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  1. When or if you become 100% sure of every case, you are heading for trouble.
  2. The most sacred words a Marine can utter "Corpsman up!" I salute those Devil Dog Docs out in the Fleet!
  3. Tarascon offers an excellent selection of pocket references that are perfect for the UC & ED environments.
  4. It's not extra money if you are working more hours, getting paid less for doing a full days work is BS. My former employer decided that we salaried PAs needed to swipe in. I resisted by ignoring the mandated process for 6 weeks. I still got paid and only complied because the gutless Suits were harassing the kind older lady in my department who processed our payroll while they never said squat to me! Once I got on board the documented 50+ hours didn't generate a larger paycheck!!! At baseline being salaried allows us to be living examples of BOHICA!
  5. Great job Scott. Sadley the AAPA should be ashamed for their inaction .
  6. Boats I'm in your corner for this and any like fight!

  7. I as a "POC" find YOUR attitude as part of the problem! You post a statement inferring that "Boats" would be dismissive of a patient because of their race or ethnicity!!! I find that the "race card" being flung into the face of a person not of color has created a significant backlash toward those who may in fact have experienced racist behaviors. In my years of life having been born into a racially segregated world of the 50s' I now hear more cries of "Racism" than ever! Eyes not rolling!
  8. That's what I'm talking about, Honey Badger PA-C!
  9. All acceptable advice until another episode of his SP orders not being followed leading up to an unacceptable outcome for the patient. I'm sure the SP, CMO , NY State Medical Board and Plaintif Attorney will all accept that he was just following the "Team Leaders" orders. It will all work out in the National Practitioner Data Bank. It's all in the OP's hands and will fall onto his back. BTW the idea of play nice during BOHICA or run away without a fight is just what I've witnessed from most PAs .
  10. Where is the outrage and indignation that so many inner-city schools produce such poorly educated students they are not viable candidates for admission to a university and PA School? If people want to focus on how and why there are such disparities between the races, let's start there! AAPA and we must address the soft racism of poor educational opportunities for "People of Color demanding quality education for all the children of this country starting with school choice and quality educators and better use school funding. Blanket knee jerk statements of " I'm not like that " won't bring about substantive change..
  11. I've lived with racism my entire life. During my 67 years on earth I've witnessed lawful racist behavior be banned, social pressure applied to discourage "Blackballing" in social organizations the racially detrimental policies in the military be banned. What hasn't nor will disappear is those with bigotry in their hearts and minds. I am confronted with the bigotry of paternalism towards non-Whites, the acceptance of poor quality schools in minority areas, lowered expectations in school for student behavior or scholastic achievement, lack of outrage to the daily carnage of murder in the inner cities of this country. As a PA I've experienced you here because of Affirmative Action comments from attendings because in the minds of many, non-Whites only succeed by the largesse of the White Liberal establishment. I am ALWAYS suspicious of those who feel compelled to tell me or publicly proclaim how they lack prejudice or bigotry!
  12. How many Planned Parenthood like entities are located in suburban upper middle-class areas? What is the proportional rate of VIPs in non-White communities versus White communities? Correct me if wrong, but wasn't PP founded by an eugenicist?
  13. I read the AAPA statement on a Facebook post and asked " why does this remind me of a self-criticism session during Mao's Cultural Revolution?" Prostrating oneself in public and decrying sins you may not have performed is now the purity test here in America. I proposed to state unequivocally that I do not support or condone murder, rape, thievery.
  14. P.S. we know that animals avoid screwing with The Honey Badger they have learned that it would not be a good move! We as a profession need to be more like The Honey Badger!
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