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  1. I've had a few of these pontificating A-Holes pretending to be patients, long before COVID-19. I let them know to come back when and if they actually want appropriate care.
  2. "Personally I hate degree creep and think it's just a cash grab. " Don't feel like the Lone Ranger kemosabe! The cash grab coupled with power grab by the academics to build an empire within the university!!
  3. Look at Critical Access Hospitals in the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming!
  4. Non-Physician providers, maybe. Not that titles truly matter to me.
  5. You need to be gone , like yesterday! This guy is the nutcase that one hears about!!!
  6. MEDEX/NW back in the 80's was the best deal out there, tuition and supplies totaled less than 10K, Seattle area was livable good public transit, housing wasn't outrageous, crime and community craziness were low.
  7. My PA program was pretty inexpensive and my VA VOC Rehab picked up the tab completely and paid me a good stipend. I took out less than $7K while in school to help keep a roof over my family's heads. I got a good paying job (for the 80s') and paid it off in 2 years.
  8. I say you can go back to the Guard or USAR to get your 20 year letter, and still use your AD time in the Federal system as a civilian. BTW if you want to get your 20 year letter while avoiding the drills and AT go into the IRR . DM me and I'll fill you in.
  9. Why do you feel compelled to apologize? The label Physician Associate is "a Yale thing", no where else in my 30 years of PA practice in CT was the label used! To be labeled as a "Physician Associate" one must be a graduate of an accredited Physician Assistant School, Certified by the NCCPA and have a State of Connecticut Physician Assistant License!! We as a profession must stop being so ready to apologize and grovel especially when not in error.
  10. The moniker of "Physician Associate" has been applied to Yale affiliated PAs for well over 30 + years. I know this as I worked at both YMS and Yale-New Haven Hospital titled a "Physician Associate" starting in 1988.
  11. There's a retiring/retired military PA in the wings waiting for his gravy job to be converted to GS position!
  12. UC/WIC must stop presenting themselves as where one may receive care for significant illnesses or injuries . The idea that these facilities are able to care for major or potentially life threatening conditions is the unspoken lie told by those who own and operate these places!!
  13. Every UC/WIC that I've worked in had like issues of gross ignorance of the front desk and or MAs sometimes RNs!! The Suits and their physician lapdogs tolerated it or encouraged it by the low caliber of the staff they hired or retained. Far too many times I was the bad guy for being mean to those who through their lassitude or ignorance at their level significantly endangered a patient! My anger over their omissions was more of a concern to the Suits than the offending behavior!! Your only defense is that you did the right thing immediately upon becoming aware of the patient's condition!! Ple
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