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  1. I recall that back in the 90's the OB/Gyn folks were pushing to be declared as "Primary Care Providers"
  2. A good basic explanation of ECMO ,https://www.ucsfhealth.org/treatments/extracorporeal_mechanical_oxygenation/ https://www.mdedge.com/ccjm/article/108352/cardiology/extracorporeal-membrane-oxygenation-adults-practical-guide-internists
  3. Behind a paywall............
  4. The Suits and Medical Directors wanted volume and quick turn around of pts. The idea of keeping exam rooms filled with CP awaiting labs would make their heads explode We didn't even have a Crash Cart in the clinic, which BTW was 200 yards from the Fire Station we called for true "emergencies".
  5. All of this is predicated on having STAT LAB SUPPORT , no UC Clinic I've worked in ever had this. If I am concerned enough to order a troponin for a CP pt, I am sending them to the ED.Call me weak, inept or whatever, but reckless or flippant won't make the list.
  6. Stupidity exacerbated by laziness. My UC/WIC experience with CP patients was their electing to argue with me over receiving the best care was more the norm than exception!
  7. Read it and weep or get PO'ed? https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/local/article235764152.html?fbclid=IwAR26O3uJxU87r1CyKGMh6X62m6UuDfCpaAqJxTJLzPb6X-EOev6gmXbtrr4
  8. https://www.investopedia.com/retirement/pension-vesting-everything-you-need-know/
  9. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/081815/can-my-company-ever-be-entitled-take-my-401k.asp
  10. Yes it was 7 years ago. The Feds studied job changing and discovered most people changed jobs after around 5 years of employment.
  11. 5 years is a Federal mandate, employers can set the bar lower but not higher or vesting
  12. I discovered that doing what I truly did not enjoy made me and my family very unhappy. I needed to get away from ungrateful coworkers and patients and worse Suits! I found that working for Corporate & Academic Medicine was working in a snake pit of back biting, hypocrisy, ego polishing was the coin of the realm. Walk away and keep walking until you find your good place. You will know when you arrive there. Don't stay where you are stewing in your misery, it will not get better.
  13. My Supervising Physician (SP)is often hundreds of miles away from my practice location, but is reachable by phone and at times telemedicine. We regularly discuss patients as needed and my chart notes are reviewed by my SP. In Alaska it's pretty much the rule, not the exception that PAs & NPs practice at sites removed from the location of their SP. Mutual respect and open lines of communication are paramount when the SP is not physically present. It seems to me that your employer is playing games that keep money in their pockets by having fewer physicians on the payroll.
  14. Your fixation with PAs lacking independent practice seems to constantly manifest itself in your posts. I could refer to the sun rising each day which is a well known undisputed fact, which wouldn't add to the general discussion on PAF. Like LT_ONEAL_PAC I will now move you to my ignore file.
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