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  1. I dont think were allowed to inform you of the topic or give exact details, but trust me it was not bad at all. Granted, they may change it up from the last interview day. There is ample time given and overall the environment is very supportive and encouraging. You're going to do great!
  2. Sure! Cgpa 3.83 Sgpa 3.73 Pce 7500 hrs No GRE
  3. Received this email as well in my spam folder.
  4. I am going to be giving up my interview spot on 1/16 as I was accepted elsewhere. Hope this ends up being a blessing for someone
  5. I submitted 08/16 And paid the supplemental fee 10/24
  6. Just received an acceptance call from sandra fineman. I am in complete shock and am still pinching myself. Hang tight guys, as someone told me previously...your blessings are on their way.
  7. I recall reading from either this thread or last years thread that some individuals will receive acceptances in December, but the vast majority of applicants will hear back late January/early February. This waiting period is always the most daunting, right?
  8. I have not heard anything yet. I'm assuming they might be waiting until everyone has had a chance to submit their deposits. So maybe after the 10th some people might be notified?
  9. Thank you! Yes it does help I like to be financially prepared for anything. Congrats to you!
  10. For those on the waitlist. Does anyone know if we have to pay a separate tuition deposit in the event we are moved off the alternate list? I was going to ask admissions, but thought to ask here first.
  11. That is odd. I hope you hear back soon. I'm sure they're still sending out interviews.
  12. You should email them. They were pretty responsive the times I needed to clarify something.
  13. From last year's thread it seems as though early consideration applicants had interviews in December, but interviews were still held in January for those who applied after the September 1st deadline. Don't lose faith.
  14. Did you pay the supplemental application fee? I emailed them about 3 weeks ago because I did not hear anything at all. They apologized and immediately sent me an email link to the mbku portal. I think the system might have been glitching on their end. Luckily I was still able to meet the deadline for early consideration.

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