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  1. Since I've commented in it, I won't do it, but wouldn't be opposed to another moderator doing so. I'd also be fine with people refocusing the discussion and continuing,
  2. I'm afraid your examples are only taking us farther afield than Mcclane's. He's said his peace, it seems, so let's not ratchet up the rhetoric further, please.
  3. My program required 100% butt-in-seat attendance, so that wasn't an option for me.
  4. Ok, called the Medical Quality Assurance Commission today. They have a rather opaque phone tree, but I was able to get to a live human, and thence into another specific person's voicemail. I noted that I had not even received acknowledgement that anyone at the commission had read my complaint yet, gave my phone number and email address. We'll see what happens.
  5. Folks, I'm reading this article (page 6 here) and not seeing the editorializing by a PA appointed to a state medical board as appropriate. Am I just imagining things, or is this an unquestionably partisan piece?!Spring2018.pdf