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Billing Question

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Hello. I am a PA that is going to be working at a surgical office as a new job. From what the SP has told me, they consult and walk into each case with you and review the case with you for shared plan, and because of this they bill under the SP’s NPI. He said if he gets called into surgery and he’s not there and we see a patient then we can bill under our npi. 

I wanted to clarify as I have previously only worked in EM and billing is very different there, that if he is consulting on every case and reviewing the note and putting in an attestation, then I assume there is no legal/billing fraud for him to bill this visit under his npi ? Thank you in advance for the help 😊

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lots of services are under the global fee

if the doc is there, sees the patient and signs off it likely (notice likely) is okay


Make sure the system is set up for you to get RVU credit for these visits so you can show you are productive (And askig for raises in the future)

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