International Physician Assistant Schools

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    • Thanks so much! Yea, I was pretty surprised to hear from them considering the letter says they will start interviewing in November... but I'm not complaining! 
    • Keep on persevering! You know this application process inside and out. Use that to your advantage! How did you prepare for previous interviews? It is natural to be nervous. I worked in undergraduate admissions and sometimes I was even nervous interviewing prospective students. If anxiety is overtaking you, then be the super confident alter ego of yourself. You got this!
    • This is my first time. Hopes definitely not very high, so I am happily surprised about this. I think with experience, the GPA becomes slightly less important, as long as your overall gets over that 3.0 hump, which can be very difficult. Overall, I have 222 graded hours (according to CASPA). It's almost impossible to raise my GPA at this point....
    • Yes i will be flying into LAX :D
    •   My daughter was 2 when I started school and I had a second kid halfway through didactic. I wouldn't recommend having any additional children while in pa school as the last half of didactic was kind of a blur. It helped us to set clear expectations before I started. The brunt of the child care kind of fell on her but we were prepared for that and worked through it. Clinical year I was able to stagger my more intense rotations (surgery/ER/IM) between my rotations with a more normal schedule and that gave me a little more time with them. No matter what, though, there just isn't a lot of family time to carve out but if you're all in it together you can double down and push through. There will eventually be an end to it.