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  1. There was once a requirement that immigrants be free of contagious disease before entering this country.
  2. IMHO this is all about the Benjamins!! AAEM spouts out that all ED patients should be cared for my ED Residency Trained and EM Certified Physicians. Which puts their membership in the wheelhouse and the ticket sales booth for this cruise! Everyone else is an interloper and potential drain on the money spigot. All of this lofty worded altruistic caring about the patient statement is just to mask their greedy grubby fingers and egos. When and if they could get the " Suits and Bean Counters" under their control it would be a repeat of the night of long knives for everyone except their cabal of EM physicians!! Until then, we will continue to be "useful idiots" for them and the money people in gray suits and black wingtips, to be kept on a leash. They aren't our friends when it comes to the bottom line and their pockets!! Just the opinion of a 33 + year survivor of BOHICA!!!!
  3. Throw in a load of politics and hidden agendas and we have the morass of opinions and views that is on this site worldwide! I'm bored and disturbed by how this entire subject has devolved into an excretetory uretogram in general.
  4. 45 years ago was given the best advice ever about patients by the first PA I ever worked with " you will see a lot of sick people, some of them will have a disease". I have never forgotten this pearl nor has he been proven incorrect in my 33 years of PA practice.
  5. I am to the point that I don't give a s**t about this disease and all of the political gamesmanship that is passing for public health activity!!!
  6. Follow your program's policy of retesting and do some more studying.
  7. POTUS was right up there with Schumer, Pelosi, DeBlasio telling the country all was well and per Fauchi chill out and go on a cruise while not wearing a mask as stated by Dr. Adams. While the UW prognosticator told us that millions of Americans were going to die!! Just like the onset of HIV the politicians jumped and turned a public health issue into political one upmanship!!
  8. Obviously the fault for this lies at the feet of the POTUS from what I've been reading and hearing in the media?
  9. More of the corporate eunuch behavior that IMHO is the hallmark of our supposed professional advocacy organization.
  10. "I have a new position that lacks everything I disliked about corporate medicine. I may grow to enjoy working again. For years it has been something I suffered through as a matter of necessity." Scott you will truly enjoy the job as your voice will be listened to, your decisions not questioned, you as a professional will be respected across the board. I would have bailed if I hadn't joined the PAs on the Slope.
  11. I've worked with several physicians who attended medical school latter in their lives.
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