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  1. I quit a job last March over the "Covid Hysteria" of my employer and our client. At the time there was ONE documented case (not hospitalized) 2,000 miles away in southeastern Alaska. I was subject to daily meetings each one changing previous days decisions along with being bombarded with corporate level e-mails from Australia dealing with infections in Papua New Guinea. I've been around long enough to understand the results of letting the camel's nose under the side of the tent.
  2. Attending PA School/ college was a voluntary decision, employment choices are voluntary. The 1st,4th,14th Amendments come to mind. I think Benjamin Franklin stated those who give up their rights for safety deserve neither or words to that effect.
  3. Why do you feel guilty for doing the right thing? Would the manager feel guilty about your license being revoked or suspended because you broke the state PA practice law?? Why did the physician not have enough respect for you to speak with you directly or in concert with your SP? You were correct to say no and don't let yourself be guilted into being a convenience for those who don't respect you. Years ago I worked in a hospital based orthopedic service where 6 PAs covered the ED, OR and floors 24/7. We were approached by the surgery chief and asked to cover the inpatients of a private ne
  4. Yes there was a time when tempers flared over a poster having the temerity to be contrary to the mainstream thought of others on this forum! I say this having been banned for a while and a few of my online allies have also been banned or just left over the intolerance of thought diversity. The quote about watering the tree of liberty with blood is applicable to this and many other forums to avoid stagnation and a mutual admiration society from developing.
  5. The USCG flight surgeon told me of the cutter based corpsman he "wouldn't let that corpsman clip his toenails" so the HH-65 launched without him.
  6. I was a civilian PA working for a Native Alaskan Health Consortium and the USCG surgeon wouldn't approve the flight unless I went with the patient as the Corpsmen didn't have the skills needed for the patient's care.
  7. Middle of the night in stormy weather flights on USCG helos 150 miles across the Bearing Sea without a survival suit losing radio contact will make one think twice about this kind of job. Nothing is darker or more humbling than the Bearing Sea at night in the winter during a storm with a critically ill or injured patient on your hands!
  8. I learned to always send a :cc to my personal e-main from the hospital system as " somehow" emails disappeared from the system.
  9. My ED approach to A-Holes who graduated from a medical school was the same for private physicians. Even within the university medical system referrals I would send good cases to the decent docs and load up the A-Holes with similar patients!
  10. I'd be a real quick memory from that place!!
  11. My SARCASM font wasn't activated during my post. I do not support the blanket self referral to specialist that is rampant in this country. The wheel needs a center for the axle to work effectively, the PCP fills that role.
  12. Patients have "the right" to decide what care they seek or receive. Who are we to have the temerity to attempt to inflict our opinions upon them? The "Suits" understand that making patients happy is the primary focus of medicine!!
  13. Hey! I recall when there were less than 40 PA Schools in this country AND jobs were scarce, the pay was low and professional status and respect difficult to gain as "new kid on the block", no licenses, prescriptive authority heck we weren't even credentialed in most jobs. I had to move across the country to find an ER job. So don't throw that "Old Guard" stool around as I was there when we PAs had to fight to get through the doors!!!
  14. Hospitals run on much more than doctors and nurses, so spread the love (kevinmd.com)
  15. I'm pretty much in the same boat after 33 years as a PA. My action to address this is to work a few very short term locums assignments during the year.
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