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  1. rev ronin

    Calling WA PAs! Support SB 5411

    I, too, reviewed the testimony via TVW. The NP->EM Doc was really pretty strident in her opposition, but she seemed to be slamming NPs just about as hard. The hours cited for PAs were low, the hours cited for medical students were ridiculously high, and the hours cited for NPs were also higher than minimums, as I understand it. The one thing I think was missing was... me. We had no practicing primary care PA present. I'm sure Lyle Larson is a great guy, but he came across as very obsequious, which I would expect from a guy who's done academic medicine as a PA for 30+ years. The schooling and profession has changed since then. I am quite disappointed that WSMA took a neutral position on the bill when the Medical commission supported it. I won't be renewing my membership, for that and other reasons.
  2. rev ronin

    HR 1052?

    I could have sworn I saw a post on HR 1052 here, but I can't find it. Am I going mad, or just conflating what I saw on Huddle and assuming we'd've also covered it here? Regardless, that bill would make PAs directly reimburseable by Medicare, which fixes (or starts to fix) a whole lot of billing issues. I called my congressman to support it today.
  3. rev ronin

    FM Patient sent to ED

    If insurance gets two bills for E&M for the same patient, from the same system, for the same problem, on the same day, do you think they will pay the $200 family med bill, or the $2000 ED bill? THAT's why your current employer won't let FM bill.
  4. Yeah, pretty sure that's where my friend went to school.
  5. I know a guy who grew up there. If anyone wants to seriously consider that, PM me your contact info and I'll ask him to contact you.
  6. rev ronin

    Choosing Between Two Schools

    It would be hard to imagine a scenario where "moving across country" would not definitively make the NY program more expensive. Both are high COL areas.
  7. You've gotten some very good advice above.
  8. rev ronin

    Job outside program state?

    I didn't get that from the OP. I understood the question to be about getting a full-time entry level PA position after graduation.
  9. rev ronin

    Calling WA PAs! Support SB 5411

    I hate when these things don't actually link to the real bill, text and all: https://app.leg.wa.gov/billsummary?BillNumber=5411&Year=2019&Initiative=false Still, very supportive, and for me personally this will significantly cut my licensing fees.
  10. Because most PAs are de facto legally obligated to give money to NCCPA; not so AAPA.
  11. Wait wait wait... Check my logic here. Air carriers are federally overseen. Air emergencies are handled under NIMS. Under NIMS/ICS, the first responder to any incident (e.g., the flight attendant) is the de facto IC until command is transferred. The IC is authorized to order resources, and, in doing so, obligate their organization to pay for those resources. So, when they overhead page for a medical provider, they may THINK they're asking for volunteers, but what they're ACTUALLY doing is obligating the airline to pay those medical providers whatever rate they, as responding resources, set. Free flight vouchers? Have you seen how much things are marked up on an incident?
  12. rev ronin

    when will EPIC get a clue?

    eMDs wouldn't let me refill controlled substance Rx'es last version upgrade. I could create new ones, but not refill existing ones. Stupid and weird...
  13. rev ronin

    Doctor of medical science

    Lawyers have had an entry-level doctorate forever. It's not just nurse practitioners and the DNP... DPT, PharmD, and much much more... To anyone who disagrees with a PA doctorate, I recommend looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_doctoral_degrees_in_the_US#Professional_doctorates and noting 1) How many of those degrees originated more recently than 1990, and 2) How many of those are healthcare related.
  14. rev ronin

    Testosterone Clinic Billing

    Actually, two chronic but stable medical problems would be a Moderate risk and support a 99214. I question the provider visit with every injection as medically necessary. Since it's a controlled substance, I would definitely see them every 3 months at a minimum, but not every 2 weeks. I routinely charge 99214s for just about every repeat visit, because that's what can be supported by the elements and medical risk.
  15. Hmm, have you looked at the tax implications of that? I've intentionally had my compensation biased towards CME/licensing/fees, so I don't have to take that money as income, to minimize my tax liability.

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