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  1. Do your Bupe waiver for 24 hours free. Medscape. UpToDate if you have it. JAAPA CME is 1 a month. Other journals often do about that (1/month) as well, I do most of them from Wilderness & Environmental Medicine to keep up my FAWM. Lots of societies have online CME, often in the form of virtualized conferences for 2020. I've used SEMPA 360, Catholic Medical Association's bioethics stuff... Not super cheap, but you can often get 20 Cat 1 hours for $400ish.
  2. Is the physician an employee, or owner? If an employee in an at-will state, on what basis would terminating an employment agreement ever constitute patient abandonment? Serious question here, because I truly don't understand how a medical professional can be expected to render ongoing care outside an employment agreement.
  3. Naah. They'll just massively lowball you on the offer, because they can, because they'll know you're desparate. Welcome to where our society REALLY discriminates against women in hiring and pay practices.
  4. Herd immunity is not a boolean. It's already well underway. We have 28.4m lab-confirmed cases, 50m vaccines delivered. Let's assume that ends up at 50 m people 100% immune to Covid-19... so we've got 15% immune 85% vulnerable. So, when we started, a random connection between two people was 100% vulnerable to Covid transmission, 0% safe. Now, with 15% of each end safe, such a random connection between Americans is 72% safe. That's back of the envelope math, and if it seems too good to be true, it isn't, and it's probably even BETTER than that because... - Dose 1 of the mRNA vacc
  5. But working as a PA DOES impact my income; I've lost over half a million dollars by NOT staying in IT Security for the last 10 years, taking 28 months of no income for PA school, and working in family medicine. But yeah--I work, every week, as well as splitting my time among other things that give meaning to my existence.
  6. DEA takes less than a week to issue, last time I checked, so the big deal is getting your money and info together.
  7. And again, that number is pretty modest and doesn't tell the whole story. There are multiple levels of protection: - Preventing any Covid-19 infection at all - Preventing severe Covid-19 disease - Preventing death from Covid-19 The last two numbers are what doesn't get enough press: even if you DO get sick, you don't die, and don't get ICU-admitted. Life may suck for a while, but the vaccine has finally reduced Covid-19 to the "it's just like the flu" that some skeptics had been advocating all along.
  8. So we've had millions of doses of vaccine delivered, no confirmed deaths, no probable deaths, one possibly related death. We've had about 1:100,000 anaphylactic reactions, which is 10x higher than for normal vaccines. FWIW, one of the NPs I work with WAS one of those anaphylaxis reactions--Not fun at all for her, but very survivable, and she knew the risk going in because she has a known autoimmune disorder. Now, the second shot, especially if you've actually been Covid-19 infected, like I probably had been, absolutely sucks... But to the best of my knowledge no one who has gotten even
  9. First question would be, what is the harm? "Liability" is a nebulous concept. You basically have to worry about malpractice suits or board actions. It's not clear to me from the initial scenario how an old lung nodule, followed by primary care but lost to follow-up, would create either sort of a problem for the hospital or associated medical professionals who saw this patient for an unrelated condition.
  10. Everyone in primary care should know what VAERS is not.
  11. If there's enough interest, I'd be entirely open to creating an International PA student forum for such topics.
  12. Sleep medicine is a great field in a lot of ways, but I wouldn't recommend doing 100% sleep medicine straight out of school. Here's my take on things, as someone who's done years of both: Why sleep medicine is better than primary care: - Less ick factor: no stirrups, gloves only for cleaning chemical use. - You actually help people, A LOT, all the time. - Very hard to actually hurt patients. - Medicine is pretty straightforward - Typically, lots of autonomy. My MD was never on site. Why primary care is better than sleep medicine: - Zero pigeonholing. Family Medicine
  13. In reviewing the most pro-life of the various Christian ethical stances, the Roman Catholic (sorry I quote them all the time, but protestants are a hodgepodge mishmash with no unified voice) take on bioethics makes a distinction between ordinary care and extraordinary care that I believe applies in this case. Ordinary care, in this case, probably includes what you did do, but at the very least involves a minimum standard of human decency: you kept him warm, comfortable, nourished (to the extent it made sense) and above all kept him from dying alone. Extraordinary care always includes CPR and
  14. If you're too frustrated to continue, I understand. I've not had enough time to pour text into the discussion like you and @TheFatMan have. To back up a bit, someone took exception to me celebrating the fact that a fully-vaccinated me almost certainly wouldn't die from a future covid infection as if it were selfish. Hardly; it means I can be even more aggressive in being close enough to my patients to serve them better. The first rule of rescue I drive into all of my newbie EMTs: you can't help anyone else unless you're safe and healthy. But I agree, I probably haven't been as expl
  15. I have never found an appendix, either. But then, I've never actually had the opportunity to go try and find a suspected angry appy.
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