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  1. Everything that made me walk away from ED work!
  2. Gee getting "real" emergency cases, who would have thought that?
  3. As an "Old Soldier" who recalls when the first PAs were selected and then appointed I can say PA have always been the "red headed step-child" of the AMEDD. The PA was the only group that was completely created from the EM ranks then given officer authority and even challenged the status quo of the other AMEDD Os. IMHO after almost 50 years the PA profession remains a somewhat atypical group in the AMEDD family .
  4. https://www.propublica.org/article/coronavirus-er-doctors-nurses-benefits?fbclid=IwAR3k_dWiOYcfKIPlnv0VlQfBCibDw_bytnY5CEBnuoDprOU1JuVVP9KayEo
  5. Are they still checking for the 5th vital sign? LOL!
  6. When this blows over, the clinicians must unite and revolt against the CPAs, MBAs and attorneys now " leading" healthcare!!!! They have been tested by fire and by most accounts found lacking!
  7. And...........getting paid without the threat of layoffs or furloughs!!! Someone has to keep track of those Press Ganey Scores!!!
  8. How many "Suits" have become ill or are at risk due caring for patients while being under equipped with PPE?
  9. Fox News Network and Fox Entertainment separate entities, just like opinion versus news shows, people need to think and pay attention to the differences. Kinda like Medical Assistants and Physician Assistants they both work in medicine but are clearly different unless someone is pretty obtuse. Rant and sarcasm font secured@
  10. All suspect or potential "corporate weaseldom" emails are forwarded instantly to my personal offsite email accounts. You never know when things will disappear and claimed to never have existed.
  11. Suits can't help but be Suits!!!! All that matters to them is money , CYA and PR. As Fernando(Billy Crystal) of SNL once said "it's better to look good than feel good" and the Suits want to look marvelous!!!!
  12. You know that Soldiers and commanders would face death to make sure that "Doc" had what was needed to save lives! I don't think the "Suits" would move with anything like the dedication that Soldiers have towards "Doc" and their injured comrades. I look back over the years and ask myself where the millions of dollars in "Disaster Preparedness" grants went to? I ask why major medical facilities and the states didn't have major stockpiles of disaster supplies? Those who by election or assignment to positions that required them to obtain and maintain adequate and appropriate supplies and equipment to permit the clinicians to render needed care must be held accountable! Maybe if the Press Ganey Scores went down the "Suits" would care more. Sunlight is a good disinfectant and it needs to be applied to the board rooms of these medical and governmental agencies.
  13. Me too I'm 2 miles from the VT/NY border, not really expecting much.
  14. It's not abandonment if you didn't start working> Would calling in sick be abandonment? How would you justify working without proper PPE? I don't think a surgeon would do a case without the correct instruments!
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