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  1. I've never seen a dog sled out in the villages! ATVs are the primary transport in off the road system villages. I've flown on a few Coast Guard aircraft with critically ill patients traveled by fishing boat to a larger airfield when the local gravel strip couldn't be used, spent more than a few nights in the clinic monitoring a critically ill person awaiting a medevac flight. Not jobs for the faint of heart or those who need full lab, x-ray and ancillary staff support.
  2. Each of the positions I've worked across Alaska was it's own set of circumstances. Supervision in Alaska can vary from the SP being in the clinic to being hundreds of miles away. Out in remote villages you are everything at all times there are clinic hours but a good number of people don't/won't respect these hours. Some villages have less than 100 people others have thousands of people Who you are working for will determine W-2 vs 1099 jobs. Housing out in the villages is a premium and often is an improved shack, which you my pay rent for or assigned to you as part of the job.!
  3. WORD! Days of monotony interrupted by moments of terror! You need to be on your game at a moments notice and be prepared to deal with critical patients for hours waiting for the weather to break or the medevac crew to arrive. If you are lucky there might be another provider nearby of various skill levels (EMT, Paramedic , hopefully another PA). I try to get to know who may be in a nearby site and get a gentleman's agreement to help each other out.
  4. My experience exactly a good number of marginally competent providers handing out ABX & pain meds to make themselves liked and feel good! Personally I think every PA program should increase clinically rigorous rotations ICU NBICU requiring ACLS, ATLS, PALS , difficult Airway type classes as graduation requirements. These requirements would clearly demonstrate the greater clinical skills of PAs over NPs!
  5. Fight this don't accept his decision.
  6. 5-11 pants , a funny political/social commentary T-shirt maybe a scrub top, hiking boots where I'm called Clark or "Doc" (not because I pretend to be a doctor) by my patients, "Lab Coat, I don't need no stinking Lab Coat" my apologies to Eli Wallach!
  7. Scott you brought me to the edge of tears with this post. As a former Army Medic I recall caring for a lot of wounded folks during the VN War, it was a good feeling to care for them I always felt that was the greatest element of my service. As the father and uncle of combat veterans cared for by the VA i hope they are fortunate enough to have someone like you as a provider. Thank you for your service!
  8. I worked with the title of Physician Associate for 18 years! All Yale-New Haven Hospital/Yale affiliated PAs are assigned the moniker of Physician Associate.
  9. Not one person has provided any data to support the premise that not being vaccinated against HPV is a threat to the readiness of the force. Having read the cited paper on HPV in the military which again failed to cite numbers of cases which decreased the readiness of the force. I have NO argument with the vaccine being available along with education on the risks associated with HPV. My fight is with those who campaign for mandates without evidence of a negative effect on the force as a whole.
  10. My tact also, I do send PIA pts with nutcase families to these MD A-Holes!
  11. “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin. The history of despots and tyrants acting "for the good of society" to silence, jail or even kill people is sadly well documented around the world. The question that remains unanswered is, where has it been documented that HPV broadly has rendered any military organization incapable of performing its mission? The efficacy of the HVP vaccine is not in dispute but to use the military justice to mandate a vaccination without a mission mandate is a point of contention. Are people willing to have their civilian employers issue this vaccination mandate also?
  12. Not having a current dental exam makes a Soldier "non-deployable" as does not having a dependent care plan. I recall a series of lectures on health issues soon after arriving at my Basic Combat Training. I don't see why HPV education and offering the vaccine can't occur.
  13. Well said. I again want to see numbers that reflect not being vaccinated for HPV has reduced the military effectiveness of any military unit.
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