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  1. I recall going 5 shifts in a row without seeing anyone except the janitor, some nights maybe 1 or 2 patients in a 800 person oilfield development camp. I can recall hurricane like winds one winter night and having a head injury patient needing to be MEDEVACed requiring a 3 hour 52 foot fishing boat trip to the closest open airfield. The workload is minimal compared to the type of clinics most PAs work in, but being hundreds of miles from a hospital with minimal diagnostic or therapeutic capability calls for a particular type of clinician. Having to avoid 900 pound grizzly bears in the clinic parking lot, volcanos preventing flights into or out of the village, being a sole practitioner during a medical crisis are just a few of the challenges of remote practice. It's not just working it's an adventure and experience unlike what 99% of PA will experience.
  2. In my mind "it's all about the Benjamins" PA & NP Schools are out to milk as much money out of aspirants into the school's coffers as possible!! The only thing not being lowered to enter either profession is tuition! Nothing else matters to NCCPA, every PA program and physicians and practice administrators but the money they can make in this entire process!! Independent practice by PAs or NPs= the money not going into the physician's/practice pockets!!!!Call me a cynic but prove my points as wrong if you can?
  3. Be very careful, the allure of loan repayment. You have to be working in the position to even apply for the program, processing your application takes months, hopefully you meet the cutoff date or you wait another year, your payback service begins AFTER you have been accepted into the program. Not all sites are equal priority for the limited funding available. Also, ask about the cost of rent, heating & electricity, the quality of housing( flush toilets), food costs (at one ste $6.00 gallon milk when available, $26.00 roasting chicken) is there even a store, vehicles available and fuel cost($6.00-8.00 gal), cost of travel out o the village? The money may sound good but you will pay for it!! Ask about other providers and the skill set of these people, are you "on call 24/7" in the village, hats your physician backup and referral options? Find out about x-ray, lab, pharmacy support.Make sure you speak with those who have worked there in the past!!! Caveat emptor!!!!
  4. Eastern Aleutian Tribes – https://www.eatribes.org/ Aleutian Pribilof Islands Association: Home https://www.apiai.org/ 1131 East International Airport Rd. Anchorage Alaska 99518 Phone: (907) 276-2700 Toll Free: (800) 478-2742 Job Openings - Southcentral Foundation https://www.southcentralfoundation.com/employment/job-openings/
  5. CAdamsPAC

    Job Outlook

    The grass is always greener, over the septic tank.
  6. CAdamsPAC

    Remote medicine questions

    Remote Medicine is best described as months of tedium , interrupted by minutes of terror! Many of those working theses sites were medically screened before being hired. That said ,accidents happen and medical emergencies are lurking in the offices and bunkhouses everyday. The challenge is being ready to not just identify the problem but to manage them appropriately until the cavalry arrives!! If you feel the need to be jumping onto medical hand grenades constantly, remote site medicine isn't for you. If you are having emergencies regularly, you're working for a unsafe organization. A friend did the Antarctic gig as a PA and most of his work was as a housekeeper or KP since everyone shares these duties. I've worked for Beacon & Fairweather occasionally and being busy is frowned upon by the clients, as that represents injuries and sickness threatens the operation of the camp ,since most positions are one person deep each shift. A positive Flu test gets you quickly quarantined in your room and flown out on the next plane.
  7. We all know that the USA must bow down to any UN or Globalist resolution or agenda. Even if a position was established 30+ years ago it's Trump's fault that America is a Racist, Xenophobic, Capitalist,Misogynist, serving up dirty air and water to kill babies all over the world!!
  8. CAdamsPAC

    Dress up for success

    Sitting out in a remote village in Alaska with less than 500 people, my jeans and sweatshirt or t-shirt isn't an issue when folks bring me the sick kin!
  9. CAdamsPAC

    Practice Standards for PAs in EM?

    Preaching to the choir my brother!
  10. CAdamsPAC

    Any PAs in Ophthalmology?

    You can't be wrong by opening up new practice opportunities for PAs.
  11. CAdamsPAC

    Any PAs in Ophthalmology?

    I heard years ago that Ophthalmologist already have a corps of PAs, they're called Optometrist! LOL!
  12. CAdamsPAC

    Violent Patients

    I let them know that threats and profanity will not get them anywhere, except discharged from the clinic.
  13. CAdamsPAC

    Violent Patients

    I own a couple of these pens. One is always on my desk another in my chest pocket. No one knows what they are except " a cool looking pen".
  14. CAdamsPAC

    EM PA Looking for Recommendation

    You know that you can live in one state and serve in the National Guard of another state.

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