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    • I applied July 15th and I received the application is complete email the 17th. I don't think we will hear about interviews until September.
    • I am a long time volunteer (4 years) of a medical org and sit on their planning board for regional fundraising events
    • At least the profession isn't "Physician's Assistant" anymore. The oft used possessive grammar makes me cringe

    • A majority of the rotations are all in the upstate. They have partnered with a fairly large hospital with just about any specialty you can think of.

      For me there are no concerns regarding PANCE rates. While the program may be new, there are some very experienced professors there. Dr. Davenport is a huge name among PA education and one of the reasons I sought this school out. I think it is a top notch program and I foresee them
      Making a name for themselves in the next couple of years. I'm stoked to be a part of it.

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    • ah, the good old days when both hce was valued and doctors supported PAs.....:) I bet this was the last time the AMA put out a pro-pa ad...