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  1. I respond if this fraud wanted you to have the study done they should have ordered it. If the person is their patient there's no reason for me to be involved and I have no business ordering tests.
  2. CAdamsPAC

    New tab in Epic EMR

    I keep hearing this Dx is passe and discriminatory among other pejoratives.
  3. I always ask why are you here if you are being "cared for" by one of these voodoo doctors? I don't care to have conversations with fools when others need my time and efforts.
  4. CAdamsPAC

    PA teaching at medical schools

    I was appointed as faculty at Yale School of Medicine teaching Medical Students inpatient floor care and procedures many years ago.
  5. CAdamsPAC

    New tab in Epic EMR

    How can "and now military can lose job"?I'm still trying to understand the process of how this issue has evolved from gender and sex being congruent into being diametrically opposed. Happily, I don't use ANY EMR in my infrequent workplace visits!
  6. CAdamsPAC

    New tab in Epic EMR

    So you are saying this "gender identity" is a mental health issue?
  7. I hear you and fully understand your position! PM me to speak out of the net.
  8. I wonder how much of the "Good Samaritan" Law applies to a trained licensed provider? The layman isn't expected to "meet the standard of care", while it may be applied to one of us in a court of law. Yes, my experience as a former Army Medic and a trained practitioner make my first impulse to assist kick in, but I now look to not just my physical safety, but my legal safety and my family's welfare in this litigious world we exist in. The actions taken by the OP were sound and appropriate medicine with a good outcome, but assume a bad outcome and how that could have played out. I know of physicians who don't keep medical items at hand outside of their practice environment due to litigation risks and I no longer keep anything past a few bandaids in my vehicle for like reasons. I witnessed a woman struck by a car and tossed down the road followed an "EMT" organizing onlookers to pick her up and move her to a bench nearby! This person couldn't understand my unwillingness to get involved in her "Good Samaritan" activity. The OP did good and hearing a thank you for saving my life is the ultimate professional reward, I remain hesitant to jump into on the street emergency medicine. Not judging but voicing my concerns and $.02 worth.
  9. CAdamsPAC

    Feeling like I'm crazy

    Treat them the way you are being treated, with disrespect and minimal if any notice leave; as they haven't earned and consideration from what you have written. Oh, BTW you are crazy to keep putting up with being used and abused by your current employer.
  10. CAdamsPAC

    Who told patients...

    Yes the "some dude" who comes up and shoots, stabs, beats guys who are " just walking down the street minding their own business" is another one on my hit list!
  11. CAdamsPAC

    Who told patients...

    What I really want to know is, who is/are they? I keep hearing that "they said" from patients and their families!! I want them to stop giving medical advice and opinions on the care I offer.
  12. I once worked UC and saw 35-40 pts in a 10-hour shift some days less. Granted damn few were sick and the MA/LPN did VS and meds if any, no EMR just Dragon voice dictation. If someone really sick appeared off to the ED!!! Seems like assembly line medicine to me
  13. Interstitial nephritis leading to Acute Renal Failure from Cipro took my mother and massive GI Bleed form C Diff took down one of my patients. Quinolones are no joke on the side effects!
  14. Has anyone else received a telephone call for the Medical Examiners Office asking about medications found with a deceased patient of yours? It can be an eye-opener.

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