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  1. I heard if you don't pass the PANCE Exam you can just take the SHORTS Exam.......i'll see myself out.
  2. I'm in my didactic year right now. Over half the class are well into their 30s (including myself). Education is a life long endeavor. Don't ever stop. Ain't noting to it but to do it. I wish you the best!
  3. "Make It Stick" by Peter Brown This book helped me out SOOOOOOOOO much when first starting didactic year. Like all those students whom have come before me or are currently in their didactic year, developing effective strategies is CRUCIAL. Sadly, I read this book at the beginning and only just started implementing an effective strategy that works for me. For all those that are about to start or looking to start PA school, I highly suggest getting this book or the audiobook from audible ( I went with the audio book) prior to starting. Refining your study habits is a big part of adjusting to PA school. The way most students studied in their Undergrad is not effective for recalling the plethora of knowledge you are expected to master in this program. The book basically goes over effective study habits and the science behind WHY they are effective. Since reading this book, I've taken 4 Major exams and have A'ced all of them with some of the techniques talked about in the book. Anyways, I just wanted share something that was helpful to me. I hope it helps someone else. Best of luck to those about to start PA School and those that are currently in PA School Best
  4. It's been a while since i've been active duty , so the rules may be different now but the PA that was assigned to my company was an Infantry Officer (O-3/CPT) before going to IPAP. He told me he had to drop rank down to O-2 (im sure someone else can explain this process, but it's not the first time i've heard of soldiers dropping rank to attend a certain school) to attend and then when he finished he was promoted back to CPT. It's funny, when talking to him on why he wanted to become a PA it was exactly like your answer. He told me, " When I got back from Iraq, I looked around and all the PAs looked happy." After I got out, I'm now doing it for the same reason. I'm currently in my didactic year of PA school. Wishing you the best of luck!
  5. 68W1P Combat Medic (Airborne) Active Duty: 5 years 59th MAC/8th EN BN/36th EN BDE - Fort Hood, Tx HHC/ 8th EN BN/36th EN BDE - Fort Hood, Tx National Guard : 4 Years C-Troop 1-112th Cav - Bryan/College Station, Tx
  6. Timon, Is it okay if I message you? I'm currently in my didactic year over in WA and wanted to go home ( SoCal) to be closer to the daughter. I'm mainly looking for a Family Practice or Internal Med preceptor in the LA area or anywhere in the SoCal area. Any info helps. Thanks!
  7. Heritage University's PA program (Toppenish, WA) is very open to allowing students set up their own clinical rotations. Typically this option is reserved for those that are from out-of-state and would like to do their rotations near home and family. As long as you get your preceptors into contact with the school and both parties are in agreement, you shouldn't have an issue. But again, as was mentioned above there is a lot of legality issues that come with setting up your own rotations. Once you get into PA school just talk with your clinical rotation advisor. Good luck.
  8. Hey all, I'm currently in my didactic year of PA School at Heritage University in Toppenish, WA. I'm originally from L.A. and was wondering if anyone knows any preceptors in that area. In particular I am looking for a Family Practice or Internal Med site that would be willing to take me under their wing for 1 year (2-3 days/week). Heritage's clinical year is a little different than most school. I can provide more info to any potential preceptors. If anyone would be willing to help me with any information, I would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. So I was bored and was browsing the CIA website when I stumbled upon this link: https://www.cia.gov/careers/opportunities/support-professional/physician-assistant.html Anyone have experience with this position or know anyone that has? Have I asked too many questions? Will I have to die now since i've asked this? Seriously though, I'd do this. It seems fun. "...candidates must be available for frequent worldwide travel to include permanent relocation every two to three years. The first overseas assignment will include extensive travel (six to seven months per year consisting of 45-60 day deployments) often to austere locations, operating independently with a minimal amount of key medical supplies and without direct physician oversight." Sounds right up my alley! :)
  10. I interviewed on 12/10. I thought I heard the faculty say that those accepted from the 12/10 interview group will be notified the first week of FEB. Was I just hearing things or did the rest of you guys hear that as well? @dodododi I'm not saying you're lying, I'm sure you were superb in your interview thus leading to an early acceptance ( good job!). I just want to verify if everyone else recalls hearing what I heard.
  11. Congrats! I got mine too. Looking forward to starting with you!
  12. I felt like my interview went okay. I probably could have gone over some more practice questions. I thought i said the word "um" a lot. This was my first interview so I have no other program to reference it to. It was a group interview but each candidate answered each question individually. Some interviewers even gave different questions per candidate in the room. There is a time constraint on each interview session so they ask to limit all the questions to no more than 5 min. They will brief you all on the procedure when you guys show up. Best advice is to look up possible interview questions online and to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. And don't lie! best of luck!
  13. I got selected!!! Looking forward to starting with class 4! I just got my call today about 5 min ago.
  14. I believe I heard her say that we would be contacted either on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. But I didn't hear her specify how long until we would hear from her on those particular days. From the comments from the previous selection conference. The candidates were able hear back the Mon-Wed right after their interview.
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