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  1. hey guys! not much traffic on here yet but I am a current student in the PA program. If you have any questions feel free to message me! Its a great program!! Good luck!
  2. Hey! Congrats on getting an interview. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to speak about the interview process or the day in particular just to keep it fair for everyone else who are interviewing. I think as long as you are there as yourself and are happy to be present you should be absolutely fine. They are honestly just trying to get to know you, its a great program!
  3. Me too!!! I was at the 12/9 interview as well. Congratulations to you!! Can't wait to see ya again :) (I was the one in the blue pant suit)
  4. Same here! I am the 12pm session, unsure if they have a morning session. But hope to see you there! Good luck in your preparation :)
  5. Just got invited to interview next month! Super excited! Anyone else?
  6. They have already confirmed invites? So probably best to assume if we haven''t heard its a no go?
  7. Any news for anyone for the Manhattan Campus?
  8. Yes you can, it is a separate supplemental application for each I believe
  9. Anyone hear back from the manhattan campus?
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