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    • I considered doing the same.  Feedback from employees within the prison system (mostly nurses) is that providers are extremely understaffed.  They work very long/hard hours on a salary which is much lower than you would make outside of a state position/job.  I am not sure if these positions are overtime eligible or not.     A pension  would be nice, but those who I spoke with said... "Run and don't look back."
    • Hello friends! So I pretty much want opinions on whether or not I should bother applying this cycle since it's so late in the game. I have a 3.79 overall GPA, 3.8 science GPA Havent taken my GRE yet... 3000 hours+ as an Emergency dept nursing technician LOR's from a charge nurse, supervisor and head of the biomedical sciences dpt at my university Hit me with more questions/opinions/idk?????
    • Hey guys! I interviewed on 7/13 and was accepted on 7/17!! Good luck to all who are applying and interviewing. 
    • I have been practicing pretty much Primary Care since I graduated. Current job pays really well and I have a sweet schedule (4 days a week weds off) but only have a 401k. They match my contribution up to 7%   I'm middle aged and have really started thinking about retirement (as well as my mortality which I suppose is normal at my age lol). The 401k and my other retirement accounts will likely give me some money for retirement but with SS not being a certainty and the rising costs of living in my area, I am unsure if retirement will be as good as I hope it will be.   I have been thinking about finding a job with a pension plan. Only jobs I have found near me with pensions are Kaiser or the prisons system. County has a pension plan but only hires NPs (What's up wid Dat?) California has a bunch of PA jobs in the prisons and have pensions and 401k. Pension vests in 5 years but it would be a huge pay cut and well... I'd have to work in the prison, so there's that... Anyone work in prisons? What's it like?   Any input appreciated.   Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G891A using Tapatalk    
    • I will also be there on 8/22! Looking forward to it!

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