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  1. An idea I'm considering, given the number of threads specifically discussing NPs rather than PAs.
  2. https://www.fmcsa.dot.gov/newsroom/fmcsa-streamlines-process-allowing-individuals-properly-managed-diabetes-operate-commercial Upshot: diabetics well-controlled on insulin can now get a 1 year medical examiner's certificate.
  3. rev ronin

    Down-Code Billing issue

    Contact an employment law attorney. If there was indeed a violation of the law by the company that negatively affected multiple providers, the local DA may or may not also be interested. There appears to be enough money at stake to be worthwhile. And if you have to disclose that you sued a former employer for legal wrongdoing... so what? The places that will not want to have anything to do with you after that are the places who are likely to do that in the future.
  4. rev ronin

    Drug tests?

    You probably can't get licensed if you're a marijuana user, because as far as the DEA is concerned it's schedule 1, and you are a habitual user of an illegal substance. Not my rules, not my idea of good science or good law, but it is what it is: If you want to get into medicine, get off the pot now and stay off forever... or at least until they change the MJ laws at the federal level. Or continue your MJ usage and delay your PA ambitions until they change the law. The worst possible thing, I expect, would be to lie about it and risk everything you'd worked for.
  5. rev ronin

    Down-Code Billing issue

    Wow, that sounds awful. I agree that having 100% transparent access to billing and reimbursement is absolutely essential if your bonus structure depends on it. My billers have all been very adamant that the provider sets the level, and they aren't entitled to change anything, but I don't know if that's convention, expectation, or law.
  6. rev ronin

    HCV survey

    Got an email survey from UW about HCV treatment. In their demographics at the end of the survey, they listed "physician's assistant" alongside MD, DO, and ARNP. I sent them back a brief note indicating that such an error did not inspire my confidence sufficiently to take their survey.
  7. You don't mention your specialty, but $140k seems like pretty good PA compensation. Urgent care often has weekend/evening shifts available.
  8. All, Would you be interested in helping develop a model "transition to practice" class for our new PAs? We seem to have 1-2 per month who are getting screwed because they were unprepared to negotiate a contract, get licensed appropriately, understand scope of practice limitations, etc. I'm thinking we can put something together in the form of an FAQ, or maybe a powerpoint presentation, using mostly what we've said in posts already. I don't think it would take too much effort to put our names to a document that, if read and followed, would help a new grad avoid 90+% of the pitfalls we see talked about here. Anyone want to help?
  9. There's really not that much of a dose-response curve with melatonin. Six seems to be barely any better than three, and any more than that is just wasted... Do also educate your patients that melatonin is for sleep onset, not sleep maintenance.
  10. Agreed. And while I really dislike taking this hard a line with such stories, I'm trying to be more transparent and public with our efforts to both BE an open, pseudonymous forum, as well as find and restrict intentional trolls.
  11. I really wasn't asking about your preference. If there's a school out there that is letting students graduate with this little preparation, this little understanding of medical employment, that's a problem. As a medical professional, I have an obligation to report unsafe conditions and practices, and I think that this counts. At this point, the school is indeed out of the picture: You're graduated, and they can't do anything TO you at this point. They deserve to know that one of their graduates is telling such stories on a public forum; by not naming any school, you are essentially maligning all Florida programs. At the same time, we've had a recurring problem with posters pretending to be someone they're not, and engaging in aggressive feces agitation: trolls, in common parlance. Your post could entirely well be legitimate, or it could be one of the trolls. Thus, YOU ARE DIRECTED to message me your school name, your name, and your contact information within the next 48 hours so I can take appropriate action based on the issues you've brought to our attention. Failure to do so will result, rightly or wrongly, in this account being dismissed as yet another troll: Your call.
  12. OP, assuming you're telling the truth in what you've told us, your program has done a terrible job helping you transition to practice. Which school was this? PM me if you don't want to post on the forum... I'd like to call their attention to this.
  13. Expose yourself to everything you hate and fear now, because it would entirely suck to get admitted, get through didactic, and be unable to complete clinicals.
  14. Agreed, and shut down. Interestingly enough, the poster hasn't complained since I put him on moderation several hours ago. That's pretty much a clue that he knows there's no point in arguing because he's been banned before. We seem to have at least one repeat troll, and I'm very happy to put "new" people on moderation if they show such inclinations in the future.
  15. Sorry guys, hadn't noticed that. Placing that account on prior approval in about 30 seconds...

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