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    •  Hey all, Figured I'd start one for us 2017 applicants. Good Luck Everyone!!!
    • 2nd Update: Received e-mail confirming my application is complete with secondary application on July 20th. E-mail reads as follows: "All required materials for your Joint MSPAS/MPH applicant file have been received and your file is now complete and eligible for committee review.  Should the Committee decide to invite you to attend an interview, you will be notified via email.  Typically, invitations to interview may be sent at any time between now and the end of April."
    • You never know. There has only been one group of people who received interview invites. Well, at least of people who post on the forum.
    • When I was a medic in the Army, I can honestly say I know that I personally saved 3 people's lives...I used to teach a lot of combat first aid, TCCC and I also taught an out of area medical course for unarmed UN Military Observers.  A student of mine came back from a crappy tour in one of the worst shyteholes on the face of the planet and told the class I was teaching to pay close attention as he'd used literally everything we'd (we=my course staff and I) taught him.  When our side of the war in Afghanistan started up, I was getting the same thing back from folks I'd taught to be TCCC providers AND from the people they'd treated, often in very bad circumstances. I never gave much thought to things I'd taught people over the years and how'd they'd potentially or actually use those things - it was my job and I did my best to impart what I knew.  Things we do, say, teach, often have a huge trickle down effect that we don't realize until later on down the road.  I too am humbled by what some of my proteges have told me they've accomplished over the years. There is a saying in my karate dojo, listed on a poster of "Words to live by" that states "Share your knowledge - it's a way to achieve immortality".     SK
    • I get per year... 22.5 days PTO 13 paid holidays 13 sick days 5 CME days 3 days bereavement   I think salaries can be tougher to negotiate with some companys because people are fixated on their bottom line. Be straight forward. Tell them you don't want more money. You want more time.     Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk