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  1. Really ? How out of touch with reality you are! Fix it within ? Like we all don’t voice our complaints about employers and institutions from time to time! Like we all haven’t sat down with a supervisor or higher up to voice our concerns and NOTHING changed! Y’all really are living in a fantasy world! But go right ahead! Nothing but warped thinking here.
  2. And this was my point EXACTLY! I can tell by the responses on this forum there is a lack of diversity among applicants. Saw it at the interview as well and in the students who volunteered their time! This one track thinking on this forum. You said NOTHING disparaging about the program but because you didn’t give a 10/10 review of the school you attend you were attacked for stating your truth and experience. Then told by a current student to reveal your identity! Wow. Guess they wanted to further lynch you. I want to attend a school where diversity is celebrated- whether it’s train of thought or skin color or cultural! Great the president addressed it but that explanation- laughable. Again, thank you for your transparency and honesty! I hope people really ask questions for themselves and decide. I know I now will.
  3. Um I didn’t say racist did I? But since you thought that go right ahead because having students in a yearbook in black face clearly says I’m not racist and implies I celebrate people’s differences and experiences instead of ridicule and poke fun like yall just did with this student. AGAIN, I invite current students to address my questions and how they felt when this was brought to light because again this forum is a reflection of the type of students drawn to the school and who eventually get in! Next, I wonder if this was more reactive then proactive because the flame. That yearbook been around how long and ON DISPLAY but it wasn’t until a person of noriety gets alittle attention that we address what WE ALREADY KNOW! But anywho, make me your next victim for asking the questions none of y’all choose to ask! Town Halls and Forums, what really gets accomplished in them. Where was the sensitivity training, apology to the community ridiculed, and the transparency discussion of how that yearbook sat there for years!? Can we see the diversity in numbers/the statistics? EVMS says they hope to have a diverse student body but I surely didn’t see it in my interview Programs with this agenda spell out how they try to even the playing field. Didn’t see it anywhere but again y’all just like conversations that make you comfortable while you discredit people who challenge the norm. Ridiculous ? So glad you used that word because that’s exactly what black face does- ridicule the tone of skin of a certain race! Just proving my point! I surely was ridiculous enough to secure a interview just like you right? The nerve. Dismissed. Next. Like I said I hope to never see you around. ✌
  4. The way you guys attacked this current student for sharing their experience, makes me hope I never see any of y’all faces in the classroom, hospital, or operating room. Yall one sad bunch of individuals to say “dick” and tell people to time their comments or save them for another forum because they make you uncomfortable by shattering the image you got engraved in your head of EVMS. No wonder y’all on the outside trying to look in. Thank you @1234PA1994 for sharing with us. Trust me it was well received by those us of willing to hear what you said in a constructive manner. It definitely challenged me and definitelty reminded me of the red flag about EVMS mentioned in the news a few months back about the black face incident and the yearbook. If perspective students who want to get in so badly can’t appreciate/accept different opinions/experiences please tell me if this is not a reflection of how this school probably treats minorities and the “little” people in the room? Since we want to talk about only the good experiences at EVMS @Bonist55 what was the discussion concerning the black face and the yearbook? Was there even a discussion or a message from the university addressing this revelation? Because the way this thread spiraling downwards, I now have major concerns that we’re once minimal.
  5. Thank you! Finally the truth - everybody is not happy and guess what - it’s A OKAY! Some of y’all a bit too much! Smh.
  6. How do you know the accounts fake just because it’s a new account ? You’re making a lot of assumptions. Criticism is welcomed but to attack someone’s credibility because they share a less favorable opinion, not so. No offense here. Just protecting this space for people to post and hide their identity if they so choose because of fear they will receive blacklash.
  7. Out of a class of 80 we saw a handful of students make themselves available. Maybe the ones who did not were busy or not interested in “selling” the program. If you don’t trust the feedback, then understandable. But in my opinion I don’t think it was necessary for you to come on here to discredit a individual who might actually be a student shedding some light. Excruciating details weren’t necessary for us to gather what was implied and to be honest it would of been in bad taste. All in all this should be a forum where people can share freely whatever they choose respectfully without feeling discredited.
  8. I have seen students of programs come on here to share their truth and experiences anonymously out of fear of backlash. I’ve also seen students come on here to discredit those experiences to maintain a prestige image of their program. I appreciate it because it gives a balanced perspective. No program is without flaw. Them giving their perspective will help those accepted to have realistic expectations walking in and those waiting to hear to not focus so much on a possible rejection from ONE school. Let’s not discredit someone’s experiences and invalid the balanced perspective they shared. Some of us want the truth, the good, bad, and ugly about a program especially since the education cost so much !
  9. No problem! I know not knowing was killing me and I’m glad I got the answers I needed to be at peace. Hoping for the best for all of us on our journeys! Never give up!
  10. Yes. They will continue to extend acceptance offers until all 80 seats are secured with a deposit. Once they are, then they release the official waitlist. A rejection can come at anytime during this process.
  11. I can confirm the program sent all 80 offers out on Tuesday. I called and asked.
  12. Thank you for your transparency! I was a total wreck when I didn’t receive an initial acceptance but now I’m like another year to travel, see the world, gain more experiences, and better myself. Hoping the best for you on your PA journey.
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