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  1. I say apply anyway and let the schools be the ones to tell you “no.” Don’t assume you’re automatically going to get rejected and sell yourself short. If your post-bacc and sGPA are strong, there are many schools who will give you a shot. I’ve heard of people getting accepted with a cGPA less of less than 3.0 to programs that require 3.0 cGPA. I also had an old transcript from my undergrad that was embarrassing to say the least but I got my act together in my post bacc and science classes and was able to show upward trending grades and strong science grades. Knock their socks off with your personal statement. Apply to lots of schools and look for schools who like non-traditional students. I applied to 14 schools this cycle, got 12 rejections, 2 interviews and 2 acceptances and one of them was to my top choice. You only need one school to say yes but cast a wide net. Keep at it, don’t overthink it, give it your best shot, don’t doubt yourself. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Heck No, 27 is not too old! I just got accepted, will be starting in May and I’m 37:) So ya, go for it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. So Doris’ out of the office email from today says more acceptances went out today. Check your emails if you’re waitlisted! Good luck ?
  4. I submitted in June and I got an email in August titled “MPA Application Status” basically acknowledging receipt of my application and showing that I met the minimum requirements. I have heard nothing else since then.
  5. I just got the same email. Wondering the same thing.
  6. I’m guessing no one heard anything. Wish I could sleep for about the next 36hrs and just check my email about midnight tomorrow:)
  7. Omg same here!!! So does everyone get a notification status this week or only those accepted?
  8. Thank you so much for the reassurance. Would you be able to offer any advise on preparing for the A&P exam that we have to take?
  9. From what I remember reading from an earlier post, only those who get invited to an interview get the supplemental. I wonder if there’s still any hope of an interview for those of us who still haven’t heard anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It’s been so quiet around here! About two weeks to go and I’m experiencing a healthy dose of anxiety but trying to keep it under control.
  11. Just got an interview invite for 11/16! I’m shocked because I didn’t think it’d happen. If you’re on the waitlist keep your fingers crossed.
  12. According to NCCPA rules, students currently enrolled and attending should be able to sit for the PANCE. Any students admitted after the loss of accreditation will not be able to sit for the PANCE. I’m guessing ARC-PA might not even allow UT to admit a new cohort for this cycle. I’m sure at this this time UT is probably trying to figure out the most positive way to spin the bad news before going public. http://www.nccpa.net/pance-eligibility
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