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  1. That's absolutely true. It's the front desk and MAs jobs to make sure people know they're seeing a PA, what that means, and that they have a choice to reschedule. I did have one patient walk out of Group Health exam room before I even got in, because they'd been moved from a sick MD to my schedule for the day, when they had specifically waited to talk to an MD, not a PA. But that was 6+ years ago.
  2. No masks don't hurt. At all. That doesn't mean there's no costs; every countermeasure has costs. Masks... - Make it easier for criminals to avoid identification - Obscure non-verbal communication and lip reading. - require time and effort to make, maintain, and use. - May be uncomfortable and/or cause glasses fogging. Am I leaving anything out? Pretty short list. Now, what is the break-even point? At what percentage chance to reduce R0, reduce your own chance of catching Covid-19, etc. is this a good deal? Considering the morbidity and mortality, that's a pretty low bar for me. But hey, I wear wraparound safety glasses essentially any time I'm not sleeping or showering, so I already have a predisposition to PPE. It's relatively easy math to do, even with all the uncertainties involved, and pretty much any nonzero value for harm reduction from mask use makes the use case straightforward. Risk assessment is all about working with incomplete data and doing the best you can with regards to appropriate countermeasures. But remember, boys and girls, Americans, on the whole, like to buy Powerball tickets and worry about commercial air travel safety: Math doesn't drive action, perception of math does, and humans are terrible at appropriately estimating the impact of low-frequency, high-impact events.
  3. https://wmc.wa.gov/sites/default/files/public/Newsletter/LegalActionsSummer2020.pdf Interestingly enough, they took a correctional PA to task for bad prisoner outcomes. One PA wrote Adderall for an ex, who says they never received them. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be the young, wet-behind-the-ears PAs who are getting spanked by the WA medical commission.
  4. Note that this poster has a previous thread in this forum detailing this issue
  5. I did at least 60 hour weeks on my surgery rotation, and pulled 2x overnights to make up for time lost in holidays, so about 400 hours in six weeks. That was on the high end, only did 4x10s in my last family med rotation, so about 250 there. Easily 2500 hours of clinical time in rotations.
  6. Thanks. I am experimenting with the free RingCentral trial, but there's so many disconnects between what is advertised and what's available I'm very much not impressed.
  7. In that circumstance, I hope they're more interested in making sure that he doesn't suck-start a shotgun. He'd make a compelling evangelist for not doing things the way his family did if he can pull through this.
  8. Hmm. I don't have nor want a physical fax machine at my end--I want to be paperless on my end to the greatest extent possible, keeping everything PDFs if I can.
  9. So, most coastline per square mile among the Lower 48. I love reverse engineering how things dimly remembered might have been true.
  10. It might have the most coastline per square mile of land of any state? That seems a distinct possibility.
  11. Yeah, no. It might have more than all the rest of the Lower 48, but Alaska has more by far than everyone else put together.
  12. I don't consider a cell phone a phone line, but what I meant by that was not needing telephone service at all; data over a cell hot spot is different. ETA: Ok, while I have a cell phone, I will be composing notes on a MacBook Pro that also runs Windows 7 (and Linux if I need it to) using Parallels. Bluetoothing documents to my phone might be possible, but it would be an extra step I hadn't anticipated a need for.
  13. I have an upcoming need to exchange chart notes remotely with a practice that still uses paper charting without any EMR. Does anyone have a 100% electronic (no phone line, etc.) fax solution that worked for them and they'd recommend? Any advice or pitfalls to avoid?
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