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  1. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/mesa/2019/04/16/mesa-at-still-university-physician-assistant-students-save-life-vacation/3482924002/
  2. As Ronald Reagan once said" the most frightening words ever spoken are" I'm from the government and I'm here to help."
  3. Yep that's been my experience more than a few times out in Alaskan villages
  4. Well then.......GTFO!! If you are getting feces on GP it's up to you to stop it or walk away! If you stay and put up with it then you are the problem. You say that you are given contrary direction by attendings, then you need to have THEM hash it out and your boss needs to step up!! Why are yesterdays attendings decisions being acted upon by today's attending?? This is pure BS that you are putting up with games like this! Is this feces happening to other PAs?Take 2 grams of Growaset daily to achieve the posted results and stand up for yourself if need be go down fighting!!
  5. It seems to me these physicians are like predators who sense fear or weakness as a signal to attack. When attacked defend yourself vigorously instead of showing fear and weakness. If you are doing good medicine don't allow yourself to be abused by a-holes of any profession. If these physicians refuse or are incapable of providing the appropriate professional guidance or supervision you need to take them on by demanding you be treated with respect and given proper clinical guidance. Your HR department hearing you utter the phrase "hostile workplace" will be quite interested in the issue along with the Medical Staff Office Executive learning that these physicians are not providing appropriate professional guidance or supervision. Most of all, be ready and willing to fight for yourself without holding back or walk away!
  6. But, what would you do for a Klondike Bar?
  7. It has been my personal experience that the provider caring for the family member requiring the presence/assistance should be completing this form, not the requestors provider!
  8. I personally like to have space between my job and my life. Being a practitioner in a small isolated town would be a challenge to keep one's job separate from your life. I don't socialize with my patients and it would be difficult for my family to restrict their social contacts.
  9. It seems to me that as a profession, PAs do not have the spine to really take on a fight for themselves as the Nursing Profession does to advance or protect its members. Yet I constantly hear PA lamenting how nurses are taking over and outpacin us. My observation has been that compromise and apologizing for stepping on toes while advocating for the profession is more our professions forte. It is because of this what I consider spinelessness, disassociated myself from the state and national PA organizations. You can give me a nice non-hurtful professional title while treating me like crap in the workplace and I still won't be satisfied!
  10. Having practiced in many states and locations, it is my feeling that our profession is accepted and respected in general by physicians and the public. Is there a perfect place to practice as a PA? I think not as perfection is a dream not reality. That said, I've held some very rewarding positions with good working conditions, that paid well, had supportive supervisors but nothing in life is static. We all know that people come and go, practices close or are taken over, major elements in one's life changes. One must make decisions based on their own needs and life goals, weighing decisions based on what will best help you achieve your desired outcomes. I have found Alaska to be perfect for my needs but I have no doubt that many others would find life in the villages as hell on earth! My answer is, you will have to look around and try other areas to practice until what you seek is found.
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