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  1. 1234PA1994 As a current student of the 2021 class I can say that of course our program has some downfalls, some professors that are turds, etc. but I will never regret my decision to deny several top rated programs, to move across the country away from my husband and family. EVMS is more than just a PA program. We are a family that supports each other through the hard times which make the downfalls of the program (whatever they may be) not matter in the long run. As the current director of our program, Dr. Dempsey, would say “if you have a criticism or critique you shouldn’t be afraid to put your face on it”. My name is Sandi Tobin, MPA-S and I approve this message.
  2. Good grief Vicky, you are amazing. I know we’re supposed to be your mentors (as class of 2021) but I think I need you to be MY mentor! You better come find me when you get here so you can adopt me. I need your motivation in my life!
  3. I can confirm this. Last year I interviewed the 1st day (Friday the 13th) and received my acceptance email Friday the 20th at 10:17am PST while I was shadowing in surgery. Don’t freak out until Friday because it def won’t come before then. Good luck everyone! Can’t wait to add 80 more of you to our crazy family!
  4. Current student here. Yes, your interview will be held on the EVMS campus. I recommend staying at the Marriott that’s closest to campus so you can walk (10 minutes) or have a cheap Uber. Good luck everyone! It’s almost here! https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/orfrn-residence-inn-norfolk-downtown/?scid=bb1a189a-fec3-4d19-a255-54ba596febe2 Sandi
  5. I’m still on the waitlist but I’m about halfway through my second semester of PA school at EVMS so I’ll be giving up my spot IF I get accepted.
  6. Exam reviews occur after exams (usually the next day that class is held). All students with a specific grade or lower have to attend. First semester exams were once a week. This semester exams are about 2-3 times a week. First semester there is no school/life balance. It’s literally just school. Second semester gets much better and you can find time for the gym, dinners out with friends, trips to the beach, playing sports during lunch break, etc. You definitely get to work with real patients before your clinical year. It’s likely you’ll never forget your first patient as a PA student. You’ll work with that patient your entire first semester, you’ll likely make lots of mistakes, cut things you shouldn’t, and then you’ll have to say goodbye so they can be returned to their families. I miss mine... Then you’ll work with Standardized patients every semester for the rest of didactic. I volunteer at least once a month either through the school or church doing local outreach. I just helped out at the CHKD walk/run for Kids, I’ve collected undies for homeless men & women, participated in the Donor Memorial, and I’m assisting during the interview days at EVMS. There are tons of inter-professional opportunities at EVMS. In anatomy lab, PA’s work with Surgical Assistants, Pathology Assistants, and Med students. In another class you work with Med Masters students. In Pathophysiology you learn with Pathology Assistant students. In ultrasound you work with Med Masters and Med students. You are constantly intermingling & you’ll love getting to interact with everyone.
  7. That’s a great question! We have class M-F with variation in # of classes and time spent in class each semester. 1st semester was 7 classes (1 of those classes was online) and we went to class from 9 or 10 to 3 on M & W, 1-6 T & Th, and 9-12 on Friday. Exams for semester 1 scheduled on T & Th’s only at 10am. So if a Tuesday or Thursday comes up and you have no exam that day you get to sleep in, study, go to the beach, prepare for Anatomy Lab (which is every T& Th) whatever until 1pm. We only have 5 classes 2nd semester and it’s way more chill. We have class M-F: M 8-3, T 11-4 (we are scheduled to 4 but it’s group work at a pre-arranged time so you could potentially be done by like 2), W 10-3, Th 11-3, and F 8-2 or 4. Lecture exams are on T & Th at 8am for 2nd semester and exams in the Sim center called the SCSIL (with standardized patients) are on Fridays or Wednesday. We have a lot more variation in schedule times second semester due to all the different labs like skills, ultrasound, and assessment practice in SCSIL. Reminder: This is what the class of 2021 schedule looks like. There are a lot of changes being made to the schedule for the class of 2022 so I would recommend asking about those changes when you come for tours, interviews, etc.
  8. No, sorry, they have not told us what day the interview invites go out. P.S. They tell us nothing. If you’re going off trends: I got my interview invite 6/4/18, interviewed Friday morning on 7/13/18, and received an acceptance email 7/20/18.
  9. Hi everyone! My name is Sandi and I’m a current PA student at EVMS (class of 2021). I’ll be helping out on one of the interview days. Let me know if you have any questions about the program minus interview tips (be yourself) and secret stuff (we don’t really have any secrets). Good luck everyone!!!
  10. This doesn’t mean anything. It’s okay. Maybe today or tomorrow! Otherwise definitely not until after the new year, in which case I’ll be starting at Eastern Virginia Med School.... fingers crossed!
  11. I really hope we hear today or tomorrow because I leave for PA school on the East coast on New Years Eve and I would much rather stay here and go to Davis. The anticipation is killing me.
  12. I just checked my portal to see if my red X’s have gone away and they have!!! FINALLY! It says my info has been received and I’m under review. Last name starts with a T and submitted supplemental on 11/7. In earlier years, students heard they were accepted by checking their portal status BEFORE they even received an acceptance email so I would recommend checking back each day (or if you’re like me... a few times a day).
  13. Still red X’s everywhere... I sure hope they are right and that it doesn’t matter.
  14. I haven’t received a confirmation yet either and my last name also starts with a T and I submitted my supplemental around 11/7
  15. I submitted 11/7 and my last name starts with a T. I don’t think they are doing it alphabetically or in order of submission. Hang in there guys.
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