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  1. Honestly, I really liked the school when it comes to quality this school is at the top for me, also I preferred to go to a school in a state other than my home state (AZ). However, I was already accepted to a school in AZ last month and when I got the interview invite for stony brook I started thinking about the pros and cons. With more consideration I realized I have family here in with lots of options for affordable housing here in AZ and the schools were reasonably priced. I felt financially this was more responsible for my personal situation. I also know someone who lived near Stony brook and now lives here in AZ and he helped me describe the differences in the social scene. I did apply to tons of other schools because I was afraid of not receiving interview invites, but will continue to weigh out the pros/cons for each school that gives me an interview. Making this decision was difficult but wanted to go with my gut instinct
  2. After some reflecting, I decided to retract my interview offer. I know it will go to an amazing candidate who deserves it!!! This school seems phenomenal and was so honored to be offered an interview. Good luck guys!
  3. I honestly didn’t hear anything since submitting my Caspa app. Only thing I received was the interview invite.
  4. Thanks! Unfortunately they did not explain the break in interview dates. I was generally told that they had to push my next steps in the acceptance process due to COVID, so maybe it is due to that, but idk... and I am a 3rd time applicant. I applied while in undergrad (2017), the following year (2018), then took a break from applying to figure things out, and applied this cycle 2020-2021.
  5. It went extremely smooth! They did a great job on explaining the interview process and faculty were a delight to talk with. It was clear that they wanted the applicants to succeed and not feel too stressed. Also I received a call during lunch today regarding that I have been offered a seat for the class of 2023!
  6. I did not, I just made sure that the payment had all the information on where it was being delivered to
  7. Had the same thing happen to me, I submitted my CASPA app the day the application cycle opened up. Had no clue about the supplemental and they pulled my application out. Luckily they told me my application would go back to the original place in line. I also learned the website has a apply now link that can lead into some trouble, I think they are working to resolve that issue. I had to called about making the NAU account because the link also stopped working for me and then searched "NAU louie" realizing the login is used for anything NAU related, when you log in it looks like your traditional college homepage
  8. Was just emailed that they received all my application material and that the application is complete. They also stated they will get back to me once a decision has been made on a rolling admission basis.
  9. You can look over last years application thread where people did a great job explaining the process. When I interviewed in the past it was a MMI format and I was extremely pleased with each faculty member that interviewed me. Overall I felt welcomed and really loved the campus.
  10. thank you! I was not expecting an invite this early. I submitted my secondary on May 13, waited for a little, and then on the 15th they reviewed my application material and was told I needed to submit my GRE scores, so I did on the same day. So I was invited for an interview just shy of 2 weeks (13 days)
  11. Was just invited for an interview and will be doing a virtual interview in June(not too concerned with a virtual interview because I have interviewed at the campus in the past). They are anticipating in person interviews in September, but is subject to change.
  12. thought I would go ahead and get this started! Caspa sent 4/30, verified 5/4. good luck everyone!
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