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  1. This doesn’t mean anything. It’s okay. Maybe today or tomorrow! Otherwise definitely not until after the new year, in which case I’ll be starting at Eastern Virginia Med School.... fingers crossed!
  2. I really hope we hear today or tomorrow because I leave for PA school on the East coast on New Years Eve and I would much rather stay here and go to Davis. The anticipation is killing me.
  3. I just checked my portal to see if my red X’s have gone away and they have!!! FINALLY! It says my info has been received and I’m under review. Last name starts with a T and submitted supplemental on 11/7. In earlier years, students heard they were accepted by checking their portal status BEFORE they even received an acceptance email so I would recommend checking back each day (or if you’re like me... a few times a day).
  4. Still red X’s everywhere... I sure hope they are right and that it doesn’t matter.
  5. I haven’t received a confirmation yet either and my last name also starts with a T and I submitted my supplemental around 11/7
  6. I submitted 11/7 and my last name starts with a T. I don’t think they are doing it alphabetically or in order of submission. Hang in there guys.
  7. I got the exact same email (plus mine asked for transcripts). Don’t worry. Have faith that what the program has told us is correct. Last year students didn’t hear back until the 21st and the year before that it was the 14th or 15th. I imagine we’ll hear sometime between those dates. Hang in there!
  8. I wonder if the length of the program has anything to do with it.
  9. I applied to 22 schools the second cycle. I was accepted to Eastern Virginia Medical School and UOP. I’m still waiting to hear back from UC Davis.
  10. I used most of my original statement from Caspa but added the portion that they asked you to address (what faculty/staff are you most looking forward to working with). The personal history/diversity statement allows you to expand on one or two of the topics they mentioned in the rubric. This should go deeper than the personal statement.
  11. Congrats! Me too! Hopefully they’ll get back to me ASAP before I have to leave for PA school in Virginia!!! UCD is my top choice! Good luck everyone! Sandi
  12. Haven’t heard anything yet. I was really hoping we’d hear something by today. Guess it will be next week sometime.... Hopefully. Hang in there everyone.
  13. At the interview they said end of October but who knows... last year they heard back Nov 2. Hopefully we’ll hear back this week because I’m dying!!!
  14. The only info you receive about what will happen during the interview day will be in the “interview day details” email after you select which interview day you’d like to attend. There will be a reminder sent out a couple of days before your interview but it does not give a run down of the day’s events like the other email. I received the interview invite 9/28 and the detailed email 10/9.
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