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  1. The first time your boss overrules you without talking to you beforehand about what was wrong with the decision and why it needed to change, you're done. You can't have authority without responsibility, and the #1 job of a mid-level manager is to make the managers underneath him or her successful, which often means sticking by marginal decisions so as to not undermine your subordinates. You need to have a decent (not necessarily perfect, but decent) direct supervisor to succeed in first level supervision. It doesn't sound like that is happening here.
  2. I've gotten a number of messages asking me to update school websites, but this is indeed a task that takes a bit to set up but gets much easier to make a bunch of edits at once. So... help me out here. Please reply to this thread with the type of change: * Name of school and location * What happened (New under development, under development to open with provisional accreditation, changed name and/or location, closed). NOTE: I don't care about provisional or probationary accreditation--schools with any sort of accreditation who are accepting students get their own sub-forum. * Website address for the PA program You can suggest multiple updates per post, but please supply all info for each school needing an update. I anticipate doing this in the first week of July, so please post all info by June 30th.
  3. Meh, DOT physicals are fine if you set expectations right up front, don't be a jerk about it, and don't mind unhappy patients. I would MUCH rather do DOT physicals in a practice with a management team that backs me up than in corporate drone medicine ("Your DOT patient satisfaction scores are too low. We've scheduled you for reeducation")
  4. I get paid $32/hour to do EMT initial and ongoing training, as a W-2 working for my county EMS agency.
  5. Your degree doesn't matter in any case that I'm aware. Your current term grades, however, do. I would advise submitting now.
  6. The point of mock interviews isn't to drum out all the individuality, but to get past the "deer in headlights" reaction of an unfamiliar question or a question asked in an odd way. I would still recommend some mock interviewing, just as a way to get used to hearing the questions and saying something intelligent back.
  7. It does now. Did it then? I think it would be far more unethical to conceal the relationship, than to solicit such a LOR in the first place. It's clearly got some drawbacks, but does the OP have a better option? 50 hours of shadowing is certainly non-trivial, so looking forward to the eventual LOR needs, I would have counseled the OP to not follow a family member so extensively, because this problem is neither novel nor unpredictable.
  8. I'd rather just do people favors, with the expectation that one day I may ask them a favor in return...
  9. It actually doesn't. The instant the patient is a credible threat of death or serious bodily injury, they're no longer a patient. The instant the ex-patient is subdued enough to not be a threat any longer, they're a patient again. If you've ever watched any of the full-length officer involved shooting videos, it's very common to see police shoot an aggressor, handcuff them, and then summon EMS and render first aid. Talk about emotional whiplash! But yet, it's what we need to be able to do...
  10. Last time I interviewed for a PA job across the state, I flew out for a day trip interview, and they paid my plane fare. This was late 2014 and with a faith-based nonprofit.
  11. That's comparable to what I get for teaching EMT class.
  12. What do you mean by 'skilled'? FP Docs have more clerkships and residency, but PA procedural skills can certainly catch up. The additional topics not covered or not covered as deep in PA school vs. med school--I don't know that there's any structured way to measure that without letting PAs take FP doc boards. The one area where MDs have been shown to be superior to PAs is in diagnosing undifferentiated new illnesses correctly and rapidly, and I suspect that's tied to our shortcuts... but I would be interested to see how that played out over time. I don't doubt experienced PAs could outperform brand new FP docs, but it would be interesting to see how common an occurrence that would be.
  13. Just because something is incindiary doesn't mean it's trolling. We allow difficult conversations here, unlike Huddle. Huddle knows who you are, so they censor you based on what you say. We allow pseudonymity here, so we remove people for trolling behavior, not primarily on the contents of their posts.
  14. This one, at least, is legislatively fixed, right? We may wait years for the actual implementation, of course, but hasn't it been remedied at the Medicare level? Now as far as diabetic shoes go...
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