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  1. Pathetic! Remember how much "our PA Leaders" think we need to be concerned about NPs and their alphabet adorned lab coats. They should be educating the public on the difference in our training and academic rigor versus the "fluff" that passes for NP education!! But I realise spinelessness and non confrontational cowering seems to be a PA Leadership trait.
  2. "Speaking from the perspective of one who is now close to the last anticipated quarter of their life, and has gone through the feelings of wanting to get out of patient care on MULTIPLE occasions, this existence goes by way too quickly to spend it doing something that we don't enjoy or truly feel called to do. Find something else and allow yourself to contribute to life in some other capacity. Chasing the money, chasing the promotion, chasing the career only leads to further emptiness and unhappiness. Look around at those who from the outside we perceive as "having it all" yet we read or hear about them taking their own lives." Sadly it takes people most of their adult lives to realize this , if ever. I think "burnout" is the product of people not realizing or accepting when it's time to walk away. I know my last 10 years of practice have been far less painful after walking away from working in a prestigious academic medicine practice and focusing on my life. Former coworkers comment how much happier and contented I appear since leaving the practice and I am!!!
  3. MEDEX Class XIX graduated with a previously held AS went on to complete my BS held a Yale School of Medicine academic position as a Lecturer in Medicine for a few years, even precepted Yale and other PA students without a masters but alas I'd be noncompetitive in the Academic Credential Pi**ing Contest of the PA world.............2019 and retirement here I come!!!
  4. CAdamsPAC

    Family Medicine Drug Dealer

    Because you are doing the "harder right over the easier wrong". Keep the faith and always remember to ask yourself, could I justify this script in a court of law or in front of the disciplinary board?
  5. I'd be long gone before some corporate weasel forced me to do any of that crap!
  6. California is always watching or seeking another way to watch you!! https://www.medpagetoday.com/painmanagement/painmanagement/74856
  7. Everyone get's a trophy................
  8. The Alaska DOC is under serious investigation for poor quality of care given to inmates resulting numerous deaths. Anchorage is a terrible city due to rampant crime and violence.
  9. No! Say eff it and retire in the next few months knowing that you provided quality care to your patients, left with your head held high and the respect of your peers. Mental mastrubation and playing one upsmanship has never been a sport I played or enjoyed watching. Myself and many others joined this profession long before it was "cool" and "sexy" we hustled to find jobs, accepted relatively low paying wages because we wanted to be PAs. We weren't looking for a default from med school fear or rejection, or a chance to have babies or an easy life in medicine! We knocked on doors even kicked in a few to advance the profession, suffered more than a few body blows in the process. Advanced degrees or even degrees weren't what defined us,our ability to do the job did that! While we in many cases set the standard for PA Practice long before the plethora of PA programs demanding outrageous tuition sprung up ! I challenge anyone to demonstrate with hard data that the wave of degree mania has improved PANCE scores and the delivery of care by PAs. I remain firmly convinced this degree crap is driven by those who benefit from the money and see degrees as "proof" of professional competencies. This never ending" nurses have this and nurses have that" is in my mind like kids in the sandbox arguing. Nursing for years has cried and whined about being subjected to physicians as a female dominated profession which wasn't respected nor in control of their own destiny! They in an attempt to take control created ," Ta DA!" Nurse Practitioners the almighty being that doesn't need "a doctor" telling them how to practice "Nursing". To put a better shine on that apple they added a bunch of letters and all was good,except for those pesky PAs and their physician leash holders barking up their tree!! So the NP leaders & advocates say, let's tell the world the lie that we are better because, look we have a lot more letters after our names and that means we're good! Soooooooooo along comes the "leaders" of PA World who rather than extoll the clearly excellent record of clinical competence and practice due to our training in the medical model, or highlight the lesser skills and training of NPs; feel compelled to address the "Alphabet Deficit" on our lab coats!!! Well now ,the university money men see and hear how much money is to be made in closing this "Alphabet Deficit" along with the "Academic PAs" seeing Full Professorships, appointments as Deans and Department Heads, tenure tract,bigger staffs, more talking time at faculty meetings,being listened to at faculty meetings!!!!!!!!! OH boy look at the goodies if we jump into the war against "Alphabet Deficits"!!! They forgot that there were thousands of PAs without the alphabet stitched across their chest to deal with! The response, let's convince them that they are not truly professional unless they assimilate into the Alphabet Collective or perish as valued competent PAs; which for a few thousand dollars it can happen!!! So with the Alphabet Deficit eradication firmly entrenched in the PA world our erstwhile competitors strike another blow against us ,by adding the letter "D" to their armentarim in their effort to maintain Alphabet Superiority over those pesky physician subservient PAs !! So now the PAs have launched their our Alphabet weapon in an attempt to establish an anti-NP firewall............Ta Da! behold the CQA!!!!!!!! So my fellow PA paduwans you too can be an Alphabet Deficit Warrior for the mere price of $100k give or take a thousand to join the ranks of the Third Sexiest Profession in America. It's your call, just don't call me in 2019 because the phone will no longer be in service and why would you care what some old gray haired guy with a BS degree has to say anyway?
  10. "None of this says anything about the competency of clinicians" so you are all for window dressing? It's a sad state that academic degrees are the "Brass Ring" on this ride with clinical competency maybe a runner up! IMHO it's nothing more than the universities milking the PA aspirant! Graduate level tuition brings in the cash and the programs that bring in the cash become big dogs on campus!!
  11. A Radiology phrase describing and abdominal film "full of stool".
  12. Not at all, I just look at what I've done and how I am respected in the practices that I've worked and realize "the Academics" are FOS with this Masters push!
  13. I'm wondering why after my 31 years of PA practice without a Master's Degree this is becoming a requirement? I've worked circle around the few DNP I have encountered and taught Yale PA students for many years, all without a Masters. I guess that I'm incompetent.
  14. I practice out in remote Alaska sites where we can and do use telemedicine for some patients previously seen by various specialist, these visits include the on site clinical staff. I myself have sent many different images to the ED or specialist for consultation on many occasions. But in all events , the patient was physically seen by clinician previously as part of the treatment process.
  15. CAdamsPAC

    PAs Are Sexy

    Ortho PAs here!https://youtu.be/OgUw3bqoOv8

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