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  1. If you're looking Portland/Vancouver metro area, that's your problem. With Pacific, OHSU, and now George Fox churning out graduates, it's a very saturated market, and all the new grads who get hired came from one of those programs, rotated at their first job, and performed/wowed their way into those jobs. ETA: If you want a job in the Olympia area, PM me. I know people who are hiring.
  2. The two years was for the duration of the pilot program. That is, rather than a pass/fail test on one day, you did the exam over 8 quarters, and thus needed to be recertified for UP TO the duration of that program in order to, you know, keep practicing medicine. I am a big non-fan of the NCCPA for a lot of different reasons, but that one actually made sense to me.
  3. Took a while for PAFT to gain respect and momentum; I didn't agree to run for office just to run for the hills because the situation I arrive to wasn't the one I anticipated. Besides, there will be plenty of time for my well-meaning attempts to help to make things even worse.
  4. As someone recently elected to the PAFT board but not yet formally taken office, I'd like to point out that there's a new set of directors already elected and taking office in under two weeks who had no input--good, bad, or indifferent--into this discussion. Speaking for myself, I think it kind of rude to be handed a live hand grenade as I'm assuming my duties.
  5. I think being "the smartest guy in the room" is like a sex life: those who feel compelled to tell you about their status probably are insecure, mistaken, or lying.
  6. Oh, to be sure, I absolutely taper when appropriate. But the problem changes: it's no longer "insomnia" it's "long term excessive use of insomnia medication" or from "low back pain" to "opioid dependence". The patient might not like how the problem changes, but when the problem changes--my call, not theirs--the treatment changes to match.
  7. Well, except that the more credits you stack into a degree program, the more tuition you can charge...
  8. Venn diagram, mastercard style: * Left circle "What I am willing to prescribe" * Right circle "What meds the patient is willing to take" * overlap "What meds the patient takes" It's really that simple.
  9. Eh, I have a conflict of interest. If they ever actually allowed free and open conversation on Huddle, we'd lose A LOT of traffic and influence here. The fact that they're a semi-censored house organ ensures we'll be here for a while.
  10. If you have a C- on a prerequisite, whether it counts or not is probably not your biggest concern.
  11. I'm sure we've had one of these before, but I think we can all use some time to vent about something completely unrelated to Covid-19 vaccine refusal: What has happened to you, once or multiple times, that you wish your scheduler would never do to you? I mean, it's all going to be variants of about six things, but go ahead and post yours. Here's mine: Schedule an interpreted patient as the last patient of the day.
  12. I really like the NON-Seattle/Bellevue parts of Western Washington. Good practice laws, decent climate if you don't mind rain, lots of everything to do. Housing costs are always a little bit less ridiculous than California, but again... move off the beaten path and you can handily drive back to the denser cities, but find good respect and good pay in the outlying areas.
  13. While that may indeed be true, that concern doesn't echo the (as of yet unsubstantiated) title of this thread.
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