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CALIFORNIA: Marhall B. Ketchum University

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    • Thank you so much! This was very helpful. I will definitely add it in there!
    • Nietzsche? Damn Bob. That is a deep dive. What is next? Kafka? " ūüôā
    • I hug and pray with patients. I hugged 2 patients this Friday. I always ask: "May I give you a hug?"¬†
    • Sorry Corp I think that is just a bit¬† paranoid¬†and I don't trust much of anything I can't prove so for me that is a big statement. I work in an organization where "nice" is more important than anything and I could see them firing a physician (or anyone else) who wrote something "bad" about another group of employees. It is a feel good tender touchy feely world these days often at the expense of common sense, thoughtful discussion, and progress.
    • I think it can be beneficial to list¬†non-healthcare employment for a few reasons.¬† For example, I have experience¬†working in food service, both in management and serving. I learned SO¬†much - how to survive shift work, multitasking, functioning in a fast paced, stressful¬†environment,¬†leadership skills, etc.¬†I have spent a decade dealing with the public in all kinds of crazy scenarios and have really honed my people skills during that time.¬†I have also worked at a few well known places in town that most people have heard of, so that recognition may make my app stick in someone's mind if someone who likes that restaurant comes across it. You never know what about your application will resonate with someone else. Another thing to consider is if you¬†worked while going to school.¬†Listing employment that coincides with your education¬†will show time management skills, especially if you did well in courses. I was a scribe in the ED and served while taking a full load of upper level science courses. I definitely want them to know that not only did I do really well in my classes, but I did well while juggling lots of other moving parts.¬† Obviously I am using myself as an example, but apply this same thought process to your own employment. If you can think of one reason why a work experience made you a better person or better prepared you for PA school then it seems reasonable to add it.¬† Side note: At a recent open house for a¬†school's PA program the director of admissions said to definitely include non-healthcare employment. N=1, but seems worth mentioning.¬†¬†

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