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    • Congrats to all those receiving acceptances!!!  And welcome to Penn State!!  We Are!!
    • Good morning guys! Does anyone know how many seats there are for the upcoming cohort? I have an interview coming up for this program, which I am EXCITEDLY NERVOUS for, and I wanted to know what I am looking at!
    • I get it if there is no bed available, or if a hospital is only allowed to take voluntary...this is the PURPOSE of the doc-to-doc call (to ensure patient is going to correct place).  I am talking about when all that is done (bed placement done, nurse-to-nurse done, etc) and I'm waiting hours for the doc to call me back.

      EMTALA doesn't JUST apply to EDs.  It also applies to on-call specialists.  Hospitals get EMTALA violations all the time because their on-call specialist.  Isn't one of the EMTALA requirement for on-call specialists to call back within reasonable timeframe?  Can you imagine having a STEMI in a community/rural hospital and waiting 6 hours for the cardiologist to call you back to accept (yes, I understand the hyperbole here, but I thought this was what EMTALA was for).

      It's so bad where I am at that one of the main psych hospitals started saying they won't even DO doc-to-doc calls.  I said I'm not transferring the patient without a doc-to-doc because I'm not paying the $25K personal fine.
    • Correct, ya GOTTA have house disconnected from grid via main breaker.  Primary reason for that is lineman safety....but realistically wouldn't you immediately trip the internal breaker on the generator as it tried powering everything in your neighborhood?   I have a similar set up in my current home.  Have never done it yet, but it's ready to go if needed for temp power.  Much more convenient/easy to plug in a 3 foot cord (mine is 240v) to power house than run miles of extension cords.
    • Hi, I am a foreign medical graduate, unable to relocate due to family commitments. I am looking for online options. Is it worth to earn a degree that is not participating in CASPA application cycle 2017-2018?