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  1. Has anyone ever had a consultant surgeon not complain about SOMETHING you did or didn't do ?
  2. I take note of the complete absence of" aggro ad hominem attacks" on anyone . I invite you to address my opinion of " The whining and histrionics of THIS SUBJECT " absent identifying any particular individual. Voicing a different opinion or disagreements as " PAs being sh$#!y to each other." IMHO reflects a soft underbelly of a profession that is allowing itself to to be castrated by it's desire to not offend and in the words of the late Rodney King " just get along". I'll just still back and watch Don Quixote, PA-C & Pancho Sanza, PA-C fight to slay the windmill title of Physician Assistant once they return from the cruise with Captain Ahab on the Pequod and slaying the Great White NP! Have a good life and be happy.
  3. Please point out to be where I have asserted this "Can you say that in your 32 years of practice you've seen no change in the field in regards to our ability to practice, expanded scope or actual shift in what our career actually is? Can you say there has been no change in the ability of new graduates in our field to find a position?" The whining and histrionics of this subject which BTW has been being squawked about for as long as I can remember has not impeded the utilization and advancement of the PA profession. I am open for anyone to provide clear specific evidence that the current title has negatively impacted on the quality of care provided or that they have lost employment due to their professional moniker.
  4. "Mark my words. If we keep "assistants" in our name or trade "assistant" for "associate", we will loose in the fight for parity against NP's. That fight after all these years folks is now here.......and we are losing it." The PA profession has spent most of it's professional existence apologizing and going out of it's way to "play nice" and be liked by others. Using words like "fight" while being a patsy on the field of conflict will guarantee failure or loss. I request that you cite specifically how one's moniker will improve the care provided to your patients versus soothing your ego and self esteem?
  5. Please cite specifically where I am "holding back" anyone or anything! The very fact you choose to claim that MY opinion is harming the profession's development is specious at best and BS at worst! I've witnessed the evolution of the PA profession first hand from 1973 evolve from Diploma to Doctorate level, virtually no job prospects to every medical specialty employing PAs nationwide not to mention the creation of international PA practice. All the while being called Physician Assistants!!! The fact that the national PA leadership has consistently failed to be as assertive and aggressive in advancing this profession to the public compared to the nursing profession (which predates us by hundreds of years) is what should raise the ire of all PAs. To tolerate or accept the NP's campaign of distortion and misleading the public on their skills versus physicians and PAs ranks as another substantive failure of "PA Leadership" .
  6. For 18 years my job title was "PHYSICIAN ASSOCIATE"! I was required to be a graduate of an accredited Physician Assistant Program, certified as a Physician Assistant, maintain a valid Connecticut Physician Assistant License! I've held many other positions titled "Physician Assistant" in every position I strove to provide the best care that I could deliver and worked in concert with all appropriate professions to help my patients. If one's title is so debilitating one's ability to provide care appropriate to the patient's needs, IMHO said individual should seek another profession. Personally and professionally I DON"T CARE what moniker is assigned to my job, all that matters to me is the quality of the care I render to those in need. Oh yes, call me names, mock me or look down your nose at me for this position because I truly don't care about this exercise in fatuity and after 32 years of PA practice I can proudly hold my head up for the care that I've provided in multiple settings and services.
  7. The vast majority of "Solo Practitioner" jobs in AK are in reality Family Practice jobs out in small villages across the state where you are it! Emergencies of every stripe occur in the villages and you are the recipient of it all! So ER skills are valuable as are FM/FP, Ortho, GS, IM, Peds! I been working in Ak since the early 90's and I've yet to find PAs doing straight EM in any of the hospitals up here. There are plenty of jobs if you are looking to go remote!
  8. I have eaten many Thanksgiving meals of varying quality over my years of service, but they were consumed in the presence of people who I knew would die for me and I for them. These Soldiers comradeship was the greatest thing that I was thankful for, after the love of my family. Many of us are long separated from the Army, but the kinship and bonds we formed during our service remain strong. Many of us have seen the passing of some of our past comrades over the years. These departed Soldiers remain in our hearts and minds, I am again thankful we and they will not be forgotten due to the bonds of our service. Enjoy today and take a minute to think of those serving away from home along with those on duty at many posts and stations
  9. Today is a day set aside to recognize all of us for our service to America. Some of us faced gunfire and shed blood during our service others did not. The common thread is we all stepped forward without reservation to serve America when and where we were needed. I would do it all again if needed, and be honored to have you at my side.
  10. There's seems to be a good number of us three plus decade PAs pulling the plug!
  11. Scott contact a service rep from any of the, American Legion, AMVets, Disabled Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars any of the groups can help you get into the VA system. They often have offices in VA facilities.
  12. "Stormfront is a white nationalist, white supremacist, antisemitic, Holocaust denial, neo-Nazi Internet forum, and the Web's first major racial hate site. " Okay Mods this cannot be tolerated!!!! I do think this posting is nothing more than a personal attack and slur directed at Boatswain2PA. I as a Black man hold many of the opinions expressed by Boats!! I do not perceive him or his comments as racist, homophobic or any pejorative that can and are tossed at anyone not espousing "progressive" apolitical dogma. This CAN NOT be allowed to stand!!!!
  13. I wish that AAPA and state chapters would not join the SJW crowd.Love you Boats!!!
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