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  1. I submitted my application for Marshall back in June and I'm eagerly waiting for an invite. I'm not sure if I should expect it by email or mail. Has anybody gotten an invite yet?
  2. Hope everything's doing well. Marshall B. Ketchum PA Program will be sending out interviews invites during November for interviews in December for those who applied prior to September 1st. They will be sending out interview invites during December for interviews in January for those who applied after September 1st. I wanted to start this thread for those with interview related news or concerns.
  3. I found it by luck and signed up immediately. mbku is my top choice. I love the faculty, the PA program, and the mission.
  4. Hi, I recently began researching into this but am I able to go to an international PA program and then work as a PA in the United States? Is there a specific test that I would need to take or are there any US accredited international schools that I can go to and then return to the US without taking the test? Please let me know!
  5. Did you ever hear back from the program? I'm applying this year.
  6. Unfortunately I was unable to do it before since I didn't have a lot of my prerequisites. I am applying to multiple schools and I noticed that a lot of them are due on October 1st. I know that will decrease my chances. A school that I do want to go to is due November 1 and it is near my house. If I apply October 1st then my goal school will receive my application early. That's my plan, I might have to reapply, but if I do then I can increase my work hours and take the GRE.
  7. I'm just a little worried because Organic Chemistry will be ending the same day applications need to be turned in, October 1st. Of course my focus will be my organic chemistry grade and so my essay will most likely be subpar, especially since my friend is in the same class and she is getting her essay done by a professional. She will get the A and also get into PA school. I should stop calling her my friend, I am upset at her lack of ethics.
  8. Thank you, you're right that there are interview sessions where she could reveal that English is not her first language. I did not know that programs have writing prompts during interview sessions, it is good to know that this is the case. I am hoping that the schools in Southern California do this.
  9. I agree that it is a serious ethical violation. I am definitely going to stay out of it but it is aggravating how I am struggling to do everything myself while she has people writing her personal statement and increasing hours for her work. She will probably get in this semester while I submit subpar essays compared to hers and not get in.
  10. My friend is paying somebody to write her PS for her. I personally thought it wasn't okay and pretty dangerous but she is going ahead with it. What would happen if PA schools find out? Would they find out?
  11. This is a little embarrassing but I am trying to send my science professors the link to submit my letters of recommendation to CASPA. Is it the Evaluations section and send Evaluation Request? A quick response would be nice...thank you!!!
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