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  1. I interviewed on the 18th. Hang in there, hope you get the call!!!
  2. Just got the acceptance call at 11 this morning!! Congratulations to everyone so far and for those who haven’t heard yet, hang in there!!! Some students that are accepted will give up there spot for other programs.
  3. Looking forward to meeting you both. Good luck and see you on the 18th!!
  4. Hello Julie, I'm interviewing in the 9 am slot. What time do you interview? - Chris
  5. Does anyone have information about the writing sample? Thank You
  6. I called the admissions office last year after the class matriculated and they were very helpful in letting me know what I needed to work on. I was given an interview this year (Jan 18th). I've applied 4 times and tried to get better each time. They do review the whole application not just the GPA. Look into volunteer opportunities in your community, health care experience opportunities, and other ways to help your application stand out. I know it's tuff to see that email but, hang in there and keep applying. Every no is one step closer to the yes you're looking for!! Good luck everybody and stay the course!!!
  7. Congratulations everyone. To those who rcvd rejection emails I know how that feels as I've rcvd plenty of them. Keep trying to improve your application and you'll get an interview. Good luck to you all!! Does anyone know what the interview writing sample entails (word count, sample topic etc..). Thanks everyone and have a happy new year!!
  8. Just got the interview invite!!! Super excited and nervous. Congratulations everyone!!!
  9. Hello, I was waitlisted in December for an interview too. Have you heard anything as to when we will know for sure if we get an interview? Thanks
  10. I rcvd an email this morning that stated I've been put on the interview waitlist as well. Good Luck everyone.
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