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  1. Hey! My name is Kendall! I am from Suwanee, GA but I plan on getting an apartment closer to campus. I have not started looking yet. Cant wait until the FB page is made so we can all get to know each other! Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy
  2. I received a call today saying I had been chosen off the alternate list to be offered a seat in the program, however I turned it down as I will be attending a different program. Hope someone else will be offered this spot soon!
  3. Hi! I had gone to an interview session a while back and remember them saying something about MMI interview. Do they not do that anymore or during the 2 on 1 do they just ask situational questions similar to an MMI? thanks so much for all your help!
  4. Has anyone received an interview for January yet?
  5. Has anyone made a Facebook page for the main campus yet??
  6. I was also accepted on the 16th after the interview!
  7. Does anyone know how big the class size is for the Atl campus?
  8. I received a confirmation email that they had received everything from me on 8/15
  9. I was verified July 10 and have not heard anything yet
  10. What style interview was it?? Was there anything you encountered that you were not expecting?
  11. They will send you a confirmation email that they received your CASPA application and a link to set up a portal and pay the fee
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