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  1. And here some people thought that loading people with professional school debt and making them have to hold their nose and toe the line until their own hands are so dirty they're part of the system was some sort of inadvertent eventuality?
  2. Evil morons tend to gravitate to high-volume, low-oversight things like "low T" clinics. Or elected office.
  3. Think how depressing it is for all the NPs who have done their cracker-jack box online DNPs and now are getting offered more money to work as floor nurses.
  4. Congratulations on your job! Locums work is tough on a new grad, for exactly the reasons you're encountering. I trust that some of our handy surgery PAs will weigh in, but as a non-surgical PA, I tend to go to whatever UpToDate says, follow it, and document that that was the basis for my evaluation. If you don't have access to UpToDate, it's a great buy, especially when you factor in the CME you get just from reading about stuff you need to figure out for your job regardless.
  5. When the patients OR the staff ask "how long are you staying?" that's a red flag that you should not plan on staying. FQHCs, like most nonprofits, are run by incompetents, who are at times well-meaning, but generally ineffective. Of all the messes you mentioned and assuming for the sake of anonymous internet advice that you're telling the whole story, I believe that HR disclosing your name to the alcohol-abusing employee is the best cause for you to walk away, and in fact probably sue, this employer. If this were a sane employer, they would be bending over backwards to keep you. Rest assured that while many FQHCs have stupid, inexcusable problems like this, there are other avenues for you to help this very needy population. I recommend you get out of there and find a new place from which you can help them. You're going to want an employment law lawyer, and while they may seem expensive, I believe that is a good investment in your career viability in the long run.
  6. Ok, an update: the questions are going to be released to PAFT members only, via email, sometime over the next day or so.
  7. I'm asking permission to release them--don't see why it would be denied. Expect them here tomorrow, or an explanation from me why not.
  8. Questions are being emailed to the just-announced candidates today.
  9. There's a saying out there , "People don't leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses." I think it's optimistic, even if you're giving required notice, that you will be able to maintain a good relationship with your SP.
  10. Yeah, it's not just me. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/10/09/business/moderna-covid-vaccine.html
  11. It’s that time of year for us to elect new members to the board of directors of PAFT per Article 5 of our bylaws. The following positions are open for 2021-2022 Two (2) Student Directors. Each elected official to the board shall serve a term of one year from the time of elections as determined by the board. Qualified candidates for student director must be student members in good standing. Candidacy for office is made by self-declaration. Please share with colleagues and students in your various programs and have all self-nominees send a brief bio (word format) to: Jonathan Clemens (Jonathan.p.clemens@comcast.net) by 15 October 2021. Look for the upcoming election and place your vote. Voting will occur from 16-30 October. Thank you for your membership and support to PAs for Tomorrow. Sincerely, Dr. Kris Pyles-Sweet, DMSc, PA-C President, PAs for Tomorrow
  12. Bought a Littman one for one of my HOH EMTs, she loves it, didn't really try it clinically enough to have an opinion myself.
  13. Like any organization, pharmaceutical companies are amoral monsters that only respond to incentives and stimuli, never from an ethical perspective divorced from rewards and punishments. The closest thing you get to moral behavior is places that behave less-than-badly because of anticipated consequences if they did.
  14. So, while we're talking third shot... Just got a call from one of the vendors who will be servicing my clinic. I won't name the company or even the line of business, but it's medical. He's cancelling a Friday meeting and trying to get another rep to cover, because he tested positive for Covid-19. So, my first questions... Are you doing OK? Is this a breakthrough case? No. It's not a breakthrough case. It's OC-f'ing-TOBER and a medical service provider business line rep hadn't gotten a single shot of anything yet. So yes, defer my booster and give it to either someone who wants it, or someone who needs it but won't take it, please.
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