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  1. There is a PA who completed an Anesthesia Residency alongside physicians back in the 80 and is a faculty member of the Yale School of Medicine.
  2. It was "Academic Medicine" that convinced me to walk away and seek meaningful positions where my efforts made a difference and were respected. I have encountered more than a few physicians who said if they had a redo in their lives , they would attend PA School instead of Medical School. Water will seek it's own level as will one's life events.
  3. I see a bit of "projection"here. It's pretty bold to place one's own regrets onto others in the profession.
  4. I believe he was suing the person who revealed his texts to his employer for defamation. Pretty ballsy he is!
  5. WARNING! contains offensive language and content! The person is a Physician Assistant not a physician.
  6. Patient don't speak "Doctor" and are often unwilling to say that they don't understand or worse they don't agree with the plan and then come to us to make things right.
  7. I understand sarcasm. In my surgical days we had Dentist completing the OMF Program on the surgical service for 2 years they were ranked PGY 1 & 2 and they were strong hitters. I think ID Badges stating "Medical Staff" with their level of training should be the standard. I believe the use of physician was settled by the SCOTUS when Chiropractors fought and won to be called Physicians of Chiropractic Medicine. While Doctor remains a nebulous term when heard by patients and families versus professionals. The lay public is often confused and ignorant about who is who in medicine.
  8. But DNPs can get away with being called "Doctor"?
  9. We all know that "The Suits " are FOS in general!!
  10. And try to get in touch with a PA who left the practice.
  11. If you truly believe that you are being pressured into doing bad medicine, you must decide on a course of action that protects you and your patients. I doubt the physician will change so you will have to chart a pathway that is best for you.
  12. In my mind, those studies that could lead to a surgical or medical admission are not UC cases. If my DDX includes serious badness they are ED bound as it's cut to the chase as far as I'm concerned.
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