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  1. CAdamsPAC

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    So your position is "The Academics" are not behind these circumstances, but are trapped by the external forces in my stated concerns? I find it hard personally to accept the idea that there is not an incestuous cabal of Administrators, Academics/PAEA, AAPA whose actions enhance their standings and agendas by pushing Degree Creep, higher tuitions, expanded numbers of programs? Just the PA worldview of an old guy PA.
  2. CAdamsPAC

    AOA Warning on PA "Independence"

    I'd like to know the data on the "Money Axis" of selection for PA School admissions. I've watched the marked increase in the number of PA Schools along with the "Degree creep" and the concurrent increase in costs to attend PA School for the past 20 years. Views or data please?
  3. CAdamsPAC

    PA/Provider Burnout

    Why I am out in the wilds of Alaska far away "Suits" with more than enough time to see my busy 2- 15 patients a day..........No one really cares about the provider staff as long as they don't have to answer for conditions of their own making.
  4. CAdamsPAC

    Mandatory CME

    You are preaching to the choir "My PA Brother". Typical gutless "Suit" behavior, don't find and deal with the offender, treat everyone as the problem(except physicians because they are all-knowing and infallible). Of course, you mere peons should roll over and play dead when they trod upon your time off without compensation!!
  5. CAdamsPAC

    Do No Harm To Each Other

    On a personal level one on one professional contacts between Pas and APRNs are rarely adversarial , it is at the national level that animus between the professions is often manifested.
  6. CAdamsPAC

    What are your thoughts?

    I don't understand why her license wasn't revoked or why she was not prosecuted by state or federal agencies.
  7. https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/10/11/opioid-epidemic-tennessee-pill-mills-christina-collins/1488026002/
  8. I recall the new Chief of Surgery at Yale New Haven Hospital asking me if I was a Patient Transporter when we first met. My embroidered name tag on the lab coat and my hospital employee ID didn't help with my role. Preconceived notions and ignorance are just that. BTW my job title at the time was "Physician Associate"!
  9. Personally & professionally "Suits" disgust me and I would't spit on most of them if they were on fire!!!
  10. CAdamsPAC

    Credentialing complaint

    So if this surgeon's letter was "ignored" what becomes of it? I suspect that the letter is part of your credentialing file. Since the letter contains negative commentary directed at you, I'd would at least expect there be some rebuttal letter or commentary attached to this negative document.
  11. Only one physician in the area that can perform the excision?
  12. But you didn't feed his mania or validate his agenda!
  13. I choose when and where I work.
  14. Coulda,woulda, shoulda..................It's The NP's fault! I've worked as a PA 30+ years watched the "p**is envy" of NPs weasel it's way into the arena of what is now a business full of physicians who are most interested in being unburdened of mundane duties and making money. NPs have jumped onto the line of " we can do that and you don't have to answer for our actions" to meet this unspoken laziness of far too many physicians. The "leadership" of the PA professions has committed itself to passivity and going along to get along rather than forcefully advocating the benefits of PA training and clinical skills being in keeping with the medical model. I work anywhere from 150 to 1,000 miles from my SP so independent practice is a non starter for me. The physicians I work with hired me for my proven ability, not the letter on my rarely worn lab coat! I worked with an NP who told me she felt better about her family's safety when I was in town.

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