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  1. Everyone should want fair, effective policing; in fact, a lot of the minority backlash against "defund the police" has been along the lines of "We want cops here; they're the only ones keeping us safe from gangs. I just don't want to be pulled over for driving while black/brown." I've seen folks try and justify fairness as the goal of defunding the police, but I have yet to hear a cohesive or rational argument how B follows from A. Fact is, if you have a smaller police budget, guess who's going to get services cut first? Hint: it's not going to be the predominantly white neighborhoods.
  2. https://twitter.com/ThurstonSheriff/status/1418633757540585472?s=03
  3. So, when I was doing my general surgery rotation at Madigan, we all (residents, med students, PA students) got to sit in on a "how to prepare for deployment" lecture from one of the attendings to the 3 soon-to-be-graduating chief residents who were all being assigned to either Iraq or Afghanistan, I forget which. After he'd talked about the process for a while, he drew a sketch of an airliner seating chart, and then indicated all the seats were held by soldiers, and then left one empty in the middle of his diagram and circled it. "This is your seat. Do you think these people," indicatin
  4. I precepted a very experienced tech to PA in family medicine rotation. It was her first rotation, and the two core things she had to master from that learning curve--talking to patients and documentation--were the steepest learning curve, but she did fine. Skin biopsy, though? Hand her the tools and kinda review what needs to be done. I precepted a scribe later that year, and he had exactly the opposite challenges. PA school is to find and shore up your weaknesses.
  5. I suspect the word has gotten out that the Dragon Medical has been a colossal waste of money with Dragon Naturally Speaking and Dragon Home and Office each being a great deal that would do almost everything medical very well. Both Mac and Windows have built-in speech recognition now, do they not?
  6. Yeah, I was thinking along those lines myself. I'll figure out how to do that, but the easiest way may be to make a "club" for PA educators.
  7. Are there enough forum members who are making the transition from clinical practice to teaching to support a new Professional PA subforum for academic pursuits---teaching, precepting, research/writing? We have a Research subforum under specialties, but it's not gotten that much love. I know we have multiple faculty members here--would you want a forum in which to discuss concerns related to developing an academic career and teaching in a PA program?
  8. Internally, sure, but externally they'll pretend to take it under advisement, and it may even merit some hand wriginging and internal brainstorming before no solution is enacted.
  9. At the same time, what's really the downside to letting someone else steal your ATLS course certificate number? I do the local folder thing. I have subfolders for insurance face sheets, FEMA courses, IFSAC certifications, as well as all the PA licenses, DEAs, and merit badge cards. In addition to my computer, I keep copies of it on thumb drives, so I can just hand it off if, for example, I am checking into an incident.
  10. Doesn't AAPA have a competing product as well? Yep, PA Portfolio: https://www.aapa.org/career-central/pa-portfolio/
  11. If you chart the same day, you get to count your charting, records review, and consultation time against the 40 minutes for a 99215 or 60 minutes for a 99205. Thus, it's financially advantageous for practices to have horrible EMRs, but that's another story. At any rate, don't assume each 99215 is fraudulent until you understand the 2021 coding changes, which have increased the number of 99215's I chart by about 5-10x.
  12. https://www.goodreads.com/quotes/536961-the-reasonable-man-adapts-himself-to-the-world-the-unreasonable “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman
  13. The "Good" news is that in family medicine, most problems aren't severe enough to benefit materially from that level of care. I recommend cutting back to half time, regardless of the impact on your finances, loans, or benefits, and doing that half-job well enough for your own personal satisfaction, while spending the freed-up time on two things 1) self-directed study, and 2) mental health care. Last first, you have an anxiety disorder. Properly managed, you're going to be an awesome clinician. Not properly managed, you're going to be burnt out before you can get there. As far
  14. I'm so sorry to hear this has happened. Coming from the tech industry, my experience of age discrimination has been quite the opposite--that as a 40s year old seeing patients for the first time, my age was a positive factor in receiving respect I didn't really deserve. Now, "more qualified" can mean a lot of different things to HR than it might mean to us. Do you have at least a master's? If not, the new grad with an MS or MPAS is more qualified than you are, in HR speak. Given that you started 40 years ago, you may have nothing more than a certificate. I'd be interested to hear
  15. Which is fair enough; we assume, by default, that laws are right and just. But they're not. And not just in places that we would tend to think of as totalitarian regimes. The fact that disabled people can't ever accumulate more than $2,000 in assets without losing federal disability payments is going to be increasingly unfair and unjust as inflation shrinks the real buying power of that "allowable" cushion. There are plenty of other, bigger injustices, of course, but I picked that one to be as politically inclusive and neutral as possible. Now, let's consider compelled disclosure.
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