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  1. I don't think it is necessary to submit your app in April right when the cycle opens but Sept is a bit on the later side. I submitted by June and was verified in July. Have you considered applying next cycle (2018)? As far as better prep it depends on the perspective. I was a CNA and a scribe, without getting long winded I'd say both confer benefits
  2. first off, good job on killing the prereqs. Don't have an answer for your specific question but as a heads up, scribing isn't considered "hands on". I'd also recommend not submitting your app late in the cycle as noted above
  3. Sounds like you have a pretty good plan though I don't know if I'd continue volunteering given you only had 800 hours HCE. That time would be better spent accruing PCE. Have you been FT since then? I'd also take classes to increase your GPA but that sounds unlikely if you are planning on applying this April. In any event if you make the changes you mentioned and apply to a similar amount of schools I think your luck may be better this time around. And if not, then keep doing what you can to make a better app. Best of luck
  4. I have a question for those who have received CA SLRP. Not a PA yet- starting school this May. The NHSC website states you can get up to $50,000 in loan repayment for a 2 yr FT commitment. My question is: how much is typically paid out? "Up to 50,000" is a wide range. I'm from Bakersfield which has a HPSA score of 19 if that matters. Thanks!
  5. I'm going to preface this with this is one person's opinion and you will likely hear a range of them (as I did when writing my statement). Personally, I wouldn't start with a dramatic story like you did. While descriptive, it comes off gimmicky. Also, deciding to pursue a career in medicine based off one experience won't come across well vs. several experiences which each made a meaningful impact over time and when taken together helped form your decision to pursue the PA profession. I had several professors and physicians I worked with look over my statement and offer critique. Some of the best advice I got is that your statement should be concise and almost read like bulletpoints.I took this advice and for what its worth was accepted to my top choice this year. I think with better articulation of your motivations to be a PA, demonstrated evidence of ability/skills gained through HCE that will be of value to you as a provider and in general more pithiness; you will have a stronger statement that conveys "I want to meet this person". Good luck
  6. ED; not particularly. It's what you make it though- I used it to network and study for exams when the work was done I do but I am hesitant about connecting them with someone I don't know. Just keep plugging away, it'll happen.
  7. I'm in Bakersfield. I found PAs to shadow through volunteering at Mercy SW and networking at info sessions. I also work at a community health center, you could try calling different clinics and asking the office manager if they would allow you to shadow a willing PA. Hope this helps
  8. Based on your science GPA I'd say no, you do not have a good chance of getting into CA PA programs though you did not provide enough information (HCE, PCE, extracurriculars etc) Agree with the others that you need to closely examine your motivations for wanting to be a PA but if you decide to what you need to do is take the remaining prereqs (anatomy, phys, micro etc) and get A's to increase your chances of admission from a GPA pt. of view
  9. Agree with the above. One could make the argument those interviewed last stand a strong chance to get in (think best for last). Also, you must have known the locations of the interviews prior to being invited and the costs associated with travel there. Don't sell yourself short, if you got an interview you are being considered for admission. My advice: go for it!
  10. Agree with the above. Currently I scribe in FP, OBGYN and peds. Prior to that I was a scribe in the ED. You see a lot as a scribe and the experience gained working with diff. EHRs, working through pts from start to finish, etc is invaluable. If your program(s) accept scribing as adequate experience, I highly rec'd it as well.
  11. Don't have any updates but don't hold your breath. Last yr. I applied to SMU and actually never heard from them, it wasn't until I called the program in April/May that I learned of my status though it ended up working out b/c I now will be attending my top choice. In my opinion they should be a little more considerate with notifying applicants of their status. I know in my case I put plans (travel, social etc) on hold waiting to hear back regarding interview invites.
  12. Scribing doesn't require any classes or certification though may require some pre testing/training prior to beginning. As someone mentioned above, it is possible to become a CNA without going through a program though I have heard of others doing this and haven't done it myself. I was a scribe and CNA and b/w the 2, scribing offers much more useful experience and exposure to medicine. Check specific PA program websites to confirm this HCE is acceptable though you mentioned you still have 1 yr. of classes left and finding a scribe job that will accommodate that schedule may not be easy since many scribe jobs are in the ED and will expect you to be willing to work afternoon/night shifts.
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