing that :) It's good to know that there are success stories out there. I guess I am feeling a bit of doubt and don't want to get my hopes up thinking that my app is great when there are so many others out there with better stats. Congrats on getting interviews!