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  1. When in doubt, refer to a specialist. Like, in this case, the DMV process. If you have a reasonable concern, and you're not able to reassure yourself or disposition it, then be up front about that. Frankly, there should be more mandatory retesting--I haven't taken a road driving test in 30 years, not counting fire engine driving. :-) Retesting every 10 years starting at 60, and every 5 years after 80, sounds pretty doggone reasonable to me,.
  2. Honestly, MBA is probably among the least useful masters' for a pa: * If you want to be in healthcare administration, get an MHA. * If you want to start your own practice, take small business classes, not a business administration program.
  3. Pretty sure that's me, actually, but 1) it's a core concept, no one has it trademarked, and 2) I'm flattered to be mistaken for EMEDPA.
  4. Unless you know the target area, don't bother trying to plan: find an organization who knows what they're doing, and go with them.
  5. So since I originally answered this question, I've switched practices. I still see 12 in Family/Occupational medicine, but am seeing 18-20/day in sleep medicine, and feeling really good about both numbers.
  6. It's a lot easier to go to 4-8 hours per week, or even 8 per month, rather than no clinical time for 2 years or so. I'll also note that part time jobs are much easier to come by when you have a track record of 3-5 years as a PA.
  7. Email the corporate legal folks with your concern that the org might be opening itself up to a lawsuit with such inaccurate terminology.
  8. I would apply for a license in every state in which you will be applying, especially if there's a long process.
  9. Medicine is not allied health; PAs are not allied health. Where did the question come up?
  10. Are there key quotes or excerpts for those of us who use Adblockers and can't see Forbes content?
  11. If I was going to take 50% salary*, I'd expect at least 10 hours per week of face-to-face training from my doc. Training, not shadowing, not chart review. And if that wasn't forthcoming, then for each hour the MD/DO hadn't spent training me in a given week, I'd have the contract specify a bonus of 5% of my base salary back... Thus, training salary becomes real salary when the training ends. Remember, folks, always engineer the agreements so that neglect favors you, not the SP or practice. * Never take salary. Always be hourly with overtime. See above.
  12. Anyone else here practicing in sleep medicine as a PA?
  13. Take a deep breath. You're in for a ride.
  14. There's really nothing you CAN do. Keep your head down, learn well, and know that you'll be allowed to graduate and take the PANCE even if the program folds.
  15. Heck, around here entry-level FF/EMTs make more than this.